Careful with what you wish for

Written after reading 'A tragedy in Black' and why kids need supervision. More so if they handle unstable, unreliable or otherwise dangerous tools, objects or as is the case, a spell.

It began during a beautiful night, on a street along a beautiful river, and around an even more beautiful woman.

Tall for those around, fair-skinned and with an hourglass figure and blessed with a very… prominent aura, the woman had wavy blond hair with a turquoise tone at the very ends; she was happily going home after meeting with the human that captured Tohru's heart.

An interesting specimen to be sure, it would be entertaining to stick around, far more interesting that the ridiculous wars on the other side and far more fun since she could do more than just watch.

Quetzalcoatl was contemplating on what she could bring to increase the fun when something caught her eye. A tiny spark, a brief flash. Many would've missed it, even amongst her kin, but as a former goddess she was far more attuned with the magic and rituals of humans.

"Someone is performing a summoning ritual?" she asked to no one in particular, then she scanned for the place and heard the voice of the one doing something so out of the ordinary in this world.

"Eh? A child?"

Well now, surprises were mounting up. Since she really had nothing better to do, she began to open a portal, to intercept the summoning and see what this was about; it was a shame to but whomever was getting summoned to this realm would have to seek another chance.

"Guess I'll just check it out"

She jumped into the portal, got to the medium used to perform the ritual, presenting herself in all her glory, and about to tease the child naughty enough to try something a bit dangerous…

And instantly tensed up, every muscle in her body locking up as the malignant aura of the place choked her.

The room was painted red with blood, and viscera covered the floor, falling from the maw of the one responsible.

A gigantic creature of pure malice, hatred and insanity struggled to fit in, far more interested in the dying child who uselessly tried to pry open the jaws of the monster ripping him apart. A choked whimper escaped his throat as the little human made eye contact with Lucoa and instantly pleaded with his gaze for help.

But the former goddess would not answer his plea, for her eyes quickly returned to the abomination who finally deigned to acknowledge her presence.


The spine of the child gave in after a particularly strong bite from the daemon, yet the young mortal did not die.

Growling and grunting, the daemon turned to face her.

"Ah, so you answered as well?" mocked the creature, more amused than anything else.

Quetzalcoatl remained silent, though both her eyes remained fixated on his. Beautiful heterochromatic eyes gazed into baleful red, on her peripheral she saw his lipless jaws holding unto the child with teeth in the shape of swords and dripping with the life of his victim.

"And you of everyone in existence…" the daemon slurped, not wanting to waste anything of his meal while the little mage made a face, wanting to cry but to tired and in too much pain to manage.

"… he had a lot of potential then." He smiled, the body between his teeth rising a little bit.

"Why are you here, Be'lakor?" she asked, no longer paralyzed as she was.

The First of the Damned grabbed the parts of the body not in his mouth and then gorged in them, forcing the mortal down his gullet and Lucoa could hear the agonizing scream the child let as his soul was utterly consumed, to be tortured for the rest of eternity.

"Why, the same as you…" he answered, wiping his face with his arm "Lady Sotek"

"I no longer go by that name"

"Yet here you are, as always, meddling in affairs not your own"

She crossed her arms over her chest, not wishing to give this freak any more of a show.

"But you devouring a mortal of this plane is yours"

The daemon prince scoffed as he adjusted as best as he could in the room, horns piercing the roof as he accommodated himself into a sitting position, the wood of the floor struggling to hold his bulk even as the black fog around him settled and taunting laughter was heard among flashing eyes of greed and insanity.

"The little mortal wanted a demon and got it, but he should have known better. I am no mere cur to obey every single command given by a fourth rate wizard. Given your nature you should understand."

"I understand that the Four won't be pleased when they find out their spoilt brat somehow got out of his time-out."

The laughter intensified as his deep rumbling voiced joined.

"You would condemn this world and all its mortals to spite me? What about your dear friend? And her little toy-lover?"

She flinched; no mortal would've noticed but the one in front of her was no mortal. It was useless to pretend otherwise before the rotten soul licking his claws of whatever remaining blood he could savor.

"Besides, as I understand it you are part of the spectators of the Great Game; are you really going to change your entire personality and stance for ONE CHILD when an entire species constantly begs you for help?

Her arms hugged her tighter, shame flooding her face as she averted her gaze from the daemon. He was right of course, about everything. And she hated herself every time she thought about it.

She helped the children of her friends once, and now they dedicated victories in her name and sung her praises, even as they slowly lost ground to that freak-accident calling itself a god.

"My lady should do as always and look away. No one has to know. I came here because I was hungry, the little morsel hardly served for anything but since you chose this place as your playground, I shall leave."

She huffed, and glared at him. Her eyes lit up in an angry fire even if her posture remained the same.

"Now now, no need for that. I swear on my name that I speak the truth. No traps, no strings attached, no servant left to spy on anyone."

"Then hurry up and leave. I don't want to see you here again"

The scion of Chaos modified his size as he got up and bowed as best he could with the crown of horns closer than she would've liked.

He walked up to the cauldron, still bubbling with the ingredients used for the little ritual, a single claw in the liquid and his from began to turn into a multicolored mist that hurt the eye. But she didn't turn around to see him leave, she couldn't.

"Until we meet again" Be'lakor said, two shining rubies in the smoke his form was, returning to his prison with no complaint "Beloved wife" he spat with resentment for the first time.

Her shoulders instantly rose and her head sagged, hurt and frustrated she didn0t fight the tears that began to form in the corner of her eyes, closed as she had them most of the time.

In another time, in another life… They could've built something beautiful.

But as always she was a coward and left at the first sign of trouble, and the one she left behind never forgave her and set the world on fire merely trying to understand.

All that came after was her fault, even as she repeated again and again that it wasn't.

Some goddess she was.

No, I don't hate Lucoa, After Kanna she's my favorite.

No, I don't hate Shouta, but it doesn't take a genius to know that a summoning ritual with no supervision can be dangeous, it's like when a kid answers the phone and begins to give information to a stranger; they simply don't know better. Regardless it's still dangerous.

With that in mind, tell your little ones to always be careful with who they talk to (Actual kids of yours, little siblings, nephews and nieces, relatives of your friends, help avoid a tragedy).

Very few things are more tragic than little coffins and I'm sure those reading this little piece will agree.

See ya! And please take care.