This idea just came to me. Inspired by fan comics of Among us ATLA and HOO characters.

Please keep in mind i haven't been playing among us that long.

The characters in this fic's player names are:

Hazel: HazelWatson - Blue.

Daisy: DaisyHolmes - Light Blue.

Kitty: KittyCat - Pink.

Beanie: Beanstalk - Green.

Lavinia: Lava-nia - Red

Amina: Prankstar - Yellow

I do not own Among us or Murder most Unladylike

Among us most unladylike.

Hazel, Daisy, Kitty, Lavania, Amina, and Beanie gathered round the table for the emergency meeting.

DaisyHolmes: Alex and George, and Binny are dead.

KittyCat: Good riddance to Binny.

Beanstallk: That's horrid!

HazelWatson: I didn't see anything on the cameras.

Prankstar: Lavania's Kind of sus.

Lava-nia: WHAT YOU SAY TO ME *****!?

Hazel: Do you have any evidence Amina?

Prankster: She did report it.


DaisyHolmes: Sorry Lavinia, you're out.

HazelWatson: Sorry :(

Beanstalk: Sorry :(

Prankstar: Not sorry. :D

KittyCat: Not sorry :3

Lava-nia: YOU-

But they had already voted, and Lavania was ejected.

Lava-nia was not the imposter.


Amina walked towards the cockpit to chart the course. She stopped as Kitty walked past. She didn't stab her when she had a golden opportunity, so Kitty was probably not the murderer.

As she got in the chair, she began thinking about who the killer could be.

Hazel was doing the security, Daisy was-

Hang on.

She was about to get out of the chair when she felt something cold and sharp stab her in the stomach.


A dead body was reported by Daisy.

DaisyHolmes: AMina's dead :(

Beanstalk: :(

KittyCat: :(

DaisyHolmes: Hey, Kitty, weren't you by the weapons earlier?

KittyCat: So?

HazelWatson: Let's not-

Beanstalk: Sorry kitty, I'm voting for you :(

KittyCat: I'm innocent!

DaisyHolmes: Sorry, Kitty. You're sus.

HazelWatson: :(

Beanstalk voted.

DaisyHolmes voted.

HazelWatson voted.

Kittycat voted.

KittyCat was not the imposter.


"Poor Kitty."

"It could have been worse."


Daisy and hazel walked towards the final task, which was priming the shields.

Hazel groaned "This helmet is so itchy!"

Daisy sighed "It's not that bad Haze-"

She gasped.

She collapsed onto the floor, bleeding.

The imposter cackled, before throwing her knife at the last crewmate, who was attempting to run.


Beanstalk was the imposter.

HazelWatson: !


Prankstar: It's okay. It's just a game.

KittyCat: OML she's breaking down

HazelWatson: It's okay Beanie.

Lava-nia: I TOLD YOU SO!

DaisyHolmes: Lavania, comfort Beanie.

Lava-nia: Yes Ma'am.

HazelWatson Oh no we're at Uncle Felix's and aunt Lucy's we can't comfort her :(

BunnyBinny: I can but I wont XD


AlexandertheGood: Oh dear.

GeorgePinkerton: gg

DaisyHolmes: gg


It was interesting to mix writing as if it were a game and if it were a piece of literature.

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