Hermes impaled the Caduceus in the ground and stepped closer. "You will stay away from May Castellan, Perseus Jackson. Your fight is with Luke and now more appropriately, the Titan Lord himself. You will not hurt the poor lady any more than she already has been hurt."

"I will keep that in mind." I said.

Hermes nodded in satisfaction and began to glow. I averted my eyes and I felt a wave of power ripple through the town as Hermes disappeared.

With a look around, I closed my eyes, dissolving in a sea breeze to my destination: Olympus.

Ch.47 The Art of War


The fire in the hearth crackled in the heart of the room, a ring of demigods surrounding it. I stared at the flames, breathing in the scent of the burning sandalwood, allowing it to calm me.

"They'll be alright, Percy." Artemis laid a hand on my shoulder. "They're some of the most powerful demigods around. If anyone can do this, it is you all."

"Right." My jaw twitched.

From across the room, Grover caught my eye before they flicked to Artemis. A second later, he looked away, talking to Nico.

"The son of Hades has grown in power." Flames of the hearth reflected in Artemis' silver eyes. "Much more than Bianca has."

"He's been training with the dead." I turned to look at him.

Nico stood taller than I had last seen him during the Battle of the Labyrinth, as the campers called it. His sword hung by his side, its tip ending just above his ankles.

"The stupid boy is gonna trip on that sword." Artemis commented. "Isn't it enchanted to have a hidden form?"

"It is." I remembered my talk with Nico in the Labyrinth. "It turns into a silver skull ring."

"Then it is probably Hades who asked him to keep the sword out." Artemis's forehead creased. "For a show of strength perhaps."

"That's just stupid." I frowned. "I mean, Nico's a kid. No one is even expecting him to be the best here."

"He is still representing the underworld, isn't he?" Artemis tossed her ponytail over her shoulder. "Bianca is a huntress and became one before Hades claimed her. She is now mine, so to speak. Any achievements that she gains will reflect on me, the Goddess of the Hunt. Not Hades."

'So, godly politics.' I winced. 'And shows of power.'

In my opinion, these types of things were the reason for most conflicts amongst the gods. Their strive to prove themselves superior to the other gods, especially through their children, was something that had gotten demigods killed in the past.

"What about Thalia?" I asked. "Is she considered Zeus's or yours?"

"She was the daughter of Zeus before she was my huntress," Artemis's eyes flicked to the girl in question. "And she wears her powers with pride. Unlike Bianca."

"We gotta work on Bianca's powers." I agreed. "She can barely do anything."

"That's what we are here for, aren't we?" Artemis nodded. "To work on your powers, your skills, and perhaps most importantly, your teamwork. Athena will cover every single possibility to get you as prepared as she can. And she is going to be concentrating more on Bianca, Nico, and Grover."

"That's good." I nodded. "What about Annabeth and Clarisse?"

"She plans to integrate Annabeth and Clarisse with the others so they all can work as a team. She even said something about putting them in pairs and trios at times to work together just in case."


"That's the goddess of warfare for you." Artemis' lips tugged up. "She has a schedule and everything laid out. Very detailed. She intends to put you all through the paces during the next month."

"It is for our own good." I exhaled. "At least they will be ready for anything that's thrown at them."

"She didn't even stop there. She got Ares to bring a guest." Artemis added.

"Who?" I frowned.

"Enyo." Artemis wrinkled her nose.

Alexander groaned. #Oh, dear.#

'Is she bad?'

#Percy, take Ares's worst qualities of bloodlust and madness and add a dash of Athena's intellect and you have Enyo.# Alexander replied. #She is a bloodier but more intelligent version of Ares. Those are the dangerous types.#

'She's still a minor goddess, isn't she?' I asked.

#Well, Ares would come on top in terms of raw power and skills, yes.# Alexander acquiesced. #Enyo though is more patient in a way yet more violent and bloodthirsty. She is the goddess of war, bloodshed, and violence. She'd be a good challenge for them. Most titans are like that.#

'So, she is violent and brutal yet she has enough intelligence to not charge in without looking.' I summarized.

#That's about right.# Alexander said. #Though, a more powerful opponent than Enyo might have been better. Maybe you can bring in Kymopoleia someday to work on them.#

'Something to think about, I suppose.' I told him before turning to Artemis.

"Why are they bringing Enyo in though?" I asked. "You all would be way better opponents than someone like her. I mean, between Ares and Athena—"

"Because the two of them might not be allowed to train everyone as a group, of course." Artemis tossed her ponytail over her shoulder. "Ancient Laws and all."

#They cannot directly train their children. Of course.#

"Stupid Ancient Laws." I muttered.

"I feel obliged to remind you that you've used them in your favor in the past too, Percy." Artemis's lips tugged into a smile. "You don't exactly fight conventionally, you know that?"

"Getting the job done is more important." I stated. "And it is a tactic unless your enemy does it… or as Ares says, war is war. Your enemies are not going to fight fair so neither should you."

"I am pretty sure he has this small list of war quotes lying somewhere." Artemis grinned. "Like my brother's A Thousand Sun Puns."

"Right." I said. "And where is your collection of Moon Puns?"

"I don't need them." Artemis's pearly white teeth peeked between her lips. "I think you should be the one gathering them, shouldn't you?

I coughed, smothering the heat that crept up my cheeks.

The doors of the room banged open and Ares strode in, dragging a huge sword behind him.

"Ares!" Artemis winced as the blade screeched across the tiles like nails dragging across a blackboard. "Stop it."

Ares hefted the sword over his shoulder with a shrug. "Whatever."

Clarisse stood up straighter as her father walked past her.

"Where's Athena?" I asked Ares.

"She's coming, brat." Ares looked over the rest of the demigods. "Stand in attention, punks."

Clarisse's hands snapped toward her sides, her shoulders squaring as her foot stomped on the ground.

"We are not running army drills here, Ares." Artemis said as the other demigods and Grover slowly followed Clarisse's lead, standing in a straight file.

"This is war, not a hunt." Ares growled. "In war, do it how the warriors do."

"Actually, we are going to hunt down the traitors." I pointed out. "Not march upon them."

"Bah!" Ares stabbed his sword through the floor. "Why even call me then?"

"Because most gods and Titans are big brutes like you." Athena walked in, her hands behind her back. "You're a good sample to show them."

Ares glowered at Athena and the flames in the hearth took a red-tint.

"Most are easy to goad into a fight." Athena continued as Ares took a step forward menacingly. "An angry enemy is sloppy and makes mistakes."

A thin bronze rope snapped around Ares's ankles, sending him sprawling right at Athena's feet.

"You capitalize on their mistakes and you have a very dead god." The tip of Athena's spear dug into Ares's back. "Just because the enemy might be more powerful than you doesn't mean he or she is going to be more intelligent."

"Very enlightening." Ares drawled from the ground. "Now—"

Ares suddenly twisted, grabbing Athena's legs, sending her stumbling to the floor. His legs slammed into Athena's hand, the spear rolling out of her grasp. His elbow dug into Athena's chest for a moment before she reacted, shoving Ares away.

"Ow," Ares groaned as he slammed into a pillar. "Well, what you learned here—"

"Was that a downed, weaponless enemy can still be dangerous. Very dangerous." Athena blew a strand of raven hair out of her face as she got to her feet. "If you're not careful, they'll get you. You cannot afford to lose focus."

"Is this spur of the moment or planned?" I mumbled to Artemis.

"Planned, probably." Artemis said. "There was no way either of them fell for the other's tricks. Well, Athena wouldn't have, at least."

Across the room, Ares flicked open a knife and cut through the thin bronze rope tying his legs before standing up, dusting his clothes.

"Punks, we are here to teach you how to take on someone bigger and someone better." Ares strode to the center standing beside Athena. "These gods and Titans have centuries of experience over you. They are not your regular monsters whom you can clean with a single slash of your sword. It takes a lethal, powerful strike to kill a god. Don't believe me? Ask Jackson."

"Yeah. Aim for the heart or the neck." I said. "Easiest way to kill a god."

"Yes, but not all weapons can penetrate through godly armor." Athena turned to me. "Percy, can I have the Thyella Kavalris for a moment?"

I frowned, flicking my wrist, allowing my trident to appear in my hand.

"Thank you," Athena took the trident from my hand and walked toward the demigods. "What can you feel, children? Feel the weapon. Touch it."

'What is she doing?' I asked Alexander.

#Making a point.# The god in my head replied. #Your Storm-Rider is a godly weapon now. The thing with godly weapons is that the more powerful they get, the more tiring it gets to wield one. You don't feel the strain because that is the weapon you've known your whole life.#

'Wait, what?'

#Thyella Kavalris is yours in every way of being, Percy.# Alexander said. #And it is of the sea, constructed with its very essence. It supports you. But a godly weapon that's not your own? You'd get tired really fast if you wield it. Why do you think everyone doesn't have a special weapon, Percy?#

"I can feel the sea," Grover said, drawing our attention. "And fire. The storm…. I can feel Percy."

"That's correct." Athena kept the trident on a table that appeared behind her. "Annabeth, can I have your spear, dear?"

"Sure, Mom." The spear sprung into Annabeth's hand and Athena took it, holding it out. "And now what do you feel, Grover? Extend your senses."

Grover frowned, running his finger down the shaft. "There's something. A very faint hint— which tastes like olives."

Athena gave him an impressed look. "Your senses have grown, satyr. Impressive. Now, what was the difference between the two?"

"The power." Grover replied. "Percy's was overwhelming. It almost felt like I was in a storm, sinking beneath the waves in… a strangely warm glow that tasted like enchiladas. In Annabeth's… I could barely make out the power."

"That's because there is a stark difference in their powers." Athena said. With a snap of her fingers, two blocks of celestial bronze appeared in front of them. "Clarisse. Can you take this spear and stab one of the blocks with it? Simple downward stab as hard as you can."

Clarisse plucked the spear out of Athena's hand and walked forward, glancing at her dad. She carefully angled the spear and stabbed downward, the spear sparking against the block, leaving a deep gash.

"Excellent." Athena smiled. "That's a neat gash, but quite not what I was intending for. Now, why don't you take the trident and do the same with the other one?"

Clarisse frowned, picking Thyella Kavalris up.

"Whoa." She breathed grasping the trident tighter.

"Stab the block, Clarisse," Athena said. "Like you stabbed the first one."

Clarisse walked forward slowly, angling the trident to the second block. With a grunt, she stabbed downward, the trident sinking through the celestial bronze block like a hot knife through butter before digging into the floor.

Clarisse stumbled back, sweat dripping down her forehead. She fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

'What the hell?' I rushed forward.

#Using the weapon tired her out.# Alexander said as I knelt next to Clarisse.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"Water," She breathed.

I snapped my fingers, summoning a glass of lemonade for the girl while Athena and Ares watched her, their hands behind their backs.

"So, what was the difference between the two?" Athena turned to the other demigods.

"Percy's trident pierced through a foot of celestial bronze and… the floor below." Annabeth said, her eyes flicking toward Clarisse. "Mine barely left a gash in it."

"And?" Athena prompted.

"Clarisse got tired after using the trident for a single strike." Bianca said. "She had no trouble using Annabeth's spear."

"That's correct." Athena nodded. "Clarisse, without doubt, is one of the most powerful children of Ares. And yet, using Percy's weapon only for a single strike, she got winded. What does this tell you?"

"The more powerful the weapon, the more tiring it is to use but at the same time, it is more effective." Annabeth concluded with a slight frown marring her face. "But Percy can fight for several minutes without even needing to catch his breath."

"That is because the weapon is his, forged from the powers of the sea." Athena said. "Had the spear been Ares's, she wouldn't have been as tired. She would've tired out far sooner than usual but would've lasted longer than she did with Percy's trident."

"So only Percy can deliver the killing blow?" Nico frowned.

"No." Ares shook his head. "But everything except Jackson's sword and this one's ax is going to bounce off their armor."

Thalia looked down, raising her ax, tendrils of electricity sparking across the blade.

"The only option the rest of you have is to aim for the neck for the kill." Ares said. "Either that or you land blows on their arms and legs to injure them, making it easier for someone else to take them down."

The demigods nodded.

"Also, none of you except Thalia and Percy have control over elements." Athena walked forward, pulling Thalia away from the group. "Consider them separate for now. They're the most powerful hitters on this team. They have proven in the past that they can hold their own against Titans and gods and even kill them."

"I am sorry, Lady Athena," Nico gulped as Athena's gaze turned to him. "But isn't a team of seven better than a team of five if we are fighting gods?"

"Having superior numbers to your enemy is always helpful, child." Athena conceded. "But what if there is more than one Titan or god? You'll have to split up. In such cases, Percy and Thalia can take on two or three immortals while you five hold off or attack the remaining ones, depending on their numbers."

"Think that these two aren't there." Ares declared. "We will have them train with you obviously. But we are going to focus on teaching you five how to take down a superior opponent as a whole team— or as a divided team of a duo and a trio and how to keep an enemy occupied for long enough."

"We have to teach you how to work to your strengths." Athena walked around the group of demigods. "Grover can control plants and Nico and Bianca can control the dead and the shadows. But you all are not very good fighters." She slipped between them. "Annabeth and Clarisse on the other hand are excellent fighters. While they may not have the raw power, they compensate for it with sheer skill. So, you three are going to be their power, while you two will be their weapons."

#That's not a bad plan.# Alexander commented.

"And what about me?" Thalia raised her hand.

"We will be working with you like we worked with Percy." Athena said. "We will also train you two to work together— to be a wrecking ball for the enemy's forces. You are children of the Big Three. You are going to unleash destruction amongst their forces. Bianca and Nico would've been with us but Nico is young and Bianca hasn't learned her powers properly."

"We could." A flicker of anger shone in Nico's eyes. "My sister and I can learn."

"You have to." Ares snorted. "But you don't have time to perfect it."

"The kind of destructive fighting we do has been built through our lives." I supported Ares. "Thalia had no choice and I trained for it every single day. With you two, we don't have that kind of time and we cannot get your father to teach it to you."

"Though, we are trying to get someone to teach you more about your powers." Artemis said. "One of the gods of the underworld. But we don't… really have options at the moment. We do not know whom to trust."

"I can summon a ghost then." Nico declared. "Of one of our siblings. They could help us. They always do."

"That could work." Athena brushed her hair out of her face. "Do you know how to summon a ghost, Nico? A ghost of someone specific out of Elysium?"

"I do." Nico said. "I just need a few Happy Meals… Um, or any food in general."

"That can be arranged." Athena pursed her lips. "Now, give us a moment. We are going to arrange something for you."

Athena and Ares walked out of the room while Thalia went to talk with Annabeth, Grover, and Clarisse.

"We should talk to Bianca and Nico." I told Artemis and we walked toward the siblings where Nico was whispering furiously to Bianca.

Bianca nudged him as we neared and he turned.

"Lady Artemis, Percy." Bianca greeted, glancing at Nico.

"Are you angry that you're not with us?" I asked bluntly. "With Thalia and I?"

"I am." Nico drew himself up. "As always, we are being singled out because we are the children of Hades. My siblings warned me this might happen."

"Don't be ridiculous, boy." Artemis scoffed. "There are two children of Hades here and only one each of the rest. How are you being discriminated against?"

"Lady Artemis is right." Bianca nodded.

"Of course, that's what you would say, won't you?" Nico whirled around on Bianca. "You don't understand that we are only here because they need us. The moment they don't, they'll cast us away like their fathers did with our father."

"You're being ridiculous." I told him. "You're here because I thought you'd be a good choice for this quest, Nico. I am just trying to form a team that is the best to take down gods and Titans while not suffering casualties."

"See? You need us and that's the only reason you remembered we existed!" Nico threw his hands up.

"If that's what you feel, you are welcome to leave." I said. "I thought we were friends after the quest and you had witnessed what Kronos could do. We had thought that together, Bianca and you could match the powers of someone like Thalia. But if you don't want to be here, I won't stop you."

"No, I do not want to go. I am going to be a part of this quest." Nico growled. "But I want to know why aren't we with you? If together Bianca and I can match Thalia—"

"Because Thalia in addition to her powers knows how to fight." I cut him off. "She'll beat both of your asses black and blue in less than a minute without a spark of electricity. Wanna try?"

"Whoa, whoa. I am in no way part of this argument." Bianca raised her hands. "I am okay with where I am."

"But that's not the point. We should be training with you." Nico argued. "The children of the Big Three together."

"We are going to be together, kid." I told him. "The reason we two are going to get special training is because we have killed Titans in the past. Thalia killed Aura and I have killed a handful of them too. Fighting is all we've known through most of our lives. You're good, Nico. But you aren't at the level of holding Titans off by yourself. But you can work in a team to do so. What we are going to be doing is dangerous."

"So might as well be all in, shouldn't we?"

"That's not how it works." I said. "I have one main objective on this quest. That every single one of us returns alive."

"It is true, trust me." Artemis nodded.

"Tell you what, Nico?" I said. "Why don't you fight me? I won't use any weapons or powers and you can use anything you want. If your sword touches me, I will let you come with us."

"I'll take it." Nico declared.

"Go on, then. Attack me whenever you're ready."

"Nico, no." Bianca said as Nico's grasp on the hilt tightened.

Instead of listening to his sister, Nico drew his sword and slashed it toward me.

The sword sliced through thin air as I moved, getting into his guard. I clutched his wrist and twisted it sharply. Nico's sword clattered to the ground as I elbowed Nico in the chin before sweeping his legs from underneath him.

"See my point?" I put my foot on his chest. "You are good, Nico. But you are not good enough. We called you here to make you better so when you go on this quest, you return alive. I don't give two shits about who your father is nor do I have anything against you. What matters for me is you and the fact that you return alive."

Nico nodded, his eyes dulling as he picked up his sword and stood by his sister.

"Kid, I am not demeaning you." I told him. "You're still young and have a lot of time to grow. The problem is, we do not have time on our side for this quest. Just a little over a month and we will begin hunting down gods. It is no joke, man. We could die. And I don't want anyone dying."

"I understand." Nico nodded. "I— well, I have heard that we children of Hades are always looked down upon. No one treats us like they treat Poseidon's and Zeus's kids."

"That's not the case. And it won't be here, not under my watch." I told him. "For me, family is family Nico. Always is. Always will be."


Half an hour later, we got an owl from Athena— a real live barn owl with a message tied to it saying we had to go to the Arena.

"I am disappointed in you." I told Athena as we entered the room where Athena, Ares, and I usually trained.

"Excuse me?" Athena frowned.

"He wanted you to use a snowy white owl like Hedwig." Artemis rolled her eyes at me. "He became so excited when he saw you used an owl to send a message."

"To be honest, I was disappointed that it wasn't a snowy owl and the fact I was not going to be learning magic." I told her. "It is a dream of every Harry Potter fan, Artemis."

"Actually, we are looking into the magic thing." Ares said. "Someone needs to learn how to set up enchantments to prevent the gods from just teleporting away."

"Doesn't that require a lot of power?" I blinked.

"With the help of certain objects, it will just be a matter of setting it up." Athena said. "But it is still a spell in a way. So, yes. Magic. Now, we called you here for a special test. We need to assess how good you can be as a team. Especially without Percy and Thalia fighting alongside you. Assume they are busy fighting some other gods namely, Ares, Artemis, and I… which they will be doing in a short while."

"And who will be fighting them?" Thalia frowned.

"Enyo." Athena said and I felt power gather next to her.

I shielded my eyes as a bright flash of golden light lit up the room and a goddess appeared.

Enyo's blood-red eyes roamed over us, her raven hair flowing behind her back. Her armor was a dark red, like the color of dried blood.

I felt a deep unease well in my chest as I looked at her. Something about her just didn't feel right.

Beside me, Thalia shifted, her grasp on the Ax tightening.

#It might be her aura.# Alexander commented. #It shouldn't really affect you unless she is purposefully directing it toward you. But she makes everyone uneasy at times. Use your powers to counter it.#

I remembered the flames of the hearth, allowing its power to wash around me. Thalia relaxed, the tendrils of lightning on her ax fizzing out.

"The goddess of war, bloodshed, and violence… and Ares's sister." Athena introduced. "She will be helping us with the training. Now, why don't you five fight her?"

The five demigods exchanged a look.

"Whenever you're ready." Enyo said in a deep voice, a bloodthirsty grin stretching across her face.

"She can't attack you till you attack her." I told my friends.

"You're not waiting." Athena glared at me. "On the battlefield, you won't have time. ATTACK!"

At her command, all of them charged at Enyo, their weapons drawn. Only Grover remained behind, putting his reed pipes to his lips.

Clarisse, Annabeth, and Nico charged at her head-on while Bianca drew her bow. A spear appeared in Enyo's hand as they neared, her grin widening.

"Clarisse, high!" Annabeth yelled and Clarisse leaped in the air, slashing her spear at Enyo, its tip cracking with electricity while Annabeth swept at her legs.

Enyo moved, avoiding both the weapons and her spear clanged against Nico's pitch-black sword, pushing him away. The butt of her spear intercepted Annabeth's next jab as she ducked under Clarisse's spear.

A silver arrow flashed past Enyo's ear, nearly hitting Clarisse who twisted out of its way.

Nico darted forward, trying to attack at the same time as Annabeth but Enyo caught both their weapons and pushed them back.

The music Grover was playing gained a sharper note and vines erupted from the ground at Enyo's feet.

Enyo swept her spear, chopping the vines off, avoiding Clarisse's attack.

"OVERWHELM HER!" Annabeth yelled, charging at Enyo with Nico.

I knew that their plan was going to go wrong as soon as Enyo smirked.

As they neared, she slammed the butt of her spear on the ground. All three of them were thrown back, several feet away from her.

"No!" Bianca released a silver arrow which turned into a net as it soared toward Enyo.

The goddess caught the net with the tip of her spear and threw it at Nico who was trying to get up.

'And one down.' I winced as the net wrapped around Nico, trapping him in place. 'He is not getting out of it.'

The music took a frantic pace and a breeze blew through the arena. More vines erupted around Enyo but they burned away with a snap of her fingers. Annabeth and Clarisse charged toward her again. Enyo caught Annabeth's spear in one hand and blocked Clarisse's spear with her own.

Before Clarisse could fight her, Enyo's hand glowed red and Clarisse went soaring across the Arena.

Annabeth, instead of fighting for her spear, let go of it and took out her knife, slashing it at her.

A thin line of golden ichor bled down Enyo's arm before she threw Annabeth's spear away and defended herself.

A smile tugged on my lips as Annabeth pushed her back, using her small knife to attack the goddess rapidly.

#It won't last.# Alexander said.

'I know.' I told him.

Enyo swung the butt of her spear, ramming it into Annabeth's chin. The daughter of Athena went sprawling to the ground, her knife skittering across the floor.

Enyo touched her spear to Annabeth's throat.

"Dead." Enyo said before charging toward Clarisse who had barely gotten to her feet.

The music grew louder and the soil turned uneven, sending the goddess stumbling toward Clarisse who slammed into her physically, sending Enyo rolling on the ground.

On the other side of the arena, Bianca freed her brother from the net and drew her sword, Reaper— a two-foot-long Stygian iron xiphos.

Clarisse on the other hand continued to attack the goddess but she rolled out of her way.

Bianca whispered something to Nico and they both held hands.

'They are going to shadow travel.' I understood a moment before they leaped through their own shadows.

#Not a bad idea.# Alexander commented as Enyo got to her feet, putting some distance between herself and Clarisse only for Nico and Bianca to spring out of her shadow and slash their swords at her.

Enyo let out a hiss as Bianca's sword scored a gash on her thigh while she blocked Nico's attack.

"ASIDE!" Clarisse yelled, jumping off a stone that rose from the ground.

Bianca and Nico twisted out of her way as Clarisse brought down her spear on Enyo.

The goddess fell to the ground, her spear rolling out of her grip. Nico kicked the weapon away and pointed his sword at her neck, Bianca and Clarisse following his lead.

Enyo raised her hands in surrender.

"Decent." Athena declared and they stepped back, Clarisse helping Enyo up. "You lost Annabeth though. So, you have to do better. The only one who did everything well in my opinion was Grover. He helped you all and kept playing throughout. Annabeth, abandoning the spear for a knife was a good move but you should've gone for the neck."

"Yes, mom." Annabeth nodded.

"Clarisse, you over-extended at places and put in more strength than needed in some strikes." Athena continued. "Bianca and Nico, decent but could've been a lot better. Your sword skills were sloppy at times, and they need to be improved. You never know if you would need to split further into groups. This was five against one and you all nearly lost. We've got work to do."

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