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Cat's point of view:

"Beck?" For a second I realized what I was about to do. It was crazy. It was wrong. It was the worst thing I could do. But somehow my brain still told me, that I had to do it. That I really had to do it. Because I was the only one who could try to fix them that way.

"Um hey Cat", Beck answered his phone finally.

"Hii. I wanted to ask you something…" My gaze wandered across my bright room to the window. It was raining outside and the heavy raindrops pattered against the pane.

"Okay, what do you want to ask me?" I felt so damn bad for what I did today in class and I couldn't ignore the fact that Beck sounded a little bit annoyed on the phone. I just couldn't help it, you know? Jade and Beck were always the most perfect couple in the entire world and it was so horrible when the had broken up. And the moment when they had been about to kiss… I hadn't been able control myself. I just did run out of the classroom, having tried to cover my face but the tears had been too much and everyone had been staring at me. I did run out of school and I didn't stop running until I had been at home.

The idea was ridiculous, but there was still a very very tiny chance left, that Beck would agree.

"I'm sure that you remember that kinda secret script I wrote and then lost?"

"Yeah I remember it. Did you get it back?"

"Yes. But the teacher read the whole thing. And now he wants me to perform it, but I am supposed to be the director, what means that I really need actors. And you are so talented and everything…"

It was silent for a second and I assumed that Beck was thinking about it but then he answered: "Sure Cat. What is the play about?"

"I can tell you everything in the Black Box Theatre in the first rehearlsal. Tomorrow after school! Bye Beck and thank you so much!"

"Wait, Cat! Jade isn't the-"

Quickly I hung up and pretended that I din't hear the last question. Jade had already agreed on playing one of the lead roles and now I had Beck doing the other.

I felt extremly guilty, excited but also happy at the same time. Hopefully Jade and Beck would get back together.

Finally school was over and Jade and I were in the Black Box theatre, her waiting for all of our other friends (excluding Beck) and me waiting just for him, knowing that the others wouldn't coome because I haden't told them to.

"Cat?!", Jade wispered angrily in my ear. I tried to act like I didn't know what it was about but I knew exactly that she had just spotted Beck, who entered the Black Box Theatre. The play was just for two people and I really managed to get Jade and Beck play the two lead roles. (At least when they came here.)

But now they would find everything out and probably don't want to have the two roles anymore!

"Why is Beck also here?" Jade's expression looked questioning but at the same time like she could murder me if I said one wrong word.

"And where are our other friends?", Beck added, his gaze wandering across the room "I thought we all would perform in your play?"

While I took the three scripts, wich I copied yesterday, for us out of my bag I muttered, a little bit ashamed for not telling Jade and Beck the thruth: "Well it has come that I just need two actors…"

"What?! Just the fucking Oliver and me?!", Jade screeched while I tried to hand her her script. (it hurt a little bit to hear her calling Beck fucking Oliver.)

I laid it finally down next to her chair, because she still wouldn't accept it and then went to the other side of the room, where Beck was sitting in a chair. Unlike his ex girlfriend he took the script and remained silent.

Ignoring the weird atmosphere in the room I went to the front of the room.

"So I've never been a director before so i don't really know what to do now. But I think that it would be the easiest for all of us if we just started to-"

"Cat", I was interrupted by Beck. His voice was steady but I felt the rage behind it. The opened script was lying in his lap. He sent Jade a short glance and then continued: "All of the things in there are moments when Jade and I were still together. You adapted all of the things we or mostly Jade told you about."

"What?" Jade thumbed hectically through her script and her face became more and more bewildered. "You can't be serious."

"Um…" I just didn't know how to answer that.

While I stood helpless in the front jade got up from her chair. "I thought we were friends, Cat." She looked me in the eyes, cold and hurt. And then she walked out of the Black Box theatre.

Beck still sat in his chair, but he also didn't move or say a single word. The door thunked shut and then i realized that I maybe just lost my best friend.

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