Hey there! It's me, Moona! Welcome to Blue's Room where we always have fun and exciting playdates ready just for you! I'm sure you were not expecting a greeting from me, hee-hee. In case you didn't know, I am a fairy who came aaalll the way from the Moon. In fact, I'm the one who created this very room as a gift for Blue. Here, I mostly cast my magic to decorate and set up all these fun playdates for Blue and her friends. Speaking of which, Blue and her friends are all having story time right now in Blue's Room. It's sort of our tradition each night before we go to sleep that we would all sit together in the living room and one of Blue's would choose a story to read out loud for everyone else to listen. Tonight however, we decided to do something a little different. Instead of reading our usual storybooks, each person tells their own stories about their unique adventures they've had or special places they would often visit in the past. Roary's story is about his home in Dino-land and Polka-Dots' is about his favorite donut shop. I'm now listening to Blue tell her story about her birthday party with Joe's brother Steve in the little doorway on my tree.

"…and then while we were playing musical chairs, I was able to steal Steve's seat and he knocked himself down silly!" Everyone started laughing after she finished her sentence.

Ah… I love Blue so much… Ever since I saw her for the very first time, I knew right away that she wasn't like any other ordinary little puppy. Instead of eating from a dog bowl, she would sit up in a chair and use a fork and spoon. Instead of burying her collected bones, she would spend her free time reading or painting or singing; all amazing talents from such a small blue puppy. When I look at her, I imagine gazing at a gigantic ocean with a vibrant sky blanketing over it. Blue's bubbly personality is the Sun shining from the sky and reflecting its ray off the sparkling ocean into my eyes. She is no doubt the most beautiful puppy in all the land!

I was a bit sad when I learned that even with her unique talents, she still could not speak like a normal person. Well, this clever little puppy found a way to fix that; she created this game called 'Blue's Clues' in which she places 3 paw prints on 3 different objects and her owner, Joe, needs to figure out the answer from the 3 clues. While very useful and veeeery fun to play, Blue still struggled so much to convey even 1 simple sentence, like a baby who is constantly frustrated because they can't always make their parents understand their needs. I'm surprised that Blue herself wasn't always annoyed by this; that's how optimistic and strong she is. I'm glad she finally got the true privilege she deserved one blue Moon night: her greatest gift.

Some may not see the true value of Blue's gift. After all, many creatures from all over the Earth use words to speak and because of that, most of them don't realize how lucky they are to be able to share or understand each other's feelings or stories so easily. It's really amazing how a certain arrangement of sounds could mean so much to everyone.

"And that was my birthday party last year. Boy did we all have so much fun! Especially Steve. If anything, it looked like it was his birthday party, haha!"

"Haha! That's my big brother!" Joe commented. "Gosh, I really miss him… I wonder how he's doing in college right now."

"Ok, whose turn is it now?" Polka-Dots asked.

"Oh right! Whose turn is it?" Blue followed his question.

"Hmm…I think that's everybody," Joe concluded.

"Aww… already?" whined Polka-Dots.

"Well anyways, it's getting dark so I think we better head to bed," Joe followed up. "I'll go get my blanket."

"Yeah, it's been a long night," Blue agreed. Goodnight everybody!"

"Wait!" Fred called to everyone. "Wait! We're still missing someone. Someone important!"

"Haha, Fred… We've already heard you talk about your adventure in Icing Land," Blue giggled.

"What? Not me silly! There's someone else in this room who didn't get a turn yet."

"Oh yeah!" Roary agreed.

They both said out loud together "Moona!"

Wait, what?

I wasn't expecting anyone to suddenly call out my name like that. That almost never happens to me. To be honest, I'm used to just being a background person: a silent guardian who only comes out when needed. Not that I minded by the way. I'm happy just to be there to help others with my magic. I wouldn't ask for much of anything more. Then again, I guess being invisible for such a long time kind of lowers your expectations.

Before I knew it, Blue and her friends were all surrounding my tree.

"Hey, Moona?" Joe called to me as he knocked on the tree trunk.

I popped my tiny head out of the small doorway. "Oh, hi Joe!" I answered politely.

"Uh…" Polka-Dots began. "Do you have any stories you'd like to tell us for story time? We've all told ours. We just don't want you to feel left out."

I stopped myself for a moment. I just realized I've been so invested in my friends' cute and exciting stories that I forgot to consider about my own tale which I am to tell. I've never told other people of my past before. My story isn't half as exciting as Blue's or Fred's or Joe's. I actually consider it quite strange. Yet another part of me wants to share it with my friends. I've kept this to myself for quite some time already.
"I uh… I don't think you would like my story."

"Sure we will!" Roary said. "We would be more than happy to get a chance to know about you a bit more."

"Besides, you're a moon fairy!" Joe followed up. "Surely any stories you have are bound to be exciting!"

Just then, one of my oldest friends, a golden key named… well, Key was just arriving into Blue's Room after a long evening at the latch museum. You'd think such a place doesn't exist but let's just say I've had my fair share of surprises on Earth.

"Hey guys!" he greeted. "What did I miss?"

"Well, a lot actually…" Blue replied.


"But don't worry!" Moona is about to tell us her story."

"About her past?" Key asked. Blue nodded.

"Oh wow! You know, I was with her when Moona met Blue for the first time."

"Really?" Roary asked.

"Oh yeah! You told me about this during the second blue Moon." Blue mentioned. "How did you meet Key anyway?"

After this was a looooong stream of questions from everyone.

Polka-Dots asked, "How did you get your magic?"

Then Fred. "Were you really born on the Moon?"

Even Joe joined in. "How did you make Blue able to talk?"

"Uh well…" I began. "I don't know where to even start!"

"I'd like to hear your story from the very beginning!" Fred suggested.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

"From the very begin…"

But before I can continue, I was interrupted by Blue. "Hey, you guys! Look at the bright full Moon outside!"

Blue was at the window near the front door, gazing at the night sky above. And faster than you can say 'Twinkle twinkle little star', everyone followed her.

At that point, I was getting a little nervous. Maybe even shy.

"Uh…" I stuttered "Maybe I can tell you my story some other time."

"Aww… Moona pleeease…?" Key begged as he looked back to me. "This is the perfect night for your story!"

"Well… I don't know…"

"Pleeeeeease…?" everyone joined in, including Joe.

"Well… I guess I could. I don't remember exactly how I was born but…"

And just like that, everyone was sat down, all huddled up towards each other. They were all just so excited, hee-hee. I feel like a preschool teacher who is asked to tell one last story before my kids' afternoon nap.

"Hey!" Joe chimed in. "Since it's such a beautiful night, I think it would be great if we could sit outside while listening to your story."

"I'll get the picnic basket!" Polka-Dots exclaimed.

"I'll get some treats for our midnight snack!" Fred followed.

"Ooh! Don't forget to bring some papaya!" Roary told Fred.

After a few minutes, everyone inside the house was all headed outside. There was a large field at the bottom of the hill to which Blue's house is on and we all decided that it was the perfect place to set up our midnight picnic. I used my magic to make a giant blue polka-dotted carpet for all of us to sit on.

"Wow, you're right Joe!" Blue commented. "This is a great place!"

"I know right!" Joe agreed. "Not a lot of people go for picnics at night. I thought we'd try something new tonight."

"Ok, I've got the snacks," said Fred.

Fred came with Polka-Dots holding a picnic basket. Once she opened it though, everyone else couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

"There are only 2 cupcakes and 3 slices of papaya…" complained Polka-Dots.

"There weren't many snacks left," answered Fred. "Besides, I remembered the papaya!"

"Yeah but still…" Roary moaned. "I wish we had a bit more…"

"Don't worry!" I said "I can fix that!"

I whipped out my trusty moon wand and gave it a big wave, and blip bam boom! I magically created a whooole buffet of yummy snacks for everyone.

"Wow!" Blue cried.

"Thanks Moona!" said Roary.

"I don't know what we'd do without you Moona!" Polka-Dots said.

"You're the best Moona!" mumbled Fred as she was taking a bite out of a slice of blueberry pie.

I couldn't help but smile gleefully for once again doing a good deed for my friends. This proud feeling helped me become more motivated to tell my story.

"Ok, is everyone ready?" Joe chimed in.

"Yep! We are all ready to go!" replied Blue.

"I guess we're all in place then. All right Moona! Let 'er rip!"

"Hee-hee, alright then, here I go…"