Adventures of the Chestnut Clan

Chapter 13: Acceptable Noises

A/N: Just head's up, but this chapter is centered around more mature concepts so for younger readers, you may want to turn back. This said, it's not quite Rated M yet or so I hope.

"Ahh...mmm yeah!"

"Oh yes! Just like that!"

The bedroom was near pitch-black seeing faint lights of stars outside the window were the only light sources, barely illuminating the couple inside. Despite the time being dead-of-the-night, the temperature still showed no signs of dropping as evident from the glistening sweats on their skins.

"Oh myyyyy!"

While such heat usually wouldn't pose a problem for the blonde cyborg occupying one half of the bed, let alone kept her awake, when attacking in perfect coordination with goosebumps-inducing audios, the result was anything but lullaby-like. Twisting and turning on the mattress, the prophesized world destroyer, who had withstood much harsher punishments, remained restless even after having retired to her private chamber for nearly an hour.

Are those two idiots always this loud? Or am I becoming more sensitive?

Another ear-piercing scream penetrated the thin walls and she all but flipped onto her stomach before covering her head underneath a pillow. Although few would've noticed it, those previously sapphire-colored eyes were emitting crimson flashes that, albeit dim, still painted the white sheets a distressing shade. It was a telltale sign what remained of her patience was coming to an end, that action had to be taken to alleviate this accumulating stress.

"Eighteen? Sweetie, are you alright? Is it another one of your nightmares?"

As if sent by the gods in high heavens, an outside force intervened on her behalf in the form of a man's drowsy yet soothing voice. At once, the trembles in her hands ceased, her stiff body relaxed, not to mention those blinking orbs reverted to their beautiful ocean blue.

"Really sweetie, what's the matter? Please, talk to me okay?"

The words grew more concerned then was followed up by a pair of gentle hands meeting her frame. This time, all lingering troubles were alleviated as she found herself enjoying what felt like caring massages when in hindsight, it was probably just him applying enough pressure to get her attention.

"Kril...," Eighteen leaned into his touches on instinct, trying to immerse her senses in the mind freeing tactile sensation.

Krillin on the other hand wasn't sure what sort of problem had been troubling his beloved but knew better than stopping. He could hear from her groans and sighs that the woman with her back toward him was appreciating his efforts and thus, those calloused fingers began working overtime, exhibiting dexterity belying their stubby appearance, loosening her flesh even more.

"Tell me when you want me to stop okay sweetie?" He asked caringly.

"No, don't stop Kril. Keep going." Her eyelids were now fully closed, granting undivided concentration on his skillful techniques.

What was supposed to be a brief checkup turned into a full body massage. By the time Krillin ended the session by parting her corn silk strands and planting a kiss on her exposed nape, Eighteen had snuggled tightly against his warm embrace, not bothered slightest by the heat trapped between them. Hands entwined together, the identical golden bands on their ring fingers glistened side-by-side in the dark, a display of unbreakable bond.

"That...was always." The artificially enhanced human purred, seemingly ready to drift into dreamland.

The cultured warrior chuckled then held onto her tighter. "Hey, what kind of husband am I if I can't even take care of my wife?"

It was her turn to let out pleased giggles. "Thanks for reminding me just how lucky I am...hubby."

"You are welcome babe," Krillin paused briefly as if contemplating whether to proceed but eventually, a sense of duty far outweighing any curiosity overcame him and therefore, he inquired gingerly, "so uh...mind letting your hubby on what's been upsetting you?"

He regretted those words the second they left his mouth as the cyborg had gone more rigid than a pure mechanical being.

Oh crap oh dear Sixteen what have I done? Some husband I am for ruining a perfect moment like this...

Before he could utter an apology; however, the answer unraveled its ugly head in the form of bone-chilling sound invading their sanctuary.

"Yes! Yes more! Give it to me!"

Krillin nearly palmed himself in the face for not registering the disturbing voice sooner. He recognized immediately this grossly exaggerated and undoubtedly scripted dialogue as one from a certain perverted duo's nightly entertainment program but to his horror, hardly found the sound bothersome.

Have I lived here for too long that I...well...considered this normal?

"That, Kril, is the source of my troubles!" Eighteen obviously couldn't tolerate this supposed normalcy; however, and spun around to give him an unobstructed view of her dark grimace that would've scared any lesser man to death. "J-just tell me husband dear, how can you sleep surrounded by these...grotesque noises?"

While she talked, more audible cries along with other suggestive audio cues never ceased to hammer against their consciousness, prompting the cyborg woman to bury her face against his chest.

"'s okay sweetie, I'm here." Krillin began rubbing her back yet again; hoping to repeat the magic but to no avail seeing her recently deactivated target system had come online, the red reflecting off his chocolate brown orb.

Common Krillin! Think harder! Isn't there anything I can do?

"To tell you the truth sweetie, I have no idea how I managed to sleep all these years. I guess after a while, I just get used to it." He tried another approach, namely making light of the situation by softening his voice and flashing his trademark toothy grin that never failed to win her over. Unfortunately, it was all for naught as the cyborg merely arched a disbelieving brow before covering her ears.

By now, the flicker of flame deep within Krillin had grown to exponential proportion until even the kind-hearted man who many consider as having infinite tolerance decided enough was enough. Therefore, after planting a peck on her lips, he stepped outside to confront the problem.

The minutes ensued were some of the most conflicting for Eighteen that night. Although touched by her partner's willingness to resolve any issues on one hand, she was equally displeased by the lack of his presence and had to settle for residues of his warmth as sole company. As she traced the empty spot with one elegant hand and lightly stroked her stomach with the other, her extra-sensitive hearing easily picked up the surprisingly civil conversation downstairs that thankfully resulted in the diminishing of unwelcoming noise.

Oh Kril, always the gentleman, so friendly with everyone...even if they are perverts...

Had it been me, I would've blown up that darned television and gave those two a solid beating...

A devious smirk had occupied the reformed villainess's expression, one she hastily gotten rid of at the return of the ex-monk.

"Sorry about that babe, I...," Krillin apologized, only to be interrupted by his wife placing a hand over his mouth.

"Stop Kril, I don't ever want to hear you bearing someone else's fault." Eighteen stated sternly, a sharp contrast to the gentleness in how she traced her finger over those enticing lips of his. "Now let's get some sleep shall we hubby?"

Her sworn life-companion, entranced by those renewed jewel-like eyes that sparkled a mesmerizing blue in the dark, could only nod obediently as he climbed back into bed. Following a bond-affirming kiss, they fell into deep slumber, entangled in each other's limbs.

Krillin's pale orbs snapped opened when the sun was barely risen above distant horizon. Despite considering himself quite a morning person who loves waking up in the embrace of his beloved, there wasn't a sliver of joy in the former monk, especially once he recalled the dreaded reason behind her holding so tightly onto him.

Gingerly and with all the care in the world, he removed those deceptively slender arms, having to resort to administer tender caresses just to loosen the grip. After freed from the literal wife trap, he sneaked out the room as quiet as possible, succeeding even in not making a sound down those old creaking stairs.

The very first sound the nimble martial artist made that day was an uncontrollable gasp. Awaiting him in the common area was his mentor; the renowned Master Roshi in nothing but boxer and plain white shirt sprawled out on the couch. While such undignified sight was hardly befitting of the turtle hermit's legendary status, what really prompted an audible reaction out of his student were the piles of tissues scattered across the floor, all of which stained bloody red. On closer examination, it was discovered the elderly's complexion was rather pale, his breathing shallow but definitely present.

Oh'll be the instrument of your own death one of these days...

The sleeping or rather, comatose man's faithful companion was found lying on an adjacent armchair. The talking pig with tea for a name, whose oversized nostrils were stuffed with equally colored tissues, was snoring loudly for all to hear.

By Sixteen in high heavens, it's a good thing I got up before Eighteen did...sure don't want to scar her anymore...

Especially not when she's acting more...touchy lately...

Like a professional homemaker, Krillin began the tedious process of ridding the living room of unsightly junk, even going as far as adjusting the two perverts' sleeping posture just to make it easier on the eyes for his wife. The sun was half way up the cloudless sky when the cultured warrior brushed off large droplets of sweat from his forehead, signifying the end of one chore, only to start another as he heated up the stove.

"Krillin, why don't you take a break and let me take over from here?"

His overdue reward arrived in the form of a familiar warmth encasing his body. Turning around, the husband's mood skyrocketed from mere relieved to elated at his spouse's relaxed feature,

"Morning sweetie, I take it you've slept well?" He had to ask to be sure.

The youthful blonde took a moment to tug a loose strand behind her ear, her intention anyone's guess but regardless still elicited an adorable blush from the former monk. "It's about the best I can get...all thanks to you Kril."

"Like I said, anything for you babe."

Their eyes met, one thick creamy brown and the other a dazzling aquamarine that put the surrounding tropical ocean to shame. They moved closer, both could literally taste the heat in each other's lips, only to be interrupted by the choir of howling and whistling.

"Aww bummer, and it is about to get good too!"

"Yeah, we're so close to seeing the real stuff!"

If the cyborg's grip on her soulmate was tight last night, than the seasoned warrior's held on her volatile frame was inescapable, an impossible task made possible by skillfully caressing her sweet spots that were thankfully hidden from their unwanted viewers.

"You sickos had better pry your disgusting gazes from us or else!" Nevertheless, Eighteen still managed to bark out an order that saw her target audiences' skin filled with goosebumps.

"By kami is someone in a bad mood!" Oolong complained, but only after spinning around one eighty.

"Of course she'd be! After that torture you guys put us through, who wouldn't?" Krillin had beaten his spouse to it and shouted quite uncharacteristically, earning him a grateful smile from Eighteen.

Evidently taken aback by their seemingly mild tempered housemate, the accused pair were stunned into silence, albeit merely temporarily seeing Roshi had begun taking steps toward the married couple.

"Now now Krillin my boy, is that any way for you to speak to your elder?" The head of turtle school martial art spoke in a strict voice, making sure to insert coughs mid-sentence for dramatic effect, "besides, I know you two were up to no good yourselves so don't try playing innocent here!" He concluded sternly akin to parent lecturing kids.

Eighteen's first impulse was to stomp her way toward the geezer and give him a piece of her mind. With Krillin's soft touches sapping her of energy; however, she resorted to an indignant eye-roll before spatting out vehemently, "Well, perhaps it's time to get your hearing checked old man, cause we weren't doing anything."

Rather than achieving the desired effect though, the depraved master and pig shared a dirty look that made her stomach churn.

W-what are these dumbasses thinking? No...don't tell me they've...

At that moment, her martial artist of a husband's frim hold was the only thing keeping her rooted on the floor.

"You think we hadn't heard you, but there's nothing erotic that can escape our keen senses...hehehe...," The legendary pervert cackled proudly, his beady eyes beaming in triumph.

"Yeah Eighteen, maybe you should be quieter the next time you scream for Krillin to keep going and how amazing he was!" Oolong snickered at his own exaggerated delivery.

"Master, Oolong, cut it out already! This has gone far enough!" The Turtle School pupil warned, his hands strained barely able to keep the cyborg in place.

Those stern words seemed to have no effect on the resident perverts though, as they shared a mischievous look. Both were sporting tomato-red faces at this point, a clear sign they've fallen too deeply into their fantasies and beyond reasoning.

"Oh no I don't think so my boy. If anything, you lovebirds owe us an apology for how passionate you guys sounded last night! Kami knew I nearly bled myself dry thanks to this horny couple!" Roshi's mouth was drooling profusely now.

Krillin, despite of all the respect he had for his mentor, still felt a burning rage filling up his space for tolerance. Before the cultured warrior could formulate an explanation; however, the cyborg woman's frigid body alerted him to a more pressing matter and he peered upward to find orbs icier than arctic winter.

"No it's okay sweeteen. You know how these two are, they are just joking." He reassured, fingers massaging her cold exterior, hoping to pump in some warmth but to no avail.

"Yeah sweet Eighteen, just drop the act! We all know you wouldn't do anything to us! Not with Krillin around!" The pig taunted, apparently too sure of himself.

In less than a fraction of a second, a gust of wind collided against the talking animal, sending him crashing into his fellow adult entertainment enthusiast. "No one, and I mean no one except for Krillin gets to call me sweet got that?" The shoulder-lengthen blonde stated icily, a sharp contrast to her visibly shaking left fist encased by wildly dancing air molecules. Not waiting for the duo to respond, she then disappeared, leaving a screen of dust and for her husband, a look of hurt.

Eighteen cut across the open sky at a blistering speed, not stopping one bit to marvel at the beautiful scenery that beckoned closer view. Fierce gales collided against the golden flash, causing her petite frame to shake uncontrollably yet she accelerated further, seemingly enjoying the chaotic nature of her travel. In record time, she had touched down in front of a decently decorated cabin on the mountains, her sheer speed blowing away accumulated snow in her vicinity and flattening surrounding grasses.

At once, a raven-haired figure with near identical features leapt down from the opening window, crystal blue orbs mirroring hers glued onto the blonde.

"Wow sis, I'm certainly not expecting you to drop by today." The man greeted wearing a pleasantly surprised expression to match. Taking a brief pause, his sharper eyes began scanning the area methodically, yellow flashes dancing across the aquamarine pupil, "And you came here all by yourself too. Now where's my dashing brother-in-law? You two are...getting along well I hope?" He sounded semi-worried at the end.

"Of course Krillin and I are fine Seventeen, as if that'll ever change!" The older twin declared without missing a beat, showing slightest irritation. "It's not Kril I'm having trouble with, it's his blasted housemates." She spat, eyes narrowed and hands balled into fists.

"Oh? Want me to come over and discipline them for ya? Cause I'm getting pretty good at handling poachers and questionable people myself!" Visibly relieved, the younger brother stated eagerly, thumb pointing at his own smirk.

"No, that wouldn't be appropriate, Krillin doesn't like needless violence and besides, I would've put them in their place if that was an option." Again, she stated immediately, leaving no room for argument.

Facing her resoluteness, Seventeen could only shrug. "Ah well, wanna come inside for a bit sister dearest? I've just done making breakfast and would really like to share them with someone."

At last, Eighteen smiled at the warm gesture. "Sure thing bro, but I'm curious, is it pork you've prepared?"

"So what if it is sis? Would you rather have some sweets?" He replied cheekily.

"Nope, I just happen to be in the mood for some pig dishes actually" She said, sporting a devious smirk.

The cybernetic siblings took their seats by the dining table, occupying two of the four available chairs. Breakfast in the form of an entire roasted hog that could feed an entire family for a week was soon served along with thick gravy. It was exactly the kind of feast Eighteen needed to occupy her mind with and therefore, she eager cleaned the meat-filled plate, leaving not a scrap.

"Wow, that's quite an appetite you have there. It's almost like you are eating for two." Seventeen teased with soup stained mouth.

"Maybe." Was her brief answer, before she quickly switched the topic, "by the way baby bro, where's your redhead fiancé?"

If there was ever an instance the cyborg woman regretted her choice of words, that was definitely it as her sibling's fulfilled expression soured instantly.

Oh great, now look at what you've done Eighteen...this must be how Krillin felt last night...and he was only looking out for you...

My Kril...please don't beat yourself up because of me okay...

"You know what bro, pretend I've never asked." The sister added in a hurry, spurred on by the thought of injuring multiple family members.

Except the brother raised a hand to stop her then stated in a somewhat heavy tone. "It's okay sis...I'm...glad you mentioned Carly. I think I'll feel a lot better by getting this off my chest."

"You see," Seventeen inhaled deeply, barely able to contain the trepidation. This rather uncharacteristic pause from someone not know for overthinking anything prompted his audience to sit at the edge of her seat, unsure gazes landing on his gloomy demeanor.

"Anyways here's the story, as you know, me and my lovely fiancé live together in a dormitory right?" He continued at last.

"Uh-huh." She nodded slowly, a nervous sweat sliding down pale cheek.

"Well recently, another couple moved in next door and let's just say they are loud, like nightmare inducing loud. Poor Carly, she started sleeping less and less and I can just see her life force slowly draining before my eyes! And believe me, no amount of so called civil communication worked. They'd stop for a night then bounce right back the next." Seventeen's words were filled with raw, undiluted anguish, his expression livid as if reliving the experience.

Eighteen felt like she was experiencing déjà vu and nodded even slower this time, her brow furrowed.

"So guess what I did?" Another pause, its purpose undoubtedly for dramatic effect. "I started playing...dun dun dun...questionable films with audio up to max whenever Carly wasn't there, simply to, ya know, to screw with them. Sometimes I'd even pitch in, just to make it more...believable for my audiences." A devious grin nearly identical to the one his sibling sported earlier emerged on the male twin's face.

While the sister couldn't quite figure out some of the coded words' definitions, she nevertheless smirked along with her brother. "Very...creative of you brother dear, you might've just inspired me"

"Did I?" His smug smile was reaching pre-reformed years.

"Probably." She stated plainly, finding it necessary to keep residuals of her deviant nature in check. "Besides, I don't see how returning the favor can possibly upset your fiancé."

Seventeen let out a heavy sigh then, seemingly devoid of energy, slumped back limply against his chair. "Well here's the thing sis, my other dorm mates heard my superb acting too and thought I was cheating on Carly. Thanks to those nosy nobodies, my darling girl's been avoiding me ever since." He finished with a groan, hands resting against his forehead.

Eighteen blinked once, then twice, yet still failed to find the right response. Half of her, the no-nonsense one wanted to chide her immature twin while the other caring half was dying to counsel him.

"I know, it's stupid but at least that showy couple had learnt to keep it down. Now all I have to do is to find my love and woo her with my charm!" Fueled by newfound determination, the cyborg youth bounced back from his inclined seat sporting a determined look, his fingers touching the shining engagement band.

"Now that's the spirit bro!" The elder sister allowed her nurturing nature took over and placed a reaffirming hand on his shoulder. "And I have some making up to do with my Kril too." As if imitating her brother's behavior, she began lightly stroking the diamond ring too.

"Hey relax sis, knowing how Krillin's crazy for you, you shouldn't have any trouble with him."

"Thanks little bro. The same can be said about your Carly."

The cyborg twins, who had been through numerous hardships together, shared a familial look before bursting into a bittersweet laugh together.

By Sixteen, we've both changed...just not enough...yet...

At that exact moment, the front door opened and came tumbling in a heavily panting Krillin drenched in sweat.

"Eighteen!" The former warrior monk sounded positively elated despite overwhelming tiredness, "thank Sixteen you are here! Look sweetie, I'm so so sorry about...,"

The husband didn't get to finish his sentence since, much like the night prior, the wife had held a hand over his mouth, even her reply contextually the same, "No Kril, don't apologize for others' wrong doing remember? Besides," she paused sheepishly, "I...shouldn't have ran off. Will you...,"

A literal breath-taking hug was the martial artist's response, that and the giggle-inducing spin.

"Wait! Stop you idiot! Be gentler with me will you?" The blonde woman, whose hair was now a total mess from the rapid whirling, squirmed in neigh unbreakable embrace. Gingerly, her arms pushed against his disproportionate broad shoulder, freeing up space for her abdomen.

Wow sis, am I happy for you...

While the married couple filled the room with merry sounds, their brother watched from the sideline, sporting an expression the perfect mixture of admiration and longing. Just when he was about to fall asleep from the soothing chatter, the one-and-only landline at the cabin rang, jolting him awake. Like a nervous schoolboy, he swiftly dashed toward the telephone handset, fingers trembling and heart thumping, barely able to hold onto the receiver.

"Yeah it's me, yours truly Seventeen. So which one of you lovely rangers do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" The raven-haired cyborg nevertheless managed to compose himself before delivering a rather relaxed if not cheeky greeting.

Fortunately, the person on the other end of the line was evidently pleased to hear him, for a soft feminine tone stroked his acute hearing, making him swallow a nervous gulp.

"C-Carly?" Instinctively, his fingers reached for the golden ring.

The cyborg youth's increasingly cheerful voice all but stopped the Chestnuts goofing around. Puzzled, Krillin looked at his spouse, who lowered her lips to his ear and whispered something that brought out first tickle-induced giggles then a radiant smile out of the former monk.

As a result, by the time Seventeen had hung up the phone, he was already trapped between Eighteen and Krillin, both with arms around his shoulders.

"Sounds like you are able to impress the lady bro!" The pure human congratulated, earning him a pleased grin.

"Of course bro, just like how you've won over my sister." The proud cyborg replied in a rather sincere tone that had his in-law appearing extra-pleased while his twin blushed like mad.

"Well good for you baby bro, but if I heard it right, you agree to take her out on a makeup date right?" Eighteen mouthed out after having regulated her temperature.

"Of course, and I plan on wowing her with my culinary skills. Care to be my samplers?" Seventeen declared rather confidently. Much to his surprise, this simple request elicited a joint stomach growling from his family.

Hmm...that's odd...I know Krillin might be hungry but hadn't sister dear eaten not too long ago?

Meanwhile, Krillin scratched his head sheepishly and nodded. "Sure thing bro, cause truth being told, I actually chased after Eighteen without eating anything."

"And I' sample more of your food baby bro, but I'd like to have some vegetable to go along with the pork...only because I want to be sure you can prepare different dishes." The aforementioned cyborg woman added the last part in a hurry.

Her younger twin stared curiously at his sibling but other than that didn't utter another word. Secretly, his biometric scanner had been activated, observing sans emitting any artificial lights the curious state of this presumptively singular entity.

The trio ended up staying at the decently furbished cabin well into the afternoon, tasting a variety of homemade cuisines till nothing but satisfied burping left their mouths.

The orangish pink sun had completely dipped under the dark blue sea level when Mr. and Mrs. Chestnut touched down on their private island hand-in-hand. Upon setting foot on the white sandy beach, the resident sea dweller came swimming at them full speed, his brownish scales ghastly pale.

"Be careful you two, those perverts are at it again!" Turtle blurted out in panic.

While Krillin groaned in disgust, Eighteen had allowed a warm smile to grace her face. "Thanks for the warning...friend, now leave them to us."

Despite mentally prepared and hands linked tightly together, the moment they pushed open the light green screen door, the loud audio still erected goosebumps all over their skins. This time, the artificially enhanced human actually felt tiny pain in her stomach and grimaced.

"I'm here for you Eighteen." Thankfully, her former-enemy turned lover, whether knowing her condition or not, reassured verbally before sending a flow of ki that warmed up her interior. "Do what you have to do sweetie." He continued, arm now wrapped gently around her waist.

Eighteen won't cause those two any physical harm I just know it...she's changed!

Feeling a wave of relief washed over her, the human girl turned cybernetic weapon fired off a weak finger beam at the vacant wall next to the television set then watched with satisfaction as the cackling viewers with backs toward them leapt up at once.

"Oh hey it's you. So what's for dinner?" The shock barely lasted for a few fleeting seconds though, seeing Roshi didn't even bothered prying his attention from the screen.

"There's none for you two, we've already ate." Was her curt response.

This time around, Oolong actually glanced at their direction, "So you two ate out heh? Is there anything for us?"

"No, not unless you fancy being a cannibal." Came her icier than usual reply.

The pig's brows furrowed, his eyes squinted undoubtedly attempting to decipher her coded message until they snapped wide-opened like saucer. "Y-yeah no thank you Ms. Robot."

Pleased she still had bargaining chips against them, Eighteen strode in front of the screen, hands on her waist in an authoritative fashion. "So here's the deal you perverts, no disgusting sound I can hear! I don't care if you two wear headsets or visit a theater, if I so much as sense another creepy noise you'll both pay!" During the speech delivery, her hand was subconsciously resting against her stomach, a sign easily Krillin picked up.

Oh my oh gosh oh dear it even possible? Am I going to be a...a...

The turtle hermit and his companion of shared passion listened in silence then let out a joint "Yes ma'am!"

Moments later while the couple was retiring to their sanctuary; however, they heard a distinct "Wow, isn't she getting bossier than usual? But we all know some hissing and intimidating glares is all she'll ever do!"

According to the artificial human's internal clock, it was near midnight when the dreaded audio rudely pounded against her eardrums.

"It's okay sweetie, I'm here for you babe." Despite her showing no sign of waking up, Krillin had already gathered her in an embrace, one hand running through her silky blonde locks while the other gently caressing her stomach.

The pampered wife wanted nothing more than falling into peaceful slumber, spirited away into dreamland by her husband's soothing touches but truth being told, she knew she has a promise to keep, that and the former monk's innocent massage was making her sweaty in more ways than one.

Krillin was still working on her stiff muscles when without warning, she sat straight up on the bed, knocking away his fingers in the process. "E-Eighteen? A-are you alright?" Worried, he hurriedly got up, only to be pushed down onto the mattress, letting out an audible "Ooph!"

"Shh Kril," The cyborg spouse's finger began tracing his lips much like an Earth rotation ago, albeit displaying far more eagerness.

"I said there'd be consequences for their irresponsible actions right?" She asked to which he nodded, eyes slowly widening and temperature rising in gradual realization of what's about to happen.

"If they can do as they please, why can't we? Why act so cautious when others don't?" Her suggestive words continued to tickle his sensitive earlobes.

The husband, currently silent or not, was in reality enjoying her advances perhaps a bit too much. The fact his angel's deceptively slender form was straddling his waist, her beauty magnified by the pale moonlight, made resistance not merely unfeasible but unthinkable.

"B-but sweetie, is it safe? I...I mean can your body handle it?" Regardless, a sense of duty still overcame any biological reaction he may have.

She replied in the form of a logic-depriving kiss, her slender fingers grasping his hand and pressing it against her abdomen. "Of course Kril, it's ours after all. I'm sure papa's passed down some of his superhuman genes."

A floor down sprawled the legendary Turtle School pervert lazily on the sofa, eyelids half-closed, surprisingly uninterested in the actions on screen, which constituted of a naked actor and actress laying on a bed, casually chatting as if reflecting on the wonderful experience.

Oh please, no one cares about your fabricated bond...just start round two already!

Perhaps it was his vivid imagination or his old age was getting to him, but out of nowhere, a barely audible grunt reached him, followed by the ceiling noticeably dipping down then bouncing up akin to a spring. The resulting noise prompted a certain pig to scurry out of the restroom appearing rather displeased.

"Hey old man, I thought you said you'd notify me when the good part starts." Oolong darted in front of the screen but to his bewilderment, saw nothing worthwhile. "Spill it Roshi, just what was that? It sounded almost...real."

Before the elder man could answer, yet another tiny groan accompanied by the shaking of ceiling occurred, then another, and another. Soon, their already fragile pink hut was quaking like, well, struck by an earthquake. Dust and loose parts began falling onto the duo, generating a massive panicking from them in addition to other forms of biological reactions.

"H-hey it's not funny lovebirds! Cut it out already!" Oolong yelled, but his voice was immediately drowned out amidst trembles of the Earth. "Roshi, we have gotta go! They are going to tear the house apart!"

Greeting the flustered animal was a torrent of blood colliding against his face akin to a water hose set to maximum strength. Fortunately, the splashing lasted mere seconds before the Turtle Hermit's nostrils tilted skyward, decorating the interior a disturbing crimson shade and knocking down appliances and even their prized television in the process.

"Get a hold of yourself Roshi!" Despite of bleeding from his nose too at this point, Oolong still tried reaching out to his loyal companion, only to watch helplessly as the shriveled up man hit the floor, pale body painted red from his own discharge.

"No! Don't leave me please! Doctor! I need a doctor! Somebody help!"

To Krillin's surprise, by the time his eyes fluttered opened the next morning, the sun was a bright white dot high up on the sky, illuminating the bedroom and, most importantly, his wife's angelic form snuggled peacefully against him.

"So babe, did you sleep well?" The husband inquired without expecting an answer from his sleeping cyborg spouse.

"Mmmm...," Nevertheless, she still purred softly before opening her jewel-like orbs.

With the breathtaking ocean view as backdrop, they exchanged a loving stare then let their lips do the bonding. For reasons perfectly known to the married couple, their bodies felt weightless quite unlike yesterday. After spending some genuine soul connecting moments, they easily dressed, neither missing any opportunity to admire the other.

In sharp contrast to their messy yet loving nest, downstairs was anything but, and the Chestnuts had to pause to gather their nerves at the nearly demolished common area.

"N-no way! D-did Master Roshi did this?" Kind-hearted Krillin felt his heart sank just imaging the kind of hardship his mentor must've underwent.

"Probably. I wasn't here when it happened, but I know that Oolong drove Roshi to the hospital last night. I think they are looking for blood donors." Turtle, who had magically opened the front door, said in a sorrow-filled voice.

"Wow...poor master...," The former monk muttered, more to himself than to anyone but was interrupted by a soft chuckling that had him turned toward his spouse, "Eighteen? Y-you know this would happen?"

"Maybe, but it's that geezer's own fault for unable to get his body under control, and I thought martial artists are supposed to master themselves first." The cyborg wife stated matter-of-factly before rubbing her still flat stomach. "Besides, you don't want our little Chestnut to come into this world filled by those disturbing noises right?"

At that, all the proud father and husband could do was wrapping his hands around her waist, his head resting against her tummy. "Of course not mama, and don't worry, I'm sure Master Roshi is just fine, he's pretty much immortal anyways."

"Good, cause those two will need a lot more inner strength to survive what's to come." Eighteen said warmly, her face pressing against his forehead.

Months later, the healthy cries of a baby girl who had unquestionably inherited her mother's hair and eye color as well as father's innate strength and adorable appearance would resonate across Kame House on a daily basis, completely changing the soundscape of this otherwise desolate island.

A/N: And that's it folks. I hope this rather unconventional chapter is to everyone's liking. The chapters before this one were all of chronological order but here I've decided to go back in time to when K18 had just tied the knot. On a more personal level, this one is kinda inspired by my neighbors' noises and while some parts were exaggerated, I do believe it's very likely to take place on Kame House.

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