Challenge Word: Monkey

Warnings/Spoilers: None, Wee-chesters

100 words per MS Word Count


By Swellison


Twelve-year-old Dean glanced down at his little brother's puppy dog eyes, then at the empty playground. The other kids had left for suppertime, but Winchester mealtimes were flexible when Dad was hunting. "Okay."

Sammy tugged his hand, running to the metal monkey bars. His brother climbed up the two low end bars and stood up. Dean lifted Sammy from underneath the high bars. "Grab the first bar and hang. I've gotcha."

Gently coaxing, Dean shadowed his brother as Sammy slowly pulled himself from bar to bar across the ladder, then dropped into Dean's arms. "Good job, Sammy. Let's eat!"

Author's note: My rule for drabble writing is take the first idea and run with it. So, monkey became monkey bars😊