AN: Here is another attempt on my part of writing. The story sets in a fusion of Original TA and Nasuverse. For those unfamiliar with the setting go to Taimanin Fandom and then compare the setting with the Nasuverse. And what you get is less detailed version of the Nasuverse, with ninja, demons and gods.
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The day start like every other, early in the morning stretched each of his limbs, stood up folded his futon, tied it and place it in a corner of his small apartment room.

Then silently did 10 minutes of push ups and 10 minutes of sits up making it a 20 minute workout.
Then standing stinking and sweating from the floor and turn on take a look at his phone on the table beside the entrance to the bathroom which marked 7:00AM and before walking in to refreshing himself, turns on the radio on his phone.

"...number of disappearance across Tokyo has been increasing recently. The police department doesn't seem to have suspect of thus calling all the citizens to keep vigilant of suspicious activities in their community, and advising parents to personally escort their children to and off school, and the students to walk straight home."tuned the same radio station as he brushed his teeth in the same order before taking a shower regardless of the morning news.

"Now for those lovers of old time American rock, one of those great hits of the last century, we transport you back to 1986 with Sweet Child of Mine by Gun&Roses!? If you like what you hear? Stay tuned to the station that broadcast your favorite foreign classics, here in the one and only, DAMON!~" He's ears were more focused on the tune of the guitar than the lyrics humming the particular tune still not bothering for the music.

Not disturbing his routine.

After the quick shower he exited the bathroom with a gray towel wrapped around his waist, opens 4 drawer where from each he withdrew a boxers, a deodorant, a white tank top, and pair white socks. Then shift to the closet pulling out from it faded black cargo pants, a black sweater and a long sleeves black jacket.

Removing the towel from his waist to dry his ashen white hair.

Once dried he discards the towel and started to slid on his underwear under his rather well build long legs to his thighs hiding the beast of thick hide of darker skin of a powerful muscle between his legs.

Lifting his slim bulky arms to spray over his armpits, placed his tank top over his sculpted abdomen which made it look more defined as the shirt's fabric extended and settled like another layer of skin to then be hidden underneath the black fabric of his sweater.

Holding taking with his callous hands he slid black socks under more calloused feet to pass under faded black cargo pants and rather bulky jacket.

Not disturbing a single beat of the routine.

The music changed to a German Heavy Metal, grabbing the phone still not disturbing the rhythm in his daily routine. "Ich Tu Dir Weh..."despite the distortion in the voice of the singer.

He sits on the entrance placing the phone over the shoe house. Putting brown work boots, drawing tool box for a quick inspection making mental notes of what needs to be replace and restock. Tape, Flux and Glue being the priority to restock for back up.

However, he focused on the electronics within his tool box, the power tools: drills and hand saw; his gas, electric and water reader. Pulled the power tools give a glance then shut his eyes for 1 minute.

For anyone watching this from an external point of view it would assume that the man is judging how much life the battery has left.

After inspection he takes a look at the apartment, a spartan like room for lack of decorations which only furniture was a drawer, a table, his futon folded on the corner and calendar pin to the wall in January, 25th , 2076. Aside from that his different tool kits and some of his bigger tools stored in boxes.

'And some world news, the tension between American Pacific Federation and Chinese-Asian Union are further escalating since the assassination of a Chinese Union diplomat at a conference talk at the UN...'With everything in order picking up the phone turning off the radio before placing it in his breast pocket with keys on one hand as he walks through the door holding his tool box in the other.

30 minutes in preparation like yesterday and the day before, still with the monotonous activity that he had followed for the last year. Which, he liked it, for being simple not complicated life, just living day by day not every minute. To some people the routine of just waking up for work, was a boring and exasperating existence when compared to the excitement that brings in disrupting the peace of mind to pursuit glory, fame, power and dreams; something he wasn't interested in pursuing anymore.

Locking the door behind, walk with his tool box down the staircase of his apartment located at the backside on the third floor of a three story building.

Few steps after the stairs with his feet on the concrete, walking around the building the man comes facing the front entrance of Cafe on the bottom floor of the same building. Not bothering the closed sign on the door, he takes few steps forward to the window and takes a peek through the clear glass window, with a few seconds of survey the man recognize the person he was looking for.

A brunette with back tied hair in a side tail with purple band with apron over her yellow blouse, blue skimmer skirt and pantyhose and comfortable black heeled shoes.

She was in behind the counter on the other corner of the store, with her back facing the entrance too invested roasting coffee beans who seemed to be overcooked by the small yet cloud of smoke its slowly building.

He walked to the window nearest to the counter and knocked for 5 minutes on the glass. Until she opened.

Walking through the door the man is greeted by a busty brunette. And by the surprised look in her green eyes gave she was quite enthralled in her thoughts which in recent became more frequent.

"Go... good morning, Shirou-san." She said trying and failing to not sound embarrassed or tired but her lingering eyes and facial expression said otherwise.

"Good Morning Sayoko-san." The man identified as Shirou greets politely like usual and followed behind the brunet.

12 years old Haruki Nagisa was in love.

In love with Sayoko Natsume, his best he's adoptive mother.
Ever since Haruki came to live with the Natsume's he cant help but look at Sayoko with eyes not proper for a son but those of man who wanted her as women, his women, his alone.

For you see despite appearance, Haruki Nagisa was not the innocent and cute child he made himself appear to be. You see he has dark past which he keeps secret. For you see 2 years prior to his stay with Natsume's, when his parents were alive. Haruki's father introduced young Haruki to an exclusive club.
The club's name: Pardiso, to enter as a member of this club one must have certain aptitudes.

And his father had them all, a respectable doctor with no vices with a stable family a wife and a son, a man who paid his taxes who did charity work on clinics, a definitive exemplar good citizen. But his most important aptitude of all, he was discrete.

For this club had an activity, Slave Training, For you see where some private club likes to organize orgies with a lot of fat fishes fucking high class whores. Where do they get them? From places like Paradiso, where a collection of slave trainers of different walks of life gather be the stuck in his room introverted NEET to the super competitive CEO stuck in his office.

Before his death at a car accident, Haruki's father inducted the young Haruki to the ins and out of the organization and in the process making the 10 year old an unofficial member with free pass.

And ever since then Haruki every noon, before or after school visits Paradiso for the last 2 years. Even after moving into Sayoko's Cafe it did not deter Haruki from Befriending the manager/master of the establishment and meeting many of its member hearing all their devilish tales and the many slaves they indoctrinated to love the shit they poop straight out from their assholes.

Thus its no wonder that Haruki set himself a goal in life, he wants to be the very best like no one ever was, he wanted to be an elite first class slave trainer. And thus a year long scheme for his debut was made, one which is in due this week to pay off. For the couple of months, Haruki has been feeding Sayoko's husband with anaphrodisiac to inhibit his libido while feeding Sayoko with aphrodisiac. The plan was simple, Sayoko's craving and frustration in a sexless marriage to a missing soft cock husband to seek comfort in nearest hardest and biggest cock, his cock.

Everything was set to be perfect, it was due to a small detail one he overlooked, one which could ruin everything if not handled properly.

What he overlooked was one single person, the tenant who he rarely saw, Shiro Emiya otherwise proffered to be known as Shiro-san. A man that was Japanese who appeared to to be foreigner, taller than Sayoko's husband, with wide shoulders and in top shape and body which screams pure testosterone.

Why did it bother him so much this tenant? Simply the way Sayoko look at the man every morning, with those eyes filled with desire. The way she screams his name every night she orgasm spontaneously.

It pissed him off, it irritates him that he would have wasted an entire year in observing Sayoko and her pathetic husband, another whole year of drug administration to set everything for his debut, all so the fruit of his labor be ripped by someone else.

Thus Haruki over the last couple of days Haruki has been observing the man's routine when Shiro was at home.

From what he hears the man is a freelance handyman/repairman who works in different parts of the city and in other districts never being fixed in one single place.

Limiting Haruki to follow him within boundaries of his neighborhood due to still needing to go to school. But what he found out so far was that Shiro was rarely in his apartment during the day and only at late night where he just go to sleep. And never stays much in the mornings except to receive a brew of coffee from Sayoko's store which by the time isn't open yet.

Thus before dawn Haruki has been tampering with small batch of coffee beans which he knew Sayoko would use for Shiro brew in the morning with an-aphrodisiac which were colorless and odorless. Which should Sayoko seek Shiro to relieve her itch, what she will find is another soft cock of a man as the amount added to the blend is just that effective.

And by the time Shirou was pulling his mug Haruki was on his way to school with smile on his face confident that he averted a crisis.

Or so Haruki thought as Shirou's mug stopped a few centimeters away from his lips.

For Shirou who was expectant of the scented steam hitting his awakening nostril from this brew of coffee. However the moment the scent hit his nostril, every muscle in his body instinctually halted from bringing the mug near his mouth. For the last year he had been coming to Natsume's Cafe since he started living here.

It would not be exaggerated that he was very intimate with Sayoko's coffee so intimate that he could replicate the result from getting the temperature of the water right, to even acquiring the beans of the same quality and roasting them to perfection. Because Sayoko was so consistent over the year she has been brewing his mug that it would be impossible to miss anything stray from it.

So he asks. "Sayoko-san did you add something to the brew?"

"...No, I made it like usual, with the cooked grain from yesterdays batch." She reply hesitantly, "... Why you ask?"

"It kind of smells like something is amiss" as he spoke he set the mug on the counter right in front of Sayoko.

To which grabbed and pulled close to her nose and inhaled the aroma of the brew. And after placing the mug again in the counter. "I dont smell anything outside of the usual. How are you sure?"

While a normal sense of smell wouldn't have picked anything outside of the normal. If he were to describe it in words it would be; something hollow of scent, no highlights, something meant to go unnoticed underneath the overpowering smell of the brew. But Shirou's sense of smell was wired to pick that anomaly, where other had different means to find them. And depending on where the person origin they have a different name, he knows this anomaly by one name, Mana.

And it wasn't good for him.

"You could say I have sharp nose for food." He smiles at her kindly. "It has never failed, else I wouldn't be sitting." Shirou Emiya despite living a day by day simple life as handyman. The circumstances around how he came here were not.

AN: This attempt would have originally been a reboot of my fic Crapsack World thou with a different beginning. However I decided against it and made some modification and thus why Shirou Emiya is the main character. Anyway this Shirou Emiya is not from any particular route, maybe a meshed up route like Shirou from Unlimited Code, thou the path to his ultimate fate as a counter guardian for Alaya as interrupted by a supernatural being and made him skip time.

I made some modification to the taimanin timeline so it makes more sense to me. The characters presented in this chapter are:

Haruki Nagisa and Sayoko Natsume from Ochiru Hitozuma/Fallen Wife which is set in a bad end Taimanin Yukikaze, which I modified to be 5 years before TY1 and TY2.

As for the date, there I will be using RPGX date its 2080s making all the people Shirou is familiar with being long dead or very elderly. Thus if Shirou during the events of Fate Zero(1994) is 7-FSN taking place 10 years later(2004)- making his birthday 1987, thus his chronological age by 2076 being 89 despite being his late 20s early 30s, either skipping time during 2014-2017.

The Demon World in Taimanin is the Reverse Side of the World of Nasuverse trying to overlap on the world thus why Phantasmal beast/demons are becoming common. Taimanins are the equivalent of Shiki Nanaya's or Shiki Ryougi's family of Demon Hunters or like Akiha Tohno or Kouma Kishima being the result of inner demon taking over when said taimanin have demon ancestor. Ritual Ayelsbury maybe what halted the Reverse side of the World taking over the World. Dead Apostles Ancestors I cant seem to bring them to the mix, if you have any suggestion please bring them or discuss them.

I have not played any of FSN or Tsukihime all my knowledge is from the Wiki.