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#I am Alexander, the God of Time, Storms, Night, Swordsmanship, Battles, Patron of Heroes, the son of Kronos and Nyx and Half brother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demeter. Also, your uncle in a sense.#

Ch.2 The God's Tale

'Wait what? You mean to say that the Greek gods are real? And what do you mean by uncle.'

#Yes. I am a Greek god. They are real. I was considered the best swordsman and one of the most powerful Gods to have walked on Earth before I died.# He added the last part proudly.

'Aren't gods supposed to be immortal? And if you died how are you here in my head.'

The god sighed. #It's complicated and a long story.#

'Well I have nothing to do and have a lot of time to spare. Also you said that you are the god of time' Percy thought back.

#Fair enough. Reach home and change and then we will begin my story. I will tell you all you need to know and answer your questions.#

Percy gave a mental nod and started walking even faster. It took 5 minutes to reach home. 'Where should I put this knife?' He mentally asked and checked if the god was still there after he securely closed the door behind him.

#Put it somewhere safe and accessible for now. And don't worry. I am not leaving you kiddo.#

Percy quickly went to his room. It wasn't an overly large room but it was more than enough to meet his needs. He quickly took out a half sleeved t-shirt and a pair of shorts and put them on after freshening up.

'Now, begin.' He told the god in his head excitedly.

#Very well. So I told you a little about myself already. Let me begin with the Titanomachy. You know what it is? Well, Titanomachy was a ten-year series of battles fought between most of the Titans fighting against the Olympians and their allies. The Titans ruled under Kronos with cruelty during the so called Golden age. Then a prophecy was given foretelling the end of the golden age by his descendants. This made him extremely paranoid. So, when Rhea birthed his children, he swallowed them to prevent the Prophecy. Then as the story goes, Rhea fed him a rock instead of Zeus.#

'But you weren't a child of Rhea... You said your mother was Nix.'

#Nyx, not nix... Nyx is the Primordial of Night and the oldest child of Chaos. Kronos was many things but a fool wasn't one of them. He wasn't going to fight Nyx to take her son away. Anyways, So then after I came to know of that, I went to aid Zeus.#

'Then Zeus fed Kronos something which made him puke out all of his children and freed them. I know that story... except well your part. Why weren't you in the stories?'

#Patience. It will be explained ahead. And well, yes... let us go with the puking thing. You don't want to hear the real version, believe me. So... yes then they were freed and we waged war. During the final fight, I neutralized Kronos's power over time before Zeus cut him into pieces. After that the Olympian council was formed and I was in it. After that the births of the other gods took place and all... Let us skip that for now. Then the Gigantomachy took place... the war between Gods and Giants... Gaia- the Primordial of Earth was angered by the fact that we killed her children so she birthed a new race of immortals along with Tartarus- Primordial of the pit to solely oppose Gods. They were prophesized to be only killed when a god and a demigod worked together. In that battle we Olympians alongside several heroes fought against the Giants, Several thousand monsters and most importantly Gaia herself.#

'Quick question. Does Gaia look like a woman made of mud?'


'Oh, I had a dream yesterday. I was fighting that woman with a sword in my hands while around me a battle was happening. People were fighting hideous forty feet tall creatures which got turned into dust. Then I stabbed the Lady with my sword then she sort of hugged me and everything was filled with light.'

The god in Percy's head said nothing for a few moments. #... Well, it makes it easier for me to explain since you have witnessed the battle in the dream. And Gaia didn't hug me. What she did was completely different and one of the main reasons that I am just a voice in your head and not a proper god. She lunged at me and went nuclear.#

'Like a nuclear bomb?'

#Sort of. When a deity goes nuclear, they release a lot of divine energy vaporizing everything around them except for other immortals. The older the deity is, the more the energy. Gaia is a Primordial and hence one of the eldest Gods. She didn't went Nuclear in a normal way. Instead, she directed the whole energy at me, a single deity or a god as you say. I couldn't survive that but it wasn't exactly enough to make me fade.#


#We immortal deity's like gods, titans, Primordials don't die like mortals or demigods. We get erased from existence completely. When a normal mortal or a demigod dies, they go to the underworld. There they either spend an eternity in Elysium, Fields of Asphodel or the fields of punishment. They then can choose their souls to be rebirthed. Monsters like the one you killed in the park an hour ago go to Tartarus to reform. So, they eventually come back and try to kill demigods.#

'Wait. What?'

#You killed a cyclops. It was there to kill you. Now, once it turned into dust, its essence went to Tartarus where it will reform slowly. Once it does, he will come back to hunt demigods once again.#

'Does that mean that I am a demigod like Theseus, Hercules, Achilles and my namesake Perseus?' Percy questioned.

#Yes... but Theseus will be much closer then the rest. And It was Heracles... Hercules was the name given during the roman era.#

'That is sooo cool!' Percy mentally gushed. He was like a hero! And could go on adventures like they all did.

#You are taking it much better than I expected. I shattered your views on reality and you aren't even shocked. Let me warn you though... The demigod life is not all roses. Demigods face a lot of hardships and challenges throughout their lives. You must have heard of the fates they suffered at the end. No one except Perseus, among those you mentioned had a happy ending.#

'Oh.' Percy thought. That was a bit saddening to hear. He immediately sobered up. He didn't want to die gruesome deaths or something!

'That's why I came here kid. To help you in your journey. I will make you the greatest Demigod to have ever lived... And make sure that you don't die during it. A lot of things rest on your shoulders Percy. You are very important for the survival of the western civilization.'

"What!? What does that mean. You make it sound like I am a movie hero who has to save the world!" Percy exclaimed aloud. Thankfully he was alone at the house.

#This is real life Percy... It does sound like a movie hero but, that is what demigods are like. There is a reason they are called heroes.#

'How- how do you know all this. And who is my dad? You said you were my uncle...'

#Calm down Percy. Take a deep breath. One more. Another. Superb! Now, don't worry. Remember that you would have had this life regardless of the fact that I am in your head. You would merely have had some 3 or 4 years of a so called normal life before you would have been pushed into the Greek World. The only difference would be that you wouldn't have been prepared at all and would most likely die or lived a horrible life. You are already a very powerful demigod. It is only due to your father's gift that you have not been hounded by monsters since you were 4 or 5 years old due to your strong scent.#

'My father's gift? Scent?'

#Ok. So, I will tell you all about a demigod first. A demigod or a half blood as they are referred as is a child of a god and a mortal. So a demi god is half human and half god. Now, Demigods are extremely essential for the divine world. They have divine powers inherited from their godly parent unlike Humans but are not restricted by the Ancient laws like the gods and the deities are. Before you ask, the Ancient laws are the laws laid by the Creator of the universe, Chaos. It basically limits our interference with the mortal world and that is because a lot of havoc would happen if Gods are allowed to interfere in mortal lives. Now, the demigods are free from these laws and have some divine powers as well. For now, let's just say that they basically keep the balance in the divine world by doing quests and all.#

'Oh. So, the scent?'

#I am coming to that. Now, each Demigod has a scent. The scent is due to two main things. First is the soul. That is what ties them to the Mortal world.#

'So, gods don't have a soul?'

#No, we don't. Now, don't interrupt me. As I was saying they also have a divine core. It is the divine energy source which they get from their Godly parent. This core harnesses energy from the the nature and the food you eat. Each demigod has a core attuned to different affinities which is in resemblance to their parents domains. Like for example take Heracles. He was the son of Zeus. So, he had control over lightning and air currents. Understood this much?#


#Now, note that one demigod may or may not inherit every affinity to manipulate each of their godly parents domain. Infact, very-very few demigods inherit the affinity for all their parent's domain. You are one of them. That's why I said that you are very powerful. Now, this godly core is sort of a different size for every demigod. Think of it in terms of containers. Children of Minor gods have a size of say... a tea cup or a glass. The more powerful the god, the bigger is the glass and thus more water it can hold. You probably have the size of a children's swimming pool now when compared to another demigod of your age. But this core isn't properly packed. It leaks the divine energy. The bigger the core the more leaks. So, when the energy combines with the mortal soul, it gives a scent. Or an aura if you wish to be more classy. This attracts monsters.#

'Oh. That's... interesting. So... If I am so powerful as you said, why didn't any monster attack me till today?'

#Because of you Father's gift. The necklace around your neck is a gift from your dad. It absorbs the divine energy into it instead of letting it leak out. It results in a very miniscule amount of scent radiating from your body.#

Percy fingered the necklace on his neck. He had worn it as long as he remembered. His mother had told him that his father's and instructed to never remove it unless he was in danger. She had made him promise it.

#And it is not a mere necklace. It is also a magical weapon. It is quite generous of your father to give you such a weapon. It is still locked in a sense. You won't be able to access it till you are in extreme danger or before you turn 12.#

'Oh, so if this hides my scent, how did the cyclops find me today?'

#That was partly my fault. Since the past few hours my essence was sort of coming into your body. So, that led to your scent increasing for a brief amount of time when I awakened. So the Cyclops sensed you.#

'Oh. So, who is my dad?'

#Damn! I am so sorry kid. That was one of your first questions and I completely forgot about that. Your father is Poseidon. The god of the sea, Earth-shaker, Storm-bringer, Father of Horses.# Alexander said dramatically.

'Wait. Seriously?'

#Your mother said that he was lost at the sea. You can control water. You feel energized whenever you step into the water. And you have his eyes. I can recognize them anywhere.#

'Oh. How do you know my mom told me that he was lost at the sea?'

#I saw your memories. Duh.#


#Percy, where am I?#

'In my he... Oh.' He thought back lamely. He could hear the god snicker in his head.

'What is the magical weapon?' Percy asked changing the topic. He had just come to know about his father and his views on reality had changed. He was apparently a demigod and had a god of all things in his head. Also, there were monsters out there who wanted to hunt him down but a gift from his dad protected him.

#I am not sure. I myself won't know until you convert it to its true form. But I can tell that due to it being held by you for so long and gathering the energy off you, it will be a perfect weapon for you to use. Also, knowing Barnacle beard, it is probably a trident. I don't guarantee it, but it is a safe bet.#

'Cool. Anything else I need to know?'

#Many things kid. You need to know about the mist, Celestial bronze, monsters, gods etc. but, no need to know it all in one go. I will teach you everything you need to know eventually. By the time you join the Divine world... that's probably when you are 11 or 12 years old, you will know everything you need. Also, I will teach you to wield weapons and harness your divine powers that you got from Poseidon and becoming my champion.#

'What does that last part mean?'

#Since our essence merged, you are now my champion of sorts. You will be able to harness my domains with practice like you would have if you were my son.#

'That means I will be able to control water and time?'

The god snorted. #You underestimate yourself Percy. You will be able to control Water, yes. Along with that you have the ability to cause Earthquakes and bring storms. This is from Poseidon. From me, you will be able to shadow travel... which is a form of travel for now. Your Storm powers have got a hell of boost. As for the time domain... in normal cases you will only be able to fasten the time for yourself leading to the others around you moving slower than usual. Mind you, it won't be slow motion but just a little slower than usual for you. You won't be able to reverse time or stop its flow. Also, you will be a natural with swords and learn wielding melee weapons much easily due to my battle domain.#


#Cool, isn't it?#

'Yes, yes. By the way, you were telling me about the battle.'

#Ahh... we deviated horribly, didn't we? So... I already told you about Gaia going nuclear. After that, I didn't fade but instead, I found myself in a throne room. There was a Lady sitting in there with the three Moirai.#


#The three fates kid. And the Lady was Chaos herself. Anyways, they told me that my essence was scattered throughout the world due to Gaia's actions. It would take me several millennia to even start reforming into a body. So, I was given an alternative. They said that I could help heroes forever in exchange for never reforming into a physical. A downside was that my name would be wiped from history and only be remembered by the immortals who fought alongside me in the Giant war if I chose to do so. I chose that option.#

'Why did they wipe your name off from history?'

#They told that worship in my name needed to stop. I needed to be an unknown entity to do what I was tasked to do. It is complicated and even I didn't understand half of the reasoning they gave for this. But I accepted it. The fates went to Olympus and passed the decree to wipe my name. There was a lot of protest put forth by the Olympians but the fates were adamant. After that was done, I became a guide of sorts for heroes. I whispered advice in their ears and guided their weapons when needed. I protected Olympus from the shadows.#

'Oh. So, Only the gods and I remember you.'

#Essentially yes.#

'You miss them, don't you?'

#Yes, every single day Percy. But, it is much nicer that I have you now to talk to.#

'Don't worry, I promise to be there for you Alexander.' Percy said (thought?) in a sincere tone. 'I have one more question. since you share my mind, would you be able to possess me?'

#If you meant that if I am able to control your body movements, yes I would be if you voluntarily give me control or you are in Mortal peril. I won't be able to do it on a whim, if that is what you are asking. And it would only be possible for a brief time and I will pass out for some time in your head after such an act. The most frequent thing I will do is advice you during a fight. If it is a truly tough opponent whom you would be unable to stand against, I will take control.#

'Fair enough. You said that the fate of the world rests on my shoulders. Like what's going to happen?'

#I don't know.#

'You don't know? You are a god dude!'

#Contrary to popular belief we gods aren't all knowing.#

'So how did you know that I am so important?'

#The fates told me. Believe me that I was on cloud nine when they told me what I had to do. It was a much welcome change for me. They told me the exact same words as I told you 'Perseus Jackson, the son of Poseidon is a very important hero for the survival of the western civilization.' Then they proceeded to instruct me on how I had to go and train you and help you in your journey. They explicitly told me to train you to be the best. In exchange I got a change of lifestyle.#

Percy sighed. So, the survival of the world depended on him. No biggie.

#Hey Percy.#


#Don't you have homework to do?#

Percy groaned before a light bulb went off in his head. 'Hey Alexander, you are a god right?'

#I am.#

'Can't you just snap your fingers and do my homework.'

#I may be able to. But I won't. You are my student from now on. You will do your own work and I will accept nothing less than the best from you. That includes homework. No education goes waste. So, you are doing your homework properly. And I have already helped you by reducing your dyslexia. You were severally dyslexic before. Now, you have mild Dyslexia. With a little effort you will be able to read flawlessly.#

'Thanks man. But, will you atleast help me out?'

The god was silent for a few minutes before he replied. #Only a little.#

Percy grinned in triumph.

And... Done!

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