Ch. 1 A voice in my head

I swung my sword to decapacitate a woman whose body looked like it was made out of mud. Around me the sounds of explosions raged, thunder cackled, the earth shook and war cries filled the air. A little distance away, a man in full Greek armor with some type of cylinder in his hand was fighting against a 40 feet tall hideous creature. Suddenly from the cylinder, thunder shot out.


It impacted the creature but it looked unfazed. "IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?" The creature boomed. The language wasn't English but I understood it perfectly. The man just shot another bolt in retaliation.

I parried another strike from the mud-woman with my sword. Before going on the offensive. But, the woman parried and evaded each strike effortlessly.

The battle ragged around the battle field. I saw a man with a trident dodge a strike from another one of the creatures before stabbing it with the huge trident. At the same time, a boy... well, teenager, shot an arrow which impacted the creature's throat reducing it to dust.

A woman was fighting another such creature who was shorter than the rest. The woman wielded a spear and a fearsome shield. Alongside her another smaller girl fought with a sword.

The fighting continued.

After what seemed like ages most of the creatures were reduced to dust but my battle with the mud-lady continued. Neither of us backed down.

Some other people were teaming up against the creatures which were left. The man with the lightning bolt was still battling, this time along with a man with winged shoes and a woman who was sending... Doves at the creature. The trident guy was battling another creature who had a lion face alongside two teenagers who were shooting arrows from their chariots which were somehow flying in the air.

I parried another strike before I found an opening in the mud-lady's defense. I immediately plunged my sword into the woman's heart. The woman screamed shrilly. The earth shook and the battle around us stopped.

"You may defeated me! But I won't go alone!" The woman gasped before she lunged forward at me and suddenly a great flash of light surrounded us. Cries of BROTHER and UNCLE filled the air. I just closed my eyes accepting my fate.

8-year-old Perseus 'Percy' Jackson woke up with a start. He was the son of Sally Jackson who, in his own opinion was the best mom in the world. He had never known who his father was. His mom always said that his dad was lost at the sea. Lost. Not dead. He had never seen his father in his life but, he had an early memory of a warmly smiling face of a man with sea green eyes- his eyes.

He rubbed his eyes. The dream was strange but not the strangest thing that had happened with him. He was a severely dyslexic-ADHD student. His grades had never went above a B and that was one test in which he had barely scrapped it that too because the teacher had given a question bonus.

Most of his grades were C's and some D's, much to his shame. He couldn't even read the textbook properly.

He had not lasted for more than a single year constantly in any school, till date. Every year he was kicked out for the weirdest of things. Like, the previous year, he had somehow put his whole class in a shark tank. How was it his fault when he was following the instructions of his tour guide? The tour guide said to pull the lever which he had done and the class ended up in the tank. But he was still blamed and kicked out.

Another time when he was three-year old he had somehow strangled a snake to death in the central park on a play-trip with his mother.

Once he had seen a bulky bus driver with a single eye on the center of his forehead. He had gotten the hell off the bus immediately.

So such weird happenings around him were common.

"Percy. Oh! You are awake already. Get ready. We don't want to be late for school." His mom's voice broke him out of his stupor. She was standing at the door looking at him.

"Yes mom." Percy replied and went to get ready. As soon as he stood under the shower, he felt energized. It was an everyday thing. The same energy filled him when he went swimming. It was another mystery in his life. For as long as he remembered, he loved water and whenever he went in water, he felt energized regardless of how tired he was.

Soon he got ready for school. His mother helped him with the tie before they walked to school. His mother would go back home first and then get ready to go to work. She worked at a candy shop at grand central and barely managed to make ends meet but, they were content with what they had. Percy would walk back home alone from school.

Percy trudged along the familiar path to his home. The hustle and bustle of the city around him was in full force. He walked kicking away a few pebbles out of his path.

It was a usual tiring day at school. Today, by some miracle, he could atleast understand what was written on the board. It was still difficult but he could make out what the sentence was atleast instead of understanding nothing. But, that happiness was ruined by the fact that the mathematics teacher had taken a study period instead of their P.E. Class. How cruel was that?

He turned and entered a park, which he took as a shortcut to his home.

The park was empty and there were no other kids there. There was a single adult who was walking around leisurely. Percy strolled towards the other door in the park at a slow pace, adjusting his bag over his shoulder.

"RARR! Food! Finally I will feast!" The man suddenly yelled. Percy jumped in shock and looked at the guy. He was walking towards Percy with a bronze coloured knife in his hand and a hungry look on his face. The most disturbing part was that the guy only had a single eye. Percy's eyes widened in fear as the one-eyed man walked towards him.

#Run Perseus. Run towards the pond.# A voice in his head said. Percy decided not to question the voice and followed the instruction. He ran towards the pond at a sprint. The pond was some 70 or 80 yards away. Percy didn't look back. He was running as if his life depended on it, which it did. He was some 5 yards away when he tripped and fell.

"Ouch!" Percy exclaimed as his knees were scraped. He turned back to see that the man was only a little distance away. Percy's heartbeats increased. Fear gripped him. Suddenly he felt a tug in his gut and somehow the water from the pond shot like a canon at the man.

"AHHH! Curse yo-" The man said before turning into dust, like the creatures in his dream had.

Percy looked in shock at the place the dust had fallen. "What the hell." He muttered before gingerly getting up. He winced in pain as the scrapes burned.

#Step into the water# The voice in his head spoke again. Percy did it without question. The voice had saved his life once so what was the harm? And he was probably imagining the voice.

He stepped into the water and immediately felt energized. He took water and rubbed it on his wounds. To his immense surprise, they healed. It was like they weren't even there in the first place!

"What the-" Percy said seeing the unblemished skin. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. The skin remained perfect. He stepped out of the water and instantly his high energy rush left him. He also noted that his feet were dry. So were his socks. As far as Percy knew, that shouldn't be possible.

He shook his head and walked towards the dust to ascertain that it wasn't a figment of his imagination. The dust was present but was rapidly disappearing. What remained was a knife which was innocently lying there on the grass.

#Take the knife.# The voice said again. Percy picked it up. It was bigger than the knife his mom used for cooking.

#Now, go home as fast as you can.#

Percy started walking briskly towards his house. What was the voice. It definitely wasn't a figment of his imagination.

#Of course I am not your imagination!# The voice said startling Percy out of his musings/

"Wha- What? Who are you then?" Percy asked aloud, looking around to see if anyone was pranking him.

#Don't speak aloud, people will think you are mad. I can hear your thoughts. And no one is pranking you. I am speaking in your head.# Percy turned red in embarrassment.

'Mic test mic test. Can you hear me?' He thought.

#Yes, I can.#

'Oh! So, who are you? What are you doing in my head? And who the hell was that guy?'

#Slow down kid. Let me introduce myself. I am Alexander-#

'Like that king?'

#Sort of. And Alexander the great was named after me not the other way round, atleast that's what I think because I was born much before his time. And let me finish Percy. I am Alexander, the God of Time, Storms, Night, Swordsmanship, Battles, Patron of Heroes, the son of Kronos and Nyx and Half brother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demeter. Also, your uncle in a sense.#

So this is the first chapter of my story. I am writing this and a Harry Potter fic (The Rise of the Last Potter) side by side. Check it out!

#Alexander speaking#




Note: I am not taking Smelly Gabe's character in my fic. You will see how Percy's scent is being hidden in later chapter.


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