I wrote this as the cap to my "Summer of Sonic," where I've revisited and fallen back in love with this franchise, this relationship, and these characters, as individuals. I've written character analyses on my Tumblr (same pen name, if you're interested), and feel like I've really grown to understand the nuance of SONIC, the kid and the franchise. This, to me, is my Sonamy and Sonic Thesis–THIS is why these characters are poetry in motion, and THIS is why Sonic is a beautiful character.

This is technically set in the IDW universe, but I don't find that information all that important to the story. There aren't any major spoilers, no IDW exclusive characters come up beyond brief mentions, and you don't need to be caught up over there for any part of this to make sense. Some minor plot points and locations are referenced, but most of the locations are original. "Inspired" might be a better word than "set."

Please review. I want to know if these characters impact you as much as they do, me. Review at the end, or every step along the way.

Thank you, and welcome to

I Love You - Come With Me