"Citizens of Konoha!"

Tense could barely describe the atmosphere of the newly found village. Thousands of civilian and ninja alike stood in the burgeoning city square that contained the tallest and most finished building within the city. A massive tower jutted from the ground, spiraling up almost four dozen stories high. On the highest floor sat a platform that was currently occupied by three men and a single red-haired woman.

"The Uchiha and Senju clan have fought long enough. Needless blood has been shed while the future of the ninja world has sat inches from our fingers!"

The crowd murmured quietly at the booming words of the speaker. A diverse spread of people populated the area. Men and women, some with markings on their face, some with distinct hair color and clothing, and some as plain as ever, stood amongst the populace.

"Our children should never have to fear death by their siblings of the forest. We of the trees are one and will remain one in order to rise against any opposition. Whether it be from the people of the stone or the water or the grass. The roots of the trees will be eternal!"

The man's boisterous words seemed to shake the crowd. The nervous murmurs evolved slowly into a few mutterings of agreement.

"We do not take the birth of this new nation lightly. It is under the direct vote of you that I stand here today. Not as the leader of the Uchiha clan but as the first Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village!" The man paused as a large portion of the crowd shouted their approval at the news. It seemed clear that these people were related, if their dark hair and the crest on their clothing was anything to go by. The second half of the crowd didn't seem nearly as enthusiastic but the grim pessimism that was present before now seemed to have faded.

"I, Uchiha Madara," The now revealed man took a step forward, showcasing his rare smile and wild hair that was barely being contained underneath the red hat of the Hokage. "Will lead this village to supremacy! Senju Tobirama will serve as my second and my brother-in-arms, Hashirama, and his wife, Mito, will be my advisor. Together, as allies, this nation will not stand just one step above the rest. We shall rest on top of the mountains of the world while the rest toil at it's base!"

It was with these words that the crowd erupted into mad cheers. Whether it was the inclusion of the Senju and Uzumaki, or just the rousing words of the man, the crowd now seemed completely devoid of any of the darkness that it once contained. The group of people seemed united, more than they had ever been. And it was with this speech that a nation was born.

The Nation of Konoha.

"Madara, you cannot be serious?"

"As serious as a heart attack, my dear friend."

Once again, the Uchiha and the Senju were at odds. This time, instead of taking place on a battlefield, their argument stood in the spacious office space that served as the First Hokage's office.

"WE have an opportunity to band this world together! Just like WE did with Konoha. It would be insane to pass up on this."

"It would be even more insane to proactively give our enemies with a leg-up on us by providing them these weapons."

The man known as Hashirama let out a frustrated sigh as he turned his back to the seated Uchiha. Several moments of silence permeated through the office air before the man suddenly turned back to face his comrade.

"This is our chance for pe-"

"There is no peace with our enemies, Hashirama!" Madara's voice cut through the angry shouting coming from the Senju. Another moment of silence passed before Madara sighed and stood.

"You want to know why I say no to this proposal?" Madara slowly drifted from out behind his desk. The long robes of the Hokage dragged behind him as he made his way over to Hashirama.

"Our peace was born from blood. My brother …" The man took a slight pause to look down. An aura of dread seemed to float over his shoulders for a single second before quickly disappearing, being replaced by the intense passion that seemed to always lay in his gaze.

"My brother died at the hand of yours. My parents, cousins, uncles, nieces, nephews. All slaughtered by the same clan that I now help lead. Do you understand how difficult it was for me to take up this mantle? Do you know how much distrust my own people had for their leader to begin with? How hard that WE had to fight for them to respect this position? This title?" Madara huffed while turning to the singular window of the room. The window stood floor-to-ceiling and overlooked the entirety of the still-growing village.

"These people respect the title of the Hokage because we fought. The spies we hunted down, the attacks we repelled and the advancements we have made as people. This village is held together by the blood and sweat that the people of nation poured into it. The tragic past of our conflict and the blood we shed to get to this point! That is what makes this village stand. That is what keeps the peace within this village." Hashirama stood staring at the back of the Uchiha while he talked. As he finished talking, the Senju turned to the only other person standing within the room.

"Do you agree with this, Tobirama?" The now revealed man stood silent for several moments before stepping towards his brother.

"With all of it? No. But …" Tobirama paused for a slight moment while glancing at Madara. "Arming our future enemies does not sit right with me. I refuse to give them a chance to harm us."

"And what if this decision is the one that brings us the most harm?" Hashirama hurriedly asked.

"Then we'll be ready." Madara turned. The passion burning in his eyes seemed to glow bright as ever as he stared at the two Senju.

"With the might of our 9 tailed-beast ... Konoha, she'll be ultimate. And, eventually, she will have no enemies."

"Madara Uchiha." The Uchiha stopped his writing at the sound of his own name. His brow quirked up as his eyes did a slow scan of the room. It was well past midnight and he had long since told his guard to go home. They put up a little resistance at first but the gaze of a sharingan was a hard thing to say no to.

"That is me, yes." The Hokage stood as he spoke. His eyes spun with interest as he attempted to snoop out his late-night visitor.

"Madara Uchiha. Head of the Uchiha and First Hokage. Such prestige at such an early stage in your life. You should be impressed."

"Titles do not impress me. That type of thinking is for the weak." Madara had to stop a smirk from erupting from his lips as his eyes locked on to an extremely faint chakra source. Whether his intruder knew it or not, they were already dead.

"Wise words." The center of the floor seemed to warp and bulge as a figure melded out of it. Madara had to quirk another eyebrow up at the sight of his intruder. A black, humanoid figure that seemed to be lacking any distinct traits except for its glowing yellow eyes.

"What if I told you that there was more?" Madara remained silent at this. "Your ancestor wanted more for you. There is a tablet describing your potential … You were born for more. This position means no-" The creature's words came to an abrupt halt when a kunai was buried in its forehead. The creature didn't react quite like Madara had expect. Instead of dropping dead, it simply looked up at the weapon jutting from its head.

"Your skepticism makes sense. I do not blame you for…" The intruder's words came to a garbled end as the space around its neck began to morph. It was almost as if the air was folding in on itself. The creature attempted to sink back into the ground but the pull of whatever was happening to it seemed too strong. Within the seconds, the creature's body was entirely sucked in on itself, leaving not a single shred of evidence of its prior existence.

"There is nothing more than Konoha." Madara scoffed as he sat back down in his seat. The red and black circle and bars spun wildly for several more seconds before morphing back to their original form.

"With the tailed-beast, I'll make sure of that."

"For years, this village has stood as the peacekeepers of this world. The generation above you made sure of that! Their will and passion to serve this village has allowed us all to prosper." A voice boomed out. The voice belonged to a young, blond man. His spiky hair would have made him stand out on any battlefield while his striking blue eyes stared down at his audience.

Below him stood nine children, all in a straight line. Each child seemed distinct from the other, carrying characteristics that spoke of their clan origin.

The distinct slouch and bored expression, even in the face of the Hokage, made it clear the first child was from the Nara clan. The platinum blonde-haired female that stood to his right, her purple clothing and annoyance with the first child, spoke volumes of her Yamanaka ancestry. Even without her clan's eyes activated, her white, pale eyes made the third child stand out. While still a bit portly, carrying still much of his baby fat, the large body of the fourth child had to be from the Akimichi clan. The thick eyebrows and grotesque green skinsuit that fifth child was wearing screamed the Lee clan. The pink hair of the sixth child could be no one else but the Haruno clan. The high-collar and dark glasses the seventh child was wearing did lots to conceal his identity but the distinct buzzing the Hokage could pick up gave away the child as an Aburame. The eight child's dark hair and fan crest made it easy to guess his identity as an Uchiha.

And finally, the ninth. The man's gaze settled onto the final child in line. It was almost like looking at a reflection. Spiky blond hair, blue hairs and a wide grin. Minato had to stop himself from laughing at his own child's disposition. That boy was untamable and his behavior during this meeting was no surprise.

"You nine will be the next generation. With the tailed-beast in your hands, Konoha shall stand tall. You, the new generation of peacekeepers, will ensure that." At his words, his son's smile seemed to spread even more. The boy's expression seemed to be contagious as, one-by-one, each of the children's expressions seemed to lighten up. Even the Uchiha managed to crack out a smirk. Minato himself smiled as he looked down at the future generation of Konoha.

The village would be in good hands.

AN: I wrote this in two hours so I apology if ain't good. A comment on tiktok made me write this. I already have a bunch of ideas for it and I'm genuinely pretty excited for it. To clear up any confusion, this will definitely be AU (if you haven't already guessed). I'm pretty sure you can guess who the nine kids are. There will be some flashbacks to Madara's time as Hokage and the actions he took.

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