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There might be a light spoiler. Well, I just evoked a bit of the second book of Turf Wars.

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Asami was a work-alcoholic, no one could deny it. Despite the many disturbances that had occurred during the second reconstruction of Republic City, she had never stopped. She had a whole new relationship to take care ofand develop, and yet she had worked hard. Well, it was true that she had to stop while she was being held captive by the Triple Threat... But that didn't count because she couldn't do anything about it. The rest of the time, she was serious, involved in working for those homeless people, and that was all that mattered. So it wasn't a flu that would stop her!

Asami sneezed for the umpteenth time of the day, her nose reddened after having blown so much. She tried to breathe through her nose, but finally opted for the mouth because her nose canals were blocked. Damn virus! Why would it happen to her when she had so much to do? It interrupted her way too often and she was far from productive. Still, she had to finish these plans before tonight!

She wiped her nose again, her eyes almost shedding tears when she closed them to do so, then threw her tissue into the gray trash just below her desk, which was already almost full to the top with tissues carrying lots of small and very nice viruses.

She took out a new tissue from her box: the last one. How could it be the last? She had already used two boxes! Desperate, the young CEO dropped her head on her arms crossed on the table. She didn't have time to get another box! However, she had to, since this tissue wasn't going to last more than ten minutes. Anyway, she didn't even know if she still had some elsewhere...

She moaned. Working in these conditions was awful. She had only one desire: to sleep while waiting for the disease to disappear. And that headache that was starting! Yet, she had to finish these plans...

"Asami?" Korra called.

The woman tried vaguely to wave her hand, but to tell the truth, she didn't even know if she had succeeded.

"Uh... are you okay?" Korra asked, really worried.

As an answer, Asami emitted an inner sound before being caught in a heavy coughing fit.

"Still sick?"

The Avatar got closer and put her hands on both shoulders of the young woman, starting to gently massage her back with slow movements using her thumbs.

"It looks like it's getting worse day by day," Korra said. "Don't you want to go home?"

"Nooooo," Asami moaned without looking up. "I have to finish my plans!"

"Asami, sweetheart, I'm sure your plans can wait tomorrow... You're in no position to work."

"I am!"

She then straightened up to pretend that she was in good shape whereas it was absolutely not the case. Thing is she got up too fast and she felt suddenly dizzy and disoriented, which Korra noticed right away. So, she stabilized her a little.

"Thank you," Asami said.

"You're not the only one on the project, you know," her girlfriend added. "You can delegate and take a few days off to rest and to get better."

"I can't. Nobody knows this city as well as I do. I know the whole project, I am the only one who can draw these plans."

"Asami, I'm the Avatar, and technically the only one who can maintain the balance of the world so that it doesn't plunge into chaos—which is still a bit important—and I took three years off, so I think you can afford a few days off to get better."

"But people are counting on me…"

"Ah, because they weren't counting on me?"

"You know that's not what I meant."

"But that's what you said. Look, you already talk nonsense! Come on, I'll take you home, and don't even try to argue!"

Korra lifted Asami from her chair, and she didn't have enough strength to struggle. She went out of the young CEO's office and called a taxi, because in her condition, it was out of the question for Asami to drive, and Korra couldn't really carry her while flying either.

She brought her back to the Sato Mansion, where she put her in her bed. Asami was so still, so calm, that she had thought she had fallen asleep during the ride. Then, as she was putting her on the mattress, she told her with half-closed eyes:

"Korra? My head hurts... I don't think I'll be able to sleep. Could you stay with me? I feel like it's been an eternity since we last saw each other... I know I'm not really in a good shape—and I must even look quite terrible—, but I'd be nice if you could spend some time with me."

"Sure, I can stay. And you don't look that terrible. You are as beautiful as usual, just sick."

Korra sat on the edge of the bed, stayed with Asami for a long time without her falling asleep even though she seemed to doze from time to time. She always woke up because of some coughing, sneezing, her runny nose—Korra had fetched a brand-new box of tissues by the way—or because of her headache that was making her frown. Eventually, Korra thought that the young woman would never fall asleep, or that she would sleep very badly. She had to do something.

She got up, and a feeble hand grabbed her wrist:

"You're leaving?" Asami asked, a little sad.

"No, I'm coming back. Don't worry," Korra replied with a smile.

She gently stroked her face, paler than usual, and kissed her forehead quickly.

When she returned, she asked Asami to undress and eventually helped her to do so. Then she put her into a hot bath, which almost burned her since she was so cold. She joined her in quickly enough, and Asami's back came to settle against her chest.

"Well, let's see if we can at least cure this migraine," the master of the four elements said rubbing her hands. "Don't move."

There was almost no risk that Asami would move because the virus had made her completed exhausted. She felt completely emptied, apathetic, and only dreamed of the sleep she couldn't reach. Slowly, Korra put the water in motion and then massaged Asami's temples with it, making it fluorescent as it was making its effect.

"Is it better?" Korra asked, healing.

Asami hummed with approval. Her head suddenly felt liberated. She felt like she was massaged with a plushy liquid, which deposited soft and warm healing kisses, that soothed her greatly. For several minutes, Korra kept going until she didn't have to continue anymore: the migraine was gone.

"I can try to heal the rest of your body too, but you have to promise me that you won't go back to work. I want you to take a day off, just to take precautions. These viruses are stubborn."

Asami approved without any hesitation. So, Korra resumed her work. She applied water to her chest, trying to heal her lungs, then went up to her throat to finish with her nose. After thirty minutes, the disease was chased away. The two women remained there, breathing the hot steam of the hot bath, comfortably and calmly, one against the other, enjoying an intimate and quiet moment.

"Thank you, Korra," she said. "I feel much better. I'm tired, though... I couldn't have gone back to work."

"No problem," she replied. "Do you want us to go to bed?"

"No... No, we're fine here."

"As you please."

Korra continued to massage Asami's back, as she had done at her desk. However, after a few more minutes, the young woman fell asleep, and Korra decided to carry her to her bed.

She then slipped under the blankets with her and fell asleep hugging her close to her body to be sure she wouldn't be cold and also because she liked it.

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