Hello readers, I know it's been a couple of years or so since I've written anything. I've been busy in real life and have some downtime again until finding a job in my field, again. As of lately, I started to watch HBO Max's Titans, and my GOD this season has been fire!

This little number is based on season three, episode three Hank and Dove. This does contain spoilers from that and a bit of Lazarus.

This is my intake on how Dawn feels from the aftermath of Hank's passing and being reunited with her sister, Holly.

Happy reading!

Dove lands in Paris, France

The now-former hero is on a private jet to one of her family's houses to the city of lights, Paris, France. She yawns waking up from her sleep knowing the plane ride is about eight hours. Dawn gets herself up grabbing her clothes that were laid out to her left and walking into the plane's restroom. A few minutes later, the blonde is wearing a baby blue cardigan that covered a white t-shirt tucked into her dark wash skinny jeans and matching white ankle high heel boots. Dawn fixies herself up knowing someone from her family or a friend of the family will pick her up at the Paris Airport. The blonde woman packed her Dove uniform and took Hank's suit Hawk. She couldn't just leave it collect dust. Dawn kept her former fighting partner, teammate, and love of her life suit as a memory. Truth be told, she has no clue what to do for the suit keep it as a loving memory of Hank or a crazy idea of letting someone else take over the mantle. The former ballerina shakes her head at the idea of something insane.

The blonde woman is back at her seat trying to catch up on the last few moments of sleep knowing the time zone might take a toll on her; adjusting back to what she grew up with.

"Ms. Granger, we're about to reach the airport in about forty-five minutes." The announcement came from the male pilot reported through the intercom.

Dawn nodded her head as she lays back in her seat.

Forty-five minutes later…

The Wayne Jet lands in the Paris International Airport landing area. The pilot comes out of the cockpit to see Ms. Granger asleep on her seat. He walks over to her gentle tapping her shoulder for the passenger to wake up.

Dawn jolts from her sleep slightly and opening her eyes up to see the pilot, trying to wake up only to yawning. She clears her throat to look at the pilot, "I'm so sorry for waking up the way I did." The blonde apologizes for her actions.

"It's completely alright and looks like you have someone waiting for you, have a good rest of your day Ms. Granger." The male pilot stated reassuring her with a smile before bowing his head then left.

The Former ballerina puts on her trench coat, a handbag, and getting up from her seat. She walks over to see the staircase on the ground. Dawn carefully grabs on the rail as she walks down doesn't take her more than twenty seconds to stand on Paris grounds.

"Welcome back home Dawn, I've missed you so much!" A blonde young woman greeted her with a smile and walking towards her.

Her brown eyes light up with excitement and joy as she quickly walks over to the young blonde. It was her little sister, Holly Granger. She hasn't seen her since her mother's funeral.

The two Granger sisters were having a moment with Dawn broke down into tears and pulls away to face Holly.

"I've missed you so much Holls; you have no idea how much I needed to see you. Ever since Hank died, I couldn't…." The older blonde said with sincerity and guilt mentioning the love of her life's name.

Holly shakes her head and puts both of her hands onto each side of her older sister's face, "No need to explain what happened. You're here with me. We're united as sisters and best friends. I'll help you heal and recover." The youngest Granger replied being honest and being here for her.

The pilot brings on Ms. Granger's rolled-up suitcase next to her and left back onto the plane.

Dawn nods her head with a smile and wipes her own tears away. She grabs a hold of her suitcase with one hand and holding her sister's hand in the other.

"How about you sleep for the next 24 hours at one of our Aunt's places and then I'll take you out in this great city of Lights? We really need a sister, sister moment. What do you say?" Holly suggested an idea to care about her sister's well-being and having a day.

"I would like that a lot. I'll tell you what happened while I was in Gotham," The former ballerina nodded her head with Holly leading the way towards their car.

"Oh, trust me, I know about Gotham City. I don't know how you manage to do that and thought you gave up on the fighting after your fall," The younger Granger stated a fact as she looks at her sister.

Dawn shrugs her shoulders as she breathes out, "It's a calling, and not sure if I want to give it up just yet. I just need time to recover, and I'll be somewhat good as new. I promise."

FIN or to be Continued…

Depends on what I can come up with next for the chapter or leave it be. I imagine Holly (Dawn's sister) taking over the Hawk mantle since she does become the second Hawk in the comic series. I'm really hoping Holly will become the second Hawk since Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall/Hawk) left Titans to play a lead actor in an Amazon Prime series.

I hope I'm not too rusty when it comes to writing again.

Until then, Happy first day of Fall.