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Chancellor Palpatine smiled as he took a deep breath of the crisp cold air. He stalked the flat roof of his home. His master plan was practically set in stone. Tomorrow he will start a new era with himself as the face of it! The Jedi will get slaughtered by one of their own. Oh, the betrayal they will feel!. He took another deep breath. Finally, after so many years of waiting, the Sith will rule once again. He let out a haughty laugh. He grinned as he looked out at Coruscant's skyline. All of this would be his.

Palpatine walked to the edge of the platform and picked up his cup of sweet tea he had set down. He sipped it with glee as he thought of changing the Jedi Temple into his palace. He let out a maniac laugh. And choked on his tea. Coughing, he dropped the ceramic cup. The cup shattered and the tea splashed on the roof. Still trying to get the tea out of his windpipe using the force, he accidentally slipped on the spilled tea. He slid off the roof. Fortunately, he caught himself before he fell. Palpatine slowly pulled himself up. Unfortunately, the movement caused both of the lightsabers in his sleeves to activate, slicing both of his hands off. Still choking on the tea, Palpatine fell into busy air traffic of the Coruscant night. Normally, falling off a building would not be very deadly for a Sith as himself. However, normal does not include choking, losing one's hands, and the extreme speeds the traffic was traveling at. And so was the ultimate end of Darth Sidious the Schemer.

"And so our beloved chancellor will always be in our memories. May he rest in peace. The family and then the rest of those present may pass by the ashes of this great man as is the Naboo custom," ended the speaker as he left the stage. Someone whispered something in his ear when no one got up.

"Oh, yes. Due to the fact that all of the Chancellor's family has passed away prior to now, all those in the congregation may pass by his ashes now."

Anakin and Padme passed by the beautiful urn.

"Nice vase,"commented someone behind them.

" Shh. It's an urn. "whispered a woman.

"How did they fit him in there? It's kind of small," asked a child.

"Oh , for Pete's sake! Shut up you two!" hissed the woman.

Ignoring the people behind him, Anakin stared at the photo of the Chancellor.

"Anakin, are you okay? I know he was a good friend," whispered Padme at the reception.

"I'll be okay. I'll miss him though. He was like a father to me," answered the solemn Jedi.

"Well I won't miss him. He was hiding something," said Mace Windu as he sat down at a table behind Anakin.

"Definitely sus, he was," muttered Yoda.

"Sus?" repeated Anakin incredulously.

"He got addicted to Among Us," said Obi-wan Kenobi matter-of-factly as he and Ahsoka walked up to Anakin and sat down at the table. "I'm sorry to hear about the Chancellor. But, congratulations. Am I correct that you are going to be a father soon?"

" Yeah! I'm really excited- wait, how do you know!? "

"Uhh, Skyguy, um, duh? Padme's pregnant. You two are married right?" asked Ahsoka.

"Wait, you thought nobody knew?" asked Mace Windu, laughing

Padme and Anakin looked at each other.

"Yeahhh," said Padme slowly.

"You were soooo obvious," said Ahsoka.

"We were trying to keep it a secret, because love is forbidden by the Jedi Code. Are you going to make me leave the order?" asked Anakin.

" We could, but you are also one of our most famous Jedi, "said Windu.

"To kick you out, there is no need," said Yoda.

"The Jedi numbers have been dwindling for generations. We are considering allowing others to marry. We wanted to see how you turned out first, though," said Obi-wan with a smile.

"Are you going to get a public marriage? Can I be in your wedding?" asked Ahsoka, her eyes lighting up with excitement.

"Yes, and yes," said Padme with a chuckle. Anakin's face was beaming.

"So we got married happily ever after," finished Anakin.

"Really?" asked Luke.

" Yes, "said Padme with a smile.

" Did they ever find out how that chancellor died? "asked Leia.

" No one knows for sure. It's a shame he couldn't see the end of the war though, " said Anakin.

" I was this close to completing the plan. This close! "yelled Palpatine's ghost, holding his fingers close together.

" I warned you about drinking sweet tea! It's dangerous! "said Darth Plageous's ghost.

" You ruined all the plans for the new Sith empire I had. I've been planning this for centuries, "muttered Darth Bane's ghost.

" I hate ghosts, "yelled Palpatine. "You're so nit-picky. I got closer to the goal than most of you."

" First of all, you are a ghost. Second of all, you messed up the plans we didn't. "

The End.

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