Harry was upset, so was Nymphadora.


They had called an all clear, Nymphadora was unconscious not dead. Lucius Malfoy waited as he wanted his son to be Lord Black. So when Harry was meeting Andromeda with Teddy, he cast the maxima Bombardo it killed Andromeda and Teddy, Nymphadora was just barely awake, when it happens. She cast a maxima Diffindo it obliterated Lucius and hit the wand, cloak, and stone, as Harry was going to try to bring Remus and Tonks back.

The explosion, as the Master Of Death was trying to use his powers, created a rift, sucking in Nymphadora and Harry. Death is there, shaking her head. "You mortals are always doing things backwards. You are supposed to have a long life gaining powers, then become immortal. Not have a short life and become immortal." Tonks was stunned, Harry asks what did Death meant. "Because of the rift, their powers have become linked. But they cannot go back to that universe. Harry can use his powers to fix that timeline, but by keeping Lucius dead a Nymphadora, Teddy, and healthier Andromeda can live there."

Nymphadora said. "Please Harry!" He nodded and the rift closed. "Now that this Universe is done for a few hundred years, we must decide where you are to go, to live." Several hours or years later bespeaking, it was decided. "This universe will be very different, as it is crossed over by two others, besides having magic. You will both replace the two in the ships, removing the Phantom Zone and having you both landing in front of the Kent's with satchels of gems, documentation, and precious metals. There will be a letter with each asking them to raise you.

You will both have the same last name of Evans, as that is Martha's moms name. You will have your younger memories of learning magic. You will not have the anguish of either life. You will have the kids abilities as well. None of us can change the rest, but removing the Doomsday from Davis Bloom will still make him an anti-hero, killing the killers of innocents. He will still end up in Metropolis. The rest will be up to you and those from the other two universes. Fare Thee Well, my Master and Sister."

Flashback Ends*********************

'Whaaat,' thought Dora just as her ship hit the ground.

'You will have the power of life and death, or fertility if you prefer. You will decide who and when Harry will impregnate a female, including yourself. He will have the power to share all his abilities with his mates. You must decide who will be his mates. Harry is still a Lord of the Light, so be careful, he does not get mated to an evil.

There are some that will turn Evil from Neutral, some Evil to Neutral, and some Good to Neutral or Neutral to Good. You are bonded to Harry for life, neither of you will never turn Neutral or Evil, but can have some bad moments. But both of you know that killing Evil is not wrong, just think of the great escape from Azkaban and the resulting deaths. If they had been killed prior, the lives that would have been saved! When Harry gets into a bad mood, he will do some stupid things, that might be illegal, but he will never be Evil.

I am telling Harry a few things to save some anguish, he will gain three powers that he cannot share, but remember to use your powers to create alibis for when you go fight Evil or crazy people. Their are three girls that could go Evil or Good, that are Neutral right now. The first will fall in love with the powered Harry, as she has power also. Her name is Alicia Baker and is a Teleporter or has fast Apparitioneer. She is a bit obsessive, but could be a good mate as she will obey Harry, once they have sex, before she becomes a mate. Tina Greer is a shapeshifter more like you were, if you can help her, she could be a mate, but she has more Ron Weasley tendencies. She is a bit bipolar in relationships, so could turn Evil. The third is Kyla Willowbrook, a Native American skin-walker or animagus that could have very good increased powers if mated to Harry! She has more of a temper than any Gryffindor and does not think things thru, but if mated early enough, she would be forever loyal. There are others. You will be an Evans related to Martha Kent Ne Evans.

Harry is told that when he kills a crazy Neutral or Evil person, he will gain their powers, permanently. He can permanently share his powers with his mates. A mate is one he has had a child with. Dora should be first. He can keep them as young as he, or de-age them by five years, each time he mates them. Any ability you gain that can divide you into more than yourself, you cannot share. Any ability you gain that would change your underlying DNA, cannot be shared. Your Metamorphous ability cannot be shared, as it is just the two of you and your children. You will be Harry Potter, son of Nell and a drunken party. She gave the child up for adoption, but the paper work will be perfect. Nell is the next door neighbor to the Kent's, which is where Dora will be.

The ships open and both five year olds come out, handing Martha the paper work, with adoption and bank trusts. Both Harry and Dora ask them if they will be their parents. As Harry will be Johnathan and Nell's son from the drunken party in High School. Dora will be the missing daughter of Martha's sister, who died in a car wreck. They have necklaces of shrunk trunks, all many compartments. Martha saw her dead twin sisters name on the paper work. The ships looked futuristic. She and Jonathan had wanted children, each having a boy or girl would give them what they always wanted.

Emotionally they knew they were the children they missed. Intellectually, they understood they were not their families children, but they would be family. One of the ships became a crystal, the other became a car wreck, with the front end destroyed by the meteor implanted into the ground. The paper work for why the adoption did not work, was that before it was finalized, Nell's Parents had died. So the dead social worker was bringing him to have the paper work re-done. The other paper work was that Martha had sent out missing children reports and there was a blood watch. DNA was usable, so they found her. Martha's parents wanted nothing to do with her or her sister. (Per canon for her).

Dora understood she would have a number of years before the mates were finalized. She was given a sort of time line for when Harry would meet all the possible mates in the next twenty-five years. She was a little stunned that she would meet five today. The problem was they met Nell Potter, Lana Lane, Martha Kent; a very young nurse Nora Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel); Andrea Rojas, a young girl Lana's age; and two deputies, Trixie and Rhonda Short. Everyone else was male. She was not thinking of herself. All of them are age five to twenty five.

Not knowing who the mates possibly are, just when Harry or her would meet them; left her a little bit piqued, a tiny bit stimulated, and a small bit disturbed. She knew three possible as well as herself, she would just have to investigate them all. This is how she became Chloe's best female friend and was sure a mate for Harry met at age eight. When Johnathan Kent died shortly after meeting Chloe, she figured Martha could be a mate. Martha saw him as a friend of her nieces, not as a son. Though he looks just like Johnathan, but with green emerald eyes!