A small one-shot I wrote for my dear friend nezushijustwantstobefree. Happy birthday! Here's to another year of you and No. 6! I hope you enjoy!

Based on the concept from the Korean drama, Master's Sun

Damned eyes meet a heavenly touch

Nezumi knew two things that most other humans didn't know with certainty.

Ghosts are real.

He could see them everywhere. In his house, in the streets, in his school, in the grocery stores, they were literally everywhere. Some were terrifying ghosts that were latched onto humans. Others were benevolent that tried to help humans or were just watching over people. There were others that didn't know they were dead that always came to him to talk.

Unfortunately, he was like a ghost magnet. Ghosts liked to approach him to talk to him. They wouldn't leave him alone and he'd be forced to go out of his way to help them. There was a ghost that haunted him for an entire week who hid his homework and tied his shoelaces together when he was sitting so, when he stood to walk, he fell.

Ghosts had big and small things they wanted resolved before they passed on. Unfortunately, they were very pushy with him to fix things for them. It was so annoying that he wished he couldn't see ghosts.

Which led to the second thing.

There was a wonderful boy that was able to stop him from seeing ghosts.

Nezumi met Shion in a café. Nezumi had been trying to ignore a very angry old man ghost that kept hitting him with his cane. As he tried to sip his coffee, the old man ghost yanked the chair from under him and he fell on the floor. Some of the coffee fell on his chest and it burned. People rushed to help him but the boy with the white hair and red eyes came first.

"Are you okay, does it burn a lot?"

The boy had touched his arm and the nagging voice of the old man with the cane vanished. He'd looked but the café sounded quieter and there were less people trying to help. He was shocked as the boy helped him to his feet.

"I'm okay."

The boy smiled, "That's great, it looked like it hurt."

The moment the boy let go of his arm, the old man was yelling again and Nezumi was overwhelmed. He covered his ears when all the sound came on so suddenly, especially the yelling of the old man.

"-You don't look okay."

The sound disappeared as the boy touched his arm out of worry. Nezumi leaned on the boy and sighed.

"Just hold-"

He passed out shortly after because, somehow, he'd had a concussion from the fall. When he woke up, the boy was gone and the old man was still badgering him with his cane. It was an annoying set of two days with that ghost but, in the end, all Nezumi could think about was how he'd not seen a ghost when that boy touched him.

The next time he saw him, he actually learned his name.

He saw the boy again in the bookstore he worked in. Nezumi had been on break, ignoring the gossip of an elderly woman and a younger bookworm since they were both ghosts. He looked up from the book he was reading when he saw the white hair. He'd jumped up and ran to the boy.

"Hey, do you remember me?"

The boy looked a bit shocked, so Nezumi refrained from making physical contact, even if he did want to. The ghosts around them were staring at them, trying to grab at Nezumi's clothes.

"Aren't you the guy that had that freak accident with the chair?"

Relieved, Nezumi had told him that he was grateful of what he'd done by calling for help and trying to help. The boy looked flustered when Nezumi had bowed to show his thanks and waved it off. An insistent ghost was pulling at Nezumi's hair, bothering him but he was too busy at the time talking to the white-haired boy.

If he had been paying attention, he would've noticed how the bookshelves began to move slowly. The small screech and creaking. He had only returned to reality when he heard the books start falling and his mind had connected what was happening.

"Look out!"

He had wrapped one of his arms around the boy's waist and the other around his head, the two jumped out of the way as the shelf toppled, where it would've crushed them. He had cradled the body of the boy and shielded the rogue books that flew at them with his body.

People had rushed to them to help. When Nezumi had looked down at the boy, he was beet-red. Nezumi had forgotten the compromising situation they were in when he could only think of their safety. He felt his cheeks go red too in that moment.

"Are you okay-?"

"What's your name?"

The boy had let out an incredulous laugh and it was a beautiful sound that had made Nezumi laugh too. In that moment on the floor of the bookstore with books strewn around him, it felt like they were the only two people in the world. It was a feeling Nezumi really liked.

"A bookshelf fell on us and could've crushed us and you're asking for my name?"

Nezumi shrugged with a smile, "That's a rather long name, a-bookshelf-fell-on-us-and-."

"Shion," The white-haired boy with the bright smile had said, "My name is Shion."

That had been two months ago. During those two months following the bookshelf incident, the two had become friends. It was genuinely nice to be with Shion. He was intelligent, mature, kind, and well-read. They had great discussions about books, movies, and the world in general. They had different views on certain subjects, but they always had good discussions.

They would go out to watch movies, hang out in the parks, or just hang out inside a library. It was fun being with Shion. There were incidents where ghosts would seek him out but, as if he sensed it, they would vanish from his sight the moment Shion would grab his hand to lead him somewhere.

He had been unsure how to explain to Shion what was wrong with him. Shion had been curious on all the strange accidents Nezumi would have that most people dismissed as bad luck. Falling pots, books thrown at him, randomly being tripped, the list was endless. Nezumi didn't know how to explain it without sounding crazy so he just said he had bad luck and was very clumsy. Shion never believed it but didn't pry.

The ghosts that commonly visited him didn't like Shion but never bothered hurting him. They couldn't hurt other people they way they did him unless it was someone the ghost knew from their human life. It was something Nezumi didn't understand and it wasn't like he would ask someone else to explain it to him. Who could?

There was one incident during those two months when he'd been waiting for Shion that had been different from the rest. A small ghost girl had approached him asking him help to find her mother.

"Not now."

"If Mama leaves without me, I'll be so scared and she'll be so sad!"

"I can't help you right now, I'm sorry."

The ghost girl had stomped on the ground angrily, whining that she missed her mother. He had only covered his ears, humming in hopes that he would be left alone. The ghost girl had only jumped on the bench to scream closer to his ear.

"Gosh, you brat!" He had yelled, "I'll help you find your damn Mama later but stop yelling into my ear! Stay here and leave me alone until then!"

The girl was about to shout at him when a familiar touch had caused her to vanish. Nezumi froze and looked up to see Shion staring at him concerned.

"What was that-?"

"Nothing, I thought there was a bug."

It had been a terrible lie, but it had made Shion drop it then. At least. But Nezumi was more careful not to shout at ghosts as often as he used to when he knew Shion would show up. He didn't want to make his only friend leave him. He had enough of that when he was in high school and people called him a demon or weird.

Besides, he was feeling more than just friendship towards the white-haired boy with the ability to erase spirits from his sights. He was just unsure if it was the love he'd read so much about.

The months of the two of them together as friends ended three days ago when Shion told him that sentence that changed Nezumi's life.

"I want to date you."

With his racing heart that he was sure all the ghosts in the apartment could hear, he'd been unable to say no.

Now, Nezumi was going on his first date. Shion was coming over which was not out of the ordinary. It was Shion insisting on having their date in Nezumi's apartment. Did he think Nezumi's bad luck and clumsiness would rear it's head and cause the date to be ruined? He hoped not. He really liked Shion and the ghosts were something he was unable to prevent without holding onto Shion.

Nezumi fretted over this as he grabbed a couple of waters waiting for Shion to show up. He heard his cabinets rattle and swore he saw long black hair out of the corner of his eye but ignored it out of worry. This didn't mean he wasn't creeped out by how colder the apartment seemed to be. He sat on the couch, feet tapping the floor, and watching the teenage ballerina ghost dance around his living room. She smiled at him as they made eye contact.

"Good luck on your date~!"

"Yeah, yeah, thanks."

The doorbell rang and Nezumi went to greet Shion. Shion smiled at him, holding a bag of bread and sweets they both liked. Shion hugged him, causing the ballerina ghost to vanish from his sight. It was a good thing, too. She was already making kissy faces at them.

"So, what are we doing today on our first date in my luxurious five star apartment?" Nezumi asked with a grin.

Shion rolled his eyes but he was smiling. The two walked towards the living room where Shion sat himself right next to Nezumi.

"Well, I was thinking of a horror movie." Shion said.

"Which one?" Nezumi asked, leaning back and holding back a scream as a ghost with long black hair was leaning over him. He stared at the dark eyes of the ghost, and he must have made a whimper because he heard Shion call out his name.

"Are you okay?"

"Ye-yeah," Nezumi said.

Shion grabbed his hand and the ghost vanished as it had opened its mouth. Nezumi let out a loud sigh of relief and sitting upright on the couch. Shion was staring at him before looking at the TV. He had not let go of his hand.

"Nezumi, can I ask you something crazy?"

Nezumi nodded, "Yeah, I guess so."

"Do you have hallucinations?"

Nezumi blinked in surprise as Shion squeezed his hand, still looking pensive. He took a deep breath before continuing, "You talk by yourself a lot like you're having a conversation and I don't know much about it to help, I just wanted to know if there was a way to help you out."


"I'm sorry I didn't ask this sooner but, the more time goes on, the more you worry me. You're yelling at nothing in public. I don't care about that but, if you need help dealing with them, I can help!"

Nezumi almost withdrew his hand to scratch the back of his head out of nervousness. So Shion had noticed but he was thinking that he hallucinated. It was more logical than saying he could see ghosts.

"Yeah, I thought you wouldn't notice." Nezumi lied, "I thought you'd think I'm weird."

Shion frowned, staring at him. Nezumi was unsure what he did wrong. He withdrew his hand, standing up. He fretted with his hands, unsure of why Shion still looked worried. He cleared his throat, "Well, let me get you some popcorn and we can start the movie. It was called-?"

He turned and the long-haired ghost woman was hanging upside down behind him. She screeched and Nezumi yelled, falling on the ground as she descended on him. His ears were ringing and the ghost was about to grab him when Shion hugged him. The ghost vanished and Nezumi leaned completely on Shion.

"Nezumi, are you okay-?"

"I lied, I don't see hallucinations!" Nezumi said, almost feeling the cold hands of the ghost that had appeared in his apartment. He leaned on Shion, "I see ghosts, they're so damn annoying most of the time but they can also be scary and, god, don't let me go."

"Calm down, Nezumi! You need to breathe, you're hyperventilating!"

"Shion, I see them everywhere. They're always asking and asking for help and, when they don't get it, they throw everything at me until I listen. They've tried pushing me down stairs, they've pulled my hair, they dropped that bookshelf on us! I hate seeing ghosts so much…"


"Somehow, you make them go away, Shion." He admitted, clutching the shirt of the boy that was keeping him grounded to reality, "You touch me and it's as if you banish ghosts. They're gone. I can't hear or see them. You've made me feel safer and make me feel like a normal person. . . don't leave me. I know it's weird and it doesn't make sense but please. Stay like this for a big longer with me."

Shion started pulling him away and Nezumi panicked until Shion cupped his face. Shion smiled softly before kissing his forehead.

"I knew you'd finally tell me the truth."


Shion chuckled, "You really thought I bought any of those excuses? Bad luck that books start flying to hit you on the back of the head? That's impossible if you think about it logically. But I read a lot on ghosts-."

"You did? Kind of nerdy-."

"Don't interrupt, Nezumi, listen to me. I figured out that this wasn't normal so it had to be paranormal. The only other explanation was you being telekinetic. Ghosts are strange but, really, makes sense. A chair was yanked from under you when we first met!"

Nezumi laughed awkwardly as Shion held him. At least he didn't think he was a freak. He was taking this surprisingly well.

"So, what got you scared if you're used to ghosts?"

"There was a ghost that looked like the girl from the Ring."

Shion turned pale and stood up still holding Nezumi's hand. He laughed awkwardly as the two sat, still holding hands. Nezumi looked around the world to see nothing was moving as Shion took a calming breath.

"I don't want to know that a ghost girl that creepy is in the apartment so I'm just going to hold your hand all night."

Nezumi raised an eyebrow, "What if I need to go to the bathroom?"

"I'm hiding in the tub."

Nezumi scoffed, "Pervert."

"I am not!"

"I shouldn't have told you that your touch keeps ghosts away, now you're going to use it as an excuse to go in the bath with me or sleep with me."

"Nezumi, I'm just here to help, I swear! Peeping on you is not my intention!"

Nezumi laughed, leaning his head on Shion's shoulder, "I was joking. I like you holding me anyways."

Shion held him closer, drawing him closer to a hug, "Well, that means I'll keep holding you."

Nezumi nodded, closing his eyes to feel Shion's warmth and hear his beating heart. Humans were so warm compared to ghosts. And, out of any human he ever had a connection with, Shion burned the brightest and warmest.

He really was in love with this strange boy with the odd white hair, brilliant smile and touch that dispelled ghosts. He hoped the two of them could stay like this forever.

"What movie is the ghost movie?"

"The Sixth Sense."

"Oh, fuck you."

Yeah, he was in love with Shion.