This is the officially unofficial continuation of FFN user Slifertheskydragon17's oneshot "Asuka's Bad Day." Co-written by FFN users SheriffJohnStone, SuperD9, and myself.

Asuka's Bad Day 2: Twice Upon a Glizzy

Asuka's eyes opened slowly. She arose from her bed, realizing she had morning wood. She threw her sheets off, opening the door of her room and seeking the one person that could help her.

It was none other than Baka Shinji.

"Ayo Shinji! I've been having a bad day so far, could you make it better for me?" she asked.

He looked submissive and breedable.

Before the boy could answer, she whipped out her vascular appendage.

"O-oh, u-um, a-a-alright A-Asuka."

Shinji opened his mouth so wide his jaw dislodged and then he fucking vacuumed that shit. Like, super hard. Like a hotdog in a vacuum tube, that dong got totally slurped.

Grotesque, slimy popping sounds could be heard blocks away.

"Thanks bro," said Asuka as she drenched the young boy's face in her spunk.

Shinji smiled as he wiped her seed off with one hand. He was a freaky mf.

His jaw hung slack from the irreparable, oral pounding he had experienced.

Asuka giggled like the tsundere she was. "Well, for a baka you suck a mean cock."

"Hanks for ha beakfass, Aska, I lobe yoo" he managed to get out. His damaged jaw getting in the way of any comprehensible speech.

The German, 4'10" redheaded pilot of Unit-02 grinned. Her bad day was quickly cured by her brown-haired 4'9" roommate.