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Anyway, here is the really short, unedited crossover oneshot I wrote:


This is my first oneshot. In case you want to know, this takes place after Heroes of Olympus (HOO) and sometime during the 7th HP book (TDH, and sometime from chapter 20 to 22.) Hope you like it! Now, on with the one shot!

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Me: Alright... I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter!

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Percy woke up in an unexpected spot - in a tent. The minute he realized he was not in his own, comfortable, bed, he sat up and blinked. He got up and caught eyes with a tall, redheaded boy. Immediately, both Percy and Redhead stood up, Percy jutting his hand in his pocket for Riptide, the other boy grabbing a.. stick? Wow, what an excellent weapon: a thin cylinder of wood! Sarcasm aside, Percy had no idea why or how he was here. Had the boy kidnapped him or something? Percy was disrupted by a boy's shout.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here, and what did you do with Harry?!"

"Who's Harry?" Percy gripped his pen tighter. "Who are you and what am I doing here?"

A girl ran in, probably at the yelling. She stopped at the scene, pointing her stick at Percy.

"Tell me who you are, why you are here, and where you put Harry! Are you a Death Eater?" The girl said in a British accent.

"Who's Harry?!" Percy repeated. So... they were British. He glared at the girl and boy, uncapping Riptide. The other two gasped and backed away, but didn't take the sticks or eyes of him. "Am I missing something? Why am I here, and..." He inwardly laughed as a new thought came to him. "Who would want to eat Thanatos?!"

The couple (Percy assumed so, why else would two teens be in a tent alone?) glanced at each other and glared at him. "Don't play dumb with me. Everyone knows who Harry Potter is. Thanatos is... umm... the Roman god of death... right?" The girl took a breath and glanced uneasily toward the boy. "Anyway you know that's not what I meant! And why are you asking us why you're here? YOU are the one who randomly appears in Harry's bed. Now. Tell. Me. Truthfully. How did you get in? I put protective charms all around, it's actually impossible to walk, sneak, or apperate in."

Percy blinked. Wow, this girl reminded him of Annabeth. Wait.. Annabeth! Oh gods... had she noticed he wasn't at camp yet? Was she panicking or look for him? Apparently, wherever this girl lived 'Harry' was famous or something similar. Was this something like what happened with Jason? There couldn't possibly be another demigod camp.. could there? If there was, why wasn't his memory erased? Not that he wanted it to be erased. And what was the 'apperate' thingy? Percy took a deep breath.

"I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here, and I also don't know who 'Harry Potter' is. Should I? Also, why are you speaking in British accents?" The tree last sentence just sort of popped into his head, probably because of his ADHD. "I swear on the river Styx, I'm telling the truth. My name is Percy, by the way," he added as an afterthought. At the name, the redhead started and muttered something to the girl, who yet still glared at him.

"What do you mean 'I swear on the River Styx'? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't a death eater..." The girl dropped her hand (and stick) to her side. The boy glanced at the girl, probably wondering why she was giving him the benefit of the doubt. She ignored him and kept on talking. "I'm Hermione, and he's Ron." As she was talking, a teenage boy with round glasses, black hair and green leaf eyes ran into the tent.

"Hermione! Ron!" He yelled. "There was this weird camp that I woke up in and people were..." The new guy noticed Percy. "So... I assume that's Percy Jackson?"

Percy stared as the boy hugged Hermione and Ron. "But... How.." He stumbled on the words. How could some random guy know his name? Then something clicked- probably from spending too much time with Annabeth. The teen probably was the Harry Potter those two had asked him about. He probably woke up in Percy's bed, therefore being bombarded with questions on where Percy was.

"How do I know your name? Kinda hard not to when girls with swords - actual sharp swords, mind you - ask you "Where is Percy?" Over and over and over again.. Once she figured out what had happened, she let me go as long as I apparate you back immediately."

Harry grabbed Percy's arm, and before Percy could wrench it out, turned on his foot. Before Percy knew what had happened, he was standing in the Poseidon cabin next to Harry and Annabeth, feeling as though somebody had sucked all the breath out of his lungs. Annabeth ran and hugged him while Harry disappeared..? Where did Harry go? But he and Annabeth would debate that another day. Right now, the question was: Who or what switched him with Harry?

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