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No More Doubts

Rui laid curled up on her bed after changing into her pajamas, trying to sort out her turbulent thoughts and suppressing the building heartache that she felt. Dinner has been extremely difficult – she had not seen or spoken to Natsuo since the fight they had after she surprised him by returning home for a five day leave from her overseas culinary training. It had taken everything she had to keep up her façade in front of their parents and Hina.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," she choked out as she pushed down a sob, not wanting to alert anyone else in the house to her distress. Thinking back over the events of the last few days she could see how Daniella's choice of words and her not responding to Natsuo's messages had caused him to panic, but this kept happening; they both kept making each other jealous to the point of hurting each other.

"But it isn't that we're doing it to each other on purpose... are we really that insecure? Why are we so bad at talking to each other?!" she thought as she let out a muffled scream into her pillow while kicking her legs repeatedly. After a moment she deflated into her bed and thought again, "What does he even have to be jealous or insecure about?! I've never shown any actual interest in anyone but him! And it isn't like Kajita is a threat, he's not interested in me, we're just coworkers! He's the one relying on that Serizawa girl instead of telling me about his writer's block!'

At this point Rui rolled back onto her side and began thinking out loud, still choking back her tears, "He says he didn't want me to be worried, that he didn't want to distract me from my training. But it hurts so much that he won't rely on me for something like this!" She then clutched her half of the moon necklace tightly in her hand and let out a loud sob, no longer able to hold it in.

Rui let her tears flow, burying her face back in her pillow again in order to muffle them as much as possible. After a few moments she heard a knock on her door and the sound of her sister's voice call out, "Rui? I'm coming in!". Rui lifted one eye out from her pillow to see that Hina had opened the door just enough for to slip in and quietly closed it behind her before making her way to Rui's side, immediately sitting on the bed and rubbing her back lightly.

"H-Hina-nee..." Rui choked out through her sobs.

"Shhh... don't try talking. Whatever it is, let it out, I'll be here. You can talk when you're ready," Hina replied softly, one hand patting Rui's head lovingly. Hina waited silently, still rubbing Rui's back for several minutes. Eventually her sobs died down and Rui moved herself into a sitting position at which point Hina pulled her into a tight embrace and asked, "Whatever it is, you know you can talk to me if you want right?"

Rui nodded her head slowly while still leaning into the embrace before replying, "I know Hina-nee, but... it's...". Hina frowned slightly at Rui's hesitation, it wasn't hard for her to figure out that whatever was wrong must involve Natsuo. Before she could say anything Rui asked, "I wasn't being too loud was I?"

"No. I had a feeling something was wrong based on Natsuo-kun's expression when you headed straight to your room after dinner. I was already about to knock on your door when I heard you, I doubt anyone else would have heard anything, they're still downstairs," Hina responded, then paused before taking a breath and asking, "So. Is something wrong with you and Natsuo-kun?"

Rui was silent for a moment before responding simply, "We... had a fight when I surprised him at his apartment when I got back."

Hina sighed before gripping Rui by the shoulders and holding her so she could look her in the eyes and said, "I figured that much you know. You came running into the house in tears, I didn't want to pester you then... but it's obviously something serious. Have you and Natsuo-kun talked about it since then?"

Rui looked down dejectedly and mumbled, "We... hadn't seen or talked to each other until dinner tonight –"

"What?!" Hina practically shouted in response.

"Hina-nee!" Rui panicked.

Hina slammed her hands over her mouth and they both listened for a long moment. When it became clear nobody had been alerted Hina spoke, "Sorry... But why haven't you two talked it out? Tomorrow is your last day here before heading back to New York right? You might not be back until the training trip is over, you don't want to leave while you're on bad terms right?"

"I know... it's just... I'm sorry Hina-nee. This isn't easy to talk to you about," Rui replied in a sorrowful tone.

Hina felt a lump form in her chest, she knew that Rui was hesitant to involve her because of what had happened with her and Natsuo before. Pushing that discomfort down Hina thought to herself "I don't blame her. The last thing I'd want to do is talk about a fight with my boyfriend with his ex of all people. But I can't leave them like this, they're too important to me, I will do what I can for them as an older sister, I want them to be happy."

Hina pulled Rui back into an embrace and resumed rubbing her back as she said, "I know how weird it must be to try and talk to me about this. But I can't stand to see the two of you hurting like this, it makes me so sad. Maybe it's because I know about your relationship, but it's so easy to see that you two are head over heals for each other. I'm honestly amazed that mom and Fuji-san haven't caught on actually!"

Hina laughed slightly as she finished speaking, but Rui couldn't help but be reminded of the conversation she'd overheard when Natsuo was in the hospital all those months ago. Their parents had known about Natsuo and Hina and thought to herself, "Mom said 'If Natsuo and Hina were destined to fall in love maybe we should have let them be together'. I know I'm only able to be with him because Hina-nee broke things off with him... but I wish we had their support like that..."

"So," Hina said as she let her slight laughter die down, "Out with it. I know it's weird, but let me be there to support you two. Let me be a proper big sister for you." Rui withdrew from Hina's embrace and stared at her in shock, to which Hina added, "Take your time. I'm not going anywhere."

"Hina-nee... you've been a good big sister already. You've done so much to help Natsuo while I've been away... but honestly I can't help but worry about that too..." Rui paused with a guilty look on her face.

Hina closed her eyes sadly as she replied, "I understand Rui. Nobody would think it weird for you to worry given our... circumstances. There was a time where I thought that maybe he and I would end up rekindling –" Hina paused at the death glare Rui gave her and frantically added, "This was before I came back and knew you two were together! I promise you Rui, I have no intention of getting in the way of your happiness. So please, let me help."

Rui stared at Hina for several moments, reading her expression. She knew the tells when Hina was being dishonest... and saw none of them. Rui chastised herself mentally before letting out a long sigh and telling Hina about everything: her repeat issues with jealousy, both of their issues in communicating their personal issues to each other, and Natsuo's recent jealousy and relying on other female friends instead of coming to her about his writer's block.

Hina remained silent, listening intently the whole time, not wanting to miss a single detail or to interrupt. Once Rui finished Hina thought for a few moments before speaking with a smile on her face, "You two, honestly," she paused and bonked Rui on the head, ignoring her flustered expression as she continued, "Jealousy isn't inherently a bad thing: it's a sign of how much someone cherishes you, how much they fear losing you. If you let your jealousy control you though... that's different. You need to talk to each other about if it's causing you to hurt and fight. I can understand your jealousy, since Natsuo-kun tends to get himself involved in helping other girls, it can be easy to worry about him falling for one of them – but you're the only one he thinks of that way Rui. He loves you."

Rui's face turned red hearing her sister say it so matter of factly, but she pushed down her embarrassment as Hina continued.

"As far as not sharing personal problems with each other... I know you two don't want to worry the other but this is what happens. You go too long not sharing something and then someone else who does know spills the beans, and then you feel betrayed that someone else knew and not you. You. Both. Need. To. Share. You're in this together, it's okay to lean on each other," Hina finished with a serious tone, but warm smile on her face.

Rui smiled gratefully at her sister, before Hina had convinced her to talk to her she had been convinced that breaking up with Natsuo may be the only way for them not to further cause each other to feel insecure or get hurt from not having been relied on. She felt like an idiot now that Hina had broken it down to her.

"Thank you Hina-nee... letting it all out helped, and you're right: Natsuo and I need to try and work this out. I'm going to talk to him tonight after everyone goes to bed... I'll decide what to do based on how that goes," Rui said after a moment.

Hina smiled cautiously at Rui's choice of words before replying, "You can do it Rui. Just remember: I'm cheering for you two!"

Later that night...

Natsuo laid awake in bed, sleep feeling like it would not come to him at all tonight. When he'd seen Rui after arriving for dinner it all came rushing back to him; he'd wanted to pull her aside to talk, but he'd been afraid that it would end up causing another fight and he didn't want to ruin the night for everyone else. Then after dinner Rui rushed to her room, barely saying anything to anyone – he'd wanted to follow after her but Hina beat him to it.

"I figured that I should let Hina-nee talk to her... she made it pretty clear she didn't want to talk to me... but still," Natsuo muttered as he turned to look out the window at the moon. Seeing the celestial body made him unconsciously place his hand over his half of their moon necklace, wrapped around his watch which he hadn't taken off for the night yet.

"Whatever they talked about must have been serious... After Hina-nee went after Rui neither of them came back downstairs before dad and Tsukiko-san went to bed. Hina-nee came down to remind me not to stay up too late, but didn't say anything about Rui..." Natsuo thought to himself as he tossed back and forth, trying to find a more comfortable position, but nothing alleviated the pit in his stomach. Starting to think he might actually get sick from the discomfort in his stomach he sat up, intending to get out of bed to pace in an attempt to settle his stomach, but paused when he heard a sound come from the direction of his door.

"Rui?!" Natsuo gasped in surprise as he saw Rui slide into the room before silently closing the door behind her. He then wordlessly watched her approach him, seeming very nervous as she did so.

"Can't sleep?" Rui asked quietly as she reach the bed.

"Uh... no. A lot on my mind... you couldn't either?" Natsuo hesitantly asked in kind as he studied her expression. Whatever she was feeling at the moment she was doing a good job of keeping it from showing on her face.

Rui shook her head slightly as she responded, "No, I couldn't sleep either..." she paused as she looked down, her face turning a slight shade darker before continuing, "Could we... sleep together tonight?"

Thinking he had misheard her Natsuo stared in silence for a moment, but when he saw her start to fidget nervously he responded, "Yeah, of course we can Rui." He then lifted the covers up as he adjusted himself further towards the other side of the bed, allowing Rui easier access. She all but dove onto the bed, immediately burrowing her face into his chest and wrapping her arm up around his neck, holding on as if her life depended on it. Natsuo immediately responded in kind: wrapping his arm around her, hand resting between her shoulder blades and held her tightly as he his chin atop her head.

They laid there in silence for a moment, simply letting themselves be absorbed in the feeling of being held by each other. Rui was the first to speak, but her voice was muffled by their current position, prompting Natsuo to shift and ask her to repeat herself. Rui relaxed her hold enough that she could look up at his face and quietly said, "I love you Natsuo."

Natsuo felt the pit in his stomach lessen immediately at hearing this, smiled and replied "I love you too Rui." Without another word they closed the distance between them and shared a long, passionate kiss. After they separated Natsuo noticed the look in Rui eyes though and asked, "There's still something bothering you though right?"

Rui bit her lip and closed her eyes in a pained expression before replying in a serious tone, "Natsuo... we need to talk."

The pit in his stomach returned tenfold. Natsuo's mind went from calming down to frantic immediately as he ran the possibilities through his mind, "Oh no. If what I've read and seen in movies is accurate there's only a few things that 'we need to talk' can mean! Does she want to break up?! But why?! Why would she ask if we could sleep together if she wanted to break up?! Or what if she's pregnant?! I don't know if we're – wait she's been in New York for months, she'd be showing by now if that was it... what if it's that coworker of hers?!"

"Natsuo... you're shaking," Rui said worriedly.

This snapped him out of his thoughts, and sure enough, he was shaking like a leaf. Taking a few deep breaths to calm himself he replied, "Sorry... books and movies have kinda trained guys to expect the worst when that phrase is used," he paused to take another few deep breaths before finishing, "Okay... let's talk Rui."

Rui herself took a few moments to begin speaking, having to calm herself again as she felt the same surge of emotions from earlier surge up again. "The last few days have been horrible, I've done nothing but think of what happened, and things that have happened before, over and over again. How we always seem to make each other jealous, how we have issues depending on each other... I even started to think that breaking up might be for the best."

This shook Natsuo to his core, this was what he had feared the most, but he didn't interrupt as it was clear that Rui wasn't done yet.

"To try and clear my head I went to L'Amant to talk to Boss. He said that I might be getting too obsessed with and possessive of you, and that's why I'm always getting so jealous. Then tonight... it was so hard not to let my emotions overflow during dinner, I had to get away as soon as I could... and then Hina-nee came to check on me. We talked about a lot of things... But what they both told me is that you and I need to talk this through... then I'll decide what to do," Rui rambled, becoming more emotional the longer she spoke.

Natsuo was silent for a moment as he processed what Rui had just said and thought to himself, "She's been tearing herself up the whole time she's been home, all because I couldn't let myself depend on her and turned to someone else... I'm a real piece of work huh...". He reached up to cup her cheek in one hand as he spoke, "I'm sorry Rui, I shouldn't have let you stew on all of this. I should have followed you after you left, I should have –"

"No," Rui interrupted while unconsciously leaning into his hand, "If you'd done that we would've had an even bigger fight, and I may have acted on that impulse without thinking. I don't want that, I want us to figure this out."

Natsuo thought for a moment before replying, "You're right, as usual, emotions raging like that... we may have ended up saying something in the moment we'd regret. About what Boss told you, what do you think?"

"I thought about it a lot after he said it," Rui said softly, fidgeting with his shirt, "I don't know about obsessed... but I see what he meant by becoming possessive. Back when I first realized I was developing feelings for you I told Hina-nee, and even knowing that she entered a relationship with you and hid it from me. Then I was only able to be with you because she was forced to break things off and leave completely... and since then more girls keep popping up that all seem to be interested in you. Not that I can blame them: you're such a kind person, always going out of your way to help people, it makes them fall for you sometimes. And with me being on the other side of the world for so long, I worry that I'll lose you to one of them... especially that Serizawa girl... she has some nerve."

Rui had to stop in order to choke back a sob, she couldn't afford to lose control now. This was too important, they needed to talk this through, and if she lost control it might alert their parents and that was not something they could deal with without figuring this out first. Natsuo remained silent, giving her the time she needed.

After collecting herself Rui continued, "And then... there's something that's been eating at me for a long time. After you were stabbed by Tanabe protecting Hina-nee, and you were still in your coma... I overheard our parents talking. They... they knew about you and Hina-nee. I don't know how long they've known about that, or how they found out. But I heard mom say that if you and Hine-nee were destined to fall in love... that maybe they should have just let the two of you be together if the whole mess with Tanabe would have been avoided. Since then it's been in my head, that maybe we're not meant to be, that we're only delaying the inevitable...". Rui was silent after this, waiting for Natsuo's response fearfully, thinking that knowing this would make him not want to be with her anymore.

After what felt like an eternity he responded, "I didn't know they knew about that... I'm sorry that you've had to have that floating around in your head all this time Rui."

"It's been horrible, I hate having this kind of doubt about us! We can't be open with our relationship, and I think that may be part of the reason I've become possessive of you! I can't just be with you openly, we had to live apart even before I went overseas, meanwhile all these other people can be around you, they don't have any restrictions on how they can feel or act –" Rui rambled, steadily increasing in volume until Natsuo cut her off with another kiss. After they parted she stared at him in surprise.

Before she could collect her thoughts again Natsuo spoke, "I understand Rui, and I'm so sorry. I've been so focused on protecting our secret that I ended up putting you under a lot of stress... and pain. This isn't what I wanted... I swore that I would make you happy, but I've gone and made you cry again," he paused as he reached up to wipe away the tears that had begun to run down Rui's face before continuing, "Let me put one of those fears to rest: I don't care what our parents said about Hina-nee and me. That's in the past, and while what happened will always be a part of me, I don't feel that way about her anymore. She's been looking out for me while you've been away, she told me you asked her to, but it's always been as an older sister. Hina-nee is important to me, but not in the same way you are. I love you, and only you." As he spoke Natsuo felt himself start to tear up, it was killing him inside to hear how much stress Rui had been under because of his and Hina's past relationship, but he should have seen it sooner.

Hearing what he said, and seeing his expression change Rui smiled softly as she embraced him again while saying, "I know I said I trusted you, and I was the one who asked Hina-nee to look out for you while I was gone... but I still worried. But I'm glad you finally said it, both of you actually."

Natsuo was confused by this and voiced it with a simple, "Huh?"

Rui reached up and gently smacked him on the head and replied, "Don't 'huh?' me. I mean that Hina-nee said something similar earlier tonight when I talked to her. She said that she wants to support us, that she wants us to be happy and that she's cheering for us."

Natsuo laughed slightly at this as he rubbed his head where Rui had smacked him and said, "That sounds like what she would say, I'm glad to hear that. I'm sorry you had to wait so long to for us to clear the air on that Rui... we should have done so right away once Hina-nee found out."

"Yes, we should have," Rui stated in an annoyed tone. After enjoying the embrace a few moments longer she muttered, "I trust you and Hina-nee... but I don't trust that homewrecker Serizawa."

"I think 'homewrecker" might be a bit –" Natsuo began to reply but was stopped by a chill running down his spine.

"Chose your next words carefully Natsuo," Rui stated flatly as her embrace changed to a death grip.

"Okay okay... I think part of the problem was that I didn't notice how she felt at first, so I may have accidentally lead her on. I'll set things straight with her. I'll sit her down and make it clear that I'm not interested in her in that way – she's a colleague in Forester and a good friend, but that's all. I don't want there to be any further misunderstanding with where she stands in my life," Natsuo replied as he began to run his fingers through Rui's hair in an attempt to have her lessen her death grip.

"Good. Like I said before, I can't blame her for falling for you, but that doesn't mean she can try to take you from me just because I'm away. I just wish girls would stop getting interested in you..." Rui mumbled as she relaxed back into their embrace.

"Sorry, I guess that's a consequence of me butting my nose into people's business. I don't think I can stop my urge to help people – but I will try harder to keep an eye on stuff like that and nip in the bud before becomes an issue again," Natsuo reassured as he thought back on the now obvious signs that he had been oblivious to before. "While we're on the subject of jealousy and people trying to steal away when far away from each other..." Natsuo trailed off.

Rui backed up enough to be able to look him in the face before responding, "Like I have said before, and will say as many times as I need to: Kajita is not a threat to you. Honestly I don't think he even has an interest in girls in the first place – he actually reminds me of how I used to be. He's not a bad person, just very dedicated to his work as a chef and not good with social queues. I think you two might actually be able to get along if you gave it a shot. And if I'm wrong, and he ever tried anything I'd set him straight, I'm not afraid to tell him off if it's needed. Physically if I have to even."

Natsuo had listened intently as Rui spoke, but couldn't help but laugh at the last part as he said, "Well that's good to hear, and I do trust you Rui. I think it might be because I've not actually met him... I think once he's back you should introduce me, we'll see if you're right about us being able to get along."

Rui smiled at this as she replied, "Good, and yeah once we're back for good I'll make sure to introduce you. Just try not to take his attitude personally, he's like that to everyone." She then leaned in to give Natsuo another, briefer kiss, not being to resist the urge. While he was still processing that she spoke again, "We still need to talk about the elephant in the room though... Why didn't you tell me about your writer's block? Why did you feel the need to rely on Serizawa in the first place? We're supposed to be able to rely on each other for anything aren't we?"

Natsuo closed his eyes as he organized his thoughts regarding this, it had been the ultimate cause of the fight after all. It hadn't been the only issue clearly, but it had been the straw that broke the camel's back. After a few moments, in which Rui remained silent, he felt he had what he needed to say and spoke, "Thinking about it now... I was an idiot not to tell you about it. I rationalized it to myself by saying that I didn't want you to worry about me, that I didn't want you to be distracted from your training. You're working so hard to make your dream of being a chef a reality, and I didn't want to weigh you down, to be a burden on you... but you're right, we're supposed to rely on each other. I'm sorry that I didn't come to you about it. As far as talking to Serizawa... I think it was a combination of me being reluctant to burden you and her persistence in finding out why I seemed to be so down. But that isn't a good reason, I have no excuse for making you feel like this. Trying to avoid being a burden to you, all I did was hurt you and make you question how I felt about you... I'm so sorry Rui." As he finished answering Natsuo couldn't stop the tears this time, the weight of what had happened finally hit him.

Rui reached up and pulled his head down to her shoulder, holding him tightly as he cried and she ran her hand through his hair. As she lay there holding Natsuo close realized she had her answer, and she too began to cry, and realizing this Natsuo tightened his hold on her and two held each and cried, finally letting bottled up emotions boil over.

After several minutes they both calmed down and Rui spoke, "Natsuo, I don't think we should break up. But we need to do better moving forward. No more secrets, we're in this together and need to rely on each other. I love you, and only you, more than anything. We'll get through this, you'll get through your writer's block. I know it."

Natsuo lifted his head and looked into her eyes lovingly and responded, "You're right. No more hiding our worries from each other, we help each other through whatever it is. I love you too Rui, more than I can express in words." With that he closed the gap and kissed her again, but this time neither held anything back: they poured all of their pent up love, fear, and even frustration into it. It wasn't long before Rui began to make the tell tale sounds and motions that she wanted more than just a makeout session.

"Natsuo... please," Rui pleaded as she reached for his waistband.

"Are you sure Rui?" Natsuo asked hesitantly before adding, "It's not that I don't want to, but we're at home, we could be heard."

In response Rui hungrily kissed him again before saying, "I haven't seen you in months. And I probably won't be back again until the training trip is over. I need this. We both do. No arguing." Natsuo gave no further opposition and they both gave in to their pent up need for each other, though still making an effort to be as quiet as possible.

Even later that night...

Afterwards, as they lay together in their afterglow, Rui using his chest as a pillow, being held close by one of his arms wrapped tightly around her, Natsuo asked, "Rui... do you want to be with me for the rest of our lives?"

Rui looked up at him in surprise and replied, "What kind of question is that? Besides, I think I've already answered that question before: of course I do."

Natsuo smiled before saying, without any hesitation, "Let's tell our parents about us. I don't want to hide our relationship anymore. My dad and Tsukiko-san deserve to know the truth. We've been dating for a year and a half at this point, granted for six months of that you've been away... but they need to know."

Rui's eyes widened in shock and she sat up as she sputtered, "A-are you s-sure?! I mean, I knew we'd have to tell them eventually if we're serious about being together... but I'd be lying if I said I'm not afraid of how they'll react."

"Me too honestly," Natsuo chuckled as he took in her flabbergasted state, finding it as adorable as always, and sat up as well. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead before continuing, "But we have to. And I have faith they'll be supportive... after they calm down. I'm sure they won't take it as well as your dad did when he found out... but we need to do this."

"You're right... so when should we tell them?" Rui asked as she lean into Natsuo.

Unseen by Rui, Natsuo had a devious grin as he replied, "I think tomorrow would be best, since it's your last day back." This earned him another shocked reaction as Rui was thrown into the mental turmoil of trying to prepare herself to do this on such short notice. While she was recovering from this Natsuo added, "Besides, it will make this next part way easier to explain to them when you get back."

Confused by this statement, Rui cocked her head and asked, "Huh?"

Natsuo's smile grew and he responded, "Now who shouldn't 'huh?' who?" Rui looked a bit sheepish at this, so Natsuo finished before she could say anything, "Rui... when you get back from your training would you like to move in with me?"

Rui's eyes snapped to his, glistening with fresh tears and hope as she asked, "W-what... what did you just say?"

Natsuo smiled softly in response as he reach out and held one her hands, squeezing slightly and answered, "You heard me. I don't want to be apart from you like we've been up until you left, so I want you to move in with me... if you want to that is."

Rui's face shifted into a heartfelt smile, one of the happiest Natsuo had ever seen, right before she dove into the pillow and let loose a muffled shout of excitement. As soon as she finished she dove back onto Natsuo and captured his lips in another long kiss, when they parted she kept their foreheads touching as she gave him her answer, "Of course I will, I've wanted that since you moved out you know."

"I know, I'm sorry it took me so long to stop being an idiot," Natsuo said with a smile.

Rui gave him another peck on the lips before saying, "You're forgiven. But I better not come home and find some girl waiting to hang out with you."

Natsuo laughed wholeheartedly at her tease and threat before replying, "You won't, I promise. Kuwaba might be there dropping off his extra groceries though."

Rui also laughed as she added in, "That's fine. He's an odd person, but he seems like a good neighbor and friend. But we're going to have set some boundaries with him once I move in."

Natsuo nodded as he let out a yawn, the fact that it was very late at night after a very long and restless few days finally sinking in. "We should get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be... eventful to say the least," he said as laid back down, bring Rui with him to resume their previous cuddle position.

"That it will be, but we'll face it together, right?" Rui asked as she also felt herself growing tired after releasing her pent up stress.

"We will. I love you Rui," Natsuo replied with a tired smile.

"I love you too," Rui reaffirmed as she nestled into his chest and felt sleep fast approaching.

Just before they both drifted off into sleep, Natsuo asked one last question as he tightened his embrace slightly, "Hey Rui, no more doubts?"

Rui shook her head softly against his chest, warmth flooding her body as she replied, "No more doubts."