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Tsunade made good time, both in arriving and in leaving.

She'd had somewhere to be and with the weather just starting to roll in she had no time to spare.

With military precision Tsunade had assessed, dressed, and stitched the wound. It didn't appear as though surgery would be required but she would revisit that in the future. The wound was old so if the kid was gonna die she would've rolled over by now. As she had left she'd tossed them a slew of pill bottles with directions on usage and quantity that she would surely have to tell them again. Then she was gone before the riverbanks flooded the only road in and out of this shitshow.

It was going to be a storm to behold, that was for sure.

The storm ran rampent without an end in sight. They were already having to go into the reserves and they were only two days in. If they had had a television they might be a bit more equipped.

The dogs were restless themselves. They tumbled around the house aimlessly before investigating their new guest after which they'd whine to the door but pitch a fit at the thought of relieving themselves in the soggy grass.

Waking was strange for her. Her whole body felt heavy but it was more than that. To her it felt like gravity was only effecting her. The full effect of gravity was pulling on her and it was impossible to fight. Just the same she was too tired to fight so she let the clipped noises dissipate as she drifted back into nothingness.

Waking the second time was a jarring experience. Her eyes opened but nothing changed. Her eyes weren't working. Panic came first but calm took its place just a moment later, what was there to fear anyway? Darkness simply was.

Rain poured down causing thrilling pings to resonate all around her. There was clearly a leak somewhere off to the side because every few moments a distinct droplet could be heard meeting metal.

It seemed her eyes worked just fine. In her peripheral she caught a glow. It was a small lantern and next to that small lantern was a man reading.

The man had a nice face, thick arms, and very bland sleeping pants. He was too charming one might say. She couldn't say how or why but she knew that she hated too likable men. "Why are you in my house?"

The satisfaction she felt seeing him jump and his book take a tumble was immeasurable, something in her preened at his discomfort. His eye's were nice too.


"I said, why are you in my house?"

"I, this is my house." Oh, well why was she in his house?

"Why am I in your house?"

"I, I mean my friend, brought you here.. it's, what is happening?" Why was he asking her? He just confessed that he'd brought her here so he more than anyone should know what was going on. "How are you feeling?Are you okay?"

Inventory of herself told her that no, she was not okay. She hurt and she did not enjoy being in pain. "I'm fine."

They stared at one another for several more moments while she tried to find the words to express herself. Did this man kidnap her? Why wasn't she tied up? This couch was punishment enough. "KAKASHI, SHE'S UP!" There were so many nerves and this man was on everyone of them.

Kakashi loudly joins them, rubbing sleep from his eyes and suddenly all of her nerves snap and she just starts crying. Not sobs but thick frightened tears all the same.

She feels like she knows what she wants but she can't think of or vocalize it and their big eyes staring at her are just weighing on her more. She can't even tell who's more upset between the three of them. "I want.. I.. I.. I want a blanket." She doesn't, not really at least but when the too pretty one hands her a red and brown thick plaid throw, she takes it still. Something about the way he bends at the waist while passing it to her, almost as though he's afraid if he gets too close she'll attack, brings her back down.

His demeanor dries her tears. The blanket is heavy against her chest. Pretty boy turns the light on while the newer one, Kakashi, pulls a wooden chair over towards her. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine."

"You don't look fine hun. Matter of fact you looked 'bout on the verge of death when my dog found ya. It's gonna be okay now though. Look at me," her two eyes both settle in on his one "I'm not gonna let anything happen to ya anymore."

It takes all her breath and still it's barely audible "Okay."

"Now, what do you need from me?"

"I.. I'm hungry."

"Then I'll feed you." he sits up from where he'd been leaning down to her level before calling out for pretty boy to get the kitchen set up. "Are you allergic to anything?"

"I don't think so, I can't remember," the panic was coming back "I don't know, I don't.."

"Shh. How about this, I'll list off some things and whatever sounds good to you is what we'll have. Then you can get cleaned up and we can talk after, okay?"


His list goes on for a long time before she hears something appealing. Hunger hasn't put a damper on her pickiness it would seem. Pancakes.

Kakashi escorts her up to the second floor where the restroom is. He starts the shower for her and leaves her with a large towel and instructions to use anything she wanted.

She pulls off the large shirt that had been saving her modesty, though it couldn't have done too good of a job considering it was clearly one of theirs. The only clean part of her is her left breast. Pristine stitches surrounded by tender flesh.

A small oval mirror with large cracks webbing through it presents her reflection. She's introduced to herself, and she's ugly. Filthy, grimy, gross. Just looking at the reflection turns her stomach. It's like looking at a train wreck, it's horrible but fascinating.

The shower is warm, then hot. She scrubs at her body with bar soap and cleans her hair the same. It takes three run throughs before her fingers can pass through her hair and one more before she feels clean. The bottle of shampoo and conditioner had more product on the outside than inside and something about touching the clean dirtiness of it bothered her.

When she pulls herself out of the tub shower the water has gone cold and there's no steam left in the room. The girl in the mirror is lovely but a stranger all the same. There's a new large shirt sitting under the towel that she wears as a dress. Her hair is so long she has to fold it and poke it into the towel.

Kakashi and pretty boy stand by the table until she takes a seat. Then they set her plate in front of her with hardy syrup and a handful of pills before they both settle in and watch her. She makes it though about one and a half before it become unbearable. Both the fullness and the stares.

"You're gonna have to stay here for another week or so.. This storm isn't gonna be lettin' up and even when it does the grounds gonna have to dry before anyone can make it in or out. Genma's gonna move up to the spare bedroom on the second floor so you can use the spare down here and have this floor to yourself.. If there's anyone you wanna call we can give it a try in the morning but it's lookin like service is gonna be out for a while."

"I can't think of anyone."

"What's your name doll?" Genma, everything about him was smooth. She really didn't like that.

"I told you already, I can't think of it!"

Genma lets out a short low whistle which causes some shadows in the corner to move around. She didn't notice them before but there's a lot of dogs here. Oh god, are these people backyard breeders? No, a quick look around and it's clear to see that none of these dogs are pure. "That's not good, love. What can you remember exactly?"

Facial expressions say it all and she's digging deep with this one. "I like pancakes."

"It's alright hun, there's no need to worry. We'll call our doctor friend as soon as we can and I'm sure she'll be able to help you remember some things. In the meantime though.. What would you like us to call you?"

She can't decide herself but she can decide on their choices, all of which are a hard no. Yuki, Yumi, Irobu, Jess, Shi, Kaylin, no and no and so on.

"Well we gotta call you something! Geez, how does Princess sound to you? Seem fitting?"

It feels pretty good watching the mild annoyance and shock pass his face. To his benefit he didn't renege on it, though Kakashi doesn't say much on the matter.

After they get her settled into her room, Kakashi came back two more times to add blankets and pillows since it was cold and she was rather small, she hears them bickering up the stairs towards the second floor.

"Damn man, she really doesn't like me!"

"Can't say I blame her."

"Fuck off, limp wrist."