Hi all! Welcome to my little poem!

I first wrote this on 19.06.20 but thought I'd share it anyway. Please keep in mind that it is a rough draft!


Hey Doctor

You're probably busy right now

Saving a million lives

With a stupid smile

And a plan which really shouldn't work

Hey Doctor

Bet you got someone good by your side

And I know they're very brave

They're always brave

I wish I could be brave

Hey Doctor

Do you think you can drop on by

I know you've got things to do

But I could really use your advice

Hey Doctor

Let's run away together

A million years

And a whole universe of places

They'll never catch up

Hey Doctor

I wish I could talk to you right now

You always know what to say

You talk the whole room

I never know what to say

Hey Doctor

I really need a friend

I'm not doing so well

I feel really alone...


Hi Doctor

I've never met you

But this girl, she always talks about you

And.. well, Doctor, she's gone now

We tried to get in contact

But we could never reach you