"But I'm telling you the truth," the young ten-year-old boy cried, as his mother served him his breakfast the next morning. "There was a giant with a baby there too!"

"Oh, don't be ridiculous, Martin! No one could possibly just appear out of thin air. It must've been a dream you had. I told you to stop eating those candy bars every afternoon after school..." his mother sighed.

Martin frowned. He had seen something though...

Late at night, when everyone else was fast asleep, he'd snuck out of the house and into the dark, empty street of Privet Drive. Martin had a knack for a late-night stroll, which his parents certainly had not noticed, which he was thankful for. He just liked the idea of being out in an empty neighbourhood late at night all by himself - each time he left the house alone in the dark, it gave him an adrenaline rush he wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

But last night was different.

He'd seen things he was not supposed to see.

A giant.

An old man.

A tabby cat.

And a baby.

Such a strange thing to find on the quiet, dead-end street that was Privet Drive.

Martin was around the corner, exploring the neighbour's post boxes as he normally would have been on a night like last night.

He'd been poking around, trying to find something that would be mildly interesting... when he saw it.

Out of nowhere, someone had just magically appeared into thin air.

Martin, who had been scanning the streets in case if anyone had seen him - froze. Luckily, the neighbour's house had a rather large bush of roses out the front, so he quickly and swiftly dove for cover before being seen by anyone. He could squat on the ground and be able to peek above the leaves of the bush at the strange person who'd suddenly appeared before him.

The man looked like he was very old, and with a long, silvery white beard.

"I should have known," Martin could hear the old man speak.

Martin was instantly intrigued.

He could see the old man had stopped. He had taken out some strange object from his pocket, it looked like a cigarette lighter. Martin heard a clicking noise, and suddenly, the streetlight in front of him went out. Darn, he thought, he couldn't see the old man or who he was talking to any longer.

The next few streetlights also went out with a few clicks from the old man's strange device.

Martin could still hear them though.

"Fancy seeing you here, Professor McGonagall," the old man said.

This is weird, there isn't anyone else around! Martin thought to himself...

"How did you know it was me?" Martin heard a woman's voice this time. Where did she come from? He wished he could've seen that.

"My dear Professor, I've never seen a cat sit so stiffly," the old man replied. Martin frowned... the cat... oh, he must have meant that tabby cat that Martin liked to pat every day on his walk home from school the past week. For some reason it had been hanging outside his neighbours' house - the Dursley's - for a while. The cat had seemed to like his pats.

Martin sighed, the two of them had been talking for a while. He'd heard snippets of things like the Potters and something about this Voldemort guy, he had no idea what any of that meant...

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a rumbling noise could be heard in the distance. Martin had to cover his mouth with both his hands as something enormous with a headlight appeared descending lower and lower onto the street below.

The motorbike was massive. That wasn't the only thing...

"It's a... a... it's a... GIANT!" Martin whispered in disbelief. He let out a quiet squeak of surprise as the giant stepped out of the motorbike... Martin never seen anything so big in his short ten years of living.

"Hagrid!" the old man had said. "At last. No problems, were there?"

Finally, the giant spoke. "No sir. House was almost destroyed but I got him out all right before the Muggles started to swarm... he fell asleep as we were flying over Bristol."

He? There was someone else too? Martin was enthralled.

"Could - could I say goodbye to him?" the giant asked the old man.

Martin's heart was beating fast... could this mean that the strange people were leaving soon? If so, he desperately wanted to go over and see who the other person was that they were talking about.

A howl broke the cool night air, and Martin couldn't help but jump in fright. "Shhh, you'll wake the Muggles!" the woman had said.

"But I c-can't s-stand it," the giant was speaking again. "Lily an' James dead - an' poor little Harry off to live with Muggles."

There was that word again! Martin desperately wanted to know what they meant by that word 'Muggle'. He'd never heard it before in his entire life.

"Yes yes, it's all very sad, but get a grip on yourself, Hagrid, or we'll be found," the woman replied.

Or we'll be found. Martin was determined to remember that. Were these people up to no good?

"Well," the old man was speaking once again. "That's that. We've no business staying here. We may as well go and join the celebrations."

Celebrations? Things were getting weirder by the minute...

Martin had never felt more confused in his life... except in his math classes, probably, but this took the cake for him. These people had randomly appeared in his street in the dead of night - with someone else that Martin couldn't see. A giant came from the sky in a motorbike! That was the most interesting thing of all. And an old man appearing out of thin air - like, like... like magic. There could not be another explanation.

Martin jumped again as he heard a rumbling noise. It was the motorbike leaving!

Sure enough, a single headlight shone through the dark street of Privet Drive. The motorbike drove along the street for a short while before taking off into the sky, just like an airplane on a runway would.

Then, the light appeared again. Martin stood up promptly from behind the bush opposite the Dursley's house. He had stood up just in time to see the old man - he was standing on the front porch of the Dursley's house. The man had turned around and seen Martin.

The boy froze. He didn't know whether he was in trouble for spying on them...

The old man however had simply smiled, and waved kindly at the young boy, who waved back, his mouth hanging open. Martin watched the old man turn on his heel, and just like that, he was gone.

Martin stood rooted to the ground for a few moments, before he rushed across the road towards the Dursley's house.

"What on earth were those weird people talking about!" he said to no one as he approached his neighbour's front door.

A baby's cry startled him. He had almost stepped on a pile of blankets, and inside those blankets was a living, breathing baby boy, with a lightning scar on his forehead.

"No way..." Martin crouched down, as he saw the discomfort on the baby's face. A letter was also placed inside the baby's wrapped up body.

He didn't have any siblings, but sometimes he'd held his younger cousins before when they were babies. He carefully kneeled on the ground and picked up the baby slowly. He wanted to try to rock it back to sleep, like he'd seen his mom do with his cousins when they'd stay over.

"Shhh, it's okay," Martin said as he rocked the baby boy slowly back and forth. This seemed to help as the baby started to dose off. Martin smiled as the baby fell back asleep. He wished he knew its name.

He was still holding the baby, when he was carefully placing it back on the front doorstep of the Dursley house, when suddenly a white glow could be seen from his hands underneath the baby's body.

He had just placed him carefully on the ground when Martin jumped back up and looked at his hands. A white ball of energy could be seen forming a kind of protective barrier around the baby sleeping on the ground.

"W-what's happening to me?!" the boy cried, as the white glow from his hands got stronger and stronger, forming a circle so big that Martin was being forced back off the Dursley's property.

As soon as he stepped foot on the street itself, the strange forcefield suddenly vanished.

Martin yelped in fright as he raced back towards his house - not even caring to see if the baby was alright.

When he got inside, he went straight up towards his bedroom and shut the door and went right to sleep.

The next morning, he was up early, unable to sleep from the events of last night.

It was when he was slowly climbing out of his bed that he heard it - an ear-piercing scream from somewhere outside.

"What in the world was that?" his mother had cried as she was passing by his bedroom door.

Martin knew.

His heart leapt out of his chest as he quickly raced towards the windows, peeked through the curtains, and could see, in the distance on the next street over - Mrs. Dursley standing on the front porch, her hand over her mouth as she stared at the bundle of blankets left behind from last night.

The bundle of blankets that would soon surely change all their lives on Privet Drive one way or another.

For Martin, he would only have to wait one more year, where, on his eleventh birthday, he would receive a letter, a letter that would explain everything that had happened last night on Privet Drive...