Harry Potter and a Sirius Matter

I don't own Harry Potter or any rights pertaining thereto. This story will start with Harry Potter in the King's Cross Waiting Room and be AU to canon. Pairings may or may not be canon. Events may not be as first published by JK Rowling and are not intended to suggest new canon.

The moon set at 18:30 on 6 June 1994 and was a waning, not full moon. For this story the date will be kept as published as a full moon in The Prisoner of Azkaban and moonrise will by 18:30, when Remus Lupin began to change into his werewolf form. The sunset at around 21:00 will be 21:40 in story to reflect Hogwarts northerly location.

Harry had spent the last half hour before lights out on Sunday evening researching everything he could find on Dolores Umbridge, Slinkard and what the Hogwarts Charter had to say. He slept uninterrupted.

He awoke and got ready for the day. He went down for breakfast and made small talk with his 'junior' faction. His thoughts drifted to Umbridge or Umbitch as he and pretty much everyone who knew her called her. There was no way Umbitch was leaving the lesson alive and that would cause all sorts of unpleasantness to follow. Harry remembered his sessions with Umbitch as he used a blood quill and McGonafail and Dumbledork told him to just accept it and 'keep his head down'. He remembered the concentration camps that Umbitch set up to kill muggleborns for 'stealing' magic from purebloods and her purge of Ministry staff for not being Pureblood. Umbitch deserved to die and Harry would see it done.

40 Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws filed into the classroom. Umbitch was already in the classroom. Harry sat in the front row. Hermione sat next to him. His other girls who were in the class arranged themselves around him and his faction heirs sat around them. Harry's wand was in its trigger holster.

"Hem, hem, settle down children, Umbridge said. "Take out your Slinkard textbook, put your wands away and read chapter one."

Hermione raised her hand. "Yes, Miss…" Umbridge said.

"How will we learn the spells without using our wands?" Hermione enquired.

"If you read the textbook, you will be able to take the exam and perform the spells, " Umbridge declared.

"That's bloody stupid," Ernie Macmillan stated. "There are very few people who can get a spell right first time."

"50 points from Hufflepuff and a week's detention with me," Umbridge declared, triumphantly, in her high-pitched voice.

Harry raised his hand. Umbridge ignored him. He kept it up.

"Mr Potter, why have you not got Slinkard out?" Umbridge looked viciously at Harry.

"The International Confederation of Wizards declared in 1972 that Slinkard's works were without merit and would not accept any wizard or witch for OWLS or NEWTS who had been taught using said book. I intend to sit my OWL, so I won't be taught using Slinkard. I didn't even buy it."

"Another 50 points from Hufflepuff and a week's detention with me."

"Challenged and all your point deductions and your right to deduct points."


"Are you now or have ever been an Auror?"


"Do you hold a Mastery in Defence against the Dark Arts?"


"Did you attain an Outstanding in your NEWT for DADA?"


"Under the Hogwarts Charter you need one of those three to be able to hold the position of Professor."

"I am the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts appointed by the Governors. I was appointed by the Minister," Umbridge declared. "I have indulged you Mr Potter despite your lies that claim that You-Know-Who has returned, just like Dumbledore."

"I do not believe that Voldemort has returned. The Daily Prophet has finally printed the letter in which I said that, which I had sent at the beginning of Summer. You may have been appointed by the Ministry, but the Hogwarts Charter is very clear that any professor so appointed must have the qualifications to take up the post. You do not."

Umbridge drew on Harry, who was faster. "Reducto," Harry said before Umbridge could finish her 'Stupefy'. Her head detached from her body and Umbitch was dead. And now would come the unpleasantness. Sure enough, Dumbledore and McGonagall entered the classroom. Dumbledore had his wand out. So did Harry.

"Harry," Dumbledore said.

"Avada Kedavra," Harry said. At the distance the two were, Dumbledore had no chance to respond. He fell dead. "I told him I'd kill him, if he called me Harry again."

"Mr Potter, you will be expelled, your wand snapped and sent to Azkaban for life," McGonagall said, in a flat tone.

"I am a Legacy student and therefore cannot be expelled," Harry said, slowly.

"Stupefy," McGonagall said, catching Harry by surprise.

"When Harry awoke, he was in a cell in Azkaban. He could feel two hundred Dementors crushing into him. They were dragging his happy thoughts out of him. He'd been thrown into Azkaban, without trial in the Wizengamot, just like Sirius. Was this his just fate for allowing Sirius to be killed?

Harry answered the question with a resounding no. Harry knew that the Love he felt for Hermione had saved him from being possessed by Voldemort. Dumbledore had believed that the power Harry had was Love, which, of course, could never be allowed to manifest. Evil cannot maintain its form or exist before it. It was the very power of Gods that burnt mortals in their presence.

In that moment, Harry understood his existence. His grandparents Fleamont and Euphemia had not been able to conceive a child. They had gone into the Room of Love in the Department of Mysteries. Magic had granted them a son. James, Harry's father. James had been struck in the genitalia on several occasions playing quidditch and, if that hadn't been enough, had been struck by a spell from Snape causing infertility. He and Lily had paid a visit to the Room of Love and magic had given them a child. Him, Harry. Dumblepuke had never known about either. Magic was granting Harry this understanding. It was up to him whether he continued to live or return to Magic his tasks completed.

Harry had unfinished business. He could not let his lovers or widows fall to others who would not treat them right. The searchers had been incompetent. They had found neither the Elder Wand, in a trigger holster up his left arm. They hadn't found his redwood wand with the tailfeather from a Thunderbird. Harry concentrated on that tail feather and became a Thunderbird, the room expanding to fit his bulk. Harry had not been expecting that. The redwood wand, sans core lay in many pieces on the floor. Harry began pulsating Love. The Dementors withered away, leaving only their cloaks. All of them were destroyed. Harry shifted back into human form.

"Sword of Gryffindor, belt of Gryffindor and scabbard of Gryffindor, to me." The belt appeared around his waist, the scabbard on his left hip and the sword inside the scabbard. Harry looked at the door. A silent 'Bombarda' destroyed it. The half a dozen Aurors on duty cast spells at Harry. He either dodged them or batted them back at said with the sword. Since they were lethal spells, there were soon six dead Aurors. The Warden and three other Aurors were barricaded in the Warden's office. That door and barricade fared no better than the cell door. Harry fired six spells from the wands from the dead aurors. They made a mess of the 4 other people in the room. Further spells killed anything still living in there, other than Harry. Harry then claimed the island of Azkaban in recompense to being sent to Azkaban without trial. He then cast the spells to make the Island unplottable and untrackable.

Harry spent the next hour cleaning up the island. He then changed back into a Thunderbird and flew to London. He changed back into human before entering the Leaky Cauldron. He carried on walking and was out and into Diagon Alley before anyone reacted to Harry Potter walking through. Harry made it to the Ministry and walked in through the Wizengamot members' entrance. There were a couple of Aurors in front of Courtroom Ten. Dawlish and Hodges or Holmes, Harry wasn't sure.

"Move out of the way. I have business before the Wizengamot." Harry drew the sword. The Aurors drew their wands and cast spells at Harry. Harry parried the spells and stabbed both aurors in the stomach. He then entered the chamber. The noise levels rose as Harry advanced to his Potter seat. Narcissa Malfoy was sitting in it. She was obviously trying to stall whatever motion was before the Wizengamot.

"I've been keeping your seat warm," Narcissa said as she made way for Harry.

"What is the motion before the Wizengamot?"

"They're trying to steal your family assets," Regent Bones told him.

Harry called for the vote. He won it.

"Now someone was responsible for sending me to Azkaban. I want to know who is responsible. I claimed the island in recompense for the Ministry sending me to Azkaban without trial."

"You used an Unforgiveable spell to kill Dumbledore. That's an automatic life sentence in Azkaban," Amos Diggory said.

"My position in the Wizengamot means I get a trial. We've already had one Minister who thought an heir or a lord didn't need a trial before the Wizengamot before being sent to Azkaban. We don't need another."

"We don't need lectures from you, Lord Potter," Lord Selwyn stated.

"I had no idea that we were letting Death Eaters sit in this Chamber, Selwyn. When I attended the Wizengamot for the first time, the Wizengamot stated that everything my father was, I am now. He was a second year trainee Auror with the right to cast the Unforgiveables. I told Dumbledore not to call me by my first name, as is my absolute right. He carried on calling me by my first name. I told him I'd kill him next time he called by my first name and I did. Selwyn, you and your friends had your free shot at me in that cemetery."

"That is an insult, Lord Potter and a false accusation."

"I am pleased your aim is crap or I'd have died in that cemetery. That you and 11 other Death Eaters or Fellow Travellers are Governors of Hogwarts does give me concern. Parents were excluded from voting, That's contrary to the Hogwarts Charter."

"They are muggles. Muggles don't get to vote on magical matters." Selwyn looked angry.

"They have the right to vote. Have ever since the School opened a millennium ago," Harry observed.

"Salazar Slytherin was right," Selwyn declared.

"Resign or be forced out," Harry said.

Harry won the vote on sending him to Azkaban. He'd be staying out of Azkaban. Harry remembered Dumbledore telling him that Harry would be even more angry, if he knew what else Dumbledore had done. Harry was no closer to solving that cryptic comment. Harry had killed Riddle and Dumbledore. Those two had effectively controlled British magical society for two decades. There was, however, a deeper issue. At the turn of the last century Purebloods outnumbered muggleborns by 4 to 1, now it was the other way round. Harry understood that Purebloods thought they would go extinct, but the practice of having only one child per generation was what had caused the population decline, exacerbated by the wars against Grindelwald and Riddle.

Harry's trip back into the past had removed the chokehold over wizarding finances that the goblins exerted. Harry had killed all the goblins, apart from a few half-breeds. He'd killed all the giants, too. All but a handful of werewolves had been killed by Harry Potter. The Dwarves had moved back into Gringotts and had killed those goblins Harry hadn't in his initial attack. Wizards had not set up their own banks.

The Pureblood establishment lived in fear that the muggles would discover the magical world, because the magical barrier would interfere with muggle technology in London and drive them to develop technology that would reveal the magical world. Through his position as Curate of Whinging, Harry already had an in with the muggle political world.

Over the past 300 years, Union talks between Magical Britain and Magical Scotland had fallen apart many times over two issues. One was the irrational Scots belief that they would somehow become English by unifying and the second and more potent issue. The barrier erected by the Statute of Secrecy by Magical Britain. The Scots believed magic was natural and magicals and non-magicals could live side by side. They wanted magical Britain to leave the International Confederation of Wizards (ICW). The talks had gone nowhere whilst Dumbledore held the title of Supreme Mugwump of the ICW. There was a third issue and that was Hogwarts. Originally established in Bernica, which was then part of England. Hogwarts had been left high and dry after the Bernican nobles had declared Bernica to be part of Scotland following King Cnut's conquest of the rest of England. Hogwarts remained part of England, the chagrin of the Scots. Though there were negotiations over uniting, since Hogwarts was independent of the Ministry, following its establishment, Hogwarts was not a party to the talks.

Magical Ireland had no need to unify. It enjoyed all the benefits, without any need to unify. Irish wizards and witches could attend Hogwarts, though they weren't bound to do that. Scottish wizards and witches also received attendance invitations. Those who did attend Hogwarts were thought of as traitors.

Quidditch was organised on a British Isles basis. Most of Ireland's successful recent World Cup winning team played for Puddlemere United, the most successful Quidditch team since the league had been founded. Harry had read that the leprechaun was on the team crest and leprechauns were its mascots as well.

Harry was about to get absolute control of the Wizengamot and could then pass whatever laws his faction wanted to. At least that's what Harry thought. He would have to think about what the wizarding world needed. He could well have done that in his original timeline, though with far fewer resources and izards and witches and he would not have known about Ginny Weasley until it was far too late to do anything about her possession by young Tom.

Harry still could not get his head around the idea that Magic was sentient. He wasn't sure why he couldn't grasp this, when every magical oath invoked Magic to settle matters. Harry was still in the Chamber and his faction was looking at him. He smiled and retook his seat. He smiled again. He had serious matters to deal with.