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Chapter 1 The head of the Disciplinary Committee

Hyoudou Issei was a normal seventeen-year-old teenager. He was of average height, had brown hair and brown eyes, nothing remarkable about him save for one single thing. He was a huge, shameless pervert, some even going as far to call him the personification of lust.

He was the type of guy who would shamelessly leer at women, become enamored by the smallest show of flesh, speak about playing eroge out loud in public, and would proudly admit being a pervert. One of his favorite pastimes was peeking on the girls of the kendo group in his school, Kouh academy with his two buddies Matsuda and Motohama, the three of them making the infamous Perverted Trio.

Coincidentally, this was the very same thing they were doing right now.

"This is Paradise. The sight of Katase's thighs is a balm to my deprived soul!"

"Forget it! Muramasa's boobs are much nicer to look at!"

"Aren't you the self-proclaimed lolicon? Where are your convictions, man?"

"Cut it out! Instead of arguing over nothing, move away and let me see something too."

"No way. It's my turn next. You have been hogging the spot all the time!"

Of course, since there was only one peephole, the three idiots began to fight among themselves for the right to leer at the unsuspecting girls with such ferocity that one would think that they were fighting for their lives instead of something nefarious like peeping. Of course thanks to their squabble they remained blissfully unaware of their surroundings or the noise they created.

Not that they were very subtle in the first place. They frequently boasted about the peephole they found and the only reason the girls of the kendo room had the bravery to change was that a certain someone made sure to patrol their area during their practice time. A certain someone, who walked behind them with an annoyed frown on his face.

"I should tell you that your activities are in clear violation of the school rules, but at this point, you don't even meet the absolute minimum of acceptable human behavior." a voice growled behind them in clear frustration, causing the Perverted Trio to pale in horror and nearby girls as well as the kendo group who were prepared to march out and beat up those three let out sighs of relief and admiration.

The three perverts, pale and trembling in terror, turned their heads in a robotic manner filled with apprehension. Behind them stood a teenager their age, towering over their crunched forms, glaring at them.

He was average in height, with a lean but not overly muscular build. He had spiky brown hair and brown eyes that glared at them so coldly, they felt their souls shake, along with a girly face. A typical bishonen according to the student body. He wore the school uniform with the exception of the jacket that hung over his shoulders like some sort of cape. On his left arm, he wore a red armband with the words Disciplinary Committee on it.

That person was the president of the Disciplinary Committee, the unofficial defender of the Kuoh Academy, the one who keeps the male students in line. Especially these three.

Some even called him the enforcer of the student council behind his back and it was not without basis. As Shitori Sona began her tenure as student council president, the then first-year Sawada Tsunayoshi created the committee. He soon enforced the school's regulations, the policies introduced by the student council, stopped outsiders from bothering students on campus, and generally kept the peace inside the school. And no matter who called him to what, they agreed on one thing. He was intense.

After the first few incidents, ranging from delinquents of other schools trying to start trouble, or simply students who couldn't make the cut into the prestigious academy, he beat them up without them ever coming close to touching him. After that, soon his presence alone was enough to deter troublemakers. His simple glare was so strong that rumor said one could faint if they looked into them for too long. He was very unapproachable, with very few close acquaintances, most students only admiring or fearing him from afar. It got to the point that people either went to his second in command or the student council if they had an issue that required the committee's attention.

"Sa-Sawada-senpai. We-we can explain." Issei, the only one of the trio who actually didn't get to peek, tried to buy themselves time to formulate an escape plan but he was also shaking from head to toe.

Most people called him senpai, even third years, as a sign of respect. His whole presence demanded respect from those around him, it was not unnatural for people to turn to him instinctively when something happened. In those respects, he was very similar to Shitori Sona, the student council president, and this fact spawned their fair amount of fanfics pairing up the two from the student body.

"From the experiences over the past year, I highly doubt I need an explanation." Tsuna drawled out with a disinterested expression, looking at them like they were complete idiots. He was not exactly wrong.

While Issei tried to stammer out an explanation, Matsuda took the chance offered him on a silver platter and took off, leaving behind his shocked comrades in arms. As a former member of the track team, with the most stamina and speed out of his friends he believed he had a reasonable chance to run off and avoid punishment from that damned bishonen dictator. He seemed to forget all those previous times when he tried something similar and was caught nevertheless.

"You can't stop the never-ending power of a man's lust! Loli is the way of life!" he shouted with tears falling from his eyes as he ran as if his life depended on it. It did.

"Matsuda, don't leave us!" "You traitorous little..." his friends cried out in dismay, though they shouldn't have been surprised. It was an unwritten rule of perverts to sacrifice each other if it meant getting out of a beating.

Tsuna didn't even blink at the desperate action, only extending an arm to the side as the pervert tried to run past him. Matsuda didn't see it and ran into it, clotheslining himself on the president's arm.

"Urk!" Matsuda's shocked expression was priceless as he couldn't overcome the immovable rock that was the arm of one of their worst tormentors. With a shocked gasp, he soon found himself on his back, out for the count.

His friends wanted to run to his side and help him but they didn't even take a step, before they found themselves under the infamous enforcer' none too patient gaze, freezing them in place.

"I don't have the required patience to show mercy to you fools." he growled softly, sending a shiver down to their backs."Let's see how much force I have to apply until the lesson sticks." he threatened as he took a step towards them until a voice interrupted him.

"Tsuna-dono, we should hurry up or we would be late for our meeting with the student council." a young teen who had been standing behind him patiently addressed him. Gaze softening slightly he turned to him with a small frown.

Like all students, he wore the Kuoh Academy uniform, properly unlike Tsuna. He was a little shorter than the president of the committee, with shoulder-length dirty blond hair, deep blue eyes with a long fringe that tended to cover his right eye or rest between his eyes. He was obviously a foreigner, Italian if the rumors and speculations were true, with a lean but athletic body and a genuine smile that instinctually calmed people down. He was holding a small notebook in his hands as he looked at Tsuna patiently and not at all tense despite the infamous prefect turning his attention towards him, something not many could brag about.

He was Sawada Basilicum, most calling him simply Basil, Tsuna's cousin, twice removed or something like that and also the vice-president of the Disciplinary Committee. He was mostly in charge of paperwork and other administerial duties and he was a much more gentle and approachable person to ask for help than his cousin.

He was also incredibly handsome and his kind and patient disposition made him a top contender for the title of Prince of Kuoh along with Yuuto Kiba, a similarly foreign-looking, blonde-haired student. There was an ongoing war between members of the two fan clubs, neither was able to come out on top. For the sake of their sanity, both handsome youths decided not to acknowledge their existence.

For a long tense moment, the brown-haired teen didn't say anything, causing the nearby audience to get nervous before he gave a sigh and his shoulders dropped a little not that many people noticed.

"Fine." he agreed with a grunt, turning away from the perverted trio who slumped down in relief. He put his hands into his pockets and began to walk away from the kendo club with an annoyed frown.

Just as Motohama fixed his glasses and was about to rejoice in avoiding a beating a shinai was thrust in front of his face, making him let out a girly shriek. The members of the kendo club, fully clothed and armed with shinai surrounded the perverts armed with the furious rage of women wronged. Issei and Motohama began to clutch each other desperately while the still half-lucid Matsuda looked on blankly.

"Don't worry, Sawada-senpai. We will be sure to discipline these perverts thoroughly." one of the girls called out to the leaving prefect with a beaming smile."Thank you for catching them for us."

Tsuna only grunted in acknowledgment, not even slowing down. Basil on the other hand gave them an apologetic smile and a small bow for the Tsuna's rudeness.

"Thank you for the help. We will send someone to fix the hole in your locker room," he promised before he hurried after Tsuna, who was already at the school building, waiting for him impatiently.

"Does this mean we are off the hook?" Matsuda asked after a long moment, still not realizing the predicament he and his friends found themselves in. In response, the girls shared evil smirks among themselves.

Screams pleading for mercy filled the school grounds as the Kendo Club beat the stuffing out of the perverts, their female audience cheering them on, after months of just sort of being sexually harassed by those failures of human beings. Maybe it will teach them to stop and act decently for once. Probably not, but one can hope.


"Reya, Momo, please don't forget that tomorrow you have to compose a report for the teachers about the recent requests for equipment replacements for the sports clubs." Shinra Tsubaki, the vice-president of the Kuoh Academy's Student Council, called back to the two girls who were about to leave the room.

She was a young bespectacled woman with long straight black hair that extended down to her knees, with split bangs and heterochromatic eyes, with a violet left eye and a light brown right eye. She wore the not very modest Kuoh Academy girl's uniform with blue, semi-rimmed glasses. Her face looked impassive, stern at first glance, some even calling it harsh though she was a very kind-hearted person underneath.

"You got it, fuku-taichou." The two girls called back happily, waving to the two occupants of the room."Bye, fuku-taichou, taichou."

Tsubaki let out a soft sigh as they left, reaching out and readjusting her glasses. She was not surprised by the flippancy she got, it was typical of the two bubbly girls, but nonetheless, she still got a little bit annoyed by their easy-going attitude.

"Let them be Tsubaki, after the last few weeks since the semester started, they deserve a bit of leeway." commented the girl sitting behind the large desk with a very small, amused smile before she went back to the paper she was reading.

She was most commonly known as Shitori Sona, the president of the student council, though a select few knew her as Sona Sitri, heiress of the devil clan Sitri. She was a third-year student, with a slim build, black hair styled in a short bob, and violet eyes. Like Tsubaki, she also wore glasses though hers were red-rimmed, oval-shaped ones.

Along with her duties to the school, overseeing various social events and community projects and generally keeping the school in check, she was also one of the high-class devils tasked with overseeing the town of Kuoh. This duty consisted of defending this territory from stray devils and agents of other factions along with doing their Devil's job, fulfilling the wishes of those who summoned them for a certain price.

It was not an easy workload but unlike other high-class devils, she welcomed the challenge and the opportunity to learn and better herself. Though the last few weeks made a lot of work both for her student and devil persona, thankfully finally today she and her peerage had an easier day, thus she decided to let most of them go sooner than usual, to let them relax for a little while they could.

Tsubaki checked her watch, noticing the time. Most of the school's after-class clubs should be nearing the end of their practices, letting talk about their devil-related issues more freely but it also meant it was time for today's last appointment.

"Sona, the president of the disciplinary committee should be here soon." she reminded her, though she frowned as she spoke about the infamous prefect of Kuoh.

Her second-in-command and queen never liked Sawada Tsunayoshi, stating his harsh and brutish attitude is more of a hindrance to act as an enforcer of rules, that she didn't think he could refrain from using excessive force to enforce them, even in the most innocuous cases. Sona, though she did not voice it, found her view a bit ironic, since both she and Tsubaki were famous for their strict and cool attitude, although their methods were more on the intellectual side, than the sheer intimidation Tsuna used. Nonetheless it worked well.

Sona, on the other hand, had a more reserved judgment for him. She was thankful for the help he provided to help keep the school safe, his mere presence keeping the rowdier elements both on and out of school in check. While Rias, her childhood friend and also a high-class devil shared this territory with her, making the two of them look after Kuoh from the supernatural side, Tsuna helped her deal with the issues involving the school, letting her focus on smaller things that otherwise would escape her sight.

She was also intrigued by him. The more they interacted with each other, something that was required because of their positions in the school, she found more and more contradicting things about him. Despite his silent and intimidating demeanor, he seemed to prefer solving things without a fight, though he won't back down from one if it came to it. Around a large group of people, he seemed uncomfortable, preferring to keep his distance. He was also a lot less on guard around a small group of people who regularly interacted with him. Most of all, there was always the feeling that he was much more than he appeared at first glance.

Of course, that didn't mean that her interest in him blinded her to a potential problem. She kept a close eye on him, in case he tried anything or anything that felt off about him but he was an ordinary human no matter how she looked, despite her instincts telling her otherwise. Maybe he had a dormant sacred gear or something similar. She thought he could be a good potential peerage member, though she had a hard time imagining anyone, even her, able to just tell Sawada Tsunayoshi what to do.

A knock interrupted her thoughts, causing her to put down the paper she was reading and look up at the door with a raised eyebrow.

"Enter," she called out with authority.

Tsuna and Basil entered without a sound, the latter sending an apologetic look for the impassive demeanor of his relative. Basil nodded kindly to Tsubaki, while Tsuna only spared her a glance before he went to Sona and without a word sat down before her.

Not faced by his rude actions, she simply began to set up the chessboard between them. It was a ritual of some sort between them, him barging in without a word, the two of them began playing while they also talked about important matters. He had no love for the game but he was a good partner to play against, putting forward interesting strategies and countering her moves without being aware of it. In the process, she learned a lot about Tsuna as a whole, instead of the tough, silent self he always presented.

"You were almost late," she commented with a raised eyebrow, causing Tsuna to huff silently in a rare show of expression. Those who knew him were aware that the brown-haired teen tended to arrive slightly early and didn't tolerate lateness since it went against his order. It was an interesting little quirk of the usually closed-off teen that Sona found a little amusing.

In response, he just grunted before leaning forward and eying the board with a thoughtful gaze. Despite his disinterest in the game, he seemed to respect her enough to play seriously against her whenever they played even if he lost more times than not.

"On our way here we encountered the Perverted Trio peeping on the Kendo Club again." Basil explained kindly, prompting the two girls to wear matching frowns."We left them in the care of the girls and I already asked a few of our members to repair the newest hole in the changing room. I'll hand you the papers for it first thing in the morning." Sona gave an approving nod.

"Thank you for that," she said with a slight smile before turning to Tsuna. "Why can't you simply tell these things instead of grunting all the time." she teased him humorously, something not many people who knew her could believe she was capable of.

Over time, they didn't become friends but close acquaintances at least. Tsuna was a breath of fresh air, not making a secret of his opinions of others and despite his rude behavior, he was quite polite if one looked a little deeper than the front he provided. He was not intimidated by her stoic behavior, nor he adored her like many of the students. He also didn't look down on her for being a woman, like many older, high-class devils. With Tsuna, one was judged for their actions, nothing more and nothing less.

"Why bother?" the stoic brunette answered with a shrug as he picked up a pawn and moved it. They tended to swap on who's having which side and today he happened to be with white, so the opening move was his. "Basil is so much better than me at administrative stuff like that. I'm more like the muscle he needs so his orders are carried out," he admitted without the slightest amount of shame, something Sona found admirable. She met too many people who couldn't admit their own shortcomings no matter what.

"It's more like you found it too much of a bother, didn't you, Tsuna-dono?" Basil asked with a sigh that told of his suffering. Sona had a perfect view of the barely visible smirk on Tsuna's face as he heard it."You were doing just fine before I transferred into the school since by that time you had the whole committee formed and working swiftly."

The brown-haired teen didn't bother to answer to this, instead, he began to play against Sona in earnest, soon both president's attention was firmly on the game. Sona's tactics constantly changed fluidly, not wanting Tsuna to anticipate her moves correctly. In contrast, Tsuna used the same tactics in essence though he used enough diversity in his moves that it was not very apparent and wasn't easily exploited.

At first glance his moves were aggressive, made with very little defense in mind but in truth, this was all a feint. Those moves hid a very defensive strategy, an almost impenetrable fortress. Tsuna was not one to start an offense but his reactive strategy and uncanny sense served him well to constantly force her to try new and new methods of outsmarting the teen.

"The delinquents who tried to loiter around the school to harass the students seem to have finally learned their lesson since there was no report of them trying anything for the last two weeks," he commented, not even blinking as he lost his second bishop to Sona though he quickly paid back with taking her queen. Neither of them was in a hurry to finish their game, most of their duties were done for the day. "As requested, the committee's men will be more available to help out at school events and the like."

"Thank you for that, it will ease the burden on the student council quite a lot. It's quite surprising how much work we have even though it's just the start of the year." Sona said with a nod, before going back to staring at the board before her, pondering her next move. as she moved her last remaining pawn into position, she once again turned her eyes to Tsuna. "Though I still find it a surprising method that the very disciplinary committee that deals with delinquents harassing our students are largely made up of former delinquents."

Since the decision to make the school co-ed, the entrance examinations became a lot laxer, allowing a wider margin of students to join. Of course, it was still a prestigious academy, so if one couldn't keep up with the school's demands, they were free to continue their schooling elsewhere but it still left some room to admit a few questionable individuals. One of those, for example, was the Perverted Trio but there were also a few delinquents, mostly boys but even a few girls who were looking for an easy time in a school full of girls.

Unfortunately for them, the year the school opened up to the male population was the same year, Sona, as a second-year student became the president of the student council and Tsuna, arrived as a first-year and promptly began to form his disciplinary committee. Taking out a page of Hibari Kyoya's book, along with the small group that came with him, he drafted most of these delinquents and students who had a leaning toward delinquency and used them to cement the position of his newly made group.

After he showed them he was not someone you should mess with, they quickly accepted his leadership. He kept them in the straight and the narrow mostly, letting them have their fun against the idiots who wanted to harass the students of Kuoh but otherwise they had to behave. Of course, as members of the committee they were expected to keep up their studies but amazingly Tsuna found a way to motivate and handle them without any problems. Thanks to that, it let Sona focus on other things, it also made the student body as a whole a lot more accepting of these rougher students, who kept the order on the school grounds.

"They are useful." he commented with a shrug as he looked down in thought at the chessboard, trying to find a way out of the trap he walked into."It's a lot easier to manage them if they have something to do, instead of leaving them to their devices."

"If you say so." Sona agreed with a small smile before she looked up and met his eye with a victorious smirk. "Check," she said simply.

Tsuna frowned as he contemplated his next move, sweat appearing on his forehead as he tried to come up with something. Behind him, Basil smothered a smile, seeing the two of them so absorbed in their game. In the end, Tsuna gave a frustrated sigh and made his move but knew it would amount to nothing. With Sona's next move he was proven right.

"And it's checkmate." she declared as she moved her bishop into position. Seeing the sour look on the normally stoic teen's face she couldn't help but laugh a little."Don't feel too bad Tsuna-san, there are very few people who have a chance of defeating me in chess and you proved to be a more than an adequate challenge." she consoled him.

Tsuna seemed to be trying to hold back a laugh as if she said something funny. She was about to ask what he found so funny before he shook his head, stood up.

"Well, as fun as losing to you is, it's time to go." he said, giving a nod to both women and turning around, leaving with a careless wave."See ya." Basil murmured a soft apology as he hurried after him.

Just as Tsuna reached for the door, Sona called back to him, reminded of something she wanted to pass along to him.

"One other thing, Tsuna-san." the brown-haired teen stopped but only turned his head to face her, an eyebrow raised questioningly. "Our Student Council has a new member, Genshiro Saji, a second-year student. Please, inform your men that he has the authority to act in the name of the student council and work with him accordingly," she informed him, a hand coming up to her glasses that gave an intimidating shine.

Tsuna in return only nodded, before opening the door, leaving the two female devils alone to continue whatever work they had to complete before finally being able to leave the school.

Tsuna and Basil walked through the corridors silently, not talking to each other. Only when they exited the school building and verified no one was around, Tsuna turned to his subordinate with a serious look in his eyes.

"Basil, please look into this Genshiro's case. Find out if he had any prior contact with Devils, the supernatural, or even the mafia. Then I want you to also find out if he was coerced into becoming a devil or he did with his own free will, aware of the consequences." he rolled his eyes at the disbelieving look he got in return."I do not believe Sona would operate like that but it's best to make sure." he explained.

"Sona?" Basil asked with an impish smile that caused Tsuna to groan quietly."You sure are getting a lot more familiar with the Sitri heiress. Should I inform your father that you already have a possible girlfriend in mind?"

Tsuna only looked at him blankly before promptly turning around and walking away from his friend who was still smiling at him.

"I'll see you back at home." was all he said before he left the school grounds.


"I'm back," Basil murmured softly as he entered the house he, Tsuna, and the others in their group shared. Almost instinctively, he gave a low bow after he took off his shoes, before stopping and giving himself a rueful smile.

Despite being raised in Italy, thanks to his Master's influence and unique training methods he took up a remarkable amount of Japanese habits, some a bit outdated and funny in the eyes of the current Japanese people. At least he no longer spoke in an archaic version of the language, which was the root of quite a few jokes spent at his expense.

He looked into the living room, finding no one in there. He may have called it a house but in truth, the building was more like a small manor, built in a distinctly Italian style with a few Japanese touches, such as the kotatsu placed in the living room.

Originally a small, modest house stood in here but the moment it was decided that the newest head of the Vongola would live here, the Vongola used its resources to build a house worthy of the boss, near the center of the city, in a walking distance from Kuoh Academy.

"Basil-san, welcome back." a timid voice called out to him from the direction of the kitchen, snapping him out of his thoughts.

A girl stood in the doorway, wearing the Kuoh school uniform and a frilly pink apron over it. She was a slim, petite girl who looked frail at a first glance, like a stronger breeze could topple her over but the CEDEF member knew very well how little he could trust what he sees when it comes to that girl. She had purple hair that she usually wore in a pineapple style, but for once she let it come undone, barely reaching her shoulders. On her right eye, she had an eyepatch with a silver skull on it.

He gave her a small smile as he placed his bag down, pulling out a small stack of documents.

"Thank you Chrome-chan. Are you guys making dinner?" he asked curiously from one of the Mist Guardians of the tenth generation as the smell of the cooking food caught his nose.

"Yes, we are making katsudon, since Kyoko-chan thought we ate too much western food in the last few weeks. I'll have to go back to help but in a half-hour, everything should be ready," she told him with an angelic smile, giving a small bow and turning around.

"One last thing," he called back to Chrome before she could leave. The girl paused, giving him a questioning look."Did Tsuna already arrive back?"

At his question, the purple-haired girl got visibly flustered as a large blush appeared on her face and she tried to hide behind the doorway, not meeting his eyes.

"Ye-yes, he is back in his room. Wait, he said to leave him alone until dinner," she called out in worry as she was the blonde-haired teen who began to walk up the stairs with the intention to visit Tsuna.

Basil only snorted as he waved to the girl, to hopefully calm her down. Chrome was way too devoted to Tsuna and it meant that she followed his every word as if it was holy writing. There was a bet among Tsuna's guardians about who would she follow if it ever came to it, Tsuna or Mukuro.

"Don't worry so much. He is an almost grown man, he should be able to deal with the fact that he can't just hide in his room whenever he gets the urge. Please call us when dinner is ready." he said with a small smile. Chrome looked uncertain but after a moment she gave a hesitant nod and went back to help the girls. A moment later he heard exciting chatter, asking Chrome about what happened and he took his chance to go up to Tsuna's room.

He soon reached the door and he could hear the loud noises made from some kind of video game coming out of it. It told him his boss was in there and currently in one of his moods which meant he had to be extra strict with him if they wanted anything done. With a sigh, he asked himself why he was the only one tasked to look after Tsuna and where his guardians other than Chrome were when he needed them.

Deciding to try the polite approach he gently knocked on the door but no answer came, only the sound of the game got louder. Trying with harder knocks, this time he was rewarded with a loud go away from the room. Seeing that Tsuna chose the hard way, after all, Basil had no qualms to simply barge in and address his boss.

"I hope you at least finished the pending documents before you started playing because Shitori-san would be most displeased with the delay," he said and didn't bat an eye when all he got was a tired grunt and the sounds of fighting coming from the game getting even louder.

'A lot of people's opinion of the scary Discipline Committee President would undoubtedly change if they saw this mess.' he thought wryly as he looked around the room.

Clothes, various books, and video game cases were lying around in a haphazard mess. Basil even spied a few empty food containers here or there, evidence of the few times they decided to order take-out instead of cooking. It was a picture that really contradicted the usually organized and disciplined image Tsuna was projecting in school. The only exception to this mess was the ornate desk on the other hand of the room which had a small pile of documents on top of it. Its organized surroundings were almost a stark contrast to the chaos of the rest of the room.

This desk appeared very old yet still in a mint condition. It had a rich brown color and was beautifully crafted. According to Vongola's history, this desk was the desk Primo himself used when dealing with paperwork in regards to his newly formed vigilante group, and was passed down the generations of Vongola Bosses, just like the Vongola Rings, to show-off of the long history of their Family. In truth, Nono told Tsuna with a humorous smile, the original was destroyed by Secondo in a fit of rage and this one was made by the order of his successor, in order to preserve the past of their, at that time, young family.

Basil walked to the desk, ignoring his uncooperating boss for the moment to place the documents in his hand down the desk, giving a cursory glance to the stack already there. They seemed to have been finished, something he was glad for. Say whatever you want of the quirks of Tsuna, he at least finished his work first before cocooning himself up and hiding away from the world.

Satisfied, he turned back to Tsuna, intending to talk with him, no matter how reluctant he was acting right now.

In front of the TV sat Tsuna, playing without a care in the world. He changed to more comfortable clothes, baggy pants, and a white shirt with the number 27 on it, his school clothes thrown haphazardly to the arm of the sofa he sat on. He was completely absorbed into his game, only reaching out a few times into the half-full bowl of snacks next to him. It always frightened Basil a little how effortlessly he could change from the President of the Discipline Committee to this typical, lazy teenager who would like nothing more than to play games all day long.

To make him take notice of him, the young disciple of Sawada Iemitsu stood before the TV, cutting off Tsuna's view of it. Despite that, he valiantly tried to keep playing for a whole minute, before with a sigh he gave up and stopped his game and looked up at Basil.

"Get out, I was playing," he said simply. His brown eyes were a lot more dull and tired than before, even his words seemed to lack any energy. Basil took this whole attitude in straight, more than used to it.

"We still have to do some work, Tsuna-dono." he said, turning back to a more formal way of talking, to instill the sense of importance the topic had."I investigated Genshiro-kun but the preliminary findings show that he joined willingly, though he had no prior contact with anything not normal before approaching him. More importantly, we detected a suspicious power fluctuation near the-" he started to report before he was cut off with a surprisingly effective glare considering Tsuna himself didn't look very threatening at the moment.

"I don't care, I'm done for today. Leave me alone, bother me tomorrow. Better, don't bother me at all, just leave me alone to play without interruption for once in my life." he said, starting once again the game, no longer bothered by Basil standing in the way, trying to look through him, not even caring that from the sound of it he was losing badly in the game.

In response, the blonde teen sighed once more, something he was doing a worryingly increasing amount, ever since he was the sole one responsible for keeping the tenth generation boss's work on track. He felt he was overdue for a big raise.

"You just can't shut off the world like that, whenever you get tired of interacting with people. As the boss of the Vongola family, as a student who oversees the school's safety and peace, and also someone who is in a position of authority and looked up to by many, you shouldn't allow yourself to retreat into yourself like this all the time. You can't just do whatever you feel like, you have responsibilities." he said, trying to appeal to his sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, Tsuna was right now in one of his most stubborn moods.

"Try me, see if I care." he snapped back just as the words game over were heard from the TV causing him to let out a frustrated groan.

Feeling like he had enough, Basil stepped forward intending to grab Tsuna and pull him over his desk and make him work since words weren't cutting it. But his eyes widened as Tsuna moved with a speed that honestly caught him off-guard, feeling a hand grabbing his collar, and the next moment he could only blink as he found himself on the ground before the door before Tsuna closed it with a loud bang.

For a whole minute, he just sat there staring at the closed door, while trying to ignore the building headache that resulted in trying to force Tsuna to work. It was a challenge at the best of times.

"Are you alright Basil-kun?" a voice asked from him, prompting him to look up and see a girl standing next to him, holding a tray of steaming food."You should know better than to try and force Tsuna-kun like that." she scolded him lightly, though she didn't lose his smile.

She was a girl his age with golden brown hair that reached just below her shoulder with two larger bangs framing her face. Her eyes were a similar golden color and had a sunny smile on her face. Similar to Chrome, she wore the Kuoh female school uniform without the vest and a pink, frilly apron over it. She was highly regarded as one of the warmest and cutest girls in the school, her fame rivaling that of the great two onee-samas or the student council president and vice-president.

She was Sasagawa Kyoko and it was not incorrect to say she was the reason he had any semblance of sanity left.

"To make him do anything when he gets into one of his moods to offer him an incentive," she said with a small smile as along with the tray of food she also had a manga in her hands, one that by its condition looked brand new. "Here I will show you." with that she approached the door and gently knocked on it."Tsuna-kun, it's Kyoko."

At first, there was no answer and Basil was about to comment on it but a moment later the door slightly opened and Tsuna pushed his head out. He still looked tired and no less enthusiastic but it also looked like that unlike Basil, now he at least considered hearing Kyoko out while he gave a glance to the food in her hands.

"Food is ready, we made katsudon. Chrome-chan put her best effort into it, so be sure to taste it properly. And the manga you ordered got delivered." she said, holding up the book to sweeten the deal. But as Tsuna was about to reach out and take the food and manga, Kyoko stepped back giving him a stern glare though most of its effect was lost by her smile. "But first you have to go through the papers Basil brought, so you could enjoy them in peace without Basil hounding after you."

Tsuna looked undecided for a moment, his eyes flicking to Basil for a moment who stood there silently, before giving out a sigh and opening his door fully, gesturing for the girl to come in.

Kyoko gave Basil a discreet thumbs up and a sweet smile, telling him she had everything in control as she stepped into Tsuna's room, leaving him alone in the hallway. Relieved that the matter was taken care of, the blonde-haired teen ran a hand through his hair as he turned in the direction of his room, he had a little paperwork of his own left before he could call it a day.

If anyone who knew Tsuna from school, or anyone from the mafia who wasn't allied with the Vongola saw the tenth boss right now, they probably wouldn't believe it was really him, his behavior a stark contrast from what those people are used to. It was a secret that the CEDEF and most of the Vongola alliance took great lengths to keep it hidden, even from the most ruthless information brokers. It helped that Mammon, the best in that profession, worked with them, instead of against them.

Reborn was without a doubt a brilliant tutor, with unorthodox methods but with clear results to show. It was accepted among the mafia, that whoever was placed under his care, their achievement would reflect that of their teacher. What nobody in the Vongola realized before it was too late, that there were certain side effects to his teaching methods, especially for a civilian kid who was thrust into the mafia and experienced its darkest sides in less than two years.

It's not like they couldn't see it coming. They had ample warnings about Reborn's teaching, one couldn't have to search far, Dino Cavallone was the perfect example.

The man was the very picture of the successful mafia boss at first glance, despite initially rejecting the idea of leading the Cavallone and only began training for the job at the age of 16. Yet, he was able to bring his family back from the edge of financial bankruptcy, and within a few years not only bring it back to its former glory, but the Cavallone also rose to be the 3rd largest family in the Vongola Alliance. All of that was contributed to Reborn's tutelage.

But it was also known to the higher echelons of the Alliance that Dino was also a complete klutz, all of his physical prowess disappearing when he wasn't surrounded by his subordinates. Basically, whenever he was without his men, he reverted back to the physically abysmal klutz he was known before.

While at times, this fault of his was a source of amusement, it was also a risk that the Cavallone tried their best to cover and stop from being exploited. In hindsight, it shouldn't have surprised anybody that Tsuna, who was so similar to Dino in most regards and was thrust into the role of the mafia boss even younger and without the advantage of being grown up knowing about the mafia, would develop a quirk just like his older brother figure.

Because the secret that the Vongola took great lengths to conceal, to make sure none of their enemies know, was that the tenth generation boss turned out to be hikikomori.

Stepping into his room, Basil immediately headed over to his desk that was full of more paper than he would have liked. Unlike Tsuna's room which was a mess, to say the least, and filled with various items that would make most otaku's drool, his room was minimalist, filled with only basic items and a few books he came with from Italy. He always lived with as few things as needed, that's how he was raised in CEDEF and he found nothing wrong with it.

While Tsuna slowly but surely was taking over the position of the boss, Nono and his own guardians still oversaw all things, at least until Tsuna was done with high school to properly concentrate on it. Because of that he only received a smaller amount of the paperwork he needed to personally look into. Similarly, Basil, who was raised to take over CEDEF for the tenth generation boss, most of his actual work was done by Tsuna's father and Lal back in Italy.

It still left a sizable amount of work that he had to go over every day, especially combined with his school work and the paperwork concerning the disciplinary committee which was of course left to him. Thank god that Kyoko and the others were willing to chop in and take that last one off of his hands if he was too far behind with everything else.

Basil began to hum himself, a tune he heard when he was very little, though he had no recollection of where he heard it from, he would catch himself humming whenever the boredom of doing paperwork threatened to make him sloppy.

With a frown on his face, Basil stopped humming and leaned forward, examining the paper in his hand. It was nothing special, a simple report on a business closely associated with Vongola and its recent opening of a new store and how it performed. It looked innocuous enough, nothing wrong with it, save for the fact that Basil swore he saw this paper before. Placing it down, he quickly reached the closest stack of papers and began to search through them. What he found confirmed his growing suspicion.

"That can't be right," he mumbled to himself with his frown growing.

They were innocuous, simple reports or requests concerning the Vongola or businesses closely associated with the family. It was nothing worrying or incriminating by itself. But Basil found them unusual because they were not the sort of reports that should come to him as the future leader of CEDEF, and also because he remembered seeing these particular papers before. When he sorted through Tsuna's paperwork and placed it on his desk so his boss could work through them quickly.

His head shot up in disbelief. These were the same papers that Tsuna needed to overlook, at least a sizable part of them. A moment later he was out of his room, marching toward the room where the tenth generation Vongola boss resided who was seriously testing the limits of his patience.

He was knocking loudly at his door, calling out to him to no avail. He couldn't enter since the door was locked this time and forcing it open with force was a no-go. The last time he tried that, he had to endure a scary lecture about respecting others' privacy by Kyoko while Chrome glared daggers behind the civilian girl.

That left him trying to call out to him but he honestly doubted Tsuna would answer even if he heard him. After five minutes he had to admit defeat as he sullenly walked back to his room to finish his work. And Tsuna's evidently.

He needed to think of something to force his reluctant boss to work. Maybe he should ask Reborn for some advice?


While Basil, defeated, started on finishing the remaining paperwork, Tsuna was busy playing, trying not to curse as he was reminded why he preferred to play single players as opposed to multiplayer. Dealing with people, even though the screen with no visual contact was too bothersome for him to properly enjoy himself.

He already ate the delicious dinner made by the girls and finished the little amount of paperwork he decided not to leave to Basil. Despite how irresponsible he tended to act, he only gave him the paperwork that wasn't really important and Basil was classified to handle. The really information-sensitive papers remained with him and he gave them a thorough look but thankfully it didn't take up too much of his time.

His attention was quickly pulled back to the game as his character died and he tried to hold back the urge to curse, shout and throw the controller through the window. He was playing a shooter game, ironic considering how much he disliked guns in real life, and while he was fairly decent in it, the lack of coordination from his teammates and just plain idiocy caused him to die, for the third time in so many minutes. Even with his ability to predict things, that surprisingly carried over to a minimal amount to these games was not enough to compensate.

Before he could start a new game, the dark room was lit up by a pale blue light that came from behind him. Tsuna tensed, one of his hands slowly lowering next to him, subtly grabbing the gloves that were next to him, in case of an assassin. He stretched out his senses, getting ready to move at a moment's notice.

A moment later he relaxed as he recognized the presence that stepped into his room in an unorthodox way. While he didn't understand the specifications, allegedly the defenses on his home stopped just about anybody coming by this specific method, save for the few who had permission but one could never be too sure. It was a lesson that was deeply ingrained into him.

He put his hand back to the controller and started a new game, intent on ignoring the intruder as long as he could. Which was not long at all because not even a minute passed when he felt someone sit down next to him and yank the headphones away from his ears.

"You have to work on your manners, kid. It's rude to ignore your guests. The least you could do is greet me." an amused voice said next to him. Tsuna didn't answer, it was a conversation they had almost every time.

He turned his annoyed glare at the person nonchalantly sitting next to him. She was a woman who looked around 30 years old and looked like a foreigner. She had black hair, brown eyes, and a red flower tattoo on the left side of her face. She wore her hair in a ponytail, the end barely reaching down to her shoulders. She also had two bangs framing her face. She wore a light blue pantsuit with white sleeve cuffs and a matching ribbon holding her hair. She looked at him with obvious amusement, leaning back on the safe without a care in the world.

Most importantly, she had a strong presence. Even if she looked as if her guard was down, Tsuna's every instinct screamed at him not to move, not to make him a target. She had an air around here that demanded respect and authority. He only felt like this around Reborn, when his tutor decided to get serious, or Nono when he stopped acting like a happy-go-lucky old man and more like the leader of the largest mafia family.

Still, despite her presence, Tsuna was able to relax his body after a moment but he was sure the woman still noticed it. It was a game for her, testing his instincts for whatever reason, making him paranoid enough to keep weapons close to him even when he slept. Because while she looked like a serious businesswoman, for some reason, she found great enjoyment in teasing and messing with him.

"You are not a guest, more like an annoyance. A guest would be invited in, you just come in whenever you feel like it." he replied in a bland voice as he turned back to his game but still kept an eye on her from the corner of his eye."What do you want, Daniela Vongola?"

A moment later he flinched as she not too gently hit him on the head, causing him to lean forward and let go of the controller. It fell to the floor with a loud clatter as the game once again declared that he died.

"Watch your tongue, brat. I raised you better than to act like that." she scolded him, though she did nothing else as she leaned back in her seat, not in a hurry to talk about the real reason for her presence.

"I don't remember you raising me," he grumbled in annoyance but both of them knew it was more of an act, as he picked up the controller, turning to her with a small smile on his face. "How are you Nonna?" he asked her in a fond, respectful tone now.

Daniela grinned as she playfully ruffled his hair, causing him to look away in embarrassment, which prompted her to laugh at him. Here he was, acting like a little kid when he was a budding mafioso who already gathered the fear and respect of many of his peers, who was seen as somewhat of a boogeyman in his school. It made her happy, to see under that rough exterior he shows to most people, there was still something remaining of the kid he once was.

"Can't I just come and visit one of my cute grandsons?" she asked cooing as his cheeks darkened a little and looked away from her, prompting another round of laughter from the older woman."Really, both you and Xanxus are just so precious. Puffing your chests up all the time, looking intimidating but blushing and stuttering when your dear old grandma comes around to embarrass you."

In response, Tsuna only grumbled under his breath but did not pull away or react any other way. Privately though, he promised that next time he meets with Xanxus, he would share a stiff drink with the volatile leader of the Varia, for the embarrassment of having Daniela Vongola dote on them like little kids.

His Nonna enjoyed the silence between them before she let out a sigh, the relaxed atmosphere between them turning a little more serious.

"Well, as much as I would have liked to only pop in for doting and teasing my adorable little grandson, there is business to do. How are things here in Kuoh?" she asked from him, all amusement gone from her voice.

Turning serious, Tsuna let out a thoughtful hum as he leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees as he considered what to tell her. As much as he respected and liked her, it didn't mean he wanted to tell her everything, some because she held no interest in the subject, some because of the simple nature of mafioso. After all, it was her who taught him to keep a few cards close to his chest at all times and be wary of trusting someone, especially someone like her who had loyalties tying her to different factions.

"Things here are peaceful for the moment," he answered after a long moment, deciding on how much to tell her. "The heiresses are keeping out of trouble, doing their work without any problems or breaking any rules. Gremory as of a few days ago began eying one of the blatant perverts of the school, probably thinking of approaching to join her peerage for some reason. Sona on the other hand seems to have backed off expanding her circle after the recent addition of one Genshiro Sanji." as he told her, he reached to the side opposite where Daniela sat and picked up a thin stack of documents, the report Basil made after looking into the newest member of the student council's circumstances."He might be a sacred gear user, with no connection to the mafia or the church for that matter. Also, from what I saw he wasn't coerced to join by any underhanded means."

With an indulgent grin, she took the offered papers from him, her amusement only growing as she started to briefly scan them.

"When I asked you to look after them as a favor to me, I didn't mean that you needed to investigate them," she commented, though she didn't sound reprimanding at all.

Tsuna couldn't help but snort as he took the papers back, standing up and walking to his desk, placing them down next to a rather small stack of similar papers.

"I'm a mafioso. Isn't that the same for us?" he turned to her, raising an eyebrow when she looked away and refused to answer."Thought so. Anyway, there are some suspicious movements but nothing concrete yet. We are keeping an eye out but it's just as possible nothing is going on." he told her, finishing his report.

Daniela didn't answer at first, looking deep in thoughts, before she released a sigh, her body once again visibly relaxing as she leaned back in her seat as Tsuna walked back to the sofa, sitting down as well.

"Thank you," she said quietly, Tsuna only nodded silently. "It's a great relief to know that if any trouble comes this way, those girls won't have to face it alone. They are stubborn, wanting to be independent of the expectations surrounding them but it doesn't mean they have to do everything alone." she looked at him, though Tsuna simply looked forward with a frown on his face. she smiled softly, reaching up and patting his head."They remind me of you a lot in that sense."

He was silent for a long moment, internally arguing with himself but in the end, he turned to her and asked her a question that had been bugging him for a long time. A question he wanted to ask her since they first met and he learned the truth about a lot of things.

"How do you do this? You are the secret advisor to the Boss of the Vongola while also working as a diplomatic envoy among the supernatural because of your position as the Maou Leviathan's Queen. These loyalties are pulling you in different directions and it could not be easy balancing this. Why do you do this?"

"I love all of my family and want the best for them," she answered almost instantly, giving him a hug that while Tsuna didn't return he did not reject at all. After a few moments, she left with a pale blue circle that soon faded, the only evidence of her being there in the first place.

Tsuna stayed there for a long while, staring at the Game Over sign in front of him, no longer feeling like playing anything at all. In the end, he stood up with a sigh, turned off his console, and went to get ready for bed.

But before he could finally retire he looked outside a window as if he saw something but there was nothing outside. Still, he went to the window, opened it, and took a deep breath, enjoying the night air. When he opened his eyes they were orange, glowing with an inner fire.

"Guess you and I are similar in that regard," he whispered to himself, deep in thought.