Across the burned ruins of Singularity F, Servants are battling their alternate selves. The final battle for Humanity has begun.

Atop the Fuyuki Bridge, two figures face each other. Ritsuka Fujimaru, the last master of Humanity, Clad in silver and ivory armor, gifted to him by Alaya herself. His skin tan and hair going white from Circuit overuse. Facing him, is one of the many people he failed to save.

"So, you managed to defeat all my Crypters. Impressive, for a human." U Olga states with an imperious voice. "We're really doing this, huh Director?" Gripping a copy of Rule Breaker and the Holy Sword that was handed to him by Caster Artoria. "I'll save you. I promise."

Shocked, Olga can't help but take an involuntary step back. "WHY?! We barely knew each other?! Why would you go so far for a person you don't even know?!" Her voice cracked. "Because nobody deserves that Fate, to die over and over again for all eternity, for only trying to carry on your father's legacy. You were amazing back then, after I failed to save you, I hated myself for that. I won't fail again. Never again." With determined steel in his eyes. He takes on the form crafted by the greatest heroes of all time.

"I'll save you, even if it kills me."

With a single swing, he destroys the barriers around her with the might of the holy sword, the form of the friend who placed her faith, and her life in his hands. Finally face to face against her, with a final strike, he stabs her heart with the dagger of the Witch Of Betrayal. Ironic, considering that she was his most loyal companion ever since he summoned her after the third singularity. It's true name cried out, it's myth was re-enacted. The contract was nullified. Olga was saved. But for all his might as the last Master of Humanity, he was still bound by the laws of the world. 'To obtain something, something of equal value must be lost.' it was a fundamental principle of Magecraft, one often repeated by his mentor Paracelsus and his friend, Sitonai. And what could equal the value of a human life than another life? The Holy Sword was never meant to be wielded by human hands. It's might could never be contained in the tiny hands of a young child. But he still did. It was an impossible feat that made the King of Heroes himself feel pride in him. Though it was not without its cost. With his life force finally run out, his body fell to the ground unceremoniously. His servants, his trusted companions throughout the world rushed to his side, but even he knew it was in vain. His moist eyes saw something. Was it the gleam of paradise? Or of hellish eternal torment for his sin of wiping worlds? Who, other than the last Master of Humanity knows. But those who did know him well would say, "Perhaps it was just a desire to see a better future for everyone. A foolish desire of a foolish child... "

To save one person means not being able to save another.


Mash holds the three Saint Quartz. Capable of summoning legends. Standing before her Catalyst, she places them in the center of her shield.

The room rumbles as the Command Seals are grafted onto the back of her hand. Wings with a gladius in the center shine bright red. And as the smoke fades, a familiar figure stands with Sword and Dagger in hand.

"Servant Saver, Guardian Of Humanity, Fujimaru Ritsuka has answered your call. So which calamity do we have to save the world from, My Master? Or should I say, my Kouhai?"

Running up to him, hugging his frame like a lifeline, she cries as tears flow down her cheeks. Amidst her muffled sobs, she says, "It's good to see you back, senpai!"




"Hello there, Mash."





The freshly minted Masters of the next generation looked on in confusion. As the legendary Ritsuka Fujimaru is chased by almost the entirety of the female Servant population, with Mash Senpai leading the charge.

One of them asked Da Vinci, "Does this happen often? Or was it an error in the summoning?" She simply laughed and said, "Oh, don't worry. It's to be expected. Oh, and one more thing. Expect to see this same thing, or worse whenever you summon your own servants."

Running as fast his legs can carry him. Ritsuka ducks into an alcove, unaware of the orange eyes that belong to a certain person he saved.

"Director! It's ... Good to see you!" "Oh? Is that so?" "Of course!

Olga : Well, I still have something I wanted to do for a long time.

Ritsuka, hearing the cracking of knuckles, shielded his face , waiting for a slap, or a punch headed for his face. But it never came. Instead, he felt warm hands wrapped around him as moisture was felt on his clothes. Seeing the figure if a silently weeping Olga hugging him, he gently ruffled her hair, not saying anything...

Gripping onto him like a lifeline. Ritsuka decides that the armor he came in was too much, too hard for a crying face to rest on, shifting into the familiar white uniform of the rank and file master, his first mystic code that saved his and his Servants lives more times than he can count. They spend hugging one another for what feels like hours, simply enjoying one another's company as the tears start to run out.

"Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!" She cries, not really meaning the words she says. Hitting him with halfhearted slaps on the chest, not really meant to hurt.

"Sorry." Ritsuka mumbles into her hair. "Don't say something that you obviously don't mean." Olga whines "You'd do it again if you could, wouldn't you?" The silence gave her the answer.

"Come on. I wasn't that bad..."


"Eh… It's fine. Besides, did I tell you that one time Alaya asked me to battle a Velber Prototype besides Archetype Earth to prevent it from destroying the planet? Oh, and did I mention we fought on the Moon? Let me tell you, it was one heck of a fight. I even managed to hit it with a Sky High Justice Diver Bomb like I did with quetz in Babylonia!"

Grabbing the back of his head. She roughly brought her lips to his. Bruised, inexperienced, passionate. With wide eyes, Ritsuka stares at the bold move by the white haired tsundere. "You talk too much. An Animusphere never forgets her debts, you bloody moron."

The other masters could only stare with wide eyes at the scene in front of them. Their stern yet kind director, who while always ready to speak with them to solve their problems yet still retained a sense of distance from them, acting like a young maiden. Da Vinci simply giggled and said, "Glad to see that HAREM PROTAGONIST EX is working as always! Wait a minute?! It's an actual skill that you possess?!" Few things could surprise a universal Genius. But then again, few things could actually be NOT surprising about the Once last Master of Humanity.

"We're giving you a Grail to reincarnate, so get ready Ritsu!" Olga says with fervour, with maddened eyes that would be more suited to the Goddess of war Kagetora than the Director of the Chaldea Security Organization.

Ritsuka chuckled nervously and said " That would be unnecessary, director." Olga was just as surprised by this as well as Mash and the others. Why was he hesitant to do so? Did they make a mistake? Did he have some regrets? Seeing their reactions, Ritsuka simply smirked as a faint glow surrounded him before fading just as immediately as it appeared. While others had missed the change, Da Vinci and her inventions hadn't, despite their subtlety. Da Vinci screamed once again as she said, "You're a human now ?!" Ritsuka smiled and said with a smirk. " Yup. Unlike normal servants, I'm a complete Heroic Spirit which can only be summoned when the world is in danger. Because of it, I get quite a bit of leeway with my existence. Even the planet doesn't try to recorrect my anomalous existence since I'm on good terms with her. So I can incarnate as I please! Eh? Why are all of you silent?"

"After renegotiating both Emiya's contract as well as Okita. There is going to be a different way from just magically nuking the entire area from now on. Shirou looks a lot happier than I've ever seen him, since we're just killing those responsible. She likes to do a battering ram philosophy, while I insisted on having more precision on matters like this. As you can see, I have a tan and black and white hair. Just to let you know, she has a really big gyaru fetish. Oh, we also get a lot of visitors too. Honestly, my favourite part is the poker games that Merlin, Gilgamesh, and I play. Sometimes even an alternate version of EMIYA senpai joins us. They bicker and taunt each other quite a bit, but I still think they have some mutual respect for each other. "

Anyways, I'm glad that I got Shirou out of that shitty deal. We work in twos so we can watch each other's backs. He really enjoys cooking for those in war torn areas. She mostly pairs the two of us up the most, something about double protagonist skills, she says. These Singularities and Lostbelts have really shaken her.

Oh, and we actually now have a proper internship program for the Counter Force! I had to mediate the Heroic Spirits as well as Alaya, but she did agree with fullfing minor wishes like reuniting the heroic Spirits with their loved ones like Rama and Sita in exchange for actually going on missions when sending us Counter Guardians is overkill. Things are looking pretty fine for us these days! But moving on. What's threatening the world now? An invasion? An attack? Or an Outer God?"

Olga grimaced "A bit of the first two, Type Mercury has been acting up again and has been spitting out soldiers on par with Servants in the MILLIONS, we set up a barrier around South America, but this might be a problem."

Ritsuka hummed softly, then replied, "That explains why Zeltretch's been keeping distance from this timeline. Still, while I can last against a Type, I'm not specialised in dealing with it." Olga grimaced a bit hearing this, but shook her head. It was fine. It was a testament to his abilities that despite being what many would consider to be a mediocre mage from the Age Of Man, he still became a part of the Throne and could go toe to toe against a Type. Seeing her reaction, Ritsuka chuckled and said, "Though I'm sure that I can always request Edem-San. I'm sure he'll help if I ask nicely."

Gritting her teeth "Right... Let's get to work."

It was another journey for the Master of Chaldea. One with just as high stakes as his first. But then again, when was it not? He'd be lying to himself if he said he didn't feel at home fighting alongside his trusted companions and loved ones. The Throes of Time March on. But his journey never ends. It never will. As long as Humanity exists, so shall he. And as long as he exists, humanity will not fall.

True End(?)

AN: So this was a "what if" scenario that u/Thomas_108 and I thought up on Discord. Since saving the world multiple times over, Alaya would want to make him a Counter Guardian. This one-shot was cooked up in a few hours, hopefully this was an entertaining read.