Fire In The Heart: New Legacy

Birthday Lesson!

Aaaand now onto the second chapter to 'New Legacy'.

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This chapter is gonna be the birthday for the Human Twins and the Vampire Twins seventh birthday.

But later Finn and Phoebe are gonna teach Frey and Sol how to wield a sword, well not real sword as their still kids or maybe the Human Twins are gonna get sword further into the story.

And then Marceline is gonna teach Antony and Dallan how to shapeshift and turn invisible and how to make scary faces to scare Jake.

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Now on with the story.

Outside of the treehouse. The whole family are outside as they were getting ready for the big day, Finn and Phoebe are in front of the treehouse with Frey and Sol and Marceline is with Antony and Dallan are at the backyard of the treehouse as the Vampire Queen is gonna teach the two shapeshifting and other stuff that she knows.

Finn and Phoebe handed out wooden swords to Frey and Sol, they were pumped up to learn how to use swords and become heroes like their mom and dad.

Sol swings her wooden sword, pretending to slay monsters and Frey is trying to perform his mom's signature attack move, the Phoenix Strike move.

Phoebe chuckles at Frey, as he tries to copy her signature move that she used to use when she was still adventuring back in the days with Finn.

Finn is holding Sol in his arms as she giggles when Finn is tickling her.

Moments later Frey and Sol are sitting on the ground as they listen to their parents talk.

"Okay, here is your first Lesson on how to use a sword. Lesson 1: How to hold your sword correctly." Finn and Phoebe got into their battle stances with their wooden sword in their hands."Then Lesson 2: How to swing your sword correctly and probability."Finn said as he and Phoebe swung their sword, making the twins awe.

Then onto the next lesson as Phoebe decided to give the next Lesson,"Alrighty, here is Lesson 3: How to predict your enemy's movement and strike at the right time when their guards are down or look for an opening and weakness." Phoebe told the two twins.

Finn got into his battle stance as did Phoebe too as she was ready to strike. Finn is trying to predict where Phoebe is gonna strike.

Phoebe tried to look for an opening so she could win this fight, of course it is a lesson for the twins, but to Finn and Phoebe, it's a challenge to see who can win.

Finn stood there with the wooden sword in his hands in a battle stance. Phoebe then quickly rushes over to Finn, Finn sees her running towards his way.

Phoebe then jumps up to strike Finn from above, Finn looks up and sees Pheeb striking from above. Finn blocked the incoming attack with the side of his wooden sword, Phoebe struck Finn's wooden sword making him slide back a little.

Finn can feel himself being pushed back by the forces of his wife's strength.

Phoebe could see that she was pushing him back as she saw a push mark on the ground.

Frey and Sol were watching in awe and excitement as they watched their mom and dad spar with each other.

Frey was watching carefully as he tried to find an opening that their parents said, but he saw an opening, he saw that her mom left her right arm open, but does his dad know that?

Sol on the other hand , was still in awe at her mom and dad's skill at fighting and how cool they do it.

Phoebe can tell that she left an opening, so she pushed her wooden sword against Finn's wooden sword and jumped back six feet away from him, Phoebe got back into her battle stances as she tried to find an opening.

Finn was on defances mode as he needed to counter attack, he looked for an opening as he couldn't find any. Finn decided to get bold, so he ran straight towards her to attack her head on. Not his smartest move or what he wants Phoebe to think.

'Is he seriously going with that move? Not his smartest decision yet' Phoebe thought in her head as she was about ready to strike at Finn.

Finn sees Phoebe about ready to counter, but that is what he wanted as he has a way to defeat her.

Finn drew closer to Phoebe as she was ready for him.

Phoebe then thrust her sword towards him, but Finn slid on the ground avoiding Phoebe's counter attack as he used his sword to sweep Phoebe's leg and make her fall backward.

"Oof!" Phoebe landed on her back as Frey and Sol were cheering as they saw their dad winning the fight.

Phoebe was about to get up until Finn lent a hand to help her up, Phoebe gladly accepted his offer as he got her off the ground.

Finn was a little concerned as he hoped he didn't hurt Phoebe that badly.

"You okay Pheeb? I didn't hurt you, did I?" Finn asked.

Phoebe shook her head,"no, but you did catch me off surprised, I didn't even see that coming" Phoebe praised Finn's strategy of attack, but then Sol and Frey hugged her and tackled her back to the ground.

"Wow! You and daddy were awesome!" Sol said with excitement as hugging her mother.

"Yeah, you and dad were like sword fighting, it was so cool!" Frey said he was as excited as his sister.

Phoebe couldn't help but laugh as she could tell that her babies were getting stronger and growing up so fast.

Finn smiled as he could already tell that his kids were gonna be great heroes like he and Phoebe were back when they were younger.

Of course, he and Pheeb miss the good ol days, as they could compete with each other as who would kill the most monsters, undead and other evil creatures, but he and Phoebe don't regret settling down and having a family.

Finn sighs happily, but he then felt his feet swept off the ground as he landed on his back, he looked to see Phoebe use her legs to sweep to knock him to the ground, Finn saw Phoebe with a grin on her face as Frey and Sol were gigging.

Finn just happily rolled his eyes at his wife's sneak attack, he dusted the dirt off his back and Phoebe started to get up with Frey and Sol clinging onto her arms.

"How was the way down?" Phoebe teased her husband, as Frey and Sol let go of her arms and playfully ran around the two.

Finn just laughed as he got back up dusting the dirt off his back.

"Unexpected, but it wasn't the worst way down," Finn told Phoebe as they both laughed at each other.

Finn wrapped his left arm around Phoebe's shoulder and spoke.

"You and I haven't spar for quite awhile, guess being parent really made us

Finn and Phoebe just laugh and look at their kids as they watch them play, the two adults smile at each other as if they were happy to have a family.

Finn then smiles sadly, as he wishes his mom and dad were here to see them. They would've loved to see their grandchildren and watch them grow up, but he knew that they were still watching from the afterlife.

Phoebe sees the sad look on Finn's face, Phoebe spoke to see what's wrong.

"Finn," Finn turned towards Phoebe with a concern,"what's the matter?" Phoebe asked as she wanted to know what's wrong.

"Oh, just wishing that mom and dad were here to see this" Finn told Phoebe as she understood what he meant, sometimes Phoebe wish that her father was a good person, but she knew it was impossible, she knew that her father believe that she was evil when she was flame elemental, but when she made her wish, everything changed for her, she has a loving family and two beautiful children and a husband to love them, this was every that she ever wanted.

Phoebe grabbed both of Finn's hands and looked straight into his eyes,"Finn, if they were here, they would've been so proud of you, they would've been so happy that you found someone to spend your life with and happy to have kids of your own" Phoebe told Finn.

Finn didn't say anything as he looked up towards the skies and saw a bunch of clouds floating above them. Finn knew that Phoebe was right, deep down that they would be proud of him.

Finn looks back at Phoebe and smiles,"you're right, Pheeb. Mom and dad would've been happy, right now, they'll probably tell me, *you did good, Finn, you did good*" Finn said.

Phoebe smiled and gave a quick kiss on his lip."he would Finn, he would" Phoebe said and spoke again,"let go check on Marceline and the other" Phoebe told him as they walked.

Meanwhile Marceline and the Vampire twin were not too far from the treehouse.

Anthony and Dallan were sitting on the grass as their mom was about to begin her teaching on how to use their Vampire power heritage.

"Alright, I'll teach you how to use your power and how to use them properly and respectively," Marceline said as she'll about to teach the Vampire Prince and Princess.

"Now let's begin to use your shapeshift power first" Marceline said as the Vampire twin stood up from the ground.

Then Dallan raised her hand,"umm, mom," Marceline looked towards Dallan as she wanted to hear what she wanted to say,"umm, what kind of form are we supposed to take shape?" Dallan asked as she was quite nervous as this was gonna be her first shapeshifting, but her brother Anthony was pumped up and excited.

Marceline then demonstrated,"well let me show you" Marceline showed as she transformed into a small bat making the two Vampire twins look in awe.

"Wow! That's so cool, mom!" Anthony said with excitement in his voice as he wanted to do it too.

Dallan's eyes sparkled as she saw her mom transform into a bat.

Marceline transformed back into her humanoid form and clapped her hands together and spoke.

"That's gonna be your first attempt, you're first attempt to transform into a bat, but first you gotta think what makes you want to fly and think you want to fly and 'poof' you're a bat" Marceline said as she told her children on how to transform.

"Okay, I can do this, I can do this"Dallan whispered to herself and thought of a bat and why she wanted to fly, "come on! If mom can transform into a bat, I can too, just think of a bat!" Dallan spoke in her head as she felt her foot left the ground and began to shrink and was now flying into her bat form.

Anthony see her sister transform into a bat and fly above him.

Marceline smiles as see her daughter transform into a bat and fly around them, she looks back at Anthony and sees that he was amazed.

Anthony thought of a bat too, "alright if my sister can do it, I could too." Anthony thought so hard to try to transform into a bat, he closed his eyes, but except for transforming into a bat his body began to disappear.

Marceline was shocked to see her son turned invisible and not a bat.

Anthony opened his eyes and saw the shocked look that her mom was giving him. Anthony was confused. Why is his mom shocked? For some reason, he looked at his hand as he was too shocked too, he couldn't see his hands or the rest of his body.

Marceline didn't need her eyes to see her son as she still has his scent. Marceline walked towards and patted him on the head.

"Wow, instead of turning into a bat. You're able to turn invisible on your first try" Marceline told Anthony as he had a smile with glee.

Anthony appeared as the invisibility turned off. Anthony looked at his hands in confusement as he could see his hand now, he didn't know how he turned invisible in the first place.

Marceline put her hand on her chin as she tried to come up with an explanation on how he turned invisible.

"(Clearing throat) I think I might have figured out how you turned invisible in the first place, Anthony," Marceline said as she began to explain to Anthony. "The reason why you turned invisible is that you were thinking so hard, because you had a reaction when you closed your eyes, you saw nothing and you turned invisible" Marceline told Anthony.

Anthony scratched his head to think about what his mom said.

Marceline sees her son thinking about what she told him. Marceline turned her head and saw Finn, Phoebe, Frey and Sol coming towards them, she smiled as she was happy to see them.

Marcy hovered towards them and she saw the sweat and grass stains on their clothing."So... did training go good or did it go good~" Marceline said with a tease look.

The children didn't understand what Marceline meant by that, but Finn and Phoebe understood what it meant as they were blushing a little.

Marceline chuckled a bit as she spoke again,"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Marceline laughed for a bit and turned her attention toward the human twins, "So what did your mom and dad teach you?" Marceline asked the twins.

Frey replied back "mom and dad taught us sword fighting and they were so cool!" Frey exclaimed excitedly.

Then Sol spoke too "Yeah! They were like…" Sol tried to imitate her parent's moves and pretend there was sword clashing against each other"...and it was sooo cool! I can't wait until I get my own sword and slay evil too" Sol said as this was her goal.

Finn and Phoebe smiled at their daughter's eagerness to become a hero like them.

"Yeah! our very own sword!" Frey said couldn't wait until they get their own sword when it's their time to become heroes.

Marceline chuckled at this and turned her head towards the Human parent "they're becoming more like you two everyday" Marceline said as this wasn't a big surprise, she knew that they were gonna be like heroes like their parents.

Finn and Phoebe just smiled widely as this was true.

Finn knew that Sol and Frey wanted to become heroes when he and Pheeb told them stories about their adventuring and all before he met their mom.

Phoebe on the other hand was a bit worried for her kids on becoming heroes, but she knew becoming was their dream, but heroism ran through their blood as it runs through her blood too when she became human. but Phoebe wasn't against the idea of them being a hero.

They talked about their training and Marceline told that Dallan turned into a bat and they were happy for her and she told that Anthony turned invisible instead of a bat and they were surprised.

"Wow Anthony!" Finn went up to pick up his son to congratulate him for achieving to turn invisible like his mother, "I'm so proud of you" Finn said proudly as he pounds Anthony up and down a bit as Anthony felt embarrassed.

Dallan tugged on her dad's shirt. Finn looks down and sees his little girl pulling onto his shirt and her face expression was a slight jealousy.

"D-Did I do good too, dad?" Dallan asked.

Finn smiled as he gently put Anthony down and gently patted Dallan's head with a happy expression.

"Of course you did good and I'm proud of that" Finn said to his daughter.

Dallan smiled widely when he said that. Dallan gave her dad a strong hug.

Finn felt the strength in her hug as even in her age, Finn knows that she and Anthony possess their mother Vampire strength.

Marceline smiles to see her children happy, but her focus was on Finn. Marceline felt like she made the right choice to be with Finn and Phoebe, her life was so much happier when she met Finn and Jake.

But of course when she met the hero boy, she thought he was just a child playing hero and not taking the heroine seriously, but after getting to know him she began to grow fond of him and began to like him.

But Marceline wasn't looking for a relationship after her time with her ex-boyfriend Ash, for selling her stuffed toy hambo to a witch for a wand.

Right now she never expected to have children and for being a thousand year old virgin and never having the time to experience an intimate relationship with anyone.

Marceline has encountered people trying to lay her, but all ended in failure in the end, but Marceline never regretted falling for Finn and giving her first to him.

Marceline wondered what her mom would think? Would she be happy that she settled down? Of course her mom would be happy, why wouldn't she?.

Marceline then shook her head as she came back to reality when she felt someone hand touched her shoulder, she looked towards who touched her and saw it was Phoebe who shocked her.

"Oh, Phoebe, what's sup?" Marceline said.

Phoebe smiled,"we're gonna get ready for the party" Phoebe told Marceline as she saw Finn and the kids going back to the treehouse.

Phoebe grabbed Marceline's hands and lead back to the treehouse, of course Marceline gladly let Phoebe guide her back to the treehouse.

The scene zooms out and shows the treehouse and the landscape and ray of sunlight piercing through the clouds and shining upon the land of ooo.

The scene quickly faded to dark and a new legacy of heroes was about to begin.

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