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Liv sat at her desk on a hot Friday in July.

It was an unusually quiet week at the 1-6, and she had spent it getting caught up on paperwork and waiting for the ball to drop.

Her eyes traveled over her glasses to the clock on her wall.


Would the day ever end?

Her stomach growled as her eyes moved from the clock to a framed photo on her desk. Eight smiling faces squished into a selfie wearing matching Christmas pajamas.

She smiled as she thought back to that day.

The first Christmas without Kathy.

Seven months since the Wheatley scare and a tear-filled heart-to-heart with Elliot, that started on her sofa that ended in her bedroom.

Four months since they started slowly easing the kids into whatever the hell was happening between them.

She looked at her son in the bottom of the photo. His arms were around his two new heroes and instant best friends. His brothers, though that was a conversation that had yet to be officially had.

She drifted up to the three girls to the right of her; three girls that became her instant best friends the minute she had invited them and the boys to dinner with her and Noah.

Then there was Elliot, standing on her left with his face squished against hers. 23 years she'd waited for a moment like that. It was worth it.

She got lost in her own memories, staring at the blue eyes that looked back at her from the photo.

That was a night she'd never forget.

She and Noah at showed up to Elliot's apartment to find the Stabler family in matching PJs, with a set on the couch for the Bensons. Noah was beaming.

"The best Christmas ever," he told them at least 100 times. His innocence and her love made the first Christmas without Kathy bearable, the girls said.

The evening was perfect, and after Noah had fallen asleep on Elliot's chest and Eli dozed at his side, Maureen presented her with a small box.

"Just something little," she'd said. "To show you how much we love you and Noah."

"And to show that you and dad are fooling absolutely none of us so you can stop the charade and accept that we're ok with it." Dickie said with a laugh that everyone in the room echoed.

In the box was a small ornament- one you'd get at a shopping mall kiosk.


Two larger ones at the top and six smaller on the bottom.

A snowman for each, adorned with their names.

"Stabler's Christmas 2021" it read at the bottom.

The tears came before she even realized it, as did Elliot's, who the gift was a surprise to as well. She hugged them all and told them each how much she adored them and would never try to replace Kathy.

After everyone had gone to bed and Santa had came, she ended her night with her back against the shower wall and Elliot's mouth swallowing her moans as they both came, too.

The memory made her stomach tighten and her panties wet.

She closed her eyes, getting lost in it and smirked, knowing how easy it'd be to talk him into a redo that night before a voice from her doorway pulled her out of the fantasy.

"You alright there, Captain"

It'd been a year and a half since he'd come back and her heart still skipped a beat at the sound of his voice. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"What brings you here, Sergeant." She asked, emphasizing his new title and biting her lip.

He smiled waking into her office and plopping down a bag and a coffee on her desk.

"Making sure you eat." He smiled at her. "Plus, nothing exciting is happening so Lieu told me to hit the road and get some rest before the game tonight."

She laughed. "It's like she knows you're already exhausted just thinking about spending your Friday at a baseball game with all three of our boys."

The corner of his lips curled up. It wasn't lost on her, what she said. It wasn't that she didn't ever say it or mean it, she just didn't want to over step. She caught his smirk and rolled her eyes.

"Yes?" She asked with a smile.

"Our boys… all three of our boys." He smiled bigger. "You going soft on me Cap?"

Never one to be outdone, she laughed and leaned back in her chair, looking at him over her glasses. "Never," she countered. "Are you going soft on me?"

He looked at her seriously and walked slowly around her desk to sit on the corner. He looked her up and down before slowly leaning in close and whispering in her ear.

"You know I can never go soft while you're wearing those glasses, Olivia."

Her breath hitched and she let it out with a soft chuckle shaking her head. Standing, she straddled his knee lightly and leaned in to kiss him.

"Don't get too worn out at the game tonight. There might be another waiting for you when you get home."

He let out a soft groan and she tossed her head back laughing as she walked around her desk, moving out of the eye line of her squad who'd been pretending this wasn't a thing since Fin's non-wedding.

She inspected the contents of the bag and he came up behind her, glancing over her shoulder. She leaned back against him, just enough so he knew what was on her mind. They kept their PDA to almost nothing when at work, but she'd been in rare form that week.

"I'm holding you to that, Cap," he whispered in her ear.

She turned to face him and put her hands on his chest gently, and smiled warmly.

"Thank you again for taking him with you guys tonight." She bit her lip looking down. "I know it's the Stabler boys thing… so it means a lot to the both of us that he gets to tag along." She looked up into his eyes. "Seriously." She said.

He smiled softly and glanced behind him, making sure no one was watching. He leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

"Stop thanking me. I love that boy like my own." He whispered. "And even though he's not a Stabler boy in name," he winked and she shook her head laughing, "he's a Stabler boy."

She smiled and blinked a few stray tears away. She pressed a kiss to his lips and stepped back.

"Thank you for lunch. Have fun tonight, send me lots of pictures, and tell our boys," she said emphasizing the 'our', "to behave themselves."

He smiled and nodded. "Yes boss."

She laughed. "Oh. And tell Dickie that I know him and to just plan on sleeping on our couch tonight."

Elliot's eyes widened. "Our couch? You really are going soft on me woman." He grinned.

She tossed a pen at him and he laughed.

"Love you. Have a safe rest of your day." He said leaning over to peck her once more.

"Love you more," she whispered.