In a white room there was a certain teenager who was dressed up as... An Akatsuki member? Specifically Itachi.

Huh. That's new.

The last time I had a person that was chosen for the reincarnating with wishes and stuff was a guy who was dressed up as a Caterpie.

Or the guy who was dressed up as a pony.


Well either way, let's take a small peek at his past.

Huh. Abandoned by his parents at the small age of 4 because he was different from the other children.

Abused by the other orphans because he was not like them.

Then run over by a Truck when he was in the academy dorms.

He is gifted, that I will say seeing how easily he crushed any exam given to him.

Emotionless huh. Lost his emotions after realising that he would never find love. Whether it be from family or from a partner.

Let's see he is 16. Named himself because he wanted to be like one of those edgy Anime character. That being Shiro Kage. White Shadow. Huh.

Real name being Tatsuya Osamu. The names not bad but why reject it.

Ahh its the name his parents gave him.

Well he may have had a bad start off in life but now depending on what he picks as his wishes, his life may change for the good.

Hopefully he doesn't wish to be a magical pony who constantly released pheromones that affect other ponies around him like the other guy.

Sucks to be him I suppose since he never specified which gender it affects.

Now to put on my grandfatherly act.




And Action!

-POV: Shiro Kage-

Hmmm. So I died.

Next episode of Boruto where Naruto gets killed or well partially killed was going to come out.

Sad. I wanted to see it in animation.

I even dressed up as an Akatsuki just because I didn't have another costume.

How Sad.

Why am I here anyways?

My question was swiftly answered by something that was occurring in front of me. I look up to see a bright light filling up the already bright white room.

And there was an elderly man with a long bread and hair. Kinda looked like Dumbledore From the Harry Potter movies.

"Hello my boy" He said with a gentle smile.

He even sounds like him.

"Why and where am I? I doubt this is hell or heaven and I doubt that I was here because you messed up with my soul to send me to this space where you then apologise by giving me wishes. So why?" I simply replied with my usual voice.

He simply chuckled.

" I must say that no one had ever given a reply like this. Well to answer your question. You are in the room where I would give wishes to people and reincarnate them with their wishes. You are here because I chose you after I saw the obstacles you faced in life and how you adapted to it. You can choose 3 wishes with random reincarnation or transmigration with no memory and no matter what you do to cheat so you could remember it. I will take your memory before I activate your wishes. Or 2 wishes random reincarnation or transmigration with memory. Or 1 wish Chosen reincarnation or transmigration with memory" The fake Dumbledore said as he gave me to choose one of the three options.

I ruled out the choice of first choice since without my memory I'm practically useless. Sure I could wish for a cheat that allows me to comprehend the world I get reincarnated into. But without my memory I won't be able to know how to properly use my power and probably reveal my powers to everyone the moment I get it. And wasting a second wish to have me be smart enough to not reveal it is dumb.

And if I transmigrate I would be clueless in who I was and where I was unless I have the memory of the one I inhabit which in turn would make me them. Plus I wouldn't know better and would most likely get influenced by people around me.

Option 3 looks like it will be the best choice since I will be able to go to a world which I know most things about but wishes are limited. While having a system is good its better to have it with the second option.

"I choose the second option. My wishes are that first I have a Gamer System with all its functions like the shop and the sell items that is loyal to me entirely which also has the ability to give me any power as long as I can meet the requirements to that power. My second wish is that I want infinite Shop Points" I asked since it would be the quickest way to get overpowered in any world I go to.

The fake Dumbledore thought about it for a bit then shook his head in negative.

"While the wishes are certainly good to make you strong, I cannot give you infinite points as some items/skills are dangerous enough to destroy an Omniverse. But since I'm very generous I will allow you to have 10, 000 shop points plus 3 items/skills of your choice to be free except those that are too dangerous." He replied after thinking about it

"OK. So what now?" I asked.

"Well it's now time to reincarnate and as of good will I shall allow you to come back to your original world if you ever decide to travel around your own Multiverse. But to do that either become the strongest in the world you will be going to by defeating each of the top 10 or simply destroy the entire world in a month.." Fake Dumbledore said jokingly.

I do want to settle some problems on Earth so I will definitely be coming. And if it goes to the plan then that 1 month won't even be 1 week.

"Hmm. Why not make it interesting though. Although you can access your shop. You will only be able to access your free loans after you destroy two worlds. However, since I'm not that cruel I will allow you to keep the 10,000 shop points" The Fake Dumbledore smirked.

After all these years I finally felt something that I had lost forever of even feeling. Irritation.

Before I could reply I disappeared into the void

"Good Luck in My Hero Academia Shiro, or should it be Izuku huh?" The God questioned to himself.

[Scene Unknown]

In a very dark place that I was sent to, a robotic voice spoke to me.

[Found body of Izuku Midoriya for host to take over]

[Does host wish for this action to occur] [Yes] [No]

" Yes"

And with a flash of light I was taken away.

Author note: Have no clue what happened earlier also its a rewrite ;-;