Jacks pov

Today we were hanging out at the autobot base and It was a peaceful day when three white darts shot toward us, two hitting Miko and raf but at the last second I was able to dodge mine.

"/ where did that come from/." bee buzzed As the Bots were looking around for the attacker

In the confusion, I was able to dash away and return with my Arashikage sword and clad in a storm shadow outfit with snake eyes visor in all black "come on out, storm shadow if you're going to attack my team, you've got to deal with me."

From nowhere someone started laughing "that's funny Sabaku no hebi you're still in training, challenging a master of our art, just like your father."

"Well uncle there's one thing different from me and my father." I said as I spun around to block a white cladded Ninja sword.

"Hello nephew, what makes you different from my brother?" He asked still in a swordlock

I jumped back to give myself some space. "I never believed you killed our beloved master, a child killing a master just doesn't make any sense to me."

That shocked storm shadow he could see the honesty in my eyes but needed to hear it "how do I know you're not lying to me?"

"Believe what you want uncle, but I can promise you this" I replied dashing at him ready to slash his chest "if those darts were deadly, you'll have me to deal with, trainee or not." We were clashing swords together, bulkhead tried to grab storm shadow but he jumped over them and brought his sword down, i blocked it but this time storm shadow was faster he was able to slash my right arm and leg

The cuts weren't deep but they were painful. "For a trainee you're better than I thought, You are just like your father but who will you join your uncle or your father."

"I will never join cobra uncle, that doesn't mean I am against you, just cobra." I replied as he kicked me back and I brought my sword up in enough time to block his down slash.

I could see a smirk under his mask. "Your sensei would be proud of you." he said as he put his sword away saying our fight was over.

"Will someone please explain what's going on here!" Ratchet yelled

"That's what I would like to know uncle, what are you doing here?" I asked

"What are you doing with these gaijin, Sabaku no hebi instead of training?" Storm shadow asked back

"On a mission uncle but More importantly, what are you doing working with cobra commander if he had his way about it the whole world would be under his thumb?" I asked back not wanting to answer.

"Cobra commander took me in and helped with my training and fuel my anger and hatred, nephew It's possible to feel so much hatred. You stop feeling it at all like a fish not knowing it's in water." Storm Shadow said "my path was chosen for me by my enemy who framed me for killing the hard master and my friends and family who believed it."

"That must be a lonely life uncle." I replied walking over to him putting my hand on his shoulder "well if it means anything uncle not all our family believed the lie, the sword smelled weird like it wasn't forged by the Arashikage blacksmith."

"Again what is going on here and who are you two!" Arcee yelled

I took off my mask to everyone's surprise "this is my uncle storm shadow my name is Sabaku no hebi, the desert snake, or as you know me as Jackson Darby, me and my family has been a part of a group of ninjas that help keep peace throughout the world called the Arashikage" i showed them my tattoo of the Arashikage." We have protected this world for the past six hundred years from the shadows. The Arashikage has connections to a military group called the G. I. JOES the world's best of the best, they are the alpha dogs, I am tasked with protecting Miko, the daughter of Jinx and Raf son of hi-tech, their families adopted them to keep them safe."

"Then you get Involved in our war, giving you another enemy." Optimus said

"Along with more friends than I could count on." I replied, pulling on the darts and waving some smelling salts under Miko's and raf nose waking them up lucky for my uncle they were just knockout darts.

After ratchet wrapped my wounds, my uncle walked over to me "Sabaku no hebi, I need to speak to you on the roof." storm shadow said than he disappeared

"Arcee, you want to come?" I asked, walking over to the elevator.

"Count on it, I don't trust him." She replied

"Good, me either." I replied, getting in the elevator.

When we got to the top, storm shadow was waiting for us. "I see you brought someone with you nephew, you act like you don't trust me."

"Who said I do trust you uncle." i replied

"good, in our line of work trusting people can be dangerous." storm shadow said

"true what do you want uncle, you wouldn't have come here and revealed my secret, just to talk?" i asked

"M.A.R.S. is forming a subgroup called MECH be on the lookout for them the leader goes by Silas his name is Colonel Leland Bishop he was a member of special tactics with the US army, he is a weapons designer for M.A.R.S. he designed the project called damocles."

"Named after the story of damocles a friend of the tyrant of Syracuse, the king took a day off and gave his friend the throne for a whole day and while he was seated at a banquet with a sword suspended over his head by a single hair to show him the perilous nature of his happiness." i interrupted

"Indeed nephew and it's a powerful weapon much like project zeus." storm shadow replied

"It was nice seeing you uncle but you should leave before your master misses you." I said walking over to him.

"No one is my master, nephew." storm shadow replied unhappy

I stood in front of him "Who are you trying to fool me or you?" I asked, turning away "see you around uncle, thanks for the intel, Silas sounds like he is going to be a pain." than he dashed away as we walked inside

"Unknown vessel, this is autobot outpost omega one identify yourself." optimus said

"I've had a warmer welcome from decepticon combat brigades." The unknown person replied

"Wheeljack!" Me and Bulkhead yelled at the same time "you old con crusher what are you doing all the way out here." Bulkhead finished

"Bulkhead is that you." Wheeljack replied

"Jackie-nii!" i yelled running to the screen

"Sabaku no hebi, is that you?" Wheeljack asked

"hai." I replied "how have you been, is Sensei with you?"

"What's with all the security?" he asked

"The rock we're on is crawling with con's, how soon can you get here and even the odds." Bulkhead said

"Hmm, tomorrow maybe if I put the metal to the petal." Wheeljack said

"Then get here, I have some new moves to try out." I told him

"I'll be there as soon as I can, little snake." Wheeljack replied, cutting off the com on his side.

"Another bot is coming here. How cool is that." Miko said

"Wheeljack I know of him by reputation only, can you verify his voiceprint?" Optimus asked

"He's one-thousand percent the real deal optimus." Bulkhead said

I'll second that?" I said

"We will send landing coordinates wheeljack safe journey." Optimus said sending the coordinates

"See you soon buddy I'll make sure you get a proper welcome." Bulkhead said

"How do you know, wheeljack?" Raf asked me

"When I was training, him and my sensei crash landed on this planet, I would spar him after I got done training." I replied

A little bit later.

"Wheeljack is approaching the landing zone." Arcee said as we watched him on the computer screens

"You think he's here to visit, maybe he'll stay, hmm he would need to find his own human though." Miko said

"My dad would be a good fit but wheeljack told me that he never stays long but he always comes back." I said

"Groundbridge cycling up." Ratchet said then the groundbridge controls started sparking. He hit it and it started working again. "blasted scraplets, equipment hasn't been the same since the infestation."

"So Jackie-nii is gonna land halfway around the world then you'll bridge him here?" I asked optimus

"We can't risk revealing the location of our base just in case the decepticons are tracking wheeljack's ship." Optimus reasoned

I agreed with him on that. it was a sound plan I turned around and bulkhead was pacing back and forth "dude I've never seen you so stoke" miko said

"Oh you're gonna love wheeljack, we're like brothers and tonight we are gonna party." Bulkhead said

"Sweet." Miko replied,

As miko finished the computer started beeping "bogeys closing in fast on wheeljack's position." Arcee said

"Con scum." Bulkhead said

I said "Wheeljack if something happens to you I'll kill you myself."

"Come on ratchet we're missing all the action." Bulkhead said

"I'll prepare sick bay." Ratchet said

I scoffed at that "he's a fully trained ninja for crying out loud, a few troopers will be a piece of cake for him."

bulkhead agreed with me and replied "the snake is right, this is wheeljack we're talking about." arcee, bumblebee bulkhead ran through the groundbridge.

After sometime the bots ran back with wheeljack but my gut was telling me something felt off about him, they were able to get out of the groundbridge before it shut down.

"Jackie, come here I want you to meet someone. This is my other best bub. This is Miko, she can wreck with the best of us." Bulkhead said

"Hi there." Miko said

"Hey Jackie-nii." I said walking over to him.

"Hey there little snake, good to see you again." Wheeljack said

'Let see if it is him,' I thought, "Hey wheeljack, come here for a second?" I asked

Wheeljack did as I asked and I got a real good look at his face and something was missing along with his Arashikage symbol on his right arm.

'That's not wheeljack.' I thought but said "it's good to see a familiar face again."

We started the party, miko played her guitar but I mostly watched 'wheeljack', him and bulkhead were playing something called lobbing, 'wheeljack' started asking questions about the groundbridge

When miko asked raf to dance, Raf did the robot with bumblebee following his lead.

"What are you up to?" I thought

little bit later.

"So there we were no communications, low on energon surrounded by con so what does wheeljack do." Bulkhead said telling us a story and the truth be told it was interesting "tell em jackie."

"Well, what I do best." 'Wheeljack' replied

"He throws his only grenade into the primary heat exchanger." Bulkhead finishes

"Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time." Wheeljack said

"The joint went supernova." Bulkhead said throwing his arms up

"awesome." Miko said, if she could she would have stars in her eyes

"yeah I'm still picking shrapnel from my backside."

"I'm not surprised given the size of your backside." Arcee said than bee buzzed "/burn bulkhead/" in replied

"Hey if you're going to go out, go out with a bang." I said I remember when my sensei taught me how to make bombs.

"There it is jackie's signature one grenade, one shot" then bulkhead notice something odd 'wheeljack' was being quiet "hey you alright." he asked

"What?" Wheeljack asked

"You don't seem like yourself" bulkhead said

"What do you mean?" Wheeljack asked

"I don't know, you seem quiet." Bulkhead said

"I've been stuck in a can too long. I should go topside before I get stir-crazy." Wheeljack replied bulkhead offered for him to go with him on patrol but wheeljack wanted to go now "and break up the party, come on the gangs loving you, you've got to tell them about the battle of dark mount pass."

"You tell them you're better at it." Wheeljack replied

'And there's your first mistake. Wheeljack told me, bulkhead wasn't there.' I thought

"How about if miko here shows me the rest of your base?" Wheeljack asked but bulkhead replied giving the go ahead but he wasn't sure about something.

"Miko hang on a second,Kare ni amari iwanaide kudasai, nanika ga kare ni tadashiku arimasen." I said (google translate is really useful it means, "don't tell him too much, something is not right with him.")

Miko walked off asking a lot of questions.

"You alright?" Arcee asked

"Yeah just out of sorts I guess." Bulkhead replied

"Don't tell me you're jealous?" Arcee asked

"What, that miko is making a new friend come on something, somethings just not right about Wheeljack." Bulkhead said

"That's not wheeljack." I replied

"See arcee there is something just not right about Wheeljack." Bulkhead replied

"Jack, how do you know that's not wheeljack?" Raf asked

"During our last spar after years of trying I finally landed a hit. it was just a little scratch under his right eye after he realized what I did, we celebrated the rest of the day and he promised he would never heal it in memory of what I did." I replied "plus he's missing his Arashikage symbol on his right arm, to take that off would be a major disgrace to the clan, that's something wheeljack would never do.

"See arcee even jack knows something is not right about him." Bulkhead said

"Bulkhead, Jack he's traveled galaxies you haven't seen him for Centuries or you in case years, he could have rocket lagged or well bots do change you know." Arcee replied "and Jack some scars heal on their own, and some marks do just rub off on their own."

"Not the Arashikage symbol, tell me would the autobot symbol just rub off." i said

"Not Jackie." Bulkhead said "look I know wheeljack better than anyone."

"Hey, what are you all talking about?" Wheeljack ask interrupting bulkhead.

"I was just telling the guys all about you and me at the battle of dark mount pass." Bulkhead setting a trap for him.

"That's one heck of a story." Wheeljack replied

"Yep tell it." bulkhead said, taking a step forward.

"Talk, talk, talk, how about we talk about this after we go off-roading. Miko said

"Miko stay out of this." Bulkhead said

"Miko kare wa sagi-shidesu.!" I yelled (miko he is an imposter.)

Arcee tried to cool bulkhead down, key being word tried.

"I'm not sure." Wheeljack started by that time I got over to miko "Tell it." Bulkhead said getting more aggressive.

"Fine you want to live in the past bulkhead, the wreckers were trapped between a decepticon patrol and the smelting pit, the cons were vicious bearing down on us with everything they had me and bulkhead engaged the enemy and left them for scrap then I made us a way out using their backsides as stepping stones to cross the molten metal" wheeljack told us the story bulkhead gave him enough rope to hang himself figuratively speaking "isn't that how it happened."

"Yeah that's exactly how it happened except for one little thing I wasn't there. I had already left the wreckers to join up with optimus but you wouldn't know that if all you did was access wheeljack's public service record." Bulkhead told him

"plus you're missing a couple of things from the real wheeljack that he got after he left the wreckers." i said

"Bulkhead, Jack, what are you saying?" Miko asked, backing away from 'wheeljack" . I tried to pull Miko away but Just then 'wheeljack' grabbed her "whoa." and ran to the groundbridge controls.

"Stay back or I'll squeeze her into pulp." 'Wheeljack' said but his voice changed

"Wheeljack, what are you doing?" Miko asked

"Makeshift, you decepticon coward put the girl down and face me." Bulkhead said

"Don't fret plenty of fighting to come." Makeshift said messing with the groundbridge controls.

"Where is Jackie-nii?" I asked

"I expect lord star scream is making sport of him." Makeshift replied and started tapping on the groundbridge control "about time." he said Then opened the groundbridge and walked over to the groundbridge tunnel "let's get this party started."

Just then the real wheeljack jumped through the groundbridge and kicked makeshift in the back making makeshift drop miko but bulkhead caught her before she hit the ground. "I'll shut that hole before the stink comes through."

Ratchet rushed over and closed the groundbridge then the two wheeljack's faced each other off.

me and bulkhead were going to join but wheeljack stopped bulkhead "ugly is mine."

But I was still going to get in on it "no Sabaku no hebi he's mine."

"Okay fine but I get to finish the job." I said standing down

Miko and Raf wasn't able to keep track of their movements but I was able to, it helped that the real wheeljack had a Arashikage symbol on his arm and the swords were Arashikage swords after a little bit the real wheeljack won by breaking the fake swords "Arashikage steel never breaks." I said to the others amazement.

Bulkhead hauled Makeshift up and I threw a kunai into Makeshift's right eye, then bulkhead threw the fake into the groundbridge but right before it closed, I left starscream with a little present.

The next morning,

wheeljack told us that he wasn't going to stay because some bots never change

we groundbridged back to wheeljack's landing coordinates and this time we went with them "there's room for two bulk, even with a backside like yours who knows who we might find out there, maybe even some of the old crew." Wheeljack said

Bulkhead looked back to us, mostly to miko "sounds like fun jackie but my place is here with them, with her."

"If anything happens to my favorite wrecker I'm coming after you." Wheeljack said to Miko and me.

"I'll take care of him." miko replied, "now." taking out her phone "say cheese." she said taking their picture

"Hey little snake stay safe promise." Wheeljack said heading into his ship.

"No promises but I'll try my best, big wolf" I replied watching him leave, off to catch another star.

The end

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