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"Honestly sweetheart? I'd rather not think about it." Genma hates on Kakashi a lot these days but, in this moment, he's glad the albino stepped up for the both of them because his heart just fell through his ass.

"Well, I just mean.. I guess I've been thinking about it and when I look in the mirror, ya know, it's kind of like guessing about a stranger. Do you think I have a big forehead?" Her forehead wasn't big but her pouty little lips definitely were. He almost felt inclined to let her in on his intrusive thoughts but wouldn't in case she worked it back around to being his spawn.

"Darlin, I don't wanna think 'bout you bein young enough to be my kid. An I definitely don't want you thinking like that neither. Understand?"

"Yeah, I understand." She doesn't really look like she understands. At least not in the way he knew Kakashi was talking about. "Kashi? Genma?"

"Yes darlin?"

"I just realized that i'm not the only one I don't know much about. You don't talk about yourselves very much. I don't think i've heard anything about you."

That's just as mucky territory and he takes back everything he thought about Kakashi when the bastard passes the buck to him making him have to be the one to improvise. Talking about 'Genma's been wanting to tell you more about himself. Go on Gen, i'll leave you to it'. Bastard.

He tells her about his childhood. How he was the fourth of six boys, four of whom had different dads. How his mom kept trying for the girl she never got and how she was lousy at picking men but never a lousy parent. He didn't go into detail about how he always felt overlooked and less valued since his older brother was a troublemaker just like his daddy and his younger brother was preemie baby that never overcame his health issues and swallowed up all of their mothers time.

He joined the military the week after he turned eighteen since there wasn't much other option of getting out of his small town. He did pretty well for himself, climbing ranks like it was nobody's business and earning enough to send back home so that his mom was living a cushioned life for once. It was the first place he felt a sense of belonging in his life. It was there that he decided serving his country was no longer a job but a career or better yet, a lifestyle. He doesn't tell her this of course, more so since it no longer holds true. There's a lot he glosses over too. Being scouted for the 'special team', meeting Kakashi for the first time, retiring and the ripe age of twenty-nine.

"If you liked it so much why did you leave?"

"It's complicated princess. Maybe one day okay?" He's tired of talking about it and if he's being honest with himself he doesn't want to see the way she'll change around him if she finds out.

"What about you Kashi?"

"What about me?"

"What were you like when you were younger? What did you like to do? Why do you always wear a mask?" Good, let him sit in the hot seat for some time. He knew a tad about the man from his file but he didn't know much himself and didn't particularly care. It wouldn't change anything between them no matter.

"Well let's see.. When I was younger I was smaller than I am now. I like to do a bit of this and a bit of that I suppose. Ah, and i'd say I don't like to breath in dust."

Crickets could have been heard around the room. Not only he and the princess were looking at him with utter stupidity but even her dog had joined in. It didn't last long however, Kakashi made another poor excuse and then walked right out the front door all while she grumbled to his side about how if he didn't want to tell her he didn't have to.

Things continued on as usual after that.

One early morning, and early it was, Tsunade dropped by unexpected. She didn't arrive alone however, because that would just be too much to ask for, trotting in on her heels, hot 'n' heavy, was not only Shikamaru but Rin as well.

Genma didn't want to see them, or rather he didn't want to see her. Tsunade and Shikamaru weren't permanent members of the group. Tsunade dolled out tasks and did major patchwork in the instance that someone came back critical whereas Shikamaru regularly rejoined civilization in order to ensure he would be ready to take over his family's empire once his father stepped down. Both of them were in the grey area which allowed him to keep some kinship there. There was no grey area with Rin. He didn't understand how he and Kakashi had stayed together after the team had broken up, for lack of a better word, but he for sure did not feel the same kinship for most of the others. Trauma was funny like that, it either brought people together or tore them apart.

"To what do we owe this pleasure?"

'Kakashi, don't be a smart-ass. Genma be a dear and put on a pot, would ya?" It wasn't a question with her, it never was. She ushered the others around the living room as though it were her own. "I've been meaning to check up on the two of you, and seeing the both of you in action again recently made me realize that I finally think enough time has passed. I wan't you both to get evaluated."

"Fuck No!"

"Is that why you brought her here?"

"Shut up and no. Rin and Shikamaru tagged along of their own accord. I want to regroup the team. Shut up, i'm not asking for opinions until after it's been discussed in detail and we all have some time to chew on it. This isn't something that is going to happen overnight and more so this isn't something that can be forced, it'll be different this go around. Now, who's making breakfast?"

He starts to whip up some eggs, bacon and hash-browns, all the while making sure to mix up enough batter for two pancakes. He has to politely tell Rin that she can't have the batter altogether missing the puzzled look she throws him as she relents and goes back to her seat at Kakashi's left.

Kakashi decides to pull out the coffee mugs while they wait on Genma and he brews a pot, black, for the boys and a pot, vanilla, for the ladies. Setting coasters down and handing out caffeine like a busboy.

"Kashi..?" Princess.