As Shawn walked away from the throne room, he was distracted by the idea of Lord Stepháne Narcisse becoming a fixture about the castle. So much so that he didn't not look where he was going and promptly bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry." Shawn said as he looked over and saw a very beautiful woman. She was a slender young woman with full lips, light blue eyes, and long, dark curly hair that contrasts to her fair skin. She was not as beautiful as Claude, but still.

"No, it's my fault." The lady said as she dusted herself off. They both looked at each other and tried not to blush.

"Um...please allow me to introduce myself: I am The Marquis of Marseille." He said as he bowed his head to her.

"Of course your grace, I heard you were coming." The woman said as she gave Shawn a curtsy. "I'm Lola Fleming, one of Queen Mary's ladies in waiting."

"An absolute pleasure." Shawn said as he put her hand to his lips and kissed it. "I must go, but I hope that I will see you around."

"You certainly shall." Lola said as the two bid farewell, leaving Klaas with butterflies in his stomach. There were so many beautiful ladies at court, how could he choose amongst them?

French Court. A few days later.

What Francis warned of eventually come to pass. Lord Stephane Narcisse and some of his servants made their way to French Court. Shawn and Baldoin watched from a balcony with disgust as the noble from Roeun unloaded his things.

"You know he is going to make your life miserable, don't you?" Baldoin asked as Shawn sighed.

"Yes I know." He replied as he turned to his manservant. "We'll just have to bear with it."

"I don't understand, if lord Narcisse is as awful as you claim, why does the King allow him to have such wealth and power?"

"Because the nobles like him, he does their thinking for them."

"Jesus..." Baldoin groaned.

"I'm the only noble that Francis can trust, the others might all be in league with Narcisse." Shawn explained.

"Then thank God the King has you around." Baldoin replied as Shawn craxked a smile at him.

"If you will excuse me my friend, i'm off to have lunch with our rulers." he said as he gave his manservant a pat on the back before walking out of the room.

An hour later, Shawn was dining with Francis and Mary. They were having a delicious meal of roasted pig and even Shawn thought it was good.

"This is delicious." Mary said as she drank some wine from her cup.

"Certainly better than the most American Thickburger." Shawn remarked as Mary let out a laugh.

"I completely forgot about that, it was dreadful." She said as she shook her head.

"What in God's name is the Most American Thickburger?" Francis inquired, clearly confused.

"It's a meal that they serve at Hardee's in Verona, we went there a few days before you showed up." Shawn clarified as Mary nodded.

"Nathan had heard about it on the television and wanted us all to try it for ourselves..." Mary started to explain.

Verona, Wisconsin. Winter, 2014.

Nathan was driving down the crowded streets with Chris on the passenger's seat while Mary and Shawn were in the bed of the El Camino. The back window was open, so Shawn and Mary were able to hear the conversation that was being had.

"This Thickburger better not blow ass." Chris said as he drove.

"I make no promises." Nathan replied.

"Well you better be promising this bitch." Chris shot back. The crew pulled up to Hardee's as Mary and Shawn held into the coats they were wearing.

"What is actually in this Thickburger?" Mary inquired.

"It's got ketchup, mustard, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise..." Shawn rattled off. "Also, it's got these things called potato chips on it and a hot dog..."

"Why would you want to eat a dog?" She asked in horror.

"No no, a hot dog is like...sausage." He assured her as he held her hand. Nathan was telling Chris what to do as they pulled into the drive through.

"All right, now when you order it, you gotta yell 'Merica, or else's they won't even give it to you; straight up." He explained as Chris shook his head.

"If's he's paying for it, they damn well better give it to him!" Shawn declared.

"This is bullshit..." Chris muttered as he saw three cars ahead of him. "And there's a line too, just my fucking luck!"

"What's the deal Dude?" Nathan asked.

"The deal is that it's 4 in the afternoon, it's getting dark, you got Mary, Queen of Scots, freezing her royal ass off in the back and all for a burger that no one wants to eat!" Chris yelled as Nathan raised his hands.

"Jesus Christ dude!" Nathan whined as they pulled up to the window where a clerk took their order.

"Welcome to Hardee's, what can I get you?"

"'MERICA!" Chris exclaimed, feeling like an idiot.

"You want the Most American Thickburger?" The clerk asked.

"Yeah, four of them." Chris clarified.

"That'll be $23.16 sir." Nathan paid the money and the crew got their burgers. Everyone started to eat and it was clear after a few moments that a terrible mistake had been made.

"It smells like ass." Shawn said as he struggled to take a bite.

"Smells like ass? It fucking tastes like ass!" Chris yelled as he spit out a bite onto the inner windshield.

"Dude, you're getting it all over the car!" Byers exclaimed.

"It's my damn car, I can do whatever the Hell I want!" Reyes snapped back as he started to tear the burger apart and fling it at his friend.

"Fucking stop dude…oh dude!" Nathan cried out. Mary Stuart was the only one making an effort to eat the thickburger.

"Mary please, you don't have to eat the thing." Shawn assured her as she ate.

"It's all right...Nathan was kind enough to pay and I don't want to waste food." The Scottish Queen insisted as she tries to keep the meat down.

"Mary please stop." Chris begged.

"Maybe she likes it." Nathan offered.

"Shut up!" Chris snapped as he cuffed Nathan on the back of the head.

"Yeah, shut up seriously." Shawn added. Somehow, Mary ate the entire most American Thickburger, but she soon paid for her stubbornness.

"Shawn...I feel ill." She muttered she closed her eyes and held her stomach.

"Oh shit, get your head over the edge." He said as he got Mary to lean out as she began to vomit onto the parking lot.

"What's going on?" Nathan asked.

"She's blowing chunks because of your stupid burger, you moron!" Shawn exclaimed as held Mary's hair back. After a few minutes Mary stopped throwing up and Chris made Nathan run inside for a drink.

"Quick, get Mary up here." Chris ordered as Shawn helped the Queen get into the passenger seat. Once she was settled in, Chris pulled out of the parking lot. At that moment, Nathan came out, dropped the drinks and started running after them.

"FUCK YOU GUYS!" He shouted as Chris gave him the finger.

"Are we really leaving him?" Shawn asked.

"Hell yeah...let the pendejo find his own way home." Chris remarked.

French Court, France. 1559.

"Once we got back to the townhouse, we got Mary straight to bed." Shawn said as Mary and Francis were besides themselves. "Nathan got back a couple hours later and he and Chris threw hands in the driveway."

"Stop laughing Francis, it was horrid." Mary insisted as her husband kept chuckling.

"You shouldn't have ate the wretched thing." the French King pointed out.

"I was being polite." Mary argued as the three kept laughing at the idea of the Queen of Scots puking her guts out.