Last time

"If it wasn't Megatron then who was it?" raf asked

"The ones who cannibalized breakdown." bulkhead replied "and tried to gut me." arcee said

"Mech and it would appear their knowledge of cybertronian biotech has grown more sophisticated." ratchet said

"Jack." i heard arcee speak up so i turned to her "do you think MARS or cobra has something to do with this?" she asked

I thought it over "cobra maybe but it sounds like something MARS would do and i fear they would try to replicate the t-cog and use it to roll and new group of transforming robots." I shudder at the thought.

":Optimus, let's head out and find my t-cog."

But optimus stopped him "bumblebee please you are currently equipped to handle this." Optimus replied

":Dad, you don't know what it's like to lose a part of yourself.:" Bumblebee replied

"That is where you are wrong. I do know what it's like to lose a vital part of one's self, and as a result pulled the value of pulling one faith in the strength of the one's around you, we value to do everything in our power to make you whole again."

"And if not ratchet can make you a new cog thing right." miko said trying to be helpful but failed miserably.

":you have got to be kidding me:." bumblebee said as he sat down with his head in his hands

"Miko, a t-cog is a bio-mechanism not a scrap yard find, if it was that easy i don't you thing i would have replaced bumblebee voice box bye now." ratchet explained

":you just had to bring that up, first I lost my voice, now i lost the ability transformers.:" bumblebee said ":i'm unless.:"

"You're not unless." raf said running up to bumblebee

"Alright, alright I say that none of us transform until bumblebee get's his cog back." bulkhead said trying to be helpful like miko.

"Your sparks in the right place bulkhead but now i don't think now is the time to be limiting ourself." arcee said

"Not with megatron potentially seeking other doomsday devices." optimus said, agreeing with arcee "and i fear not while uses bumblebee t-cog for their known sinister purpose."

On to the story

The next day

Me and arcee came rolling into the base and we were laughing "that was the fastest to date."

/" great even the son of unicron moves faster than me."/ bumblebee said than he started walking away.

Ratchet stopped bee from leaving "you can't leave, the humans might see him." bumblebee started walking again.

I walked over to the computer "bumblebee wait and second ratchet open and groundbridge at these coordinates." i yelled over my shoulder

Ratchet looked over the coordinates "what are these coordinates?" he asked

"My grandparents ranch, bumblebee your coming with me." i said jumping on to the floor and with than we walked through the opened groundbridge.

On the other side

The two walked out to an open field /"what are we doing here?"/ bumblebee asked

"You say without your t-cog your unless." i replied

"without my t-cog, i can't transform you couldn't what that is like." bumblebee said

"You're right I don't know what it's like not to transform but I do know what it's like not to move around. Remember when I told unicorn I knew his weakness." I explain "when he used my body to fight, I hit him in the back paralyzing him. It's because when I was training to do a backflip I landed on my back and I was knocked out. When i woke up I couldn't move my legs."

"What's your point?" bumblebee asked

"When I woke up I continued to train my arms." I replied "my point is i lost my ability to walk and you lost to transform, you believe your useless due to your speed and guns, but I disagree you have two arms and two legs you can learn how to fight like me, you just need to learn how to get faster."

"How." bumblebee replied

"By running of course." i replied and pulled out a stopwatch "now run from here to that tree on the other side of the lake and back." I leaned on a tree and when bee started his run I started the stopwatch half an hour later you could see bee getting faster, when he got back the comms "a Beacon just went off close to this location." I turned to bumblebee "Bumblebee, stay here and keep training. I'll go help bulkhead."

Bumblebee wanted to come with me but I stopped him "no bee you're still training your not this not fast enough yet but i can help bulkhead." I brought out my wings and flew off.

I meet him at a cave, and knockout came racing out of the cave "i've got him." bulkhead then we heard heavy footsteps and we've turned and saw breakdown running out of the cave "ill let you handle this." i said flying after knockout.

"Where's bumblebee, I'm surprised he did come." knockout said

"You've got me to deal with and that's enough to deal with." i replied

"I highly doubt that." knockout replied, i flew ahead him and brought out a kunai and cut his door and left in the back "you cut my door."

I smirked, "I did more than that." i pressed a detonator and the kunai blow up sending him spinning out of control but before i could grab whatever was in the cab i heard footsteps behind me and to my surprised it was bumblebee "bumblebee what are you doing here."

"I can handle this." bumblebee buzzed, during the distraction knockout was able to get turned back around and was racing off and bumblebee started racing after him.

"Wait bumblebee!" I yelled catching after him,

Bumblebee ran after him but he was too slow "come on bumblebee, where's that speed of yours." bumblebee looked at his hands, than he had a bad idea

"No stop bumblebee." i tried to stop, bumblebee grab an old truck and started using it as his wheels and started catching after him, while he was gaining speed knockout was laughing the whole time, he came to a sharp turn bumblebee didn't have time to change direction and flow right off the edge "bumblebee!" I yelled, I tried to catch him but hit the ground way too fast.

I comm the base "Ratchet open the groundbridge, bumblebee been hurt."

groundbridge open and ratchet came running "What happened." ratchet yelled

"Scold later, take care of him." i yelled back,


Ratchet was talking to bulkhead "of all the scrap brained idea, taking bumblebee into a potential catch scenario when he no longer has the ability to access of his wheels."

"He wasn't suppose to be there ratchet, he was supposed to be training his speed." i said and I was furious.

"Guys he's waking up." raf said watching bee

Ratchet turn to bumblebee "you already lost your voice and your t-cog, were you really trying to add your spark to the list."

"What were you thinking bumblebee, i told you to stay and continue training!" i yelled, i was tick you

"I'm useless." bumblebee said turning away

"Don't say that bee, your not useless." raf said worried about his friend.

"Look i hate to break up the pitty party but the cons just add unknow incon payday number two to armory."

Optimus walked up to us "either blame nor praise will modify past events." he said "but we can not afford to take unnecessary risk, bumblebee you are not to leave our base not until we can retrieve your biomechanism." optimus order and he turned a walked away.

"Which means you'll have to finish your training in-doors where i can keep an eye on you." i said, still mad.

Bumblebee was surprised to hear that "you mean your going to finish training him." arcee asked

"Don't get me wrong, i'm still pretty mad about what happened but I also understand why he left." i replied "not being able to walk for a while almost drove me crazy." I pointed to bumblebee "but before you can run you need to learn how to stand first."

Later that day

Ratchet just got done telling us that he has volunteered to give bumblebee his t-cog "Obviously since i am the other patient involved," ratchet said turning to arcee and bulkhead "i will unable to perform the surgery so there for one of you will have to serve as my proxy." ratchet said, and it reminded me of a drill Sergeant during inspections and arcee and bulhead stood at attention like they would to a Superior, at first he stopped at bulkhead "no better at breaking things." than he continued walking before stopping at arcee where bulkhead took a deep breath in relif " arcee." he choose

"Optimus has studier hands." arcee said, trying to get out of it.

"Studier and much too large to be rooting around under my hood." Ratchet rebuked her, arcee turned and walked away disappointed.

I try to cheer her up "arcee you can do this, you as steadily as they come."

"On the battlefield, not on the operating theater." arcee replied disagreeing with me

"Same thing." i replied "as long as you're behind the knife not under it." i said Arcee again sighed in disappointment.

"So dose this mean bumblebee will transform into an ambulance from now on or be all cranky." miko said "because that would be weird." i did have to agree with her on that

A few minutes later

Arcee was getting them ready "inducing stasis." arcee said

"Thank you for doing this ratchet." bumblebee buzzed

"Ep, ep, epp you can thank me when it's over." ratchet replied but it was slurred

"Okey bumblebee." Arcee said "your turn."

Suddenly something was buzzing startling us "what's happening?" raf asked

"Ratchet flat lining." miko said holding her head in worry

"No he's not." me and arcee said at the same time, i was looking the main computer

Optimus went to the main computer "it's an incon homing Beacon."

"If we're picking up the signal that means the con's just unearthed another relic." bulkhead said, standing next the optimus

Optimus turned to the bot "autobots prepare to roll out."

Arcce was all too happy to leave, she even gave a slight fist pump "yes."

Even bee got ready to leave "except for our patients." optimus said than he turn to arcee "it would be best interrupt stasis."

I looked the mad than back to arcee "Arcee Optimus becarful on those mountain, the sheer drop from one misplaced step alone can kill a human."

"We will jackson." optimus replied and they ran throw the groundbridge.

Just when they left fowler just call "prime, breaking news."

"Sorry fowler you just miss him." i said

Fowler was a little confused. "Where's prime?"

"Incon relic hunting, what's the news fowler?" i replied

"Let him know i just received access to satellite imagery, which i believe pinpoint the center operation of MECH." Fowler said

We all thought it over "we'll let him know when he comes back." i replied

but that same time ratchet started mumbling gibberish "what in the sam hill is going on over there."

"Don't ask question, you don't want the answers agent fowler." i replied

Bumblebee wanted to go but raf stopped him "you heard what optimus said about leaving the base."

"But raf this could be my only chance to get my t-cog back." bee buzz

I thought it over "send the coordinates, agent fowler well make sure optimus gets them." i said fowler looked suspicious but sent the coordinates.

"Jack, what are you thinking?" miko asked

"That I can infiltrate MECH, find out what their plans are and get bumblebee t-cog back at the same time." then we got the raf opened the groundbridge.

When we got on the other side it was in the middle forest with a building hidden.

Bumblebee started to run down there, i flew in front of him "wait bumblebee."

"Why jack they have my t-cog." bumblebee buzzed

"Because we need to know what MECH is up to." I replied "Look, give me five minutes please, five minutes, that's all I'm asking."

Bumblebee thought it over "fine but only five minutes."

"Thank you." i replied, i ran down the hill and watched a scientist walk out of the building and looked like he was going for a smoke. I used the shadows and was about to break his neck when I heard unicron voice in my head "wait can read someone's mind by placing your hand on their head."

"Why would that help me?" i asked

"I know you've seen star wars." he replied

That did give me an idea. I placed my hand on his head and got his ID number and then broke his neck then took all his clothes and suck inside and got to the computer and put in a flash drive and started downloading all the data and while that was running i also ran a diagnostic test to mask my work.

"How's it going silas." someone said.

I turned and it was Sierra and Vince. I turned back around and continued working and the test was half way done. "Hey you, what are you doing there?" someone asked, he looked like a higher up soldier.

"I'm running a diagnostic test to make sure the energon and the system is running within normal parameters, I want to make sure that "thing" isn't double crossing us and the system only works once for show." I replied, spilling out "thing" with as much venom as I could.

"What is your ID number?" the soldier asked

"669 double A alpha." I replied without looking, still running the test.

"Very well, good idea on the test. We can't trust these things now can we." the soldier replied

"Is there something going on over here?" a new voice said we turned to it and it was silas, Sierra and Vince.

We saluted him "No sir, i was just running a diagnostic test to make sure the thing isn't backstabbing us." i replied, in my mind i was keeping take of the time '5. 4. 3. 2. 1." and just like that bumblebee came breaking down the door, and in just the nick of time too the download was finished, all the soldiers got ready to fire on bee.

Star scream smirked "no t-cog, he's unarmed." everyone started firing on him"

'That more than what i can say about you screamer.' I thought, 'bee can handle them.' Then I ran out the back and hid the data "good now I can help bee." i thought

I transform into the earth armor and went back inside, bee was using object to take care of MECH and he jumped to the robot MECH was building and ripped out his t-cog the thing was sliver with a little bit of gold, till he was blasted back the t-cog went flying in the opposite direction "so close and yet so far away." starscream

"Our location and prototype has been compromised, destroy the Intruder and meet me at the rendezvous point with my t-cog." silas said

Starscream was offended by the statement "I am not one of your foot soldier's i am a consultant." he said, when he was done bumblebee started to wake up, screamer pick up the t-cog and held his blaster to it "one step and your precious biomech is scrapped."

"Hand it over." bumblebee buzzed

"Or you'll what, shot." bumblebee was starting to get mad "how sad to be incapable of achieving vehicle mode, experiencing the sensation of speed, how very pathetic to be a failure as an autobot." screamer said,

Dang dang dang a new sound came from above him, when he looked and i was there holding my sword to his back right between the shoulder blades "one more and bumblebee won't the only one be unable to achieve vehicle mode permanently." i said

He looked at me and asked "You wouldn't dare?"

I looked him the eye's "try me." i replied, during the distraction bee came running over and punched scream in the face and sent the t-cog flying we both went after it but i was faster and got in front of it when something blasted me in the back the armor took most the damage but the force from the blast sent me straight into the wall knocking me out.

Normal pov

"How sad the little insect got squatted but it's time to jet because I can." starscream gloated than transform and shot off throw a hole in the roof.

Bumblebee picked up the t-cog and the blast damage t-cog but it was fix able then he turned to the knocked out jack and picked him up he also looked okey and was slowly waking up

"Jack are you okey?" bumblebee asked

"I'll have a bad headache but right now we need that data." I replied we walked over to the hiding spot when a groundbridge opened and bots came out "over here guys." we waved over the bots over

"I got information from MECH computer, it might tell us what there planning." i said holding my head

"Ratchet reopen the groundbridge and prepare for surgery." optimus ordered and groundbridge opened

"Thanks to me megatron had forge." bulkhead said which shocked me

"What you mean the forge of solus prime is here, on earth?" i asked

"Yes jack, well we would have put the forge of solus prime to valuable use, i do not believe we have reason to fear megatron possession of it." optimus said

"What do you mean?" bulkhead asked

"He means only a prime can use it, otherwise it's just a huge hammer." i explained

The next morning

Bumblebee started to come out of stasis "i… did what i could." ratchet said

"Our scout could not have been in better hands, old friend." optimus said putting a hand on ratchet shoulder.

"We didn't stick with plan A and let ratchet donate his cog, why?" miko ask

"Bumblebee wouldn't Accept it." i replied,

bumblebee got up and started moving "bumblebee please recovery take time." he tried to transform it didn't work the first time "the damage was severe." he tried again a second time and didn't work but suddenly he transformed and we all excited

"RAF hop in where do you want to go." bee buzzed

Raf ran over the bee "anywhere, just drive." he had as he jumped in

"Go easy." ratchet said well laughing "adhere to standard break in procedure."

"Whoa bee t-cog look bad." bulkhead said

"And old doc was able to fix it." Arcee said

"That the only thing ratchet was able to fix today." optimus said

"Do you have any word on that information you got from MECH?" optimus asked

"No the joe's said they have the information tomorrow." i replied

"You did a great job today." optimus said

I smiled "thanks optimus, but all i did was help bumblebee today." i replied

merry christmas from me to you all world, and here is my Christmas present to you all.

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