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Two Birds of a Feather

The yearly parties at the Potter household—though Harry always denied calling them such—were always a good time for all who were lucky enough to consider themselves worthy of attendance. It was a rare few who had that good fortune, and each had gotten to that position through hard work, boundless loyalty, and even shed blood. Most of those who attended were people whom Harry had fought beside during the war against Voldemort, others he had met later on.

However, they were all brought together on these occasions, friends and family.

Fleur smiled as she greeted people she had not seen in years. A part of her was upset that none of the people she spoke with knew her well enough to recognize that it was fake, that she had no real happiness to see some of them. The Weasleys, in particular, had been difficult to speak to, as they had been since she had called off her marriage to Bill almost a decade before.

They had never liked her to begin with, which had been a major factor in her decision, but it had all culminated shortly after the war's end when Fleur reached her breaking point.

"Fleur!" Harry said happily as he joined them, sparing her. "You made it!"

Fleur's smile was genuine as he approached and hugged her.

"It was difficult to escape, but I managed," she said. She gave him a teasing smirk. "I believe Gabrielle is here as well, probably looking for you. She has wanted to see you for a long time."

To her surprise, he barely blinked.

"I'll be sure to see if I can find her, then. It's been a while since I saw her."

"You will have to be careful, Harry," Fleur warned, amused. "She is not one to give up what she wants so easily. If you give her an opening then she will use it."

"Might be worth letting her, to be honest," he said. "It's been a while since I've dated anyone."

"So you and—?"

"Broke up," Harry cut her off. "I wanted to raise my godson, she wanted to play Quidditch. We decided to just call it off before it could get messy."

"And how is little Teddy?" Fleur asked, smiling at the mere thought of Teddy Lupin. He had been such an adorable baby, and her heart ached that he couldn't know his parents. But she was proud of Harry for his willingness to step up and be a father for another man's child.

The smile that crossed Harry's face then was enough to warm her heart. His eyes were bright and full of a happiness she had never seen, though it had been a few years since they last saw each other.

"Teddy's great," he gushed. "He's looking forward to Hogwarts already."

"But he is only nine."

Harry snorted. "He certainly takes after his mother. He's all Tonks, except he doesn't trip every other step the way she did. He's got his father's brains, though. I swear, Teddy will give Hermione a run for her money before he's a fifth-year."

"I hope he does," Fleur said, and Harry gave her a knowing look. She had never forgiven Hermione, Molly, or Ginny for their comments when she had stayed at the Burrow. It had hurt that Bill wasn't aware enough to notice them, and she hadn't had the heart to tell him, though she knew she should have. It would have saved them all a lot of trouble.

"I'll be sure to encourage him," Harry promised. He hugged her again. "I'll talk to you later—you're sticking around Britain for a few days, right?"

"Oui, I am staying at—"

"Here," he interrupted. "You can stay here. It's only a few days."

Fleur raised a single brow, her lips twitching. "And Gabrielle?"

"If tonight goes well." Harry winked. "See you later, Fleur."

"Do not make me regret this, Harry," she warned.

Harry turned and gave her a soft smile. "I understand."

He walked off, searching through the crowd, Fleur knew, for Gabrielle. Harry had changed much since they first met. Back then, he would not have had the confidence to approach a veela for a possible one night stand, and definitely not the little sister of one of his friends. Had it been any other wizard, Fleur would have stopped him, but she knew Harry would take care of Gabrielle. He would be upfront and honest with her so she was aware of everything she needed to be. Perhaps a relationship would come of tonight, maybe not, but that Harry was open to one gave Fleur comfort.

Fleur continued to the drinks table and smiled upon seeing that Harry had managed to acquire some of her favourite wine. It was much better than butterbeer or firewhiskey, in her opinion.

If only the taste wasn't soured by the arrival of someone she had been hoping to avoid.

"Fleur," Hermione greeted in a somewhat stiff tone.

Fleur said nothing. She stared at Hermione, fighting the urge to scrunch her nose. Fleur would never say something against Harry's friends at his own party, but it was surprisingly difficult to hold her tongue. Hermione Granger had always bugged her, even more so since that summer eleven years ago.

"Good travels?" Hermione asked as she served herself a drink.

"Good enough," Fleur replied, sipping her wine.

Hermione raised her drink to her lips to cover the silence. Fleur was content to let it remain quiet, but alas, it was not meant to be.

"I didn't know you were coming," Hermione said.

Fleur hummed.

"Did Harry invite you?"

Or did you show up on your own? The question went unasked, but Fleur knew it was what Hermione was getting at. Fleur was willing to admit that she could be arrogant at times, perhaps even to the point it made others uncomfortable, but inviting herself to someone else's party was too far.

"He did," Fleur answered. "Gabrielle, too."

"Oh." Hermione looked surprised. "That's… nice."

"Harry is very kind," Fleur said. She looked straight at Hermione. "Sometimes too kind."

Hermione's expression soured like her presence had to Fleur's wine.

"You haven't seen him handle politics," she said somewhat snappishly. "I don't think most of those old purebloods who want to keep things the way they used to be would call Harry Potter kind."

Fleur smirked. "But Harry Potter is not Harry, non? I thought you, more than others, would know that he does not like the way most see him. Or has he still not shared that with you?"

Hermione glowered at her.

"Harry's been my best friend for over fifteen years, I think I would know him at least that well."

"Yet you were one of the most surprised when he decided to enter politics."

"Well, it's quite safe now that the Rotfang Conspiracy has been stopped," said a new voice, cutting off any response Hermione could have given. The speaker was a very short girl with waist-length, dirty blonde hair and radish earrings. Her silver eyes were wide and slightly protuberant, looking too large for her little face. "It's a shame the Ministry hasn't freed their heliopath army, though."

The look of frustration that appeared on Hermione's face made Fleur like this new arrival immediately.

"If you say so, Luna," Hermione said through gritted teeth.

Fleur stared at Luna. Something about her was familiar, but Fleur couldn't place it. The bright yellow sundress she wore, in particular, sparked a sense of recognition.

"Harry told me he's trying to fix it," Luna said in a dreamy tone, as if she were only partially paying attention to their conversation. "He doesn't know where the heliopaths are, but I don't think it will take him too long to find them. Harry's always been good at finding hidden things that others often miss. He's quite observant."

"Is there something you wanted, Luna?" Hermione asked impatiently.

"Just to say hello. Hello!"

Fleur smiled. She wouldn't have been able to stop it, even had she wanted to. There was something different about Luna and it intrigued her. Fleur wanted to know more about this strange girl who could so easily frustrate Hermione Granger.

"Bonsoir," Fleur replied. She held out a hand. "I am Fleur Delacour."

"Yes, I know," Luna said, shaking Fleur's hand. Her eyes were focused entirely on Fleur, wide and staring in a way that was almost unnerving. "I was at your wedding. It's too bad it didn't last. Daddy and I had hoped it would. You and Bill seemed good for each other."

Hermione made a poorly stifled derisive noise.

"We were," Fleur said sadly. "It is unfortunate our lives led us down different paths."

Bill travelled too much for work. He was hardly ever home. When they did see each other, it was usually in the company of his family during the day, which had resulted in more than a few conflicts between Fleur, Molly, and Ginny that could have otherwise been avoided. Even if Molly had seemed okay with their engagement, following Bill's attack by Fenrir Greyback, it had become obvious that it was Fleur as a person who bothered her, more than what Fleur had said regarding their wedding plans and other similar topics.

Fleur was upset her marriage had failed because of his family's interference, but she tried her best not to hold it against them. She could, however, hold a grudge against them for their awful treatment of her when she had only ever wanted to be accepted.

But at least she now knew why Luna had seemed familiar.

"Viktor did not get along with your father," Fleur remembered.

"He was very silly," Luna said airily. Hermione looked as if she wanted to defend Viktor, but Luna spoke again before she could. "He thought Daddy would support Grindelwald. Although I don't think he really knew what he was talking about. His head must have been filled with wrackspurts."

"Wrackspurts?" Fleur repeated, and Hermione groaned.

"Excuse me," she said, "I have to go…"

Instead of coming up with an excuse, she just slipped away.

"She doesn't like me very much," Luna stated, watching Hermione's back. Facing Fleur again, she explained, "Wrackspurts are little creatures that fly in your ears and make your brain go fuzzy."

"I imagine she deals with them often," Fleur remarked, gesturing with her wine glass.

"Hermione isn't so bad, once you get to know her," Luna said. "She's just awfully narrow-minded."

Fleur snorted. That summed up Hermione Granger quite well.

"So you are friends with Harry?"

Luna's smile was blinding.

"He's my best friend. He understands me in a way few others do, and he never makes fun of me."

"I should think not," Fleur said. She had given him an earful when he confessed to having joined Ginny in making fun of her that summer, but at least he had had the decency to apologize for it. Harry had made it very clear he wouldn't allow his better judgement to be clouded by his interest in a girl again after that, which Fleur had found to be amusing.

"What was this, um, Rotfang Conspiracy you mentioned?" she asked Luna.

Her eyes shining, Luna began explaining, and though Fleur was quickly confused and lost, she did her best to listen. The way Luna spoke was enchanting, the firm conviction that what she was saying was unquestionably true, the excitement in her hand gestures as she waved them around. Rare were the times that Fleur could say she had conversed with someone so passionate about their beliefs.

As Luna talked, Fleur caught Harry's eye across the room. He grinned at her and gave her a thumbs up before returning his attention to Gabrielle, who looked happier than Fleur had ever seen. She was batting her eyelashes at Harry, and as Fleur watched, she ran her hand up and down his arm.

Rolling her eyes, Fleur looked at Luna again.

"—and then they use gum disease to force the vampires under their command. With their army, they would be able to take over everything before we could ever stop them."

"A good thing they cannot lead the vampires without Rufus Scrimgeour, then," Fleur said, recalling that the late Minister's name had been brought up earlier. Luna claimed he had been a vampire when he lived, which Fleur thought unlikely, but she was enjoying the moment too much to care either way.

"Oh, he wasn't their leader," Luna said with complete certainty. "He was only the one in the best position to get more vampires in positions of power within the Ministry. As a former Auror, he could have used them to infiltrate the Department of Law Enforcement and take over everything."

"Then I suppose we should thank Harry for gaining his loyalty."

Luna nodded emphatically.

"Harry is talented at inspiring loyalty in others, even those who don't like him," she said. "I heard that he even managed to get the centaurs to listen to him when they tried to expand their territory last summer. They don't seem to listen to anyone, and he won't tell me how he did it."

Fleur hummed. "He is full of surprises, it seems."

Like fooling even Voldemort into believing him dead, then somehow coming back to life and saving them all from a world of darkness with a Disarming Charm, of all things.

Fleur still didn't know how Harry had managed any of that, and he refused to share the details.

As time wore on and the party began to wind down, Fleur continued talking to Luna about the strange creatures published in The Quibbler. She had never heard even rumours for any of them, so it felt rather like she was a little girl listening to bedtime stories again. It made her wonder if this was how muggleborns felt when they first learnt the truth regarding the existence of magic: confused, their minds spinning with questions, wondering what was real and what wasn't.

Fleur was startled to realize that only she, Luna, and Gabrielle were left with Harry. The sun had long since set, and the partygoers were gone. The house around them was quiet. A couple of house-elves were picking up the trash and cleaning everything.

"Bonne nuit, Fleur," Gabrielle said, hugging her. "Harry and I are going to bed," she added with a small giggle, her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkling.

Fleur hugged her back. "Beaux rêves."

Gabrielle nearly skipped on her way back to Harry's side, where she wrapped her arms around one of his and started speaking excitedly about something. Harry smiled at Fleur and nodded, giving her a sign that he remembered his promise.

"She's going to enjoy tonight," Luna mentioned. "Harry is quite good in bed."

Fleur gave her a surprised look.

"You have been with him?" she asked.

"No, not me. Ginny told me about it, though."

It could have been too much wine, but Fleur felt oddly dizzy as she looked at the way the moonlight seemed to reflect in Luna's hair and off her pale skin, giving her an almost angelic glow. Luna's eyes were brighter than they had been all night, as if they themselves were small moons.

"I am not so bad, myself." Fleur wasn't sure what had made her say that, or why, but it was too late to take the words back now, though true they were.

Luna tilted her head, looking Fleur up and down with pursed lips.

"No, I don't suppose you would be," she said in her usual dreamy tone.

Before she could lose her courage, Fleur leant forward and kissed the much shorter woman. Luna's lips tasted of strawberry, and Fleur idly wondered what she could have eaten or drunk tonight that had such a flavour. She could not recall seeing anything that had it.

But all thoughts were pushed from her mind as the kiss deepened.

"Merde," Fleur moaned when they separated. Luna was a very good kisser.

She leant back in for more.

The next morning, Fleur held her head as she stumbled into the kitchen. She stopped abruptly when she saw Harry sitting at the table with an open copy of the Daily Prophet before him. His bright eyes twinkled as he caught sight of her.

"Good morning. Sleep well?" he asked cheekily.

Fleur groaned.

"What time is it?"

"Just after eleven," Harry said without looking at the clock. "Your sister's still asleep."

Fleur raised her brow at him.

"You had a good night of your own, then?"

"Oh, yeah, we were up most of the night." Harry smirked. "Gabby never shuts up, did you know that?"

"I don't need to hear this," Fleur grumbled.

"I found a couple ways to make her stop, though," he went on, entirely unconcerned with the glare she levelled at him. "You see, it's all about—"

"Stop talking," she hissed. "I don't want to know."

Harry shrugged, grinning.

They sat in silence after that. Fleur rubbed her head again, wincing as her hand ran over a bump.

"Rough night?" Harry asked.

Before Fleur could answer, Luna walked into the kitchen, a bright smile on her face. She waved merrily at the both of them on her way to the fridge.

Harry looked far too amused.

"That was an excellent party, Harry," Luna said, dropping into the seat beside Fleur. She smothered jam over untoasted bread as she continued, "I don't think I've ever had so much fun before!"

"That's great to hear, Luna," Harry told her, grinning at Fleur. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."

"Of course," Luna went on, "it wouldn't have been quite so fun without—"

"I think that is enough, Luna," Fleur interrupted, and Harry burst into laughter.

Gabrielle stumbled into the kitchen a few minutes later, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Her sleeping gown was almost as ruffled as her silvery blonde hair. She beamed at Fleur, though, looking very happy about something. She kissed the top of Harry's head before taking the seat beside him.

"Bonjour," Gabrielle chirped.

"Good morning, Gabby," Harry said. He grinned at Fleur as he asked, "Did you sleep well?"

"One of the best nights I've ever had," Gabrielle giggled.

Fleur nearly whimpered, looking to the ceiling and begging for an escape.

"Is Harry as good as Ginny told me he is?" Luna asked casually.

"Luna!" Fleur exclaimed, shocked.

Harry bit his lips while his shoulders shook from suppressed laughter.

Gabrielle tilted her head, frowning. "I do not understand."

"You slept with Harry," Luna said. "Is he as good as Ginny told me he is?"

"Non, you are confused." Gabrielle shook her head. "'Arry and I did not sleep togezzer."

"What?" Luna and Fleur asked together, but in vastly different tones. Luna seemed, as Gabrielle had said, confused, like this was just an unsolved riddle. Fleur was shocked, though, after what she and Harry had talked about last night.

"You didn't?" Luna asked.

"Nope," Harry said. He looked as if he wanted to laugh again. "We just talked a lot. Gabby really doesn't know how to shut up."

"As eef you were any better," Gabrielle huffed, though her eyes were sparkling and a smile tugged at her lips. "The stories you shared seemed as eef zey would never end."

"You kept interrupting me."

"You are an awful story-teller."

Harry rolled his eyes, grinning.

As they continued to banter back and forth, Fleur gave up trying to understand. Luna gave her a sympathetic smile and softly patted her hand before watching Harry and Gabrielle like they were the most fascinating muggle television show. Apparently her warning last night had been unnecessary, considering they hadn't even gotten that far, caught up in whatever stories they shared.

It pleased Fleur that there might be the beginnings of a real relationship between them, though.

She glanced at Luna and realized that, perhaps, Harry and Gabrielle weren't the only ones.