Little Lost Flower Scout

Chapter 1

"Holy shit I'm bored!" groaned the one-eyed Flower Scout, hanging upside down from her bed.

"God Tabii, can't you like find something to do?" Sighed Sasha, browsing her Photoglam.

"You know what you get like when you're bored." Chimed Erin, who was flicking through the Flower Scouts official magazine.

Tabii was all too aware of what happens when boredom gets the better of her. She would get jittery and anxious, something Sasha was never in the mood for.

"What can we do?" Tabii sprung up on all fours with a puppy-like eagerness.

"We? WE are staying here Tabii. It's going to rain later and I'm not getting soaked because of you." Barked Sasha.

"Ugh." Groaned Tabii collapsing back onto the bed.

"You like drawing, don't you? Why not do that?" Suggested Erin.

"I don't feel like it." Quietly grumbled Tabii.

A few minutes went by in relative silence; however, the peace was interrupted by Tabii tossing and turning anxiously on her bed. Sasha was becoming increasingly irritated by Tabii's fidgeting.

"Fuck Tabii! Go for a walk or something if you're so bored." Snapped Sasha.

"A walk? Oh my God! What a great idea Sasha!" Tabii near leapt off her bed.

Tabii slipped on her boots and stuffed a box of cookies into a yellow rucksack decorated with a single pink flower. She wouldn't usually be this excited at the prospect of going for a walk, but anything was better than the cooped up inside all day, and before Sasha and Erin could say a word she bolted out of the door like a greyhound from a trap.

"Well bye I guess." said Erin, who had not stirred from her reading.

"Tabii you forgot your badge." Shouted Sasha.

It was an overcast day around Lake Lilac, but it had an air of peace around it, Tabii thought the shore would be the perfect place to relax. She gazed out at Spooky Island and thought of the time the three camps were sent on a "search and rescue" mission there by Cameron Campbell. She sighed at thought of how Neil stood her up when she tried to reach for his hand, was she really that bad? She gazed at her reflection on the water's surface.

"Stupid eyepatch." She sighed as she lobbed a pebble into the water, causing her reflection to disappear.

Despite Erin having put her slightly more at ease about her eyepatch, she still couldn't completely shake her shame about it, not helped by the fact that Sasha would make the occasional jab about it.

She opened her rucksack and pulled out a cookie, she often found some solace in them when she felt upset. Then her mind wandered back to Neil; she was starting to consider that maybe she was going about him the wrong way. After the Summer Social she realized that her sister probably wasn't the best person when it came to romantic advice or any advice for that matter. After some consideration she thought to herself that she would strive to make a better impression with him, no harm in becoming friends first, right?

Another thing caught her eye, on the banks opposite she could see the Wood Scouts camp, "why was it always covered in fog?" she mused. The thought of the Wood Scouts brought her back once again to the Summer Social when she had the unwanted attention of a certain eye-patched Wood Scout.

An hour and half a cookie box later, Tabii decided it was time to move on, she replaced her box of cookies, zipped up her rucksack, and set off again into the forest.

She made her way through the forest paths, she admitted that the forest surrounding Lake Lilac had grown on her the longer she spent there, of course, she wouldn't mention that to Sasha, who found the forest to be unbelievably disgusting. It may have been full of disgusting bugs and animals but something about it was peaceful in Tabii's restless head, just not when she was covered in mud or being chased by said animals.

After about a quarter of an hours' worth of walking she realized something, she was lost. The path she was on didn't look familiar at all; she could have sworn that she was on her way directly back to camp.

"Oh shit, oh shit, I gotta get back soon…" Tabii was beginning to panic; she noticed down the path that there was a crossroad, she hoped to high heaven that one of them would lead her back to camp.

She then reached the crossroads; the only issue was knowing which path to take. Not to worry she thought to herself, she had a foolproof system for this exact sort of situation.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…"