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I left soon after Jade did, because I knew she needed me right now, after Beck broke up with her through this stupid door.

At first I didn´t realized what just had happened, because it was too awful and Jade and Beck were ment to be, but then, when Jade didn´t enter the room again and I saw Becks empty and sad eyes, I understood it.

I played (more ore less on purpose) so bad, that I had to leave the poker game soon. Quickly I left the house. Robbie asked me if he should go with me, but I said no, because Jade needed me alone right now.

I took my Pear Phone out and wrote a message to Jade.

From Cat To Jade Heeey!

I thought for a second and added a sad smiley face.

From Cat To Jade :´(

When she didn´t reply I asked:

From Cat To Jade Should I come over? Jade?! Please say something! :(

From Jade To Cat Whatever.

From Cat To Jade I´m there as soon as possibly! Don´t be sad!

From Jade To Cat Why I should be sad?

From Cat To Jade :(

When I rang at her doorbell, I couldn´t think straight anymore. They were broken up! Forever? That couldn´t be real! Jade opened the door and I saw that she had cried. O my gosh – Jade had cried! Jade! I let out a little scream, because I felt so sorry for her. I hugged her with a distressed look on my face. Jade didn´t hug me back, but at least she didn´t push me away from her. She looked so sad.

„I brought Mr. Purple. You can cuddle him, if you want to", I told her.

„No Cat. Thanks anyways." She stared poker-faced at an invisible point behind me.

„Come on." I took her hand, smiled at her and we went together to her room. On her desk something pink was lying. For a moment I forgot my sadness because of the breakup ad giggled. „Why you´re having something pink?!" Jade didn´t answer so I let go of Jades hand and eyed it curiously. And then I recognized it immediately…

/ Flashback 1 \

Jade, Beck, wait" I yell after the couple, „I have something for you two!"

What?!", Jade asks annoyed when she and Beck are turning around. Becks arm is wrapped around her waist and he is smiling apologetically at me.

Hey Cat, what´s up?", he wonders.

Here!", I shout excitedly and hand them a pink thing over. It is a heart, cut out of a pink paper. In the middle is a picture of Jade and Beck kissing. I took this cute picture yesterday, because they looked so adorable. Beck looks in my eyes that are full of expectation and means, a little bit confused: „Thanks Cat."

From where did you got this picture?!", Jade asks me now and her voice sounds shocked.

I took it? You know, with a Pear Phone, you can take pictures with it just like with a camera", I try to explain to her.

I know how to take a picture with a Pear Phone, I just thought that we were alone, yesterday?!", Jade tells me.

Yes, we were alone."

Cat", Beck says now, „I think Jade means just me and her with ´alone´. By the way, I thought too, that it were just Jade and me in this empty classroom."

Oh." I giggle. „I have to go now, Robbie needs my help now, with a play!" I smile at them for a last time and then run happily away to help Robbie.

/ Flashback 1 end \

I was holding the pink thing up. Or better the two pink things. I was cut through middle and now Jade and Beck weren´t kissing anymore.

„Have you done this?", I asked Jade who was standing behind me.


And altough I couldn´t see her, I heard the regrets in her voice. I took Mr. Purple out of my backpack, wich was lying on Jades bed. „Here." I tried to give her my purple giraffe, but she said „NO!" again, so I cuddled it by myself. There was a short silence between us.

„So, do you want to speak about it? You know, the breakup with Beck?", I asked to break the stupid silence.

„No, I don´t want to speak about this breakup and I want to speak anything else neither"

„But you know, you can tell me anything Jade? Did ou ever notice it´s just like this in books. One person is sad, the other asks if he want to speak about it, the answer is no, but then, in the end the person unburdens himself anyways", I explained while I gave her Mr. Purple as casually as possibly.

„Two things Cat", she told me, while she was cuddling Mr. Purple a little bit (most likely because she hadn´t noticed it yet), „Point one: This isn´t a book. It´s the damn, fucking reality, so nobody will unburden himself and the second point: I. Am. Not. Sad."

Suddenly Jade noticed Mr. Purple in her hands and she threw him on her bed.

„It isn´t like just Beck broke up with me, we broke up with each other. And I´m am not sad about it, because I was tired of fighting too-"

„Okay, kay! I understand!", I interrupted her. Maybe it was better to wait a little bit until Jade was ready to tell me about her feelings. She tried to hide them, but I knew her for a really long time, even longer than Beck.

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