Beyblade Let It Rip Again

Chapter# 0.27

Kai and Ray





Good evening for those who have just tuned in to the BBA Channel, we are watching the final of the Asian championship where Zeo has won the first victory of the night by defeating Queen, at this moment the stadium is shaking because the fans are going to welcome the home player, Garland who will be facing none other than Ray Kon, commented Brad Best.

—this fight will be epic Brad —commented Topper —both are bladers with the same characteristics when it comes to attack and speed, it's going to be a very even battle, I don't dare to make a prediction on who will win this fight Brad.

-I can give you my prediction AJ, it's going to be a battle that will make everyone in the stadium shake with excitement," added Brad, "in just a few minutes the second bout will start so stay in your seats.

—Come on Ray give your best! —Salima was shouting with all her strength as well as her friends, specially Goki —we are here as we promised so don't even think about losing Ray —Salima managed to stand up for a few seconds.

—well said Salima —Mariah smiled at her —Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray! —Mariah kept running his name and clapping —come on Lee, Gary, Kevin, what are you doing!, you must shout with more encouragement if you want Ray to win!

—come on, cat-eyes, you can win this match but not the final! —Suki could be heard shouting, she turned to show her thumb to Salima who blushed a little.


Ray and Garland arrived on stage amidst a tide of applause and shouts of euphoria, there were more shouts of support for Garland for being the representative of India, both shook hands before taking their positions.

—Garland Garland! —Ming Ming chorused with her angelic voice —come on friends you must cheer for my friend Garland with me if you like me! —the singer addressed their fans —say with me Garland Garland! —Ming Ming moved her waist from one side to the other.

—I want Ray to win but with that voice I feel like cheering for Garland... —said Kenny mesmerized by Ming Ming's beauty but he came back to his senses when Hilary pinched his right cheek —AUUUCHHHHHHHH you want to give me a scar Hilaryyy!

—you deserve it...shut your mouth Kenny, you are proof that even the smartest person in the world can turn into a puppy dog who just waits for orders, I can't believe you would betray Ray for that chick who doesn't even sing as good as they say she does —said in an angry way Hilary.

—Garland!, Ray! come on guys give a thousand percent in this battle hahaha —Crusher supported both, Brooklyn just smiled without saying a single word.

—it's a shame I have to eliminate you in my first battle Ray —said Garland laughing —don't take this the wrong way but I trained all this time preparing myself to face Tyson and Brooklyn... so I won't have mercy on you.

—who won't have mercy on you will be me if you keep talking about Ray like that —Mariah was about to jump on stage but Lee managed to hug her back so she wouldn't move —let go of me Lee!, I'm going to teach him a lesson!.

—you wish, little girl —said Ming Ming very confidently — please don't bother to make a fool of yourself because Garland is about to sweep the floor with your friend —the singer winked at her —but don't worry, I'll give you my autograph as compensation.

—I wouldn't be too confident if I were you —spoke Salima calling Ming Ming's attention —you are talking about one of the best bladers and also one time world champion, something that the ex BEGA team hasn't achieved yet, right? —the red hair girl smiled when she saw that Ming Ming was smoking out of her ears while Crusher was calming her down.

—calm down Ming Ming there is not reason to be so mad haha —said the South Africa —besides she is right in saying all that about Ray, I am proud to say that both of you are my friends.

—I know you're at home feeling the public support but you're still daydreaming Garland —Ray smiled and wielded his pitcher —I'm not going to babble nonsense, I'm going to show you what I'm capable of with my Driger —Ray frowned.

—what a great moment friends, sparks are flying out of your mouths, the second match of the night is about to begin, who will join Zeo in the next round, we'll know in a few moments so 3, 2, 1, LET IT RIPPP!.


Both threw their blades to the plate, Apollon tried to hit Driger but all his combinations were dodged at a surprising speed that surprised everyone in the stadium. Max was amazed by Driger's speed —guys is awesome, Apollon can't even hit him!, Driger is so fast!.

—how do you beat your opponent if you can't touch him AJ, although it's too early to tell because the fight has just started.

—a good question and answer at the same time Brad!

—you're faster than I thought Ray —Garland told him —I regret saying this would be easy —Garland scratched the back of his head but he kept smiling and feeling confident —come on Apollon time to gets serious!.

—oh so sorry dear Garland but you're slower and now you've figured it out hahaha —shouted Mariah furiously as she threw punches in the air.

—relax sister, just try to get into Ray's head —said Lee —I don't think everything he says is serious, not even Tyson would take so lightly an opponent like drought making quick attacks and Driger drought dodging them.

—if Ray continues like this, he will win the fight —shouted the White Tigers excited to see that no hit had managed to reach Driger after so many attempts of Apollon.


Ray looked calm while his blade was showing class by dodging the fast attacks of his rival without losing control, Ming Ming was getting frustrated and even more when she saw that Mariah stuck her tongue out at her.

—it looks like it will be with everything we have from the beginning Apollon —Garland tightened his arms and took an attack position —Apollon let's go all out this time!

—Ray could see that the blows were coming faster and harder.


—watch out Ray, Apollon is gonna try to beat you! —Tyson shouted as he got up from his seat. Garland threw a kick in the air and the crowd began to chant his name and get excited.


Driger stopped dodging the attacks and collided head on with Apollon, releasing a small ripple of force in the stadium. Now it was a duel of collisions, one after another, Garland was furious because he didn't realize that Ray was controlling the pace of the fight.

—Ray and Garland want to see who has more strength! —said Jazman —this is simply amazing!.

—Apollon was finally able to catch up with Driger because Ray stopped running away and wanted to start attacking —commented Daichi —he was controlling the whole match hehehe, and Driger looks stronger with every clash, I want to face him!

—Ray is smart, Apollon's speed doesn't fool him, he was studying the reach and power of his blows, he knows they can be as strong as Dranzer's or Dragoon's, that's why he decided to fight him hard with hard—spoke Tala.

—come on Ray! —shouted Mariah while watching Ming Ming's reactions, both were giving each other death stares, they were only seconds away from going to blows if it wasn't for Lee and Crusher.

—this is bad guys —aid Brooklyn speaking for the first time.

—Why do you say that Brooklyn? —Crusher and Ming Ming didn't understand the reason of his words.

—look at Garland carefully , he is trying harder and harder, but Ray is still like the beginning, if this continues like this it will only be a matter of minutes for Ray to win this fight, but what surprises me the most is to see that he is not even trying hard.


Garland was doing his martial arts maneuvers for his blade to execute them against Driger, but none of them worked to change the direction of the fight that little by little was leaning in favor of the champion of China.

—it's not working —thought the white-haired man as he began to despair. Garland swallowed dryly —I must use my new move even if I don't like it, since I was thinking of saving it for the final round.

—look at Garland's blade, it's turning white.. —said Hilary impressed at the same time that she covered her eyes since the rays that projected were very luminous as well as the others except for Tala and Tyson.

—what kind of attack is that Garland..—Ray wondered as Mariah struggled to keep her eyes open as did Brad and AJ —we have to be careful Driger..

—now you'll see my real power Ray! —Garland clenched his fists and Apollon managed to push Driger back for the first time in the encounter.


Apollon started to hurt Driger with quick combinations, he managed to lift him off the plate but Driger managed to fall back in. Ray crawled his neck while Mariah and Salima sighed with relief as Ming Ming kicked her seat three times, Crusher had to calm her down so she wouldn't even.

—you're going to regret not taking this seriously from the beginning —said Garland with a smile and the whole plate lit up making it difficult for everyone to see, Ray had to cover his eyes because he was so close.

—What's going on? —asked AJ in desperation — I thought we were supposed to see a beyblkade battle, not a Solar eclipse!.


Garland shouted and there was a loud bang but no blades were seen shooting out of the dish into the stands or around the stage.

—WHAT? —Garland frowned —I can't believe you took my best attack without taking critical damage! —he said to Ray in annoyance —I've been preparing so hard for this, it's impossible Ray!.

Little by little small green beams came out of the glow until it disappeared leaving Driger on top of Apollon, stopping his final attack in its tracks.


—I knew those little light tricks weren't going to take out my friend Ray —Tyson crossed his arms— you're going to need better than that Garland —shouted Max and Tyson as they bumped fists.

—your move is great Garland —Ray bit his lips —you're not the only one who's been preparing day and night for this moment, don't take this the wrong way but unfortunately your strongest attack is nothing more than just tickling my new Driger!.


Ray clenched his fists and Driger began to sink Apollon into the plate, he got off his back and began his attacks, punches from all directions, he was a green lightning bolt that never tired of hitting his opponent over and over again, little pieces of Apollon began to break off.


Ray shouted and his blade covered in lightning struck Apollon with such force that it left him embedded in the corner of the plate without turning, making the White Tigers jump with excitement.

—Ray is the winner of the second bout after an overwhelming display of power my friends! — announced Jazzman —that gives us our first two qualifiers for the semifinals.

—yeahhhhh Rayyy! —Salima applauded excitedly and lowered the intensity when she saw Kane and Jim's reactions as she still had the cast on but was surprised by Mariah who jumped on her to hug her and celebrate Ray's victory.

—Ray may look calm as a cat with that serene look he always wears —said Tooper —but if you dare turn your back on him for even a few seconds he's going to crush you like a bengal tiger Brad!.

—he can also tear you apart in seconds like a lion —added Brad —the leader of the White Tigers got off on the right foot tonight.


I thought this would be a piece of cake for Kai but he may not be everyone's favorite now, said Pasha as he saw the reaction from the stands, I know Kai beat Tyson but I don't think he'll have the same luck if he doesn't take it too seriously.

—I'm sorry for burying your blade —Ray apologized to Garland as he approached —it was a great battle, believe me no one wanted to take two hits from Apollon because you've become so strong, if I had stayed at my old level another would be the result.

—I really appreciate you saying those words about me Ray, well let's be honest it was my fault for provoking you from the beginning hahaha —Garland recognized him as the rightful winner and they shook hands.

—I knew Ray had improved but I was really surprised —said Kenny as he finished saving the data on his laptop —you have all become very strong in just two years.

—come on, Ray has trained very hard for this —Mariah was celebrating and didn't hesitate to throw another challenging look at Ming Ming, who had already resigned herself to endure the rest of the night.

—I don't understand what surprises you guys, Ray has always been good, without him we wouldn't have won our first world championship —added Tyson —his victory was crucial to keep us alive in the finals.

—I remember it like it was yesterday Tyson —commented Max —he gave his all for us no matter the consequences to his body —Max smiled —we do owe Ray a lot haha.

—come on Ray, keep it up and you can win —thought Salima who couldn't stop smiling with happiness just like Goki, she simply covered her face when she saw that Kane was making fun of her. Then the screen showed the names of Kai and Gordo and Suki started to clap her hands.

—Kai is going to win so I was watching the Poker World Cup —Aki was watching it on his cell phone, —there's no need to watch I'm just going to wait for that Dj to announce him as the winner.

—how can you be watching cards with beyblade matches in front of you.. —Daichi couldn't believe it, —I can't believe that being Kai's twin you never learned to play beyblade, Aki.

—easy, he's a rich kid Daichi...he's only entertained by boring games of boring millionaires gambling with boring millionaires —whispered Pasha.

—I'd say classy Pasha, so if you'll excuse me I'd appreciate it if you'd lower your voice, at this moment the hand is about to be decided —Aki answered without taking his eyes off his cell phone.

—in fact, class is what you are missing... —whispered Mariam making everyone laugh, even Suki who tried to cover her mouth. Kai and Gordo took their positions, Kai had a look of few friends and Gordo the same only he showed a slight smile on his face.

—lets go my dear Kai finish with this nutcase who definitely has no fashion sense!, because what kind of hairstyle is reminds me of my mop! —said Suki.

—come on Gordo —Zeo watched him from the dressing room, even though they never talked much, Zeo considered him his friend.

—let's see what you'll do Kai —thought Tala.

—goo Kai! —Tyson shouted as did Max, Kenny and Hilary —show me you're going to take this seriously after you had the nerve to take me out haha —Tyson gave him the thumbs up.

—I can't wait any longer so let's turn up the intensity, 3, 2, 1 LET IT RIP!.


The two blades were thrown to the plate, Orthros remained spinning in the center while Dranzer was spinning around.

—he is challenging Kai to a direct battle from the beginning of the fight.. —asked AJ.

—that's gutsy AJ —commented Brad —and even more so knowing that he's facing the blader who managed to defeat the omnipotent Tyson after three years of world reign!.

—it's not that —thought Ray who had already returned to the waiting room.

—come on Kai try to catch me, or is there still some fear that I will sweep the floor with you again like the last time we faced each other hahaha! —challenged Gordo.

—poor idiot —whispered Suki.


Dranzer started his attack but Orthros managed to slip away at the last second to everyone's surprise, it went on like that for a few minutes until Orthros dodged one of Dranzer's attacks and surprised him by dragging him from behind until he crashed him into one of the walls of the dish.

—I see it and I don't believe it, Gordo is surprising us all —commented Jazzman —well, we are talking about a runner-up in the world!.

—well thought, it's risky but the only way to surprise Kai is to counterpunch Gordo, thought Zeo.

—hahaha as you can see Kai I have perfected the speed of my blade to the point of being unreachable even for your Dranzerr! —Gordo raised his left fist —what better way to start my reign than to beat you for the second time!.


Dranzerr kept attacking Orthros but he kept dodging and responding to his attacks —Kai what's wrong... —Hilary was starting to worry —say something Tyson —she just watched him watching without saying a word.

—I'm going to eliminate the great Kai right here! — said Gordo full of confidence, finally went on the attack, TWIN SPIRE!.

Gordo's two-headed bit bestia appeared lighting up the night sky above the stadium, Orthros shattered the parts of the plate he passed through until he hit Dranzer, creating a cloud of dust.

—those are some devastating attacks, beyblade fanatics, Gordo must have made history Brad? —commented AJ. Suki put her hand to her chest, she didn't feel as confident as in the beginning.


Gordo smiled —there's no way Dranzer could have survived that many hits from my Orthros, right now that blade should be scattered all over the plate!, Jazzman was still waiting for the smoke to clear before he could comment.

—enough warming up Dranzer —Kai finally spoke as he yawned surprising everyone, only Max, Ray and Tyson smiled —thanks for getting Dranzer to start warming up.

—Did you say warm up? —Gordo stuttered seeing the lack of seriousness with which Kai was taking the battle. The dust was blown away by a sudden breeze emerging from the dish, it was Dranzer still spinning.

—I always knew it guys —said Max —you can never give Kai up without being sure, besides the night has just begun and never in a million years would Kai allow himself to lose his first match.

—that is Kai —Tyson smiled —he just wanted to see how strong Orthros had become so he let him attack Dranzer with all his might until he finally decided to end the fight.

—it was just fucking luck Kai so shut up! —Gordo shouted angrily at him.

—then shut up too and prove it —Kai challenged him with a mocking look that made Suki sigh.


Orthros still had strength but this time it was Dranzer who dodged all the attacks until he stopped his rival in his tracks by releasing blue flames. He took him off by bouncing him against the walls of the plate, Gordo's blade was starting to wobble, but to his disgrace Dranzer never showed mercy in his duels.


He began to hit him again and again, to such an extent that Gordo's blade began to break into pieces, with a last attack wrapped in flames Dranzer threw his rival out of the plate.

—Kai won the battle! —announced Jazzman to a standing ovation and applause from the entire stadium —he is the third participant to join the semifinals of the Asian tournament!.

—you're going to pay dearly if you mess with Kai! —AJ commented —and even more if you feel confident without having started the match, a lesson I'm sure Gordo will remember for the rest of his life.

—I really thought I had him —whispered Gordo disappointedly as he picked up his burnt blade but felt better when he heard the ovation and recognition from the audience.

—Kai is invincible, he's going to win tonight too hahahaha —said Suki proudly.

—I saw that you thought he had lost —said Aki but he closed his mouth when he saw that Suki was seconds away from tearing him to shreds with his hands.

—You did well Gordo, be proud oof yourself my friend.. —Zeo applauded.


In Russia the Demolition Boys had momentarily forgotten about the Asian tournament, they had been listening to the whole story that Sakura told them.

—I can't believe that he never suspected during all this time, Tala is cold as an iceberg but not even he could hide something like that from us —Spencer drought thinking that everything was a dream.

—I don't mind that Tala didn't tell us but Pasha before he told us —Ian stood with his arms crossed as he was still taking it all in.

—Ian, do you have feelings after all.. —Spencer asked him ironically.

—it's normal, they're a couple, couples kiss, tell secrets and have a good relationships and also s..e —Spencer slapped Bryan's back and didn't allow him to finish the sentence. Spencer hit him again in the head and then Ian hit him three times.

—I'm not a baby guys, you don't have to worry... —whispered Sakura although her blushing face gave away that she knew perfectly well what Bryan was referring to.

—you can count on us for whatever you need —Spencer flexed his arms —in fact you already have three new brothers that are going to help you in everything you need, Sakura!

—any fool who wants to get out of line with you will have to deal with us! —Bryan offered him a bottle and Ian hit him on the head again —although I warn you that living with Pasha is a nightmare.


You can count on me too, Yuri always traveled in secret whenever he could without telling you anything about what he was doing, and I want to spend more time with him... it's about time we lived like a real family.

—you're in luck, there's an empty room, it can be your room —said Bryan who got up to go back to the living room and finish watching the tournament.

—I'll go talk to an acquaintance who has a lot of contacts, he can get me a nice bed and some furniture for you today —said Spencer.

—what kind of acquaintance is that.. —the redhead asked curiously.

—you better worry about Tala's reaction to seeing you here —said Ian —how will Aki and Suki react when they find out that Tala has a younger sister?

—I have a bad feeling —sneezed Tala without knowing why.

—Are you sick, you who live in one of the coldest places on planet earth —asked Aki.

—something bad is going to happen —thought Pasha. The screens showed the names of Mystel and King to conclude the quarterfinal round.

—Mystel, Mystel! —Ming Ming made cute faces as she shouted.

—Kenny...I'm going to have to cover your eyes —Hilary was disgusted to see him drooling and laughing to himself.


This final round is going to be the best of all AJ, we've seen the return of Zeo and Ray and Kai practically heat up with their first opponents.

—accurate description as always Brad, Mystel and King must be eager to show why they are here tonight too and I'm sure they are going to surprise us!

—Ray beat Garland because he got lucky, I'm sure Garland must have a cold or an upset stomach— shouted Ming Ming angrily as she listened to the comments.

—I'm going to shut your mouth —Mariah wanted to jump on her but Lee was holding her right arm —just sing because I can see you don't know anything about beyblade!.

—I'm not going to worry about answering you since I'm sure Ray won't make it to the final —Ming Ming turned around to transform into her taller version astonishing everyone —I'm still going to give you my autograph when this is all over.

—you're my idol, Ming Ming, but I'm not going to let even you talk bad about one of my dear friend!s— Kenny shakily crossed his arms —maybe you're not the sweet person I thought you were.. — he sat up in surprise.


Kenny is right Ming Ming, Ray beat me because he is a million light years above my current level, Garland had shown up to sit with them —you have to respect all bladers equally, you can't always win... it's part of the beyblade. Tyson was proud of his words, Ming Ming simply in shock sat back down.

—you're okay Kenny... —Hilary was worried about him.

—you don't have to worry, I'm fine —Kenny smiled.



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