Katsuki had never been proud of himself, not since that day.

The day where he saw green curls blowing wildly as emerald eyes closed for the last time.

The day the glowing hopeful boy simply became something to be picked up and buried away never to be seen again.

The day where a classroom felt quite without constant mumbling and bickering. An empty desk soon filled but it wasn't the same. It was lonely knowing now there was no one left.

No one left who truly loved and cared about him. who would after everything? And even when someone did he got rid of them, replaced them, forgot about them.

He succeeded in life and he lived happily ignoring the looks a green haired women would give him when he passed by. She looked at him with desperate guilt desperate to know what could have led to this.

But he ignored this, he just said he forgot, and that he had no idea.

It wasn't true, he remembered a few things but he chose to forget others. It was so buried away he forgot what any of it was.

He had people, he had found someone just like the green haired boy he once knew.

Kirishima glowed with energy and life and he cared about Bakugou. Because Bakugou simply lied about who he was. Kirishima would never know about what happened. He would make sure of it.

He sat at his office chair talking with kirishima, laughing, katsuki can swear he can see happiness and life in kirishima's eyes. the happiness and life that also used to fill viridian ones.

Saving people.

Helping people.

It made him feel good and honestly he was glad he was dead. He was holding katsuki back. He should have seen it coming.

Besides he was stronger now. he would forget completely soon.

"Kacchan?" A small voice behind him spoke. Katsuki whipped his head back to see a small child with white fluffy hair and viridian eyes along with tan skin.


The child looked up confused and then started crying. "I can't find my mommy! Please help mister Kacchan!"

The child wept and wept out of what seemed to be fear. Katsuki looked closer too see that the kid had a scratched up knee, probably fell.

"What happened kid?" Katsuki asked.

The child seemed to look to the side and saw something." Oh wait there she is! Sorry!" The child ran up to a women who looked to be the former pro hero mirkou.

"Huh? oh my god! there you are sweetie!" Mirkou picked up the child and hugged him in her arms.

Mirkou noticed Bakugou standing there with a shocked expression. "Oh hey brat, been awhile, did I forget to introduce you to my son?"

"You have a s-son?" Bakugou stammered.

"Yeah did you meet Ellis? Isn't he adorable!"

"...yeah..." katsuki was probably just being weird...

"Kacchan! Best friend!" The kid pointed at Katsuki and katsuki started feeling the tears poke at his eyes.

"Ha ha yeah sure! We got to get you home baby bunny!" Mirkou said cuddling Ellis.

"I'll have to call you later! I need to fix Ellis up!" Mirkou said walking off.

All Bakugou could do was stand there wide eyed.

He felt more alone then ever.

At least beautiful forest eyes could be seen by the world once again.