15 Years Later:

"This really is an incredible story," MLB announcer John Smoltz said as what hopefully would be the second to last batter exited the plate in defeat.

"Oh yeah. Benny Stabler is a home-grown Manhattan boy, drafted by the Yankees just two years ago, straight out of high school. He was called up at the beginning of the season and the boy is now on his way to pitching a no hitter in game four of the World Series for the win," added play-by-play announcer Joe Buck.

"It's unbelievable. This is something out of a movie!" John cried. "We've got the last batter walking up now and I think they're… yep, if you look in the bottom right corner of your screen we've got a live feed on his parents, Elliot and Olivia in their season ticket seats."

"Holders for 15 years, noticeably not in the box with the Stabler siblings. Elliot famously said during the American League Championship series, 'we've watched all of his games from these seats- the World Series isn't gonna change that.'"

"I love it, John, especially since most of his many siblings work with the team in some capacity."

"Definitely. His twin sister is in marketing, his older sister is his agent. His brother is his lawyer and the other is his physical therapist. The older 3 are proudly his number one fans," he laughed. "Let's see what the young star can make happen on what should be the final batter of the game."

"Yes sir… here we go. The crowd is standing and yes, we've got strike one."

"Unbelievable. His parents look like they're going to puke."

"Yes they do, John, I think the crowd feels the same. Ben winds up and there it is, strike two!"

In the tiny box in the corner of the broadcast, Elliot and Olivia has their hands on their heads and their breaths obviously held.

"This could be it, John," Joe said with a nod. "It's going to be his signature curve, watch. Ben Stabler winds up for what could be an MLB record finish in the World Series… and…"

The crowd exploded in cheers as the final swing was a miss and the announcer made the call.

"STRIKE 3! The Yankees win the World Series! Ben Stabler has made history at just 20 years old!"

Ben's hands flew to his head in disbelief as the camera cut briefly to the box where his siblings were losing their minds, before back to Ben who was being rushed by the team.

The young man's eyes and pointed fingers were elsewhere, however, away from his team and up into the crowd to his two biggest fans.

The screen split to reveal his parents, both sobbing in their matching Stabler jerseys and pointing back at their son as he was mobbed by his team.

He allowed their hugs and pats on the back before rushing over to the dug out his parents were now standing on. Followed closely by a few of his teammates, Ben was hoisted up and into his mom and dad's waiting arms.

"Nothing better than this game and family, Joe."

"I couldn't agree more, John."