"You want to die as well?" I asked.

"Oh, no, no. One, you cannot actually kill me, child. The best you can do is destroy my mortal form, sending me to reform for a few painful decades in Tartarus. Something I don't fancy, mind you. I just want to spar. Not fight. I want to see if your title of the best swordsman in centuries is rightfully earned or not."

'Alexander? What is she doing?'

#I have no idea, Percy. My half-sister is as unpredictable as one can be. She might just be doing this for shits and giggles or have a huge-ass, world domination scheme behind it.#

"Come at me then," I replied to Nemesis, resisting the urge to curse.

"Oh please. I swear I won't kill you or maim you unless you do it first. You don't need to goad me into breaking the ancient laws cause I won't. I am immune to taunting if you must know. It is a form of revenge, however vague it might be, and that falls under me. See, I just want to genuinely have a spar with you. I promise I would even leave this war after this spar and if you disarm me successfully, I will give you a favor that you can redeem anytime during your mortal life as long as it's reasonable. All this, given that you do not destroy my mortal form while we spar. Good deal?"

#Take it.#

"Swear it," I said, agreeing with Alexander. A favor from a primordial, even a minor one was a big deal. And not to mention, one less ally for the titans.

"I do," She replied, beaming at me.

"On the five rivers, Nemesis," I said dryly.

"Good, you are intelligent. Most would've asked me to swear on the Styx or not at all." She nodded approvingly. "I swear on the five rivers of the underworld that I will uphold the deal I made with Perseus Jackson, the son of Poseidon."

Thunder boomed loudly in the sky sealing the deal, making me tighten my grasp on the storm-rider.

Ch.30 The Balance of Scales


In an instant, I charged at the primordial. My Storm-rider glowed faintly as I channeled my Earthshaker powers through it, planning to disarm Nemesis with the sheer force of the strike as soon as our swords met.

Nemesis took a step forward and met my strike head-on, exactly as I had anticipated but her grip didn't even falter as our swords met, creating a shockwave that snuffed out quite some Greek fire that had been burning around us.

Her lips quirked into a smile as her eyes glowed darker. (Something which I didn't know was possible for someone with pitch black eyes).

With a slight push, she broke the sword lock and immediately jabbed her sword at me. I deflected it before slashing at her. Nemesis met the strike head-on and pushed me back with her sword making me stumble back a couple of steps.

Now, I wasn't a sexist or something, but Nemesis didn't look like someone who could muster so much force to take an earth-shaker strike head-on or push me back with a single hand without using her godly powers. Even Ares, who was loads more muscular than Nemesis, had been disarmed by my earthshaker strike.

Ares had loudly proclaimed it to be an unfair power that I had. Even Athena had commented that she was jealous of it. To be bluntly honest, it was. With such a strike, I had once cleaved through a pretty thick celestial bronze slab. A material that was ten times stronger than mortal titanium.

The last person to hold against it had been Atlas. And, he was a mountain of a man who could tank hits from Zeus's master bolt without faltering and the Titan of strength and endurance to boot.

But, Nemesis had done exactly that, without even losing her grip.

#Of course she did.# Alexander said dryly as I deflected another strike from Nemesis. #She is my student. I made her lift rocks, the size of eighteen-wheelers when I trained her. She may not look muscular but her training was more rigorous than yours was, considering that she is a primordial and you are a demigod. She started with what you lift now.#

'Damn,' I replied as I slashed at Nemesis.

"Come on, Perseus Jackson. I know you are better than this. Stop playing around and attack." Nemesis scoffed as she slapped away my sword from slashing at my abdomen.

"As you wish," I declared, before hurling a ball of greek fire on her face at point blank range before deflecting her sword with my own and kicking her in the abdomen while channeling my earthshaker powers.

Instead of the expected result, Nemesis just fell on her ass while I was sent flying behind, under the force of my own kick. Thankfully, I somersaulted in the mid-air and landed on my feet, using my sword to stabilize myself. I looked at her and saw that she looked rather unharmed for someone who had just received a fireball to her face, made of greek-fire, no less. Her skin was not even tender.

Just what the hell was she made of?

#She is not unharmed. She healed that fast. She is a Primordial, Percy. Even as a minor one, she surpasses both Hera and Demeter in sheer godly power, and might just surpass Zeus given that he is without his master bolt.#

'Wait. That is a bit… absurd. She is a Primordial. She should be more powerful than them all.'

#Power of a god or goddess doesn't depend on age, Percy. Well, it does, but, the domains and the play of the fates also matter. Kronos was the youngest in the Titans and yet he is the most powerful. Why? Because he has the domain of time. Same with me. I was loads more powerful than any of the three brothers, both because of my mother and the domain of time. Poseidon and Hades are much more powerful than Zeus if their weapons of power are taken out of the equation. Why? They control the oceans and Erebus respectively, which are very powerful domains. Zeus on the other hand has the main domain of lightning. A force of nature, but limited unlike the sea and the dead which are nearly endless. But still, the play of fate gave them the weapons which put them on almost an equal footing.#

'Cool.' I replied as I looked around, waiting for Nemesis to get back to her feet once she caught her breath. She looked rather winded.

Lelantos and Artemis were fighting relentlessly, going toe to toe with their hunting knives in their hands, even if Lelantos had a rather nasty-looking gash on his thigh very near to his private area. It did limit his mobility but he was using his wind powers to evade Artemis.

Thalia on the other hand was going furiously against Aura. The Titaness was too quick and moved like a breeze. Unseen, unheard, and only felt. Thankfully, it was Thalia Grace, the daughter of Zeus who was facing her and not someone else.

I was willing to bet my chariot that Thalia was using the air currents to detect Aura's movements and protect herself from her attacks. Her spear was crackling with electricity as she dodged and deflected Aura's increasingly quick attacks. The Aegis shield was flaring its aura, trying to scare the Titaness but it was having little effect on her.

I noticed that as Aura moved, her feet didn't even touch the ground below her. Her movements were swift and evasive as she wielded a light short sword with expert ease, trying to hit Thalia with it. She was not exactly unsuccessful so far as I could see a gash on Thalia's left arm.

I felt a slight twitch around me and I instinctively raised my hand, catching a pebble that had been thrown at me.

"Good, you are paying attention, Demigod. Eyes on me now. Your little friend will handle Aura just fine." Nemesis declared, spinning her sword.

"You fell on your ass while I am still standing, I win," I replied, gazing back at Thalia, who just brought her aegis up in time to stop Aura's short sword before jabbing her spear at her, which the Titaness dodged.

"You have to do better than that, Huntress. Has your benevolent mistress taught you nothing?" Aura spat as she blocked Thalia's spear again.

"Demigod, eyes here!" Nemesis growled. "And no. The spar ends when one of us is disarmed."

"Let us do like this. I go help Thalia and Artemis and then we can have our spar. It is a spar anyway. Ok? Bye!" I replied before turning to move toward Thalia who grunted in pain as Aura scored a gash against Thalia's thigh.

I had barely taken a couple of steps when Nemesis appeared between Thalia and me.

"No, Perseus Jackson. Those fights are not yours to trifle with. All are equally matched. You shall not interfere today in these fights!"

"Move or I will move you, " I growled before thrusting my sword at her, and water shot out of it with the force of a cannon.

This time, Nemesis was ready as she plunged her sword into the ground and braced herself as the water hit. But I had already seen it coming and willed the water to cocoon Nemesis, trapping her in a swirling sphere of water instead. I began to take the heat away from the water, trying to freeze it as fast as I could. But, a moment later, a wave of power radiated from the center of the water cocoon, overpowering my power over the water and making the water crash to the ground, revealing a soaking Nemesis who spat a mouthful of water on the ground.

"Don't make me regret my leniency, Perseus Jackson. You are disregarding my explicit orders." Nemesis ground out.

"I take orders from only one person. She is my mom."

Nemesis sneered. "Just because I promised to stay out of this war, does not mean that I can't make your life hell if I wish to, Demigod. Do not mistake my curiosity in you for weakness. I can finish you where you stand. I would've by now, had you not been as important to the balance of fate as you are. First, you insult me by holding back and then you disregard my explicit wishes."

"Once I disarm you, can I go and help them?" I asked as I witnessed Thalia's head nearly being chopped off. Nearly. She had dodged just in time.

Nemesis hesitated for a second before nodding.

She barely had time to raise her sword in time to intercept the strike that followed.

Sparks flew as our swords clashed against each other as I slashed relentlessly at her, putting her on the defensive. But, Nemesis was no slouch as she blocked or deflected each of my strikes. Our hands and swords were almost a blur as I slashed at Nemesis and she blocked them.

I let go of every tactical thinking and fell into my instincts, relying on my inborn reflexes rather than what I usually did.

My mind turned hyperactive as I began to notice everything going around on the battlefield while battling Nemesis.

I could clearly see what Thalia and Artemis were doing as they battled their foes. To some extent, I could see everything in slow motion.

Using this ability every time was not ideal though, as it tended to limit a demigod to certain boundaries as far as fighting was concerned. It made one more impulsive and limited the adaptability to the immediate problem. Also, it was very raw, lacking the finesse that I was usually used to.

Being aware of your surroundings was important but being Hyper-aware, limited a lot of potential of a demigod, regardless of who they were. Also, it tended to limit the usage of divine powers during a fight, as while being hyper-aware, the concentration required for keeping up the usage of a divine power could not be formed.

I knew for a fact that Thalia had relied on battle reflexes for every battle till I had taken her under my wing and broken her habit. It had allowed her to access her powers as the daughter of Zeus. She could now manipulate air currents and lightning to her will but I still knew for a fact that she could be much more than she currently was.

Despite Zeus being the weakest of the big three without his master bolt, he had still freed the rest of his siblings and fought his way out of the heart of Othyrs to the caves where Rhea had raised him. And that was when the master bolt hadn't even been forged and Alexander was yet to join the war.

So, by my estimates, Thalia had loads more potential as to the power she currently wielded, which was nothing but a few bolts of moderately powered lightning at the best. Even I could summon more powerful bolts of lightning than she could from the sky.

I used my Thyella Kalvaris, which was in its trident form to block a strike from Nemesis's claymore. I swung the butt of my trident and Nemesis intercepted it with her vambrace.

From her eyes, I could tell she was enjoying the fight a lot.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Thalia being pushed on the backfoot by Aura's relentless attacks. The Titaness had a nasty gash on her abdomen and her ichor stained her chiton but it was nothing compared to the numerous gashes, however nonfatal they were, that Thalia had.

Not to mention, Aura had already healed quite a bit from it, unlike Thalia who was still bleeding.

Artemis on the other hand was looking ethereal as she battled Lelantos. She was glowing with silver energy as she wielded her knives with godly grace, forcing the titan on his backfoot. She too, was glancing at Thalia occasionally, undoubtedly wishing to help her but being forced to confront Lelantos.

The hunt was too far to help and was blocked by the greek fire I had used to burn the majority of the monster army to ash. I knew the back-end parts of the Army had tried to escape but were undoubtedly being confronted by the hunt at this point.

I lunged to skewer Nemesis with my trident making her jump out of the way. She slashed her sword at my chest but I deflected the strike.

The good news? The strike was deflected and my chest wasn't cleaved into half.

The bad news? I felt a searing pain shoot up my forearm as Nemesis drew first blood in our spar. A droplet of my blood trickled down the edge of her sword as I felt the warm liquid seeping through the sleeve of my shirt.

A smirk bloomed on Nemesis's face as she eyed the gash on my left forearm.

"First blood," She whispered, her eyes glowing in the dark.

I looked up and glared at Nemesis who stood there, looking smug.

'Time to cause a distraction. Something huge.' I thought to myself as I gathered my divine power and concentrated it on the clouds. I felt a tug in my gut and thunder boomed in the sky.

Nemesis's eyes widened and she looked up just in time as a bolt of lightning dropped from the sky, straight toward her.

Instead of moving away or erecting a shield, the Primordial goddess raised her sword above her head. The bolt of lightning crashed against it and blue tendrils arced along the length of her blade, not even touching her. She slashed her sword in my direction and the tendrils shot forward, striking me in the chest, and throwing me back.

My nostrils burned with the smell of ozone, yet I didn't feel the electricity I had expected. I looked down to glance at the spot the bolt had hit me.

A small charred spot was visible on my armor, right above where my heart was as I felt a throbbing pain in my chest.

'That is going to leave a bruise,' I thought morbidly as I got back to my feet, eyeing Nemesis who stood there looking at me contemplatively.

"I didn't know you could control lightning," She stated. "That is not a power of Poseidon or Hestia."

"My father is the storm–bringer," I replied, raising my trident as I felt it thrum with power. "And, I am the storm."

Winds picked around my body as I was surrounded by my personal hurricane. A cry escaped my throat as I charged at the goddess. The sounds around me faded except for the boom of thunder in the sky, the howl of the wind, and the sizzle of the greek fire that burned along my trident.

The first swing of my trident made Nemesis skid a few inches back as her knees buckled under its sheer force.

I moved my trident and swung it again but Nemesis shifted her sword to her side, making my trident clang against it.

I swept at her legs but she jumped back, evading the strike as well. She turned in mid-air and swung her foot at me, but my shield materialized in my hand, stopping the kick and making her fall to the ground.

She rolled on the ground and went to jump back on her feet but I brought down the rim of my shield above her ankle with as much force as I could muster with my godly force and Earth-shaker powers combined.

Nemesis screamed shrilly as her bone broke with an audible snap.

Barely a moment later, I felt weightless as a wall of force slammed into me, throwing me back like a rag doll.

A moment later, I felt the ground impacting my body, forcing the air out of my lungs as I heard an audible snap somewhere in my body and my shoulder ignited with pain. If that was not enough, I skidded on the ground right into a burning puddle of burning greek fire.

Had I not been a champion of Hestia, the chances of me coming out alive would have been nearly zero but, thankfully, that wasn't the case. Unfortunately, unlike me, my shirt and pants weren't fireproof as the shirt's sleeves along with my pants caught fire.

I immediately willed the fire to extinguish but the deed had been done. My sleeves had been completely burned off and there were holes in my pants revealing the edge of my blue boxers.

#Percy, are you alright?# Alexander shouted.

'I am fine.' I replied, getting up. Clothes could be dealt with later.

Belatedly, I realized that my weapons were no longer in my hand. They had dropped out of my hands as Nemesis had flung me away with the wall of force.

I looked at Nemesis who was clutching her ankle with both hands, whimpering in pain, her sword still held in her hand.

She looked at me and gave a pain-filled smile before slumping to the ground clutching her foot, her sword dropping to the ground.

I had lost.

But it meant I could help Thalia and Artemis now.

Without even thinking, I heard a faint metallic ringing in my ears and opened my palm as my trident flew back into my hand on its own. I went to move forward but suddenly the shadows leaped up and grabbed me, restricting me from moving an inch.

#Uh-oh,# Alexander muttered.

'I said, you could help your friends if you disarm me. Not the other way round.' Nemesis's voice rang ominously in my head as I struggled against the bonds made of the shadows.

Barely a second later, the tip of the middle prong of my trident ignited and a ball of fire flew out of it, impacting the spot where Nemesis's sword was lying, flinging it away with a bang.

Nemesis rose a bit and looked with pain-filled, half-lidded eyes as her sword soared through the air before crashing through the ground with a clang, way out of her reach.

She grunted in pain as she glared at me before slumping back to the ground with a groan, still clutching her foot.

The bonds tightened in response.

I immediately tried to shadow travel through Alexander's domain as the god of the night but was rebuffed instantly.

'What the hell?' I thought before willing myself to dissolve into mist and appear next to Thalia.

I felt nothing.

Even mist travel failed to work.

"NEMESIS, FREE ME!" I yelled as I eyed Thalia getting increasingly defensive against Aura.

'No,' Her resolute voice rang in my head. 'This is not your fight, Percy Jackson. Let fate and balance play their course. You will not interfere.'

I thrust my trident at the shadow holding my leg but it bounced off as if the shadow was made of solid steel. Heck, my storm rider could cut through celestial bronze. What the heck was this shadow?

#I don't think you can break them…# Alexander said cautiously.

'Nothing is impossible. If I can't break the shadows through force, I will break it through light!'

I yelled out loud as I felt a gut-wrenching tug, as an inferno of orange-red flames rose around me. The shadow bonds didn't even budge as the inferno of flames swirled around me before getting snuffed out by the bonds miraculously.

#It is futile. Her power is much greater than your own. And, if she is doing this, there must be a reason.# Alexander reiterated as I witnessed Aura side-step a jab from Thalia's spear before swinging her sword down on it before Thalia could do anything.

The Sword cleaved through the crackling spear, breaking it into two halves, making thunder burst from it in all directions.

Thalia stumbled back as Aura was thrown on her behind as the tendrils of lightning from the broken spear hit them. Aura leaped to her feet a moment later, her chest plate smoking before charging at Thalia again.

'It can mean that Thalia is going to die to right the scales of balance! You said you were stronger than her. DO SOMETHING!' I yelled at Alexander desperately as Aura slashed at Thalia again, only for her sword to bounce off Thalia's Aegis.

#No need to yell at me. Even as a god, my actions and powers are limited in such a state. And, it is not a fight that might result in you dying. It is officially a spar. So I cannot interfere anyway. Percy, believe me when I say, if Nemesis doesn't want you to do something, you won't be able to do it.# He commented as my trident bounced off the shadow that was trapping me once again.

'If I can't help her by going there, I will help her from here!' I declared as I pointed my trident at Aura and shot a beam of sea green energy at her.

Midway, the beam clashed against a shield of black energy, with a gong.

'You want me to knock you unconscious, demigod?' Nemesis growled in my head as the bonds forced me to my knees with brute force.

"You said you will give me a favor—"

'If you win, demigod. You lost the fight. I am only obliged to leave this war now. I won't support the gods or the titans.' Nemesis replied, not even looking up from where she had slumped to the ground.

I watched helplessly as Thalia shielded against the blows from Aura with her shield and the, now broken shaft of her spear.

Lightning flickered around Thalia's arms feebly as she battled against the Titaness who didn't look worse for wear except for a hole in her shoulder which had already healed quite a bit.

"Go to Thalia. Help her." I murmured before jerking my arm with all force I could muster, launching my trident toward her. It shouldn't have gone more than a couple of meters away due to the limited force behind my throw but the Thyella Kavalris soared through the air towards Thalia, obeying my order.

Shadow tendrils leaped from the ground and caught the weapon in mid-flight as well.

'Don't give up,' I pleaded as I concentrated on my connection with the weapon. The storm-rider glowed and strained against the shadow tendrils, attempting to get to Thalia.

'No use, demigod. Try everything you want but I won't let you succeed.'

On the other side, Artemis was fighting furiously, trying to get to Thalia as well but Lelantos blocked her way, hammering through her strikes to stop her from reaching Thalia. Artemis furiously slashed her hunting knives, aiming to chop Lelantos to pieces and get him out of the way but Lelantos was defending himself as well as he could, stalling her.

The hunt was nowhere to be seen though I could hear the faint sounds of battle from behind me over the sounds of the flames, which were now beginning to subside.

Aura's blade dripped with Thalia's blood as she slashed against her Aegis, making sparks fly.

Thalia had resorted to shielding now, making full use of her Aegis to protect herself from the rapid attacks of the Titaness. A sheen of sweat marred her forehead as blood dripped down her chin from a nasty gash on her cheek.

I could tell that she was fighting with pure will with a healthy dose of desperation, allowing her to fight and move fluidly despite the increasing amounts of injuries on her body.

It seemed that we had underestimated Aura. She moved with a speed and grace that admittedly, even I would've had a challenge keeping up with.

I let out a grunt, trying to pull myself out of the shadows that had trapped me but they didn't budge.

#Percy, you can't free yourself from that. Those chains would even trap Atlas at his full strength. It is futile.#

I ignored him, pumping energy through my arm, making my nerves burn, as I tried to move against the bonds.

They didn't budge.

"LIEKOS!" I yelled out loud but the wolf never came as I had expected.

#The shadow realm is blocked, Percy. Liekos can't come.# Alexander informed.

'Try what you may, Demigod. Everything is futile. You are powerful but no match for me. Also, you do not understand the dynamics of what is happening here. But, if I may, everything will be good in the end.'

I ignored Nemesis as I continued to fruitlessly struggle through my bonds.

Thalia was still holding her own, if only barely, as she rammed her shield into Aura, making her stumble. Aura brushed the attack off and charged with renewed vigor, slashing her sword at Thalia, trying to cleave her in half.

Thalia brought up her Aegis again and pushed the sword away before swinging her shield at Aura's head.

I saw the move coming even before Aura did it.

Ducking under the shield, she thrust her sword into Thalia's abdomen.


I watched helplessly as my cousin, and one of my closest friends, gave a gasp, stumbling back, Aura's sword still embedded in her stomach.

There was silence through the battlefield as Aura's triumphant cackle sounded through the battlefield over the echo of my shout and the shaking of the ground.

"Finally, I got you, you annoying bitch," Aura gloated. "The fabled huntress of Artemis and her third in command. The daughter of Zeus. Nothing but a failure."

I roared in anger trying to break through the bonds trapping me, managing to move forward a couple of steps before falling back. The Thyella Kavalris too mirrored me and glowed against the shadow tendril holding it.

"Oooh, your friend seems worried for you. I think I will let you live till you see me behead your friend and then… Artemis. Got to leave her for the end. Now, say bye-bye to your friend Percy, Thalia. Any—"

Aura stopped short as Thalia's eyes snapped open, glowing an electric blue as they started to emit tendrils of lightning that connected to Thalia's armor. Thunder boomed in the sky as Thalia snarled, lightning flickering between her teeth. Aura took a step back, fear etched on her face as Thalia's body was wreathed in a shroud of lightning.

A bolt of lightning shot out of Thalia's body, hitting Aura in the chest at point-blank range, flinging her away. As Aura's body soared through the air, a massive bolt of lightning descended from the sky and hit her, slamming her on the ground, creating a crater.

Thalia leaped from her spot, the tendrils of lightning highlighting her form vividly as she soared through the air before landing straight on Aura and decking her in the face with a lightning-infused fist.

#Looks like your friend has finally achieved Zeus's sparky-bod mode.#

'What?' I asked incredulously as yet another bolt of Lightning dropped from the sky onto Thalia as she rapidly inflicted a series of punches on Aura.

#Well… Zeus did this when he went in full form against his enemies… albeit on a much larger and more destructive scale than Thalia. His eyes gained the same thing as Thalia has right now while his body was wreathed in lightning from head to toe. It was always his most powerful weapon in a close quarter fight… when not using his master bolt of course. No one could come near him without being electrocuted when in this form. To be honest, when he flew into the battlefield in this mode during the Giant war, he decimated all monsters in a half-mile radius as he landed.# Alexander regaled as I watched Thalia beat the shit out of the Titaness with nothing but her thunder and her fists.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Artemis move suddenly and jab her knife straight into Lelantus's throat.

The unsuspecting titan who had been looking wide-eyed at Thalia beating the shit out of Aura gurgled as ichor spouted from his jugular, before collapsing on the ground and disintegrating into golden dust.

Suddenly, I felt the pressure around me disappear, making me fall face first onto the ground. I got up and ran towards Thalia but a bolt of lightning hit the ground near my feet making me jump back.

Thalia, apparently decided that she had hit Aura enough, got up from the crater and walked to the sword that was lying nearby, lightning still surrounding her body, and picked it up.

Aura took this opportunity to try to feebly crawl out of the crater.

Seeing her made me nauseous. Her face was barely recognizable, while her chest plate had melted into her skin. Her one eye was gouged out

Thalia barely paid heed as he launched herself up toward the sky, going several feet high and hoovering, just before yet another lightning bolt dropped from the sky and hit her sword in a blinding flash of light.

When my vision cleared, Thalia was kneeling where Aura had been moments ago, the sword embedded in the ground, stained with ichor. Aura was nowhere to be seen.

#Thalia killed her.# Alexander whispered as the girl got to her feet, her eyes returning to normal as the lightning that surrounded her disappeared. A moment later, she stumbled.

Without even thinking, I mist traveled right next to her and caught her before she hit the ground.

In an instant, even Artemis was beside me. Her armor had several scratches while her dress had been cut in several places as ichor from half-healed wounds dripped from her body.

"We need to take her to my brother. Suppress the flames, Percy. And tell the hunt to relocate to somewhere near or go to the camp. I will stabilize her till then." Artemis whispered, taking Thalia from my arms, and laying her on the ground.

Suddenly, I felt a presence approaching and turned to see Nemesis limping to us, taking support on a cane she had procured somehow.

"You," I spat as my trident flew back into my hand.

"Get aside. Your friend will need my help." Nemesis ordered urgently, bodily pulling me away and kneeling next to Thalia.

"What are you—"

"Shush," Nemesis shushed Artemis before placing her hand on Thalia's forehead and chanting something.

#Oh, I didn't expect her to do that.# Alexander commented as Thalia glowed with a dark hue and her wounds began to seal.

'What did she do?'

#It is a spell we children of Nyx know. A powerful healing spell. Not in the league of things Apollo can do but, definitely better than what Artemis would've been able to do.#

"What did you do, Nemesis?" Artemis asked.

"A special healing spell. Her energy levels were… are dangerously low. She wouldn't have died but might have gone into a coma despite you working your magic. I replenished a little of her energy and closed her wounds."

"Why would you do that?" I spat. "You wanted her to die."

Nemesis raised her eyebrow. "I did it because some of the blame for her condition lies with me. Beware, she isn't healed completely. Not even close. I just got her out of danger. With Apollo's aid, she will be on her feet within a week."

"Thank you," Artemis whispered.

"You didn't answer my question," I reiterated, making her give me a dry look.

"For an intelligent boy, you are quite oblivious, Percy Jackson. What happened was to balance the scales of power. Your friend unlocked her true power. The one that had been suppressed by her last stint with death."

I blinked.

"You said that I was too powerful…" I said slowly. "And Thalia is on my side. How is this… balancing the scales?"

Nemesis's eyes shone like obsidian crystals. "You have no idea of what is coming, demigod. Even I do not even have a concrete idea of what is coming. But dark times are ahead of Olympus. Titans are just a part of it. Remember, demigod, balancing the scales for a small event by upsetting the balance on a greater scale is no balance at all. In times like this, one demigod, however powerful, won't suffice."

"You mean there is a greater threat than Titans coming?" I blurted.

"Greater threat? Maybe yes, maybe no. I don't know. Another threat? Definitely. But, I see one thing clearly. You, Perseus Jackson, are going to be at the center of it all. That is why I was here today. To see you for myself and ensure that you don't upset the balance to save a friend who doesn't need saving… well, she won't, if you get her to Apollo in time anyway. Farewell."

Before I could even open my mouth, Nemesis dissolved into a shadow, leaving us alone with Thalia.

#We will talk about all of this later. A lot has happened in this fight. Get Thalia to Apollo for now. As my sister said, she may have stabilized her but she is still in dire need of medical attention. Everything else can wait.# Alexander declared.


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