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"Come on, officer Chestnut. You don't know what you're missing! Come to the waltz tomorrow night, I just know you'll love it!" Officer Redcup tried to coax his fellow officer.

"I don't know. I mean, it sounds fun but… I'm not that good at dancing, you know?" The fellow officer, Krillin, said.

It was true. Each year, the West City Police Department held an annual waltz. Being the kind and passionate officer that he is, Krillin was invited every year, as he was well liked by most of the rest of the force. And every year, he declined. The reason? His dancing skills were not just bad, they were atrocious. Or at least, that's what Vegeta had said to him at a Capsule Corporation party years ago. He figured it was just Vegeta being Vegeta, but when the others all laughed and chimed in, he felt crushed.

"Don't worry, bud. Everyone has things they're not good at. Take me for example. I can't hold my liquor for squat!" Yamcha had tried to assure him, but Krillin still felt bad.

Ever since then, Krillin avoided dancing altogether. Since dancing was the main thing to do at the waltz, he figured he'd better not go. But the other officer didn't give up.

"Come on, Officer Chestnut. The rest of us see what a kind and fun-loving person you are, but we never get to see you outside the work scene. We just want to have some fun with you, that's all. It doesn't matter if you're good or bad at dancing. It'll be fun, I promise." Officer Redcup pleaded.

The other thing about Krillin Chestnut was that, being the kindhearted person he was, saying 'no' was difficult when he was pushed. This was the first time his coworkers really pushed for him to come after his initial decline. Thus, he instantly relented.

"Okay, I'll be there tomorrow night. Let's all cut back and have fun for once!" Krillin exclaimed.

"That's the spirit!" Officer Redcup commended.


"What am I going to do? I can't do this!" Krillin said aloud in a panic.

It was a few hours after his conversation with Officer Redcup, and he was now home enjoying a quiet evening with his wife. Or at least he was supposed to be. But it was at this time that regret and uncertainty about his agreement to go to the waltz had set in.

"What's wrong honey?" Eighteen asked, her voice full of concern.

"I kind of agreed to go to the waltz that my job is having tomorrow night." Krillin admitted.

"Oh, that sounds exciting for us. It's about time you did something relaxing. You've been so wound up lately." Eighteen said, eager to accompany her husband.

"But Eighteen, I dance horribly. I don't know if I can go." Krillin said shamefully.

"Oh." She said. She couldn't quickly reassure him, since she had been there at that party when the others told Krillin about his dancing. "Well, you made Vegeta laugh the last time you danced. That's a pretty big feat if you ask me."

Krillin did not feel assured by that, and the expression on his face must have shown it.

"Okay, how about I teach you how to dance?" Eighteen quickly offered. "We can have a little dance lesson right now. We only need to learn a couple of dances for this, so it won't take longer than we have. This is a good opportunity since Marron is having a sleepover at Bulma's."

Krillin was always up for doing some activity with his lovely wife, and if she wanted to teach him dancing, well, he was going to go with it. Plus he wouldn't need to break his agreement to Officer Redcup.

"Okay, let's do it!" Krillin agreed enthusiastically.

"Right, come stand up in front of me." Eighteen instructed. Krillin quickly followed those orders.

"Okay, now what?" Krillin asked.

Rather than answering him, Eighteen took his right hand and intertwined her fingers with his, then she stretched out her right hand, pulling his with it. Krillin's arm was reaching up while Eighteen's was reaching down, but their hands stayed together all the same. She took his left arm in her hand and placed it around her shoulder, then she did the same to him with her arm.

"Okay Krillin, this is the formation we'd need to be in. I'm going to go turn on the music. Stay right here, okay?" Eighteen told him.

Krillin nodded, and Eighteen went over to their sound system, pushing a few buttons. Krillin knew they had a collection of classical music in their sound system, and until now, he never figured they had a use for it. After he heard the music come on, she came back to him and placed herself and him into the proper formation once again.

"Now just follow my movements." She told him.

She took a step to the right, and he mimicked it. They did a few more movements that went the same way. Because he was following her every move rather than the music, his steps were just a half second behind hers, and they were not in sync. At some point he stepped on her foot by accident as they were dancing. After that, she let him go and went over to turn off the music.

"Krillin, you need to follow the music. Try to step in time with the music. You can be a great dancer. You just need to find the right rhythm." Eighteen told him as she paused the sound system.

Krillin heeded his wife's words. He heard her switch the music back on. He listened carefully to the music and tried to imagine stepping in tune with it. When he tried dancing at the party, he had no idea what he was doing. The waltz was a completely different dance than that one.

He was surprised to feel her soft hands gripping his own, placing his body back into the formation with her own.

"Okay, let's try again." She whispered to him.

He went as far as to close his eyes as he moved, and he stepped to the right in time to the music. Since he had performed the movements before from following Eighteen, he knew what to do, he just had to follow the sound of music rather than using his eyes. Movement after movement he did the same thing, and not once did he run into her or step on her foot. Soon enough, he opened his eyes. He could see his own feet moving in perfect rhythm with hers, their actions now in perfect sync. There was a tranquility to their movement, and Krillin found himself more relaxed than he had been earlier in the evening.

After a while, Eighteen changed songs, and to Krillin's surprise, he was able to dance to it without a problem. He felt ecstatic! He had learned to conquer a problem that had been plaguing him for years, and it was all thanks to his beautiful wife!

"You did it, Krillin! I knew you had it in you!" Eighteen exclaimed.

"I couldn't have without you." Krillin said, his blush all but consuming his face.

Before he knew it, her lips had captured his own. The two kissed passionately, still twirling in the throws of their dance. At that moment, Krillin felt like he could do anything. He had that feeling, like there was nothing he couldn't do. He felt like the luckiest man alive!

At some point, they needed air, and the two separated, both collapsing onto seated positions on their couch. A comfortable silence passed over the two. Krillin took the opportunity to bask in his victory a little more.

"Gee Eighteen, I didn't think you would have been interested in learning how to dance." Krillin said, scratching his head.

"I wasn't. Dr. Gero programmed me with it. I don't know why he would have done that. Maybe he did it by mistake somehow." Eighteen responded. "I guess the old geezer was good for something."

Though this was once an extremely touchy subject for her, the two were now able to laugh about it like it was nothing. She had gotten over it a long time ago.

"Well, Eighteen, I don't know about you, but I'm spent. All those dance lessons really took it out of me. I'm going to hit the hay. You coming?" Krillin asked her.

"Sure, honey." Eighteen responded. Krillin knew she didn't get tired, but she usually went to bed when he did because they liked to cuddle in bed.


"Officer Chestnut! You made it!" Officer Redcup greeted Krillin as he and Eighteen entered the dance hall. "And you must be Mrs. Chestnut, pleased to meet you!"

"Likewise. Krillin has told me a lot about you, Officer Redcup." Eighteen said to him with a smile.

"Hello Officer Chestnut, Mrs. Chestnut. Pleased to meet you. I'm Officer Redcup's wife." A woman greeted.

The four sat down at a fancy table. Fancy food was served, Krillin had never tasted such good food. He would make sure not to tell Bulma that. The two police officers shared stories of their many misadventures while on the job, with a few drinks to spice up the night.

About an hour after Krillin and Eighteen had arrived, the microphone in the front of the room came to life.

"Alright ladies and gentleman, it's time for the waltz. To all who wish to participate, we will be starting now." The announcer said.

A few seconds were given for people to make their way to the dance floor. He saw Officer Redcup and his wife eagerly rise to take part in the waltz.

"Let's do it, Krillin." Eighteen whispered to him. He nodded.

The two walked to the dance floor, ready to do their thing.

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