Rory got back to Yale late that evening, she walked into the apartment praying Logan wasn't home. Even with a plan in place she wasn't sure how she would react when she saw him. She needed more composure time. She walked into the bedroom and there was no sign of him, the living room showed signs the guys had been there with an empty scotch bottle surrounded by glasses on the table. Quickly finding the books she needed, Rory wrote a note for Logan saying "going to do an allnighter in the library will catch you tomorrow." That should buy me some time, she thought as she locked the apartment behind her. She headed off across campus towards the coffee cart to get her fuel for the night. She really did need to pull that all nighter to make up for all the study time she lost the day before.

And so with that Rory set the pattern for the week. She would come home from the library change, sit her finals and then sleep until just before Logan got home each night, before running back out to the library to study again. It maybe wasn't the best way to spend finals week of her final year of college, but Rory knew she couldn't handle sleeping beside Logan anymore.

Rory and Paris pushed their way out of the exam hall, they had both just finished their last ever final at Yale, they were discussing their plans for the evening as in a uncommon spell of comradery Paris wanted to go out with Rory that night.

"Rory can you believe it? After four years here we are done? its the end of an era. I can call it an era, its a significant period of time so really its the textbook definition of an era."

"Yes Paris, I know what an era means. I still sometimes can't believe that we have came from my first day at Chilton to this, Paris I have seen you almost everyday for the past seven years!-"

"ACE!" Rory hears Logan shout across the courtyard, "Don't leave me alone," she whispers to Paris, earning a confused look in response.

"ACE! Ace, didn't you hear me shouting for you?"

"Oh Logan hey! Where'd you come from? Paris and I were just heading to her place to get ready for a night out to celebrate being done."

"But Ace, I thought tonight was for us to have some time before I go on my business trip?"

"Sorry Logan, I didn't know. Paris and I have been planning this for a while a final conclusion to our academic friendship if you will."

"Ace are you sure you and Paris can't do it tomorrow?"

"Logan did you and the guys delay any of your partying at the end of finals last year? Even with you being barely off your crutches?"

"Alright Blondie, that's enough of this debate, say goodbye you will see her when you see her but for tonight she's mine" Paris interjected.


"No Logan she's right, don't wait up for me, I might just crash at Paris' place depending on where we end up. Have a safe flight, let me know when you land" with a quick kiss on his cheek, Rory marched off arm and arm with Paris, while Logan stood there looking dumbfounded.

"Ok Gilmore, out with it!"

"Whatever do you mean Gellar?"

"Don't play dumb Rory it doesn't suit you, what was that performance with junior about back there?"

Rory took a deep breath, as she watched Paris unlock her front door, "Paris I need a glass of something strong in my hand, and for you to promise to just listen, before I tell you anything."

"Ok Rory, don't get your panties in a twist, I have wine chilling in the fridge with twizzlers and chips to accompany it. I was thinking we can order pizza before we go out to help pad the stomach for all the alcohol."

Fifteen minutes later and both Rory and Paris were on the couch a glass of wine each in hand, "It all started last week or well I found out about it last week. I came home early and as I was opening the apartment I heard Logan talking to the guys about plans to propose-"

"Rory you can't get married right out of college, you will end up a DAR trophy wife if you do that. I didn't fight with you for the past seven years for that to happen, you have too much potential."

"Paris, I think that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me."

"Don't go getting used to it Gilmore."

"Anyway, I have no intention of saying yes, if you had let me continue you would have heard how he wants to propose to help cover up the fact he cheated on me in Vegas, oh and apparently in London to, actually who knows how many places."

"So his masterplan is to get married when he can't keep it in his pants? How would that even work?"

"It would work by him following up the statement by saying how he will take a mistress or five once we get married."

"Oh hell no Rory, we are going right over there and I am going to set Mr 'thinks with his dick' Huntzburger straight about a few things."

"Paris, as weirdly touching as that sentiment is, its not necessary, I have a plan."

"You have a plan?"

"Yes, he also managed to let slip when he plans on asking me during the conversation so I'm prepared."

"Okay Gilmore," Paris starts as she tops up both their glasses, "Do we want chinese, pizza or both? Because we are no longer going out, we are going to sit here and you will tell me what you are going to do, and I will help you do it better."

"You mean eviler? and of course we want both!" Rory says getting up to go change into some of the sweats she knows she has left here from previous nights. "I need to be comfy if we are having a war meeting"