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400 years ago society was gifted with peculiar abilities.

The first Ability was manifested by a newborn baby in Qing Qing City, China with the ability to radiate light from its body.

After this phenomenon, many people around the world began to manifest different kinds of superpowers, which became known as Meta Abilities. While the cause of this phenomenon is unknown, it has been theorized that it was caused by the spread of a previously unknown virus carried by mice, although this theory had no hard evidence. Though some people speculated that it was gifted to them by Gods.

Gradually more and more people started to gain this power. This led to people committing more crime leading them to be called Villains. This was the start of the Era of Villains. The ones with power began to become arrogant and thought they were entitled to everything due to their special ability.

It was a horrifying era to say the least. Blood was spilled and lives were taken.

When most of society lost hope.

A person stood up. He was an ordinary person with a Quirk that didn't have any special/flashy abilities.

All he had was a simple Quirk. Yet he used it to defeat the villains gathering more support from more people.

Eventually more people began to support the now called 'Heroes'. Eventually leading to a stable world with low crime. The next generations followed in their ancestors footsteps and protected society even if they didn't have a good ability or are now called Quirks.

However, like once before people with abilities began to grow greedy and arrogant. While they didn't commit crimes, they once more started to look down on those that were weak or quirks they deemed as 'villainous'.

Those with quirks that didn't do much like having more fingers or a mutated eye that changed colors depending on emotions were deemed not that useful. While those with 'Villainous' quirks like being able to produce small cuts on someone's body with a look were frowned upon.

Those with a quirk were at least deemed useful to society by having a power so that it could mutate to turn into a stronger one through their children.

The ones without power though were treated as if they were a waste of space. They were truly deemed as useless and many were treated harshly. Society leaving them no options did they finally commit suicide.

80% of the world's population were those with quirks while the 20% were Quirkless. However, 85% of those Quirkless never got past the age of 50.

The world was truly fucked up.

And now I am like many other quirkless people, who can see my life flashing before my eyes. After all, like them I too am about to die.

I was born in a kind and loving family. Or so I thought.

Like many kids I was entranced by the idea of becoming a hero when older. Like many I too hoped to have been born with a special/powerful quirk.

However those hopes and dreams were crushed by a single sentence.

"Your son is Quirkless"

My hopes of becoming a superhero were destroyed.

My father left my mother and myself to take care of ourselves after learning I was Quirkless.

My mother was kind and loving even after the incident. I was a foolish child believing that I still had the potential to become a hero. I hoped that I could become the World's first Quirkless hero. I asked my mother that and I thought that she would hopefully support me but all I received was a sad smile and an apology.

My mother had given up hope on me.

Yet I still continued to hope.

My friends found out and at first they teased me. However as I got older they showed aggressiveness.

Soon I was physically beaten. I knew my teachers knew what was going on and yet they did nothing and ignored me.

My mother also realised what was going on but due to her overworking and stress she eventually started to distance herself from me. She still cared for me and provided me with things I needed, however, she never showed any love that other parents would show when talking to their children.

Even then I didn't lose hope.

My belief in heroes was high. I believed them to be kind and caring and supportive.

Even at the age of 14 I was a fan boy. I would take notes of heroes and their quirks.

I was still bullied and my mother became distant. She would only come back late at night and leave early in the morning so I never saw her much and when I did, she would distract herself with housework.

However, everything changed when the day for our high school applications was announced.

Like many others everyone in my class wanted to become heroes including myself and my ex-bestfriend, Bakugo Katsuki, who applied for UA High. A prestigious high School, the best in Japan. A hero academy where many famous Heroes seemed to have come from. Most widely known is All Might. The No.1 hero. My Idol.

Knowing that I too was signing up for UA my whole class laughed and my ex-friend exploded, shouting curse words and shouting all together. There was usage of Quirks but it was ignored as the teacher had let out a giggle herself.

At the end of the day i was cornered once more, beaten again and for the first time in my life Bakugo gave me an advice that led me to where I am now.

"Take a swan dive off the roof of the building, and pray for a quirk in your next life."

At first I thought nothing of it and continued to go through my day.

I had then encountered the sludge villain that tried to take control of my body.

The words of Bakugo kept repeating in my head, but I resisted till a hero had finally come.

To be specific, All Might had come. One of the greatest heroes of the world and the best one in Japan. My Idol.

He had saved me. He was amazing as he punched the sludge villain and put it into a small bottle.

I had to get his signature and ask him a very important question.

However he seemed to be in a hurry but I wasn't giving up. When he jumped, I grabbed one of his legs as tightly as I could and flew along with him.

He had realized this and jumped back down to a close building.

Once there he started to scold me for what I did but before he could go any further, large amounts of smoke started to be released from his body.

When it cleared, instead of there being All Might with his buff look, it was a long blonde haired weird looking skinny guy.

He told me he was All Might, just in his weaker form.

He was also idiotic to tell me his weakness but back then I ignored it.

Then finally I had mustered up courage to ask him the biggest question in my life so far.

"C-Ca-Can I become a hero e-even though I-I'm qu-quirkless, All Might? " I had spoken as I had looked at him with what could be called desperation.

He looked at me and simply sighed.

What he said next crushed my hopes and dreams forever.

"I'm sorry kid but you aren't strong enough to be a hero. It's too dangerous and not suitable for a quirkless person like yourself to get hurt in situations that only heroes could deal with. Why don't you try to become a doctor or a police officer eh kid? I'm sorry but it's the truth" He looked serious and had said it without any remorse and left after.

I know I was quirkless so being a hero would be dangerous. But even then support gear could help in certain situations.

Heroes back then had used their smarts to defeat the villains, even if their quirks were weak, they never gave up. They tried their best till they succeeded. They protected society from villains and never went for fame.

But now I know that the current society has changed its ways. Heroes went for fame. Many barely tried to save civilians and when they did it was either out of necessity or that they found the person having a strong quirk.

They preached about being fair and supportive, they promised that they would help those in need. Gave encouraging speeches about how anyone can become a hero.

However, that was fake. My eyes were finally opened to see the harsh reality.

Heroes were liars. They were full of greed, arrogance and lies.

But then again why do I care now.

There is no reason for me to worry about this world.

Though people should wake up to reality and see that nothing goes as planned in this accursed world. There are no such heroes in this world.

All of them are fake.

If the way things go on right now, the people of this world will destroy themselves

However, I will not be there to witness it.

Thank you mother for taking care of me for the last 14 years but I must say I'm sorry for being a waste but hopefully you move on. That is if you even learn of my death or if you even care.

I must say although I'm terrified at jumping, I feel relieved as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Looking down from the roof of the building I am in, I can see many people going around their lives, some even using quirks but not minded by the police at all even though the law forbids you to use quirks in public.

Pondering about Bakugo's words. Would I even be reborn like those people from novels?

Or would someone else be transmigrated in my place?

Hah what am I even saying.

I stalled death too much.

It wants me so why should I make it wait.

I closed my eyes and leaned forwards and fell. Not what Bakugo told me to do but it should be the same, right?

Either way goodbye world.


*Insert Screaming*


In a very dark place a robotic voice spoke

[Found body of Izuku Midoriya for host to take over]

[Does the host wish for this action to occur] [Yes] [No]

A voice spoke from a small orb that radiated high amounts of Aura " Yes"

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