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Sequel to The Rain Brought You To Me Again


Thoughts on the Rain

Nezumi wasn't one to feel sentimental but the rain always seemed to provoke that sentimental part of himself. The rain had brought him good luck, had brought him Shion. He supposed that was enough for him to love the rain.

Nezumi looked away from the window to see Shion painting. Shion had apparently picked up the habit during Nezumi's travels. He had become rather good at it. Right now, he was biting his lower lip, a bit of blue paint on his nose. His hair, now in a messy ponytail, looked as frazzled as Shion did. He looked adorable like that, enough to make Nezumi smile.

"Why are you concentrating so hard on a painting?" Nezumi laughed, looking back at the heavy rain.

It had been raining non stop again, ever since he got back to No. 6 and back to Shion. The weather reports had not expected so much rain and he could see Shion's neighbors walking around with their colorful umbrellas.

"I'm trying to figure out what exactly to draw. This is a present, Nezumi, not just something I'm doing just for fun."

Nezumi turned to look at Shion again before he decided to see what the painting was. That was a mistake since Shion immediately turned his attention to him and pointed at him with his paintbrush.

"No, you stay right there! You can't see it yet!"

Nezumi froze and then started laughing, "Don't tell me that you're painting that for me, Shion."

Shion pouted, cheeks slightly pink, "You finally came back after three years. I wanted to make you something. As a celebration of you coming back."

"How sweet." Nezumi caught himself saying aloud. He looked away before Shion could look at him slowly turning red, "You're such a sap, Shion. Three years hasn't completely changed you after all."

He could hear Shion start to protest but, at that moment, the rain started pouring harder. It seemed to cut off Shion's train of thought and Nezumi thought it was the end of it. He was about to leave the room and hole himself in the library when he heard Shion get up from his seat and start walking toward him.

"Nezumi, do you still remember when we first met?"

Nezumi could never forget that and he had expected Shion to have known that. The day he had thought that he was going to die, only to see salvation right before him in the form of a boy his age that had been screaming into the storm. That day was forever engrained inside his mind. No matter how many years passed, he would never forget that stormy day when he met Shion.

"Of course I do. Why?"

"No reason."

Shion gave Nezumi a hug at that moment, leaning his head against his shoulder. Nezumi leaned closer against Shion, returning that hug. Three years had been a long time apart. He had thought that Shion would have forgotten his promise to reunite with him. To his relief, he hadn't. Shion had stayed, waiting for him.

"Hey, Shion, would you like to travel with me one day?"

Shion looked up at him, "Are you planning on leaving already?"

Nezumi shook his head, "No, it's not that. It's just that, if, for some reason, I wanted to go exploring again, would you like to come with me this time?"

"That depends. If I say no, would you leave?"

Three years. They wouldn't have felt like an eternity if Shion had been with him seeing old ruins, old forests and even the see. If he decided to go to see those places without Shion… well…

"I wouldn't leave without you again."

Shion smiled, "Right answer."'

Nezumi frowned, "What would you have said if I had said yes?"

Shion hummed, the smile turning into a full grin, "I would've pushed you out of this house into the rain. If you liked traveling so much, you don't need to be in my house."

"Wow," Nezumi laughed despite himself, "you're cold. Here I thought you'd start crying and begging me to stay with you again. I distinctly remember you crying-."

"Now who's having a faulty memory? I didn't cry three years ago."

Nezumi flicked Shion's forehead, "Yes you did. Oh, don't you remember you had to be pried off me-?"

"You're just exaggerating now!"

"Oh, Nezumi," He said in a higher pitch, pretending to whine, "don't leave me. I can't live without you. I'll wait everyday by my window until you come back to me."

"As if!" Shion said, pinching Nezumi's arm, "I think you've been reading too many romance novels. I landed on my feet when you left! Need I remind you that this is my house that I got while you were off gallivanting like some kind of fairy tale hero."

Nezumi hissed, rubbing his arm, "Fine, maybe you didn't cry that much."

"You got some nerve-."

Nezumi kissed Shion's forehead, "But you better have missed me a lot."

Shion frowned but he still put a hand on his forehead, "Obviously I did."

Nezumi pulled Shion into an embrace and they were silent as the rain continued to fall. The sound could've been deafening but Nezumi was concentrating too much on Shion's steady heartbeat. With a sigh, he leaned his forehead against Shion's.

"Thank you."

Nezumi closed his eyes, "For what?"

He couldn't see Shion's expression when he spoke again, "Thank you for having found me. During our first meeting, three years ago and now, you always found your way back to me. Thank you, Nezumi."

"You don't have to be such a sap, Shion." Nezumi said, even though his voice was too soft to have any real bite, "Besides… I made you a promise, didn't I?"

Shion nodded slowly, "That's right. And you fulfilled it. Reunion came."

Whether or not it took three years, reunion came.