New York seemed more noisy at night.

When the sun is no longer scorching down on the citizens, the city comes alive.

When the tourism goes down and the crosswalks are empty, the lights of every building shine in the darkness.

It's a perfect time to self reflect.

Especially when you can climb walls.

Peter sat on the edge, thinking about what just went down.


5 years. 5 years he didn't exist. He would be in college by now.

And he had come back to a hell hole.

The Avengers compound, in ruins. Thanos standing on the far side, with an entire Goddamn army.

Captain America, standing alone. The famous shield broken in two.

The picture it painted would have looked majestic if it weren't the end of the world.

The mood quickly changed, however, when Wakandan armies, wizards, and Avengers alike came through the portals and stood with Captain America.

Peter couldn't help but shiver with anticipation when Steve shouted the words. "Avengers….. Assemble."

The roar that came from the crowd blew out Peter's eardrums. He shot a web at the first thing he saw, which turned out to be Ant Man's forearm.

Then he swung like he had never swung before.


Some of the aliens were bigger than others. Peter quickly figured that out when a 10 feet tall Chitauri tried to crush Mr. Stark.

Mr. Stark!

Although it felt like a mere blink, Doctor Strange had told him it was 2023. Five years after 2018.

Peter wondered how much Mr. Stark had suffered. Or if he had remembered him at all.

He quickly webbed the alien and yanked it back, leaving Giant Ant Man to finish it off.

"Mr. Stark! Holy cow!" Peter shouted as he sprinted down to his mentor.

"You will not believe what's been going on. Do you remember when we were in space, and I got all dusty? Well, I must have passed out, because I woke up and you were gone. But Doctor Strange was there, right? And he was like 'come on, it's been five years, They need us!' Then he started doing that yellow sparkly thing he does with his hands- Wait, what are you doing?

Peter felt strong hands grip his back tightly as he was pulled into a hug. Tony looked up for a moment and pulled his mentee tighter.

"This is nice." Spiderman whispered. Tony held him for a minute before pulling away.

The two looked at each other, not saying anything, but thinking the same thing.

"Let's go kick some ass."


Peter was more than subtly keeping track of where the gauntlet was. Hawkeye was holding it in the beginning, and soon passed it off to The Black Panther. Once the Chitauri had surrounded the king, Peter took his chance.

"I got it!" He stretched out his hand and grabbed the Glove with his webs, taking it to safety. The aliens quickly followed him.

He jumped down onto a rock in his signature pose as the Chitauri came towards him, looking to kill.

Peter smiled. He had something that they didn't.

"Activate instant kill!"

He had never used instant kill before, so he didn't know what to expect. But it definitely wasn't the iron spider legs shooting out and stabbing everything around him.

This. Was. Awesome.


"Okay, I got this. I got this." Peter told himself. Instant kill had been draining too much suit power, so he was on his own with the gauntlet. Without the added boost, the Chitauri quickly overtook him. "I don't got this. Help, somebody help!"

He heard the familiar sound of thrusters and looked up to see a Blue and Gold piece of armour heading towards him. Grateful for the help, he latched onto the armour with his web and flew away from the trouble.

"Hang on, I got you kid." His rescuer said. Peter recognized the voice as Pepper Potts. He had never met her personally, but she was the CEO of Stark Industries and was on his YouTube recommendations many times.

Pepper found the nearest escape and swung Peter onto a nearby flying horse. Wait, flying horse?

Riding the Pegasus was a woman wearing a grey armoured outfit with a blue cape. She also had a huge sword, if that was worth mentioning.

"Nice to meet you, my name's Pe- Oh my god!" He shouted as the Pegasus plunged down. Suddenly, a blast came from the huge flying ship above them, knocking Peter and the Gauntlet off of the horse. He landed on the ground hard, clutching his head. The ship started to rain fire, and all Peter could do was cover his face and hope he didn't get scorched.


Peter wasn't aware what happened after that, seeing as he was busy not dying.

He heard someone shouting "Oh, yeah!", and a distinct sound of something blowing up. A couple of moments later, a glowing woman landed in front of him. Her haircut was out of this world.

"Hi, I'm Peter Parker." He greeted her.

The woman smirked. "Hey Peter Parker. You got something for me?"

Peter groaned and struggled to get up because of his injuries. He handed the Gauntlet to the woman, glad to be rid of it. He looked around at the disaster around him. "I don't know how you're gonna make it through all that."

Wanda Maximoff landed beside them. "Don't worry."

One of the Dora Milage stepped forward as well. "She's got help."

One by one, the powerful women (except for Black Widow, where was she?) gathered around and prepared to help. Peter stepped back and let them kick ass, like women do.


"I. Am. Inevitable."

Thanos snapped, and everyone prepared for the worst.

The battleground was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

Nothing happened.

Thanos turned the glove over, and was shocked to see that the infinity stones were gone.

He turned around.

Tony Stark was kneeling down, grimacing as the energy from the stones coursed through his veins. He breathed heavily, and raised his hand shakily.

"And I. Am. Iron Man."

He snapped, and the world erupted with light.


Peter swung faster than he ever had before. He landed in front of Tony, who was leaning against a piece of metal, and War Machine.

Rhodey stepped aside to let Peter kneel in front of his mentor.

"Mr. Stark? Can you hear me? It's Peter."

No response.

"We won, Mr. Stark. We won."

Still no response.

"You did it sir, you did it." Peter was crying now. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and stood up.

He stood next to Rhodey, and watched as Tony started to drift away.

Pepper placed a hand on the arc reactor, just before it flickered and went out.


After the funeral, Peter had said his condolences and left quickly.

And now here he was, on the roof.

He thought about Tony. The man who helped him become the best version of himself. The man who welcomed him into Stark Industries. The man who was, dare he say, a father figure.

And he died, just like every other father figure in Peter's life.

Tony had a daughter. He had a wife. He had an alpaca. He had a good life planned for him.

Stupid Thanos just had to take it all away.

Right before the funeral, he had heard Pepper whispering comforting things to Morgan. "Daddy loves you, it's going to be okay."

Thinking about it now, Peter teared up again. Nothing was going to be okay. Tony was dead.

Peter's phone beeped. It was an email about the field trip to Europe in a couple of months. That was the last thing on Peter's mind right now.

When he looked up from his phone, he saw a cloud forming in the sky. When Peter squinted, he could see it formed the slight shape of an arc reactor.

Peter smiled softly. Maybe things would be okay after all.