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Furious winds swept across the lonely side street as the distant figure of a young woman trudged through the dirt path, leaves sweeping around her feet and catching in her hair whilst she fought to carry two brown paper bags stuffed with groceries.

Bonnie sighed to herself as she slowly made her way towards the small cabin, coming to a stop in front of stairs leading to the front porch of her cabin, she mentally prepared herself for what lay inside.

Taking a deep breath, before squaring her shoulders, she slowly ascended the steps before all too quickly being confronted with the doorknob.

Taking another moment before resigning herself to her fate, she balanced one shopping bag in the crook of her left arm and the other pressed towards her chest, with her left hand holding it in place whilst she fished for her keys in her jeans pocket.

Unlocking and opening the door with the same hand, she carefully returned the second bag of groceries to it's first home and lightly kicked the door the rest of the way in, pivoting her body to prevent herself from knocking any groceries over and risk waking him.

Trying her best not to make too much noise, she carefully made her way to the kitchen counter, depositing her bags and gently stretching her arms to relieve the strain.

Not bothering to put anything away, Bonnie made her way through the living room and down the narrow hallway, listening for any clues her unwanted house guest had awoken.

The idea he could creep up on her unaware had creeped her out, knowing how silent vampires could be.

She came to a stop at the end of the hallway, in front of the door.

Slowly she turned the knob and peeked her head in, there, on the king sized bed lay her deceased boyfriend, on the floor, just at the foot of the bed lay her enemy.

Slowly pushing the door open the rest of the way, she walked into the room completely.

Both occupants made no move to indicate they were even alive; however, she wasn't fooled by the unnatural stillness.

She a hopeful glance at her lovers still form, before coolly turning her attention twards the unmoving heretic at her feet, remembering their earlier deal.

She remembered how he'd looked as he approached her two days ago, his slightly awed smile as he took her in. Drinking in the sight of her as if it were another need that had been denied to him while he was trapped in Cades realm, along with his need for Blood.

She had still been in shock from her grief, weariness threatening to pull her under and she fought the urge to shut the world out and lay in her bed with every step.

When she had first seen him, her response had taken him by surprise, instead of attempting to level him with an aneurysm or screaming at him, she tiredly crossed her arms and asked

"What do you want?"

Taking a moment to look at her before he responded, he studied her, the bags under her eyes, her slight pallor, her wild hair swept into a rubber band, he couldn't help but think how much pleasure the old him would have taken at her misery. Looking at her now, even though he wasn't directly responsible for her current misery, he still felt sadness at her current state.

"I think we can help each other"

She snorted

"What, are you going to go back to hell? because that's the only way I can see you helping me"

Clamping down on the retort at the tip of his tongue he forced himself to stay calm

"I heard about Enzo, and I think I can help you bring him back"

"hmm so, you came all the way back from hell to bring the love of my life back from the dead?"

"I may also be benefitting"


Staring him down she crossed her arms, tilting her chin up slight in her all too familiar defensive stance.

Fighting the urge to mirror her defensiveness, Kai kept his hands to his sides, attempting his most convincing pitch.

"That was really something you did there, creating a whole psychic dimension out of thin air. Even Cade couldn't make one while he was still alive"

Brushing off his compliment, she continued to stare him down, narrowing her eyes at him, she asked,

"Your point?"

"Well, think about it, Bon. When the other side collapsed, we went to hell, which was a psychic dimension, with your abilities, you could have your own little pocket afterlife, pluck the dead from there and bring them into the world of the living. I mean, you would need the right spell of course."

Keenly aware of her growing hope, though she did her best to hide it, he could see his words starting to get to her.

"look, before you and Damon stumbled upon my prison world I spent 18 years studying, looking for any possible way to get out, I'm betting I know more about all kinds of soul bonding spells, I can help you bring Enzo back, I could even be your test dummy so you won't accidently hurt him when you really try to bring him back."

Taking a deep breath, she slowly uncrossed her arms and letting out a sigh, she gave a small nod to herself before staring into his eyes searchingly and then letting out a hesitant agreement.


Walking back to her cabin, she stood in the doorway and invited him in.

That had been two days ago.

After the initial hesitance, she had found herself getting comfortable sitting beside him as they worked on the spell.

Finally after hours of research she had finally decided to go to bed, not bothering with dinner and he of course had no need for food though she wouldn't have offered him anyway.

Waking up the next morning they started preparations on the spell.

Kai helped clear the small bedroom as bonnie set up the salt pentagram and placed the candles around the circle.

Bonnie grabbed the spell instructions and placed them on the floor in front of her as Kai settled himself on the bedroom floor of Enzo's room.

Three hours later and Bonnie continued to chant as candle suddenly flared all around the circle.

Having gone over the spell multiple times with Kai, she knew it would take some time for Enzo to come back. First Kai had to reach him in her dimension and make contact to tether him to the world of the living, then the spell would anchor them both through her dimension. Preventing Cades hold over them.

It was pretty genius, but that didn't mean there weren't a lot of risks.

Brushing off any concerns she turned and made her way out of the bedroom and back to the living room. Clearing all doubts, she began to put her groceries away and was done in what felt like moments.

Frowning to herself, she surveyed the living room and began to put away scraps of notes and grimoires from around the space. Afterwards she began checking all the locks and windows around the cabin. Finally, she busied herself with sweeping the floor.

With nothing else to do, she settled on the couch with a mystery novel, but found herself unable to pay attention to the plot.

With a heavy sigh, she got off the couch and, putting the book away, decided to check in on the two occupants in Enzo's room.

Slowly turning the knob, she stepped into the room cautiously.

She stopped at the left side of Enzo's bed with her arms crossed and stared at his ashen features expectantly.


The room was so silent she could hear the clock from the hallway


Slowly almost as if she were imagining it, a vein on his arm started to grow fainter,


Concurrently, the grey pallor started to disappear, giving way to his natural pale complexion


Instantly, the wound on his chest closed as his skin rapidly began to stitch itself back together again.


At once, Enzo shot up from his bed with a loud gasp, clasping his head between her palm she gently attempted to calm him down,

"Bon- hhh

Bonnnn- Heee "

"shh, shh, you're okay, you're okay, I have you"

They both gave a start as another sound interrupted their reunion.

Untangling herself from her lover, she reached into her denim jacket as she made her way to the foot of the bed.

She stared down at the figure of Kai as he slowly got his bearings and before he could move any further, she silently held him in place with her magic.

Kai struggled for a moment, not realising why he was unable to move, until he noticed her.

Staring into her eyes he watched her in shock.

"love, what are you doing?"

She gave a loud snort.

"Love? Seriously?"

Almost as if to sweep away her next retort, she waved a hand to the side.

"You know what, never mind, Did you honestly believe I would allow you to come back to life, after everything you've done?

All the lives you've destroyed?

You must be a bigger idiot than I thought!"

His eyes widened in disbelief.

"Wait! Stop! You don't know what you're doing!"

Attempting to struggle against his invisible restraints further, he could do nothing but watch in horror as she grabbed the stake from her side and drove it into his heart, a small tear ran down his left cheek as he slowly began to desiccate.

She turned to the bed and watched Enzo, an unreadable expression crossed his features before he settled on a warm smile.

Holding out his arms to her, she crossed back to the bed and settled into his side.

"I should probably take care of that" she sighed.

Enzo slowly untangled himself from Bonnie and gave her a peck on her forehead as he stood up.

"You've done enough for today, Bon, I'll take care of it" He gave her a soft smile as he turned towards the foot of the bed lifting the body of Kai Parker and leaving the room.

As soon as he'd left, he couldn't help the smirk that crossed his features as he set the body down to put on a pair of shoes.

After all this time, he had finally beaten her at her own game.

Grabbing the body again, he went through the door of the cabin and picked up a shovel that lay abandoned on the deck.

After a short walk out the back, he found a spot out of view of the cabin.

Kai Parker took a moment to observe his former body in cold detachment before hurrying to work. His vampire strength making easy work of the hard ground as he dug.

Once he was satisfied with the depth, he picked up his former body and unceremoniously threw it in. before kicking the dirt back in with the side of his boot.

He almost couldn't believe the ease with which he had fooled her and had to fight to keep the triumphant smirk from his face as he made his way back to the cabin.

Walking down the narrow hallway, he stopped at the end and turned the knob.

Entering the room, he took in her prone figure as she silently lay on the bed with her back to him.

He approached the sleeping witch silently and after a moment of apprehension, lay behind her on the bed, wrapping an arm around her waist, her drew her closer to his chest and willed himself to relax.

Kai took a moment to savour his victory and this time he didn't bother to hide the triumphant smirk, with her back to him as she soundly slept.

Outside, the wind continued to beat against the walls of the cabin and the sky darkened to a navy blue as dusk swiftly made way for the complete setting of the sun and night took dominion over the sky with its army of twinkling stars.


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