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"Want to marry me Jade?"

"BECK! We're 14!"

"I didn't mean now, just if you wanted marry me one day."

"Okay, now I'm glad, I really thought you were about to propose to me, because if I wouldn't have known what to say."

"So maybe, if I had proposed to you, you would have said no to me?"

"I don't know."


"I didn't mean to hurt you Beck, really, it's just, that we are not even in highschool!"

"I thought you knew, we're endgame."

"Yes! But- wait, what? You think we're endgame?"

"Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have asked you if you want to marry me one day! But obviously you don't think that we are endgame! I thought we were special Jade and I thought you see this too. I thought it was without question that we're forever. I thought you felt the same way..."

"Beck please listen to me! My biggest wish is to stay with you for the rest of my life, I was just surprised that you was thinking in the same way about it. You're so good looking, you're damn hot, why a boy like you want to have a girl at 14 that is endgame! I mean you could have every single girl in the world, in some way you're such a player and then-"

"Wait, you're think that I'm a player?"

"You look like one!"

"But you can't judge people by their look and you know me! Jade we're friends since we're ten and we're dating for one year! You was my first kiss, my first time, everything. Maybe I look like a player, but you should know it better."

"Okay Beck, look I'm sorry, really, it's just..."

"What babe?"

"I'm so insecure about everything. Because if I weren't here you would easily find a other girl to date. But I, I only have you. And the thought that you could leave me is awful. And sometimes I just have to think about you as a player, because if I believed that we're endgame and then you'd leave me, it would be so much more hurtful, then if I'm expecting it, Beck"

"Babe, come here, please, don't cry, you know, I hate it when you cry."

"And then I think I don't deserve you, because you're asking me if I would say yes to a proposal if yours now and I say just 'I don't know'! I'm the worst girlfriend ever!"

"Jade I'll never leave you and I'll never let you go. And if you weren't here I wouldn't date a random girl because I love just you and nobody else. And we are endgame, I promise. I love you so much and nothing will change this. And you're the best girlfriend ever, you couldn't be better."

"You don't know where we are when we're older Beck. You don't know if you love me still in a few years"

"You're right, I don't know where we are in a few years, but there is one thing I know: I'll love you forever. You're the person with that I want to found a family, you're the person I want to get old with."


"You are smiling again."

"Just because you're such a damn sappy idiot Beck."

"But you love it, right, you love me being a damn sappy idiot."


"Of course."

"Shut up."


"Hey, stop tickling me!"

"If you admit that you love me being a sap!"

"Stop it Beck!"

"Just say 'I love it when you are a sap'."






"Of course."

"Then kiss me now."


"And about this whole proposal thing Beck, I think I'd say always yes. It was just confusing, but now, when I'm thinking about it, it doesn't matter at which age you propose to me, because this doesn't mean I'll marry you soon, it just means we're going to marry someday. And I love you and I really want to marry you, Beck."

"Who's now the sap, hm?"

"It's your bad influence!"

"Of course."

"Stop saying of course all the time, you're driving me crazy!"

"Yes madam."

"Beck, are you going to propose to me anytime soon, if I told you I wouldn't mind?"

"Do you want it?"

"I don't know, what about you?"

"I think we're having a really special relationship, I mean the good kind of it. We're serious although we're young and we know it. So why don't do it special too with the whole proposal thing? I think I like the thought of being engaged to you. But I don't want to push you into something, you don't want to do."

"I might be falling in love with the idea too."

"And how to do want the proposal to be?"

"I don't want it in public and not at a super romantic place. I want it to be other then regular proposals. I want it to be in a moment of us, you know? Where nobody else exists but you and I."

"Yeah, this seems like a good idea. But what about the engagement rings? Do you want to have them? Because if yes, everyone will know it."

"I don't want people to know. I means, maybe the girls aren't anymore hitting on you all the time, but everyone will call us stupid and too young and my parents will freak out and..."

"It's okay, we can look for another solution. I don't want people knowing it too."

"We can't hide the rings all the time and wear them just when we're alone, I mean, if I'm engaged to you I want to wear the ring!"

"What about if we don't have rings. What about necklaces or something. Two matching necklaces, maybe we could actually have necklaces with our engagement rings on it!"

"It's a little bit weird that you're so excited about your idea, but okay, I like it too."

"Jade! I'm going to propose to you, of course I'm excited!"


"I love you, Jade."


"You love me too, I see that you blushed!"

"What? No! I didn't blush!"

"Are you sure, you're right, Jadelyn West?"

"Beck, stop teasing me! We are going to be engaged soon, because we're 'older' than others for our ages and we're 'special' and the only thing you can think of is teasing me! You could kiss me instead, if you need ideas."

"Thanks for the idea, I will do it immediately."



"Nothing, kiss me. Now."

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