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Volterra, September 19th, 6.34 pm

We've had a fantastic surprise today! Our awesome brother Emmett, who said he wanted to send us 'care packages', had two mountain lions and two black bears shipped to Volterra for us! For us vegetarians, it was like Christmas! Mountain lion's blood is my absolute favourite, like my beloved Bella, so we savoured our wonderful gift with much gratitude and real delight. Alice recorded my brother Jasper and me playing a little before eating, so here are the videos below. And in case you're a 'normal' vampire, yes, we vegetarian vampires like animal blood very much! Thanks again Emmett!


Edward Cullen

From RedCoatsHater, 6.58 pm: I confirm, mountain lion is delicious! Not as tasty as a human, but still...

From SparkyMate, 7.00 pm: It's the thought that counts! When you don't want to hurt humans, animals become very tasty, indeed!

From USNomad, 7.26 pm: I really don't know how you do it! The videos show you enjoying it, but it makes me shudder! I really love my humans...

From AlaskanWildfire, 7.28 pm: I love my humans too, I just don't kill them! I enjoy them another way... ;)

From SparkyMate, 7.29 pm: AlaskanWildfire, please don't spoil this blog with your urges!

From AlaskanWildfire, 7.31 pm: Never would dream of it! But I have to say, Edward, that you were quite gracious pouncing that lion...

From BlondeVenus1915, 7.37 pm: If I were you, AlaskanWildfire, I'd calm down really quickly. Edward's mate isn't far from him, and she very probably reads this blog...

From EdwardsMate87, 7.59 pm: Indeed, BlondeVenus1915, I read this blog. And beware, AlaskanWildfire. I may be across the world for now, but I know how to hold a grudge. Ask a certain russet wolf... And I still have more strength than GrizzlyBear1915.

From AlaskanWildfire, 8.02 pm: Apologies, EdwardsMate87. I won't write such things again.

From EdwardsMate87, 8.05 pm: Apologies accepted, AlaskanWildfire.

From GrizzlyBear1915, 8.07 pm: All this writing has made me hungry! I want a mountain lion too!

From BlondeVenus1915, 8.08 pm: No mountain lions for us... (sigh). Deer is good. Repeat after me: deer is good.

From RedCoatsHater, 8.11 pm: Urgh! I'll settle for a nice wolf, thank you very much!

From GrizzlyBear1915, 8.13 pm: Can we please think about sending some over there?