Fire In The Heart 2: New Legacy

Seven Years Later

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Finn is 26 old, and Phoebe is 25 years old

Seven Years Later

Seven years have passed. And ooo was in time of peace and harmony. No evil was nowhere to be seen and no bandits to take care of and all there was peace.

At the treehouse there were four children sneaking into their parents room. There were two boys and two girls, the two boys had different hair colors. One of them had short blonde hair as the other one had mid-long black hair, but his skin color was grey. The two girls also had different hair colors. The two girls had long hair, one red-headed girl as the other one had blonde hair but she also had grey skin.

These children's names were, Frey, Sol, and Antony, Dallan the son and daughter of Finn Mertan, Phoebe Mertan the Human, and Marceline Abadeer, The Vampire Queen.

The vampire twins were excited as their mom was about to teach them how to shapeshift, hover, and turn invisible.

Frey and Sol were also excited too, as Finn and Phoebe are gonna teach them sword fighting and teach them a bit of self defence.

The four kids were at the edge of the bed and were about to wake up their mom and dad. The four jumped on the bed,"Good morning mom and dad!" the four said together.

Finn woke up and smiled."Morning kids" Finn said as he wiped the sleep off his eyes. Phoebe and Marceline were still asleep but then woke up as Finn shook the both of them. Marceline and Phoebe open their eyes to see their sons and daughters on their bed jumping in glee as they are ready to learn.

"Can we learn Shapeshifting/Sword fighting pretty please!" the four said together as the three adults just smiled.

Phoebe laughed,"Okay I guess we'll teach you sword fighting and Marceline well teached you two shapeshifting, after all today is your birthdays" Phoebe said with a smile.

"Yay!" the four said in unison, jumping up and down filled with excitement.

"But you guys have ten second to get ready or no shapeshifting or sword fighting" Marceline said and they ran back to their room to get ready. Finn chuckled as he cuddled up with Phoebe and Marceline.

Phoebe then spoke,"Finn, don't you think that they're a little young to be sword fighting at this time of their age?" Phoebe asked her husband as she was having second thoughts on teaching their kids sword fighting, it might be dangerous.

Finn smile to reassure her,"It's okay, their not actually gonna use swords, just wooden swords, I used to use wooden sword when I was their age" Finn said as he remember the time when he and Jake moved into the treehouse and use a wooden sword to train with Jake and to become a hero, and that's how they meet BMO that day.

Phoebe sighs with relief as they weren't using actual swords, so she smiled and they got off the bed to get ready to teach their kids.

Finn stretched as he was still tired,"You two can use the bathroom" Finn said as the two walked into the bathroom to take a shower together.(Yes, they take a shower together. That'll be explained in a later chapter or never, I don't know).

"Marceline, are you sure Antony and Dallan have shapeshifting power?" Phoebe asked as she took off her shirt showing off her strong womanly figure as she kept up her training as an adventurer and fighter and scar from battle and her breast had developed as well.

"Of course they have shapeshifting power. They have been goin through some faze a bit, and that is the sign of their power growing stronger. I even saw Dallan turn invisible a bit."Marceline said as she started to undress as she hasn't changed one bit as she is still the beautiful Vampire Queen. The only thing different about her is her breast as being a mother made her grow a bit.

Phoebe was a bit shocked that Dallan was able to turn invisible and maybe Antony could do the same. Phoebe turns on the water.

Marceline turned towards Phoebe and stared at her body and grinned,"You know after all the time I've been living here with you and Finn. I never had the time to say this but..." Marceline then looked up and down, staring at her body,"...but damn you look so sexy with that body of yours" Marceline said making Phoebe blushed like mad at Marceline's compliment.

"M-Marceline, don't say stuff like that. I still get embarrassed when you look at me or talk about my body and our kids are still in the house" Phoebe said as she stepped into the shower.

Marceline then grinned some more as she hovered behind Phoebe and straight up grabbed her breast from behind and gave them a nice squeeze making Phoebe cover her mouth to muffle the moan.

"Hmmm, it seems that you're growing in nicely" Marceline said as she continued to fondle Phoebe's breast.

"M-Marceline, w-what are y-you doing? The kids and Finn maybe waiting" Phoebe moans as Marceline is still squeezing her breast.

Marceline didn't say anything as she still continued to fondle Phoebe's breast making Phoebe moan in pleasure as Marceline then licked Phoebe's neck making her body shudder as her body was enjoying Marcy touch.

Marceline can tell that she was enjoying this as she then licked down her neck to her back and was about to go towards her ass, but was stopped when they heard Finn knock on the door.

"You know that our kids are still in the house, you know? You two can continue this later after their birthday, okay" Finn told the two.

'How did Finn know I was fooling around?' Marceline said in her head.

Phoebe then sighs in relief and glad that Finn stopped Marceline's lust.

The reason why Marceline was acting like this is because her feelings for Finn and Phoebe have grown and Marceline has grown to love the both of them and Frey, Sol and Antony, Dallan.

The two showered to get ready for the day, and back with Finn in the bedroom.

Finn has changed a lot too. He grew a full beard. Phoebe was against the whole beard thing, but seeing him with a beard made him look so damn good with it. Phoebe didn't want to admit it, but the beard makes him look hot.(beard similar to Puhoy or the one from Obsidian. Pick one to see what's better).

Marceline grew to love the beard as she found it manly and it felt right that Finn should have a beard, it suits him well.

Finn is stroking his beard as he hears the bathroom door open and sees Phoebe and Marceline in towel wrapped around their top waist and covering their breast but showing a bit of cleavage making Finn just blush a bit as he sees them many times, but he would blush every time when he sees them.

"So you two enjoyed the showering?" Finn asked as Marceline just pouted at him.

"Oh, I would've enjoyed it, if you didn't ruin my fun time with Pheeb" Marceline said as she folded her arms in disappointment as Marceline was having fun with Phoebe.

Phoebe only blushed when Marcy mentioned fun time in the bathroom, but to her it was a sneak attack.

"That wasn't fun to me" Phoebe said as she walked over to her dresser to get ready."You took me by surprise and didn't ask to touch me there" Phoebe told Marceline as she started to put on some clothes.

Marceline just rolled her eyes as she found that was a lie,"Oh! Then what was all that moaning for, hmmm? Pretty sure you didn't try to stop me as you let me fondle you and let me have my way with you~" Marceline said with a seductive smile.

Phoebe blushed when she mentioned what happened in the shower, she didn't say anything and went back getting dressed to prepare for the kids birthday.

Finn then also decided to get ready so he could get ready for his sons and daughters birthday today, so he took off his shirt showing off his well toned muscles and abs and scar that he got from fighting and two signs of scratch marks that were caused by 'somebody', and he has gotten stronger over the years.

Phoebe and Marceline couldn't help staring at him with lust as they wished they could pounce on him if the kids weren't in the house or awake.

Finn then walked into the bathroom to trim his beard.

Phoebe and Marceline see him walking into the bathroom. Phoebe sighs happily as she is happy with her life. She was married and also a mother, she never regretted her decision on her wish that she made Eleven years ago.

Phoebe looked into her drawer and couldn't find her favorite shirt, so she walked over to the closet and opened it to see her favorite shirt and she looked at the corner of the closet where her flame gauntlet was set against the wall.

Phoebe and Finn retired as adventurers and heroes for a while to raise their kids. She and Finn kept up with their training with their swords, they were still good with the sword, but Phoebe didn't use her flame gauntlet when she became a mom.

Marceline floated behind and saw what Phoebe was looking at her old gauntlet, Marcy know what she was thinking about.

"You miss the good ol day?" Marceline asked.

Phoebe turned back and nodded,"Yeah, there was a one time when me and Finn would get up every early in the morning and head out to protect ooo and fight monsters. Those were the good ol days." Phoebe said.

Marceline smiles warmly as she looks over a picture frame of Finn and Phoebe in their teens and shows teen Finn's arms holding teen Phoebe close to her as Phoebe and Finn were smiling in this picture.

Marceline looks over to other photos of Finn holding baby Frey, Sol and baby Antony, Dallan in his arms, and they look happy in these photos.

Marceline smiles as she finds a small painting of herself with Finn and Phoebe as she knows that the camera can't see her, so she asked Bonnie to find someone who can paint the three of them and she did.

Marceline smiles again but then she hears Phoebe pick up her gauntlets from the closet and look at the Ruby Gem that was once a part of her as she remembers the day when she was a princess of the Fire Kingdom, but now a human.

Phoebe is still royalty as it runs in her blood and Finn a hero and it runs in his blood, so that makes Frey and Sol Prince and Princess of some sort, but she hasn't told them that their royalty yet, but she'll tell them about it later when they're older.

Phoebe put back her gauntlets in the closet and put on her shirt and now she was fully dressed.

Meanwhile with the four kids.

Frey and Antony are in their own room as Sol and Dallan have their own room too. The four were getting ready for their big day, the Human twins were ready to learn how to sword fight with their parents and the Vampire twin's mom was gonna teach them how to shapeshift and other stuff that she could do.

Moments later the kids were ready. Frey and Sol wore similar clothes like Finn when he was younger back then, but Sol has a red shirt with a skirt, and Antony was wearing a dark shirt with a skull on it and black pants and Dallan is wearing a cute dark dress that is similar to Marceline old clothes when she was a kid.

"You four ready?" The four heard their dad's voices calling from downstairs.

"Yeah!" the four replied as they ran out of their room and walked downstairs.

The scene changes to the outside of the treehouse as it zooms away slowly.

This was a new beginning of ooo and next generation of heroes and they're next the New Legacy of ooo.

The scene faded to black. When a story ends, another one takes its place to continue the next journey.

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