Harry Potter and a Sirius Matter

I don't own Harry Potter or any rights pertaining thereto. This story will start with Harry Potter in the King's Cross Waiting Room and be AU to canon. Pairings may or may not be canon. Events may not be as first published by JK Rowling and are not intended to suggest new canon.

The moon set at 18:30 on 6 June 1994 and was a waning, not full moon. For this story the date will be kept as published as a full moon in The Prisoner of Azkaban and moonrise will by 18:30, when Remus Lupin began to change into his werewolf form. The sunset at around 21:00 will be 21:40 in story to reflect Hogwarts northerly location.

Harry James Potter was dead. At least he thought he was dead. He'd taken the killing curse for everyone to save lives. Now everyone was protected from the evil Dark Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter was a wizard and thought he should be used to wierd things happening to him by now. It was 2nd May 1998. That's when the battle had happened at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This was an event, dying, that Harry Potter had planned with Neville, the Sorting Hat and Kreacher, a House-Elf. They would take it from here. Voldie was now mortal or would be after Neville Longbottom decapitated Nagini, the last Horcrux and giant snake.

Hang on a minute, protection given by sacrifice only affected family and those who were closely connected by blood. It really wouldn't make anyone safer. Harry looked around. A white, empty King's Cross station and a lump about the mass of a 15 month old baby that was all that remained of Voldie's soul. It was not what Harry had expected the afterlife to look like.

The last person Harry expected to see showed up. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, former Headmaster of Hogwarts who had been killed by Severus Snape the previous year during a Death Eater attack on Hogwarts. Death Eaters were Voldie's minions. Albus had called Death the next great adventure. He'd obviously waited.

Albus chatted with Harry. He presented a binary choice go back and kill Voldie or go off into the afterlife with him. Well, that was Dumbledore to a tee. Present a binary choice with the choices defined by him. Still playing the manipulative game, even after death.

Now, Harry had expected death. He had planned for it. His bag contained His Will. He'd left everything to Hermione. She'd be surprised. She was the only one who had stood beside him through 6 years of Hogwarts and a year of being on the run. Okay there had been a few moments when they'd not seen eye to eye. He wasn't even 18 years old. He was a child soldier. The ultimate child soldier. Voldie had attacked him when he was a toddler and been vaporised. Turned into a wraith form.

Harry had a choice. Was this because he owned all three Deathly Hallows, the Wand, Stone and Cloak and had become the Master of Death or just because he was Harry Potter? Harry didn't know. He did know from seeing one of Snape's memories as he lay dying that he'd been a pig raised to slaughter. That made him considerably less open to doing anything Dumbledore suggested. He told Dumbledore that he hadn't made up his mind and would sit for a while. Dumbledore gaily skipped off across a meadow.

As Harry thought, another figure appeared. Scythe in hand, the executioner's black robes and a bald head. Traditional Death.

"Hello, death. I thought I should wait and pay my respects."

"Lord Potter, after all you've been through, you're still the very soul of politeness. I see you've realised the old codger was feeding you a line."

"I know I could go on to an afterlife and see again all those who've died. Part of me is so very tempted. The other part knows I can go back. Since I'm outside time in this place, I can go back to any time in my life up to this point."

Death sat down, scythe gone and much more relaxed Death in t-shirt and shorts.

"My next appointment is in Hawaii."

Harry laughed. "There's an old adage 'Know Thyself' and I don't. I had a ghastly childhood and one adventure after another at Hogwarts. I didn't really make any friends other than Ron and Hermione. I have no idea about Wizarding Etiquette nor who the Potters were. It's like I've been deliberately kept alone. Every time I had free time, Ron would drag me off to a game of exploding snap or wizarding chess. I don't like either game. I could have been off making friends, like I did with Luna."

"You could indeed. You are right. You can go back to any moment in your past. I could tell you a great many things, though I think Fate and Destiny might get annoyed with me. We're triplets, don't you know?"

"I didn't. Thanks for telling me."

"You'll retain all your memories including those of here. I can make a few changes. The Elder Wand will be yours until you die. Of course, it's Dumbledore's, if he's still alive, when you go back. The Stone will cause less pain to those you call up and will stick around for a minute. Think about the questions you have, before you bring anyone back before you. You have to find the Stone first, of course. Your parents are trapped in the wand, until you freed them in the graveyard. Quite fitting for the dead. The Cloak you know about, though I'd check it for tracking charms and the like. Heirlooms are never let out of the family's grasp."

"I thought as much. I'll check the Cloak. Thanks."

"Have you decided when to go back to?"

"I have. 6th June 1994 when Hermione and I are rescuing Buckbeak."

"Ah D-Day. A fitting day, indeed. Off you go."

Harry vanished.

Fate and Destiny, twin sister popped in to greet their brother and fellow triplet.

"You could have told him more," Fate said.

"With his temper, not bloody likely," Death replied.

Harry returned to 6th June 1994. He felt like that scientist guy in Quantum Leap that he had seen at the Dursleys. He hoped his mind wasn't Swiss Cheese. He made his mind up to try some Swiss Cheese. He certainly was going to fix what once went wrong. Hermione was having no luck persuading Buckbeak to move. Harry bowed to Buckbeak, Buckbeak bowed back. The ritual continued until Harry was stroking Buckbeak's gray horse chest.

"You trust me."

Buckbeak placed his head against Harry's chest. Harry stroked the head.

"A nasty man is coming to kill you. We need to get away from her and get you into the Forbidden Forest, where you'll be safe. We need to be quiet." Unless the centaur's shot him or the Acromantula ate him. Otherwise, he'd be safe. Perhaps he could get Firenze to help.

Buckbeak allowed himself to be lead away from Hagrid's. Harry thought that explained why Hagrid had been taken away. The Minister thought Hagrid had set Buckbeak free. Hagrid wouldn't do that. He'd see nothing wrong with keeping Buckbeak captive. Harry saw Hermione's watch tick 12:15pm. That's when he remembered the swish from MacNair's axe. It was 12:40pm when they reached the clearing in the Forbidden Forest. Hermione settled down next to Buckbeak and began reading. Harry had a thought, he'd let percolate a while.

Harry allowed himself to drift. What did he remember about this day? It had been his Divination exam in the morning. He'd written that Sirius would escape riding on Buckbeak. Harry knew he was no seer. Dumbledore was setting all this up. Trelawny had given Harry the prophecy about Voldie. Harry had told Dumbledore. He'd found Ron accusing Hermione's cat of attacking Scabbers and him. They'd gone down and left through the main doors. Hermione had punched Malfoy. They'd got to Hagrid's about midday. He and Hermione had thrown rocks at the windows to alert everyone that the Minister was coming. Was the fact Crookshanks had attacked Ron significant?

Then they'd had lunch in the Great Hall. Sirius had dragged Ron off to the Whomping Willow and Shrieking Shack around 2pm. Snape had come in, using Harry's Cloak and Harry had had the satisfaction of blowing him back to the wall and knocking him out. Snape already knew the truth, Harry realised. Had to for James Potter to earn a Life debt off Snape. Sirius, Remus, he, Hermione and Ron had then talked for the rest of the afternoon. At around 6:30, the three had left to make their way to dinner. Remus had transformed and attacked Ron, Sirius had saved Ron. Harry had let Hermione use the Cloak to get Ron to the Infirmary. Harry had gone after Sirius. Then had come the Dementors and Harry thinking he'd seen his father drive them off. That was around 7pm. Harry had come to around 9:30pm in the Infirmary. He'd tried to persuade the Minister that Sirius was innocent. That damn Umbitch had been there. Snape had said they had all been confounded. Lying bastard. Dumbledore had told Hermione to turn her time-turner three times. Specifically, not three hours.

The current question was why hadn't Buckbeak ripped Hermione to shreds.

"Hermione, this may sound insensitive, but why has Buckbeak ripped you to shreds?"

"When I was researching Buckbeak's defence I'd bring a book out to Hagrid's and sit with Buckbeak."

"At night?"

"You snuck out?


"You must have used my Cloak."

Hermione looked sheepish. Harry thought back to how neither Ron nor Hermione had seemed impressed by his Cloak. Ron's body language hadn't matched his words. Then Harry remembered what Ron had said about Dumbledore's de-illuminator having a setting that allowed him to listen to Hermione's conversations.

"Just like with the Firebolt you decided and did what you wanted without asking me. Hermione you don't just take a family Heirloom without asking. You are in serious trouble. My trunk is also locked."

Hermione looked guilty. "You didn't tell Ron did you?"

"No, he already knew." Hermione looked like a fish out of water as realisation about what she had just said sank in.

"When did he know?" Harry demanded.

"In first year. Dumbledore wanted us to spy on you and for me to confound you not to read A History Magic or Hogwarts:A History. You can't read either book, if you own it except for essays. I stopped. I wanted out. I was prepared to leave Hogwarts when that troll came."

"Just as well I did come. Ron locked you in with the troll and yes he knew the troll was in there with you."

Hermione looked ashen. "We became friends."

"Yes, we did," Harry said, coldly. "Buckbeak, do you know of another place in the Forbidden Forest where you can be free and with other hippogriffs?"

Buckbeak inclined his eagle head. "Fly there now and stay there," Harry ordered. Buckbeak flew off.

"Harry," Hermione said. "We needed Buckbeak to rescue Sirius later from Flitwick's office."

"To do that, we'd fly past Ravenclaw's dorms. We would be seen. We'll come up with a better plan. How far back did we travel today?"

"10 hours. Why do you ask?"

"I did some research into why you could suddenly appear as if out of nowhere. I came up with Time-Turners. I read up on them. All made by the Potter family. After the Mintumble incident, all Ministry time-turners had a maximum range of 5 hours. That means you have not got a Ministry Time-Turner. I heard you be told to turn it three times. Once to tell the machine that it was complete 5 hours to go back and twice to tell it 2 lots of 5 hours. I'd like a closer look at that time machine."

Hermione fished it out. There were initials carved into the back 'Lord C.P. 1916'. Harry snorted. "Lord Charlus Potter made 1916. You're getting rather familiar with Potter family heirlooms," Harry snarled. "We've still Sirius to save. I'm hungry. I didn't have any dinner."

"We have to stay out of sight. Dumbledore says."

"We both know whom I saw casting the patronus and I'd like to do it with food in my belly. We can make our way to the kitchens and get something there. We can go after 2pm."

"Okay," Hermione said. "Making up the plans as we went along was why I wanted you along."

"Not for my stunning good looks then?"

Hermione blushed. They waited until 2pm and then made their way back into Hogwarts Castle and then made their way to the kitchens. Harry explained they needed lunch and were on a hush-hush mission for the Headmaster. That should keep the portraits silent.

At 3pm they made their way to the bat-cave or Snape's dungeon lair. There was Remus' wolfsbane and Harry's Map. Snape had taken them off him that morning. Hermione gasped, when she saw the wolfsbane.

"Professor Lupin hasn't taken his wolfsbane?"

"Hermione, what's wolfsbane and why would Remus take it?"

"Honestly Harry, Professor Lupin is a werewolf and tonight is the full moon and he needs the wolfsbane to remember that he's a man not a monster."

Harry pocketed the Map and Wolfsbane. All Harry had to do was slip the wolfsbane to Remus before he changed and Ron wouldn't get attacked. At 4pm, Harry and Hermione were in Hagrid's hut. They had the Map out and were checking where everyone was. Dumbledore was in conference with McGonagall and the Minister. Hermione refused to leave.

"We take advantage of Pettigrew's escape around 6pm for you to slip the wolfsbane into Professor Lupin's flask. I'll try to stop Pettigrew from escaping."

And there it was. Hermione would attempt to stop the rat from getting away. Hermione was too honest not to try to warn him, Harry. This was Dumbledore's plan all along. Without Pettigrew there was no way to free Sirius and clear his name and that Dumbledore did not intend to do.

"If the rat escapes, we can't clear Sirius."

"I'll do my best," Hermione said, defensively.

Sure enough, Harry was able to empty Remus' flask and fill it with Wolfsbane. Harry watched Remus drink it all in one go. From long exposure to healing potions that must really have tasted foul. Earlier Harry grabbed his Cloak off a still unconscious Snape. Hermione did her level best to catch Pettigrew, but failed. They followed the five outside as Remus began to change and still attack Ron. Harry would need to really talk things through with Remus. Sirius ran off and Harry and Hermione followed. Snape went off to alert the Minister.

At 7pm, Harry cast the Expecto Patronum spell. Nothing happened. Just as he'd remembered it. He cast it a second time. No effect. Third time he put all the fury he felt, as well as good happy thoughts. Prongs burst forward. If Prongs' eyes were a shade red, Harry wasn't telling, if Prongs didn't. Prongs attacked the Dementors. 100+ were soon driven off. Harry was sure he could see some cloaks down there meaning dead Dementors. Harry and Hermione watched as the Hogwarts brigade and some Aurors moved to arrest Sirius and help Harry. Dumbledore spoke loudly that Sirius would be taken to Flitwick's office. Hermione was not with Ron in the infirmary. Ron was asleep. She came back later and sat next to Harry.

"I know you can't hear me right now, but I've looked and there's nothing I can do for Sirius. I've checked all the law books Hogwarts has. The Aurors have gone back to the Ministry. Umbridge will bring two Dementors to administer the Kiss to Sirius." Hermione balled and buried her face on the blankets on top of Harry. Harry had no intention of watching their earlier selves like that for the next couple of hours.

"My Firebolt could do the trick."

"Too much weight," Hermione countered. The paid made their way back to the kitchens for an evening meal. They didn't watch their earlier selves and an awake Ron Weasley and Remus Lupin try to convince the Minister that Pettigrew was still alive. Dumbledore's pensieve would have been useful. For some reason, Dumbledore didn't want the Minister to know he had one.

They got back just after they had left. Earlier Harry and Hermione left that is. Harry got changed for hospital bed, again. Before he sat down, he kept an eye on Ron and kissed Hermione. The sour look on Ron's face meant he was cheating on sleeping and not keen on Harry cosying up to Hermione.

A few minutes later Dumbledore, McGonagall, Poppy and Snape came back into the Infirmary. Remus didn't come back with them. The Minister and Umbridge still had the two Dementors with them. They were not attempting to suck the happiness out of the room. Not that there was any.

Dumbledore announced that at 9:45pm 6th June 1994 Sirius Black received the Dementors Kiss. Minister Fudge looked at Harry, as if challenging to say something. Harry did.

"Did Sirius Black leave a Will?"

"Yes, Harry, he did." Fudge was trying to be kind.

"I'd like to hear what he wrote. I hope to hear a confession. He was very convincing Minister. Said he was my Magical Guardian, Godfather and things like that."

"As Professor Snape said,a Confundus," Senior Undersecretary Umbridge.

"I've heard it said, Madam Undersecretary that you are the foremost expert on Werewolves. He taught a lesson on it and demanded an essay on spotting a werewolf. He described them as loners, rarely seeking out company. Can we defend ourselves against them by using the Imperius or Confundus Charms?"

Dolores Jane Umbridge was most shocked. The Boy-Who-Lived sought her advice.

"I am afraid, Harry, a werewolf is immune to such charms. Why do you ask?"

"Remus Lupin is a werewolf. Bitten as a child by Greyback."

"You are sure of this?" Fudge demanded.

"Yes, Minister. Sirius said that my father James has protected Snape from Remus, which was how Severus Tobias Snape was saved by my father James Potter owing him a Life Debt in the process. A blue glow settled over both Harry and Snape.

"I've wanted to ask you this Harry, since we met at the Leaky Cauldron. Why did you inflate Marge Dursley?"

"She insulted both my parents and called me the runt of the litter. Said it was the fault of the mother."

"Did she now?" Umbridge sounded indignant.

"Hagrid delivered my 27 invitations to Hogwarts letter and took me to buy provisions, my Aunt Petunia's husband Vernon told him that they had tried to beat magic out of me. I shall you the scars on my back, if you'd like."

"How long did you live there?"

"Since they found me on the doorstep after my parents were murdered. They told me my parents died in a car crash and were drunken layabouts. Dumbledore insists I go back and spend the summers there."

"I told you Albus that they were the worst sort of muggles when we left him there," McGonagall said. Both Umbridge and Harry gave the Minister a slight shake of the head. Both saw what the other was doing.

"What, Lord Potter, is your opinion of Muggleborns?"

"Descendants of squibs who are returning the magic they took with them back to us, Madam Undersecretary." Umbridge beamed.

"It is late, Minister, should you not be getting back?" Dumbledore enquired.

"I know I should sleep easier knowing that there were two Dementors patrolling Hogwarts just in case there are any other death Eaters looking to complete the job, now they know Sirius Black is dead."

"Capital idea, Harry. Guest quarters, Dumbledore. Give us all a chance to catch up and renew old acquaintances. Tomorrow we can all floo to the Ministry to hear Sirius' Will." Fudge moved off taking everyone else with him. Harry got changed back into his day clothes. He carried his night clothes out with him. He had Hermione give him the Time-Turner. He put both into his trunk and used colloportus maxima to lock his trunk. He set up the wards around, below and above that he and Hermione had done in the Forest of Dean. Then Harry slept.